Absolute Great Teacher
602 Can Eat Melon, But Won“t Play Chess Anymore, You“ve Lost!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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602 Can Eat Melon, But Won“t Play Chess Anymore, You“ve Lost!

Chapter 602: Can Eat Melon, But Won’t Play Chess Anymore, You’ve Lost!

(Your brain is no different from a decor piece.)

Li Ziqi thought about it but couldn’t voice it out.

“Martial Junior, even a fool like me can tell that your brain isn’t as good as Tantai’s!”

After the papaya girl said that, she then looked toward Li Ziqi. “Eldest Martial Sister, I feel that even though Tantai is a sickly guy, he can still crush Martial Junior Xuanyuan!”

“I concur!”

Ying Baiwu nodded.

“I concur!”

Jiang Leng spoke up.

“Hey, hey, what do you guys mean by that? Are you hinting that I’m very sinister?”

The sickly guy complained.

“Do you dare say that you haven’t schemed a person to their death before?”

Li Ziqi asked him.


The sickly guy denied outright.

“Tsk, I don’t believe a single punctuation you said!”

The little sunny egg didn’t like Tantai. It was because this guy wasn’t very respectful toward Sun Mo.


Xuanyuan Po was stunned. “I had always thought that I’m the strongest one in your hearts!”

“There’s no contradiction between being the strongest and being brainless!”

Lu Zhiruo explained.

“To hell with no contradiction!”

Xuanyuan Po couldn’t accept it. “Where’s the Chinese chess? Bring it over here! I’m going to challenge you to 300 rounds!”

The combat addict, who had always felt good about himself, felt that he was given a great blow when he saw his martial seniors and juniors’ expressions.

(Hmph, I’ll prove myself today!)

“Let me do it!”

Li Ziqi rolled her sleeves up. She had been waiting for this day.

Other than fighting, Xuanyuan Po’s daily life was only cultivating. The reason he cultivated was so that he could win even more fights.

Other than that, the combat addict didn’t care about anything else. He didn’t even have any requests for his three meals of the day. Even if they were plain buns and salted vegetables, it was fine as long as they could fill his stomach.

As the Eldest Martial Sister, Li Ziqi had wanted to beat Xuanyuan Po down long ago, proving herself. However, she had been ignored by the combat addict all along. But now, her chance was here.

“How can I let Eldest Martial Sister go through so much hard work for such a trivial matter? Let me!”

The sickly guy also wanted to compete it out with Xuanyuan Po.

Jiang Leng opened his mouth. But when he saw Li Ziqi glaring with her big beautiful eyes, looking like a small lion that was protecting its food. He was smart and chose to stay silent.

“Why not the two of us have a round first?”

Li Ziqi stared at the sickly guy with strong battle intent. (I might not be able to win in combat, but you won’t be able to win in brains!)

“Hehe, you go first!”

Tantai Yutang backed off because he was scared of trouble the most. It’d probably take three days and three nights if he were to play chess with Li Ziqi.

“I’ll go get the chess set!”

Lu Zhiruo volunteered. However, before she could raise her foot, Ying Baiwu had already gone running off.

“How many people have I offended?”

Xuanyuan Po was speechless. (Do you guys really want to see me lose this much?)

Very soon, the Chinese chess was placed on the table.

“You first!”

Li Ziqi showed the courtesy and flair as the Eldest Martial Sister.


The combat addict didn’t mind. He moved the cannon piece right from the start, but in less than a minute, he surrendered.

“You dare to do a quick attack given your intellect?”

The sickly guy tsked, giving him another blow.


Xuanyuan Po wasn’t convinced.

Then, within ten minutes, he lost three consecutive rounds.

“Look, Teacher’s right. When you’re anxious, it gets into your head and you start to move blindly!”

Li Ziqi got up.

“Don’t leave! Play again!”

Xuanyuan Po grabbed Li Ziqi’s arm.

“There’s no point.”

Li Ziqi shook her head, feeling exhilarated inside. “Even if we were to play for another 100 years, there’s no way you’d be able to win against me!”


Xuanyuan Po wanted to rebut when Tantai Yutang sat down on the chair. “I’ll play with you!”

Then, the combat addict went through ten consecutive losses!

Each time around, all of his chess pieces would be eaten up completely.

“Are you a demon?”

The papaya girl was astonished. This wasn’t chess anymore. It was humiliation. Tantai’d always play until there was only the ‘general’ remaining before he’d deal a checkmate.

“Hehe, I can’t win against him in a fight after all. So I can only have a sense of victory this way!”

The sickly guy shrugged and then got up to leave.

“Let me!”

Jiang Leng spoke up, but he was one step too slow and Ying Baiwu snatched the seat before he did. She didn’t say anything but just stared at Xuanyuan Po, patting the table hard.

Her meaning was clear. (Come on!)


Xuanyuan Po cursed and started arranging the chess pieces. (It’s fine if I can’t win against Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang. After all, they are smart. But what are you?)

(Although I haven’t really learned how to play Chinese chess, I’ve grown up watching elders play it. What about you? Before you came under Teacher’s wings, all you’ve come into contact with are metal hammers and the toilet bowls. If I can’t even beat you, I’ll lick the toilet bowl in this room... no, I’ll crush it and eat it up.)

20 minutes later, Xuanyuan Po held onto the ‘general’ piece, stared at the chess board, stunned.

There was no more move that he could make!

“Haha, I won!”

Ying Baiwu’s lips curled up, breaking into a proud smile. It was true that she hadn’t learned to play chess before and had only seen other people playing it. Therefore, she had some trouble winning.

However, because of this, she felt happy about it.



Xuanyuan Po crushed the chess piece. Why did he lose? He felt very upset but was thankful that he hadn’t voiced out his boasts. Otherwise, he’d have to go lick the toilet bowl.


Xuanyuan Po urged.

“I’m going to prepare for the battle!”

Ying Baiwu refused. (Only a fool will play a second round with you. Moreover, I won’t play against you anymore in the future. This will assure me a 100% victory record.)

“It’s my turn now, right?”

Jiang Leng grinned and was about to sit down when Lu Zhiruo darted over with a swoosh, snatching the seat.


Everyone frowned.

“Martial Junior, let’s have a round.”

The papaya girl arranged the chess pieces excitedly and then saw everyone’s gazes. She felt a little stunned. “Hmmm? What kind of gaze are you guys wearing?”

“Martial Junior!”

Li Ziqi didn’t know how to persuade her. (If you were to lose to Xuanyuan Po, it’d prove that you’re the most stupid one. It’s better for you to hold back.)

“Hmph, I can win!”

Lu Zhiruo understood and instantly pouted her little lips, feeling aggrieved. “I played chess with my father before.”

“Good luck!”

Ying Baiwu swung her fist.

Xuanyuan Po immediately stared at her. (Didn’t you say that you were going to prepare for the battle? What are you still doing here?)


Ying Baiwu grinned. (You’re right, I just want to see you lose until you jump around.)


Jiang Leng urged and even helped to arrange the chess pieces. He also wanted to have a go at tormenting Xuanyuan Po.

Three minutes later, Lu Zhiruo looked calm.

Ten minutes later, Lu Zhiruo looked solemn.

20 minutes later, Lu Zhiruo was breaking out in perspiration. She looked at Xuanyuan Po’s hand that was holding onto the red horse piece, feeling so nervous that she was on the verge of peeing in her pants.

(Will I lose? Please, don’t place it there.) Lu Zhiruo’s gaze couldn’t help but look over.

“Hmmm? I feel that I seem to be winning?”

Xuanyuan Po held onto the red horse piece, feeling hesitant. His instincts told him that he could checkmate his opponent in this round, but where should he make the move?

Ahhh, he still had to calculate the latter moves! It was so annoying!

At this moment, the combat addict really felt like smashing the chessboard.

Just as Xuanyuan Po was feeling irritated, he suddenly saw Lu Zhiruo staring at the chessboard. He then followed her gaze and found the most accurate spot.

“Yes! It’s here!”

Xuanyuan Po was elated and he slapped down his right hand.


“Wuuuu, I’ve lost!”

The papaya girl immediately cried out. (What happens to the talk of being easily crushed? What happens to the talk about Xuanyuan Po being brainless? Why would I lose?)

(Could it be that I’m the most stupid one?)


Li Ziqi was speechless.


Tantai Yutang was speechless.

(The two of you are really bad chess players. The more you play, the worse things are.)

“Zhiruo, you’ve admitted your loss too quickly. Given Xuanyuan’s brains, he shouldn’t be able to find the rest of the moves. Therefore, you still have the chance of turning the tables around!”

Jiang Leng let out a sigh.

“Huh? Really?”

The papaya girl’s battle will rose again. “Then let’s do it again!”

“You’ve already admitted!”

There was no way Xuanyuan Po would do that because it was true that he couldn’t tell what the rest of the moves were. However, he mustn’t show a cowering expression. He should put up a confident pretense. “I’ve won!”

“I didn’t admit my loss!”

After saying that, the papaya girl felt embarrassed as well. That was why she wore a dodging expression, picked up a piece of watermelon, and handed it to Xuanyuan Po. “Have some melon!”


Xuanyuan Po took the watermelon and had a bite. “I can eat the melon, but I won’t play chess anymore! You’ve lost!”


The papaya girl felt very disappointed and bit her left thumb’s nail, looking at Xuanyuan Po with an aggrieved and upset look.

“Didn’t you play chess before?”

Li Ziqi was baffled. She shouldn’t be that bad, right?

“That’s right!”

Lu Zhiruo felt very angry. “My father is a national player. I can play 300 rounds against him without giving way to him.”

“That’s go not chess!”

The little sunny egg pinched her forehead.

“Is there a difference? Aren’t they both chess?”

Lu Zhiruo pouted. (I’m not happy, I want to win!)

“Isn’t that crap talk?”

Tantai Yutang didn’t know what to say anymore. “I was wondering why you played so strange.”

Jiang Leng sat down and arranged the chess pieces. He was unlike the others and did this very seriously. It was clear that this was filled with a sense of ritual.

“Teacher, I agree with it. You can give me on-the-spot guidance!”

Xuanyuan Po smacked his lips. “But I’ll continue to win and not give you any chance. Silver-chan, let’s go!”

After saying, the combat addict picked up his longspear and got up to leave.


Jiang Leng’s hand stiffened up. Even given how he didn’t like to create trouble, he had a strong urge to grab Xuanyuan Po, press him down to the seat, and have a round with him.

Sun Mo watched everything quietly, and his lips uncontrollably curled up into a smile. It was a happy thing for the martial siblings to get along amicably. (I really hope that you guys can continue to be so loving.)


“Congratulations, you’ve defeated many strong foes in the Great Teachers Battle and came out first. You’re rewarded with one gold treasure chest!”

“Note: As you’ve made several opponents give up due to your character and morals, this is a loftier process than winning in a battle. It meets the expectation of great teacher feats. Therefore, you’re rewarded with one great teacher emblem and one mysterious treasure chest!”

The systems congratulated and gave two consecutive rewards!

Sun Mo had the feeling as if he had been smashed by a wallet that had dropped down from the heavens.

“Zhiruo, stay behind. The rest of you can go and rest!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“Good night, Teacher!”

After the students gave their greetings, they left the room and closed the door.

The little sunny egg pouted.

The iron-headed young girl believed even more that Lu Zhiruo was their teacher’s favorite student.

“Just you wait, I’ll definitely get first place!”

Ying Baiwu swore.


The papaya girl was simpleminded and cut a slice of melon that was the reddest and juiciest, handing it to Sun Mo. “Have some melon!”

“I’m not hungry!”

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo’s head and instructed the system, “Open the chests. Start with a gold one first!”

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