Absolute Great Teacher
605 Isn“t Sun Mo“s Student Too Amazing?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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605 Isn“t Sun Mo“s Student Too Amazing?

Chapter 605: Isn’t Sun Mo’s Student Too Amazing?

“Martial Junior Xuanyuan! Go for it!”

Lu Zhiruo swung her little fist and cheered for her martial junior.

Xuanyuan Po waved his hand casually, dashing up to the arena, unable to hold back. When he didn’t see anyone, he called out, “Fei Cheng, come up quickly!”

“Teach... Teacher!”

Fei Cheng felt nervous. This was the first time he had so many people watching him. Moreover, he was standing not far away from Sun Mo and had seen the scene in which Teacher Sun had given that examinee guidance.

He was really amazing. The student taught by such a great teacher should be quite sharp, right?

“I’m going to fight against Teacher Sun’s personal disciple!”

Fei Cheng felt that things wouldn’t go well for him.

“Don’t be afraid. He’s just a 16-year-old young man. No matter how strong he is, there is a limit. Don’t forget, you’re at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm.”

Fei Cheng’s teacher, who had mediocre looks but was very positive, cheered him up, “Go for it. If you win, you’ll soar to fame.”

“That’s right! Win and become famous!”

Fei Cheng took in a deep breath, regaining his confidence again. (Who doesn’t have two arms and two legs? I don’t believe that you’ll be able to crush me.)

Recalling the many years of hard work he had been through, recalling how the medicinal baths he had taken were enough to fill up a small lake. Fei Cheng felt that he could win!

“Go on!”

The positive teacher patted Fei Cheng’s back. “Go and get your first victory!”


Fei Cheng ran a few steps forward and then jumped up the stage.

His action was quite cool, but when Fei Cheng looked at Xuanyuan Po again, his heart suddenly skipped a beat and his legs turned limp. He almost twisted his ankle.

There was no helping it. Xuanyuan Po’s gaze was too terrifying, like a berserk bear that had been starved for an entire winter seeing a sweet beehive that was glistening with golden honey.

(Are you going to eat me up?)

Fei Cheng straightened his back and mumbled, encouraging himself. “I’m at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm! I’m at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm!”

“Xuanyuan Po, spirit-refinement realm, please give me your guidance!”

Xuanyuan Po greeted.


Fei Cheng was so surprised that he almost bit his tongue off. He subconsciously looked toward his teacher, wearing a bitter expression.

(What happened to the talk about how there’s a limit to how strong he can be? Turns out that he is at the spirit-refinement realm! How am I going to fight him?)

“Give your greetings! Don’t just stand there!”

Xuanyuan Po urged.


Fei Cheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva, not daring to speak. He felt that after he did, his head might end up getting crushed.

“Number 19, Xuanyuan Po, please observe courtesy!”

The examiner warned, but there was a hint of surprise and curiosity on his face. For one to be at the spirit-refinement realm at the age of 16, they would either have to rely on eating alchemical pills, or they would have to be absolute geniuses.

In the youth group, it’d be no problem for such strong students to get into the top 12.

Therefore, Sun Mo was sure to get his 2-star great teacher title.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

“Teacher Sun, I didn’t expect that your personal disciple is so strong!”

“Spirit-refinement realm! Tsk tsk!”

The examinees nearby felt complicated feelings as they gave their praises.

There was almost no doubt that Fei Cheng was going to lose this round. Therefore, he faced extreme pressure. He had no idea if he should give up and kept on darting toward his teacher, hoping to get a reply.

After experiencing the initial feelings of upset and gloominess, the positive teacher calmed down. He looked at Fei Cheng and smiled.

“Don’t think too much. If you want to accumulate experience, then go for it. Don’t be concerned about me.”

The moment he said this, many examinees started to show admiring expressions toward this great teacher.

According to the rules, it would be best if Fei Cheng were to give up now and reserve his energy to go all out next round. But now, his teacher was telling him not to be concerned about him and just do as he wished to.

It was really difficult for the examinees to reach this stage. They wouldn’t be able to bear to do the same as he did, to be giving up so easily.

“Teacher, what’s your suggestion?”

Fei Cheng suddenly calmed down after seeing his teacher’s familiar smile.

“Fight. After all, you won’t come across an opponent like this that often. Every battle will be an improvement for you!”

The positive teacher assessed Xuanyuan Po. His assessment of Xuanyuan Po was very high.


Fei Cheng took in a deep breath and then cupped his hands together. “Fei Cheng, ninth level of the body-refinement realm. Please give me your guidance!”

Xuanyuan Po frowned. “Your cultivation level is too low and the fight won’t be interesting. But this is the personal disciples battle, so I don’t think you’ll give up. You should go all out on defense then, in case you get hurt!”

The moment his last note ended, the combat addict dashed out.

“Is this an attempt to goad me into attacking?”

Fei Cheng guessed. He had planned on going into defense from the beginning because only then would he be able to check out more of the opponent’s moves. However, before he could come up with an answer to this question, the other party had appeared before him.

The longspear suddenly pierced out.

“So fast!”

Fei Cheng was very surprised and his wrist turned abruptly, sending his long saber out, wanting to deflect the silver spear.


An explosive sound of a clashing metal rang out and Fei Cheng’s countenance changed drastically. His strength wasn’t considered weak, but when the long saber hit the silver spear, it was as if it had clashed into a city gate, not moving at all.

The longspear then brushed past Fei Cheng’s shoulder, turning to the right.


Fei Cheng was like a kite with a broken string. He was sent flying out for over ten meters and falling off the arena.

“It’s a win!”

Lu Zhiruo cheered.

Other than the papaya girl, everyone else was as silent as the cicadas in winter.

(Isn’t... Isn’t he too strong?)

Out of all the students present, at least two-thirds of them couldn’t see Xuanyuan Po’s attack clearly.

“Is he in the wrong age group? He should go to the adult group, right?”

It was no wonder that this student had doubts. Xuanyuan Po was really too tall and big. He must be over 1.9 meters, and his muscles looked as if they were forged from iron.

However, after the student said this, he was slapped on the head by his teacher.

“Be careful of what you say!”

Given Sun Mo’s great reputation, he didn’t have to let everything get destroyed by cheating. Moreover, even if this young man was placed in the adult group, he probably had a fighting chance as well.

Of course, even if Sun Mo wanted to cheat, the Saint Gate’s investigators here were not for show.

“My martial junior is 15 years old this year. There’s definitely no problem.”

Lu Zhiruo’s little ears twitched and immediately retorted. (Our victory is definitely fair and square.)

“Teacher Sun, I’m sorry!”

Hearing this, that teacher apologized once again.

“It’s fine!”

Sun Mo could understand other people’s suspicions. It was because the combat addict was really unreasonably strong. If Sun Mo hadn’t seen his data with his Divine Sight, he’d also suspect that the combat addict had lied about his age.

“Let’s go!” Sun Mo urged. This round was over, and he wanted to go watch Baiwu’s match.

Another round had started. However, even the examiner couldn’t help but glance at Xuanyuan Po’s back view, let alone those examinees.

Was Sun Mo the Lucky Goddess’s illegitimate son?

To think that he had found a personal disciple who was this powerful. Look at his iron-like body. He was born to be a massacre machine.

The examiner could guarantee that even a secondary saint would crave to have a disciple like that.

Some geniuses like Xuanyuan Po had such exceptional aptitude that even fools could tell how great they were. They were like gold nuggets that had been washed to the shores by the river. People could tell from one glance that they were of top quality.

“But if Xuanyuan Po performs too well, it’s hard to say if Sun Mo can get him to stay!”

The examiner felt a little worried. Although it wasn’t a considerate thing to be headhunting students, it wasn’t a rare occurrence in the great teachers circle.


When Sun Mo and Lu Zhiruo arrived at group B’s competition area, they saw that the atmosphere was exceptionally solemn. Everyone was staring at the duo in the arena.

It was because the battle was exciting yet brutal.

“Although that girl’s cultivation level is a little lower, she is ruthless enough, not caring if she were to suffer injuries in order to injure her opponent. This makes it hard for her opponent!”

An examinee gave guidance to their student on the spot. “Look, her opponent’s attacks are getting slower. This shows that her opponent is cowering.”

“Whose personal disciple is this? She is so strong, but her teacher isn’t coming to watch her battle. Is she being brought up by her stepmother?”

An examinee scolded.

“It’s Martial Junior Baiwu!”

Lu Zhiruo saw that the iron-headed young girl was bleeding and she felt anxious.


Hearing the papaya girl’s cry, everyone turned and saw Sun Mo. They then felt strong envy and hatred. (You’re already so amazing, so why is your personal disciple so talented as well? Can you be humane and leave a mouthful of soup for others?)


Li Ziqi, Jiang Leng, and Tantai Yutang heard the commotion and came over.

“How was your competition?”

Xuanyuan Po looked at Jiang Leng and raised his brows.

“It’s a small victory!”

Jiang Leng was very modest.

“Let’s have a fight if an opportunity arises!”

Xuanyuan Po asked him out for a fight.

“What is this situation?”

Sun Mo asked.

“The opponent is very strong.”

Li Ziqi smiled bitterly. It was a match between two at the spirit-refinement realm. It was as if the finals were brought forward.

Sun Mo looked at that guy.

Du Cu, nicknamed Ding San, 14 years old, spirit-refinement realm!

Strength 18. Outstanding!

Intellect 18. Outstanding!

Agility 18. Outstanding!

Endurance 18. Outstanding!

Will 17. This might be his only flaw.


High potential value.

Note: Received spirit runes surgery before, and over 70% of his skin is covered by seven major spirit runes. They provide him with absolute strength, rapid agility, long endurance, quick recovery, ability to absorb spirit qi, as well as other effects.

Note: Due to the spirit runes’ existence, his strength will be exceptional before the age of 20. However, thereafter, his body will be depleted and his strength will continue to wane until his death.

Sun Mo’s brows furrowed tightly. If Du Cu’s teacher had decided to carve the spirit runes onto his body, then they were an inhumane bastard.

No matter what, a student wouldn’t be so reckless as to carve spirit runes on so many parts of their bodies.

“Jiang Leng, are you familiar with his battle style?”

Sun Mo instantly thought of the manor that Jiang Leng had mentioned before because the person who could carve these spirit runes would definitely be a grandmaster-grade spirit rune master.

“I was just about to say that I’ve learned some of his battle techniques.”

Jiang Leng’s countenance turned even darker.


Li Ziqi was given a fright, but she then lowered her voice. “Teacher, such a conversation isn’t suited to be carried out in such a place.”


Sun Mo nodded and paid attention to the competition. If anything were to happen to Baiwu, he’d definitely burn down that manor.


“Good work!”

Li Zhuifeng praised.

“The opponent is too trashy! It’s boring!”

Ding Yi pouted. “I feel that we’ll be able to take the top three places!”

“That’d be too exaggerated. We’d be discovered. It’d be fine to just get the first place!”

Li Zhuifeng chuckled. When he walked over to group B’s competition area and saw that Ding San was caught in a tough battle, he couldn’t help but frown. Why was it that he had so much difficulty when it was only the first round?

“Martial Junior Baiwu, go for it!”

When Li Zhuifeng heard this voice, he looked over, wanting to find out whose personal disciple she was. However, his eyes instantly opened wide and he was stunned.

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