Absolute Great Teacher
601 Personal Disciples Battle, On-the-spot Guidance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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601 Personal Disciples Battle, On-the-spot Guidance!


It was like how there’d be shadows in a place where there’d be light. In any world, where there was light, there’d definitely be a lot of dark existences as well.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, there was the Saint Gate who managed all the great teachers in the world, setting ethics and rules, determining the standards for actions, and punishing crimes as well as evil deeds. It could be said that the Saint Gate determined what a great teacher was.

Great teachers would commit mistakes as well. After committing mistakes, they’d naturally be left to the Saint Gate to judge the matter.

Some great teachers showed behavior that brought shame to their title. However, they didn’t wish to receive punishment and thus escaped.

The others liked freedom and didn’t wish to be regulated by the Saint Gate. They felt that the Saint Gate was too meddlesome.


Amongst these great teachers, most of them joined the Dark Dawn and became dark great teachers. This power was viewed by the Saint Gate as their lifelong archenemy.

No one knew what the Dark Dawn was like at the very beginning. It was because they were mysterious and powerful. Just revealing a bit of their horns would make one shiver.

Even now, people still didn’t know where Dark Dawn’s headquarters was at. They didn’t even know how many dark great teachers there were in total.

But over so many years, some of their secrets were exposed. The Saint Gate had found out that other than the highest ruler, Dark Dawn that no one knew about, they had three Dark Saints, five Doyens, and seven Starlords.

Out of which, it was said that each of the seven Starlords all had 9-star capabilities.

What was 9-star capabilities?

It was the level of secondary saints.

These seven Starlords didn’t just have strong battle prowess but also extensive knowledge and outstanding teaching capabilities. They could nurture many talents.

The Daybreak Starlord was the most famous amongst the seven Starlords. It was because he liked to create trouble and would appear every now and then to make things difficult for the Saint Gate.

This Starlord’s way of doing things was as his title suggested. Daybreak, the light at dawn, piercing through everything.

Using his way of saying things, it’d be bringing new order to Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.


After listening to Li Ruolan’s explanation, Sun Mo felt speechless. He subconsciously turned his head over and looked toward the spectators stand. However, there were too many people and he didn’t know which one of them was the Daybreak Starlord.

There could even be the possibility that this Starlord had mixed himself amongst the great teachers near him. No one had seen what this major character looked like.

However, why would such a major character contribute favorable impression points to him?

Could it be because the Starlord admired how outstanding he was?

A secondary saint should have seen many geniuses, right? He shouldn’t be considered much.

To speak the truth, Sun Mo didn’t know if he should feel happy or worried. After all, no one was certain if the Daybreak Starlord would feel that his brains weren’t bad and thus planned on soaking it in formalin and putting it up as a display.

“Has that Starlord taken the initiative to contact you?”

After Li Ruolan explained things, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t help but ask. If it was so, then this would be big news.


Sun Mo shook his head.

“Then why would you mention this person?”

Li Ruolan doubted.

Given Sun Mo’s current reputation, he didn’t need to use the Daybreak Starlord to increase his level of controversy. Otherwise, the results might turn out to be the opposite of what he wanted.

The Saint Gate had always been on the stand of wiping out the dark great teachers they encountered, killing one to serve as a warning to the others.

“Teacher, Teacher Zhao and his disciple are waiting at the hotel!”

Li Ziqi paused and then added, “You promised that you’ll help his personal disciple mend his bones after the Great Teachers Battle.”

Sun Mo frowned. Was there such a thing? However, given his intelligence, he knew that the little sunny egg was trying to help him out of this situation.

As expected of a considerate girl.

“I’m sorry, I have things to do.”

Sun Mo bade his goodbye.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Sun, please answer a few more questions!”

Li Ruolan continued to give chase but was stopped by Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu.

“Please don’t disturb our teacher’s rest!”

Li Ziqi reminded her.

Although all the great teachers who wanted to invite Sun Mo to a meal didn’t feel too happy about this, something like mending bones shouldn’t be delayed. Therefore, they gave up on it.

“Headmaster Zhang, you can’t be thinking of headhunting Teacher Sun, right?”

A big-nosed headmaster saw someone familiar and couldn’t help but ask.

“Why? Can’t I do that?”

Headmaster Zhang raised his brows.

“Hehe, don’t be wasting your time. Even the headmasters from ‘C’ grade famous schools can’t get themselves to bring this up, let alone ‘D’ Grade ones like yours.”

The big-nosed headmaster let out a snort. (Don’t you know your own value?)

“What difference would humans be from salted fish if they didn’t have dreams?”

Headmaster Zhang spurted that sentence out and then swung his sleeves, leaving. However, after he turned over, his expression turned bitter.

That was right, there’d be no way that he’d be able to headhunt Sun Mo!

Even if he were to give his position to Sun Mo, the latter might not necessarily care about that.


After returning to the hotel, Ma Zhang then helped Sun Mo bandage his wound.

(After I take a hot bath with the lover protection medicine, I’ll be able to recover quickly.) However, this was Ma Zhang’s kind intentions and he couldn’t get himself to refuse him.

“Sun Mo, do you want a massage? I feel that I have made small progress in the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!”

Gu Xiuxun moved her fingers.

“You better go and give Zhang Yanzong some guidance, preparing for the final dash.”

Sun Mo refused.

The great teacher examination was coming to an end.

Based on past years’ results, 1,000 great teachers should be able to make their way to this stage. Then, half of them would be eliminated after the personal disciples battle.

It could be said that everyone already had half a foot into getting the 2-star great teacher title and could take it a little easier.

However, that couldn’t be done this year.

In order to control the great teachers’ numbers and quality, the Saint Gate had increased the difficulty of the examination. Therefore, only 500 examinees had made it this far.

Moreover, 300 more people would be eliminated in the next round.

No one dared to be too careless.

Every examinee could only send out max three personal disciples to participate in the battle.

The students would fight while the teachers could give guidance on the spot. After all, this was a great teacher examination, and it primarily tested the examinees’ guidance abilities.

Seeing through the opponent’s weaknesses, giving guidance to students, and even cheering for their students were included in the great teachers’ guidance category.

Of course, they weren’t allowed to use great teacher halos that could directly increase their students’ battle prowess such as the Blue Born From Green halo.

To ensure fairness, an examinee could only choose to give guidance to one personal disciple. The other two personal disciples could only fight by themselves.

Usually, the examinees would choose the personal disciple who had the greatest chance of winning.

“Teacher, who are you going to choose?”

Li Ziqi felt curious. At the same time, she felt a little regretful that she couldn’t fight for her teacher’s glory.

Sun Mo looked toward his six personal disciples.

Xuanyuan Po entered the room, found a bench, and sat down. He took out a handkerchief and started to wipe his silver spear. Ying Baiwu seemed to be thinking and her face looked very solemn.

Jiang Leng looked very calm.

Back in the manor, the training that young children like them received was much more brutal than a single battle. A few people would die every month from losing.


Sun Mo looked toward the combat addict.


Everyone turned to look toward Xuanyuan Po. (That couldn’t be. Teacher is going to fight together with the combat addict?)

Xuanyuan Po frowned.

“Hmmm? Why?”

Lu Zhiruo was perplexed. She stopped eating the melons she had just cut.

In her opinion, Xuanyuan Po had the highest chance of winning, and Jiang Leng wasn’t bad either. However, Ying Baiwu required guidance.

“Jiang Leng is strong and has rich experience. He is calm and doesn’t need guidance.”

Sun Mo laughed.

“Of course, the most important thing is that it has been a very long time since you’ve gone all out in a battle because of those damaged spirit runes. Therefore, I hope that you can take this chance and get the feel of your combat style back.”

“You shouldn’t be imitating someone, be the real you!”

Everyone went into deep thought upon hearing Sun Mo’s words.


Jiang Leng was silently in tears.

The him in the past had been thrown away by the institution head like trash. However, not only had Sun Mo taken him in as his disciple and cured him, but he even meticulously thought about his future.

He really had no way of returning this favor!


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +1,000. Respect (7,500/10,000).

Tantai Yutang looked at Sun Mo with a complicated expression. He was someone who only cared about benefits. To be honest, if he was in Sun Mo’s position, he’d definitely guide Jiang Leng because in his opinion, the chance of Jiang Leng getting first place was the highest. However, Sun Mo had given up on that for Jiang Leng’s future.

Wasn’t that too noble of him?

After Jiang Leng got first place, then Sun Mo’s reputation would definitely go one notch higher.

“Then what about Martial Junior Baiwu?”

The papaya girl was perplexed.

“Out of the three of them, Baiwu is the weakest, but her will, her composure, and her courage aren’t weak.”

Sun Mo looked toward the iron-headed young girl with a gentle gaze. “I thought of giving you guidance, but I was afraid that it’d wear down your courage.”

“What does that mean?”

The papaya girl scratched her head, looking stunned. She didn’t understand.

However, Li Ziqi understood immediately. The reason why Ying Baiwu had come this far without anyone to rely on was because of her disposition of not fearing death. With Sun Mo around, it’d mean that she’d have a path to back down to.

Then, if she were to encounter problems, she wouldn’t try her best to resolve them by herself. She would choose to get Sun Mo’s help instead.

Sun Mo would definitely help Ying Baiwu, but he wouldn’t be able to do that forever. Therefore, Sun Mo didn’t wish for her to lose the mentality of ‘I’ll be able to fight a path for myself by myself!’


Ying Baiwu was also a smart girl and she understood that Sun Mo had given a lot of thought into it.

“Teacher, I don’t need on-the-spot guidance either!”

Xuanyuan Po pouted. “Just you watch. I’ll bring back the first place for you.”

The combat addict felt that it’d be meaningless to win if he was given guidance.

“No need? Who was the one who would lose his rationality as he fought, relying just on his instincts?”

Sun Mo shook his head. “It’s clear that your physical attributes are outstanding, but what if you were to meet another person who’s even more extreme than you are?

“Combat isn’t just a fight of two dogs biting each other. It’ll depend on the battle tactics as well. Even ferocious beasts know how to use techniques when hunting prey. What about you?”

“There’s nothing bad with relying on instincts either!”

Xuanyuan Po’s lips twitched.

“Please, if Tantai were to be given the same body you have, there’s no way you’d be able to win against him!”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean by that? That my brain isn’t comparable to his?”

Xuanyuan Po felt upset.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》