Absolute Great Teacher
607 Black Doggy Sun’s Three Personal Students
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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607 Black Doggy Sun’s Three Personal Students

Chapter 607: Black Doggy Sun’s Three Personal Students

“Also, you are an archery goddess, why do you have to fight close combat against him?

Sun Mo stretched out his fingers and rapped lightly on Ying Baiwu’s head. “A victory is a victory. Don’t have too many random thoughts.”

“I understand.”

Ying Baiwu pouted.

“However, you fought very well!”

Sun Mo rubbed the iron-headed girl on her head. “Remember to protect yourself well. You are only 14 years old. There’s no need for you to suffer heavy injuries and destroy your own future.”

As she heard Sun Mo’s concerned words, Ying Baiwu’s eyes grew red. She hurriedly lifted her arm and pretended to wipe her sweat while wiping away her tears. After that, she hugged Sun Mo’s arms.

“I’ve remembered your advice!”

The iron-headed girl felt currents of warmth in her heart. Even the minor bad feelings from earlier had vanished. She only felt intense joy.

(Maybe, the suffering I endured for the past 13 years was all in exchange for me being able to stay by the side of Teacher.)

(If that’s the case, I actually have to thank the heavens for making me suffer for so many years.)

(It’s really so good that I got to know Teacher!)


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +200. Respect (7,300/10,000).

“Baiwu, be careful of your wound!”

Tantai Yutang reminded her.

The iron-headed girl immediately turned and glared at him. (Don’t disturb me from bettering my relationship with Teacher. Don’t you know that I usually won’t have any chance to hug him?)

After thinking of this, Ying Baiwu glanced at the little sunny egg and the papaya girl.

“Baiwu, well fought. Come!”

Lu Zhiruo passed a large juicy piece of watermelon over. “Eat the melon!”

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo felt a little puzzled. (Why did you contribute favorable impression points? I felt that I only said a few sentences and didn’t really give you any impressive pointers?)

(I can’t understand it!)

After the first round ended, it was already afternoon and a total of 680 people remained. After that, they continued to draw lots and were split into eight groups to continue fighting the second round of combat.

For the first round, all three of Sun Mo’s personal disciples obtained crushing victories.

There was no need to talk about Jiang Leng and Xuanyuan Po. They both won extremely cleanly. As for Ying Baiwu, she also understood now. After the exchange of greetings before the battle, she immediately took up the Wind King Divine Bow and started firing rapidly.

As a result, the opponent already lost before he could get close to the iron-headed girl.

During the first day’s competition, the matches ended roughly around evening. Other than the losers and the injured, as well as those who forfeited due to various reasons, there were a total of 472 people remaining.

The personal students of Gu Xiuxun and Liu Mubai easily cleared the two rounds. However, Xia Yuan’s student Zheng Hao found it much more difficult to do so.

Although he won during the second battle, his arm and ribs were broken.


“The bone setting is done!” Sun Mo consoled, “Don’t worry, it’s the same as when it was unbroken!”

In the room, Sun Mo helped Zheng Hao set his bones and also used the basic massaging technique to help him relax, helping his fatigued muscles recover more quickly.

After that, he got the students to soak in a bath because the giant medicine packet could rapidly replenish their consumed spirit qi.

“Teacher Sun, I’m really thankful to you.”

In the corridor, Xia Yuan thanked him, but she still felt somewhat awkward. This was because this favor was too huge. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, Zheng Hao would have no way to fight tomorrow.

This would also mean that she would fail.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +500. Friendly (770/1,000).

“Teacher Xia is too polite.”

Sun Mo smiled. He was only doing her a little favor. This was something he ought to do.


“How do you feel?”

In the bedroom, Liu Mubai helped Han Zisheng inspect his body.

“Not too bad!”

After Han Zisheng finished speaking, someone knocked on the door. He hurriedly opened it and discovered that Li Ziqi was standing outside.

“Is something the matter?”

Han Zisheng was curious.

“Teacher Liu!”

After Li Ziqi bowed, he sent a package over. “This is a giant medicine packet. Also, if student Han needs it, Teacher will use the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give him a massage.”

“No need!”

Han Zisheng decisively rejected it as he knew that his teacher wasn’t fond of Sun Mo. However, he felt some yearning in his heart. After all, Sun Mo was the famous God Hands.

“Go on!”

Liu Mubai stopped Han Zisheng. After that, he turned to Li Ziqi. “Please help me thank Sun Mo. I will remember this favor.”

“Teacher!” Han Zisheng frowned. “There’s no need for it. I’m not injured!”

“Zisheng, you don’t have to care about the competition between teachers. What you need to do is do your best to maintain your optimal state so as to fight well and get a good result.”

Liu Mubai felt some self-reproach. “Don’t you always want to participate in the student battles and shoot to fame in a single fight? It was all because of my dream of rising 3 star ranks in a year that led to me postponing the great teacher examinations in the past. I didn’t manage to give you the opportunity.”

“Teacher, it’s not too late that I’m here now!”

Han Zisheng smiled.

“Quickly go!”

Liu Mubai waved his hands. There was some helplessness on his face.

He truly had nothing bad to say about Sun Mo’s character. Sometimes, he felt like hating Sun Mo but wasn’t able to do so. (What a pity, if you weren’t An Xinhui’s finance, I might feel very willing to be friends with you, chatting freely with no inhibitions.)


Favorable impression points from Liu Mubai +20. Friendly (650/1,000).

Li Ziqi went out after bidding farewell. She suddenly felt that although Liu Mubai was inordinately proud of his own ability and considered everyone else beneath him, even liking her teacher’s wife, he was truly good to his students.

Sun Mo didn’t care about Liu Mubai’s attitude toward him. Hence, he didn’t mind helping Han Zisheng. This was because he was also a vice headmaster of the Central Province Academy.

After all, Liu Mubai and Han Zisheng were people from his school. The better their results, the greater the fame of the Central Province Academy would be.

The bright dawn came. The air was clean and fresh as everyone entered the gates of the Westmountain Academy.

“Does anyone need information on the personal students of the various great teachers? I’m selling a copy for 1,000 taels!”

A skinny guy suddenly walked out from the crowd and stopped Sun Mo’s group.

“The information reports on the participating students?”

Li Ziqi’s eyes brightened. She took out a banknote from her wallet. “Give me one copy!”

Actually, Li Ziqi had hired some students to collect information about it. However, for things like information reports, no one would find that they had too many.

“This student is someone who knows her stuff well. I can tell you guys that my information report is absolutely the most correct.”

The skinny guy saw how easy it was to sell things to Li Ziqi and instantly knew she was someone extremely wealthy. After that, he felt a little regretful at why he didn’t state a higher price.

“Do you mean there are others in the same business as you as well?” Li Ziqi continued to ask. “How do you guys collect the information?”

“Ziqi, this is so expensive. Let’s not buy anymore.”

Ying Baiwu tugged at the little sunny egg’s arm. “In any case, we will win for sure!”

The skinny guy involuntarily glanced at Ying Baiwu. (Who the hell is this? What audacious words!) However, in the face of this wealthy little girl, he didn’t dare to show any attitude and continued to introduce his business with a smile on his face.

“We sent professional great teachers to observe the students closely in order to gather information.”

The skinny guy lowered his voice. “Bai Shuang, Xie Cang, Zhou Xuan...these graduates from the Nine Greats must have powerful personal students. However, you guys should have heard of them before. Let me introduce some dark horses. Ding Yi, his teacher isn’t powerful, but he is one of the most powerful dark horses and his weapon is a swift blade.”

“Hua Jianmu, his teacher is Han Xi, who was defeated by Sun Mo. She is quite capable in teaching students. Hua Jianmu is using a pair of iron gloves as his weapon. I feel that no one would be his match if both sides fought bare-handed.”

“Che, I suddenly feel like fighting against that fellow!”

Xuanyuan Po mumbled.

“Fang Wuji’s personal student Duan Qiao, Gu Xiuxun’s personal student Zhang Yanzong, and Liu Mubai’s personal student Han Zisheng—they are all extremely strong. Oh right, do you guys know who Mei Ziyu is? Her mother is none other than the 6-star great teacher Mei Yazhi, and her personal student has a green cowl hiding his or her face. Up until now, no one has seen the student’s face yet.”

The skinny guy was very eloquent and could stir up everyone’s interest after speaking a few sentences. Even a few great teachers who were passing by couldn’t help but come over.

“Just these?”

Ying Baiwu frowned. “As expected, the report isn’t worth the money!’

“Don’t be anxious, the important show is yet to be revealed!”

The skinny guy coughed twice and cleared his throat. “Do you know who Sun Mo is? God Hands, One-Vote Sun, Dog in front of door Sun, but I like to call him Black Doggy Sun the most. This person is very good at cursing people, but he’s excellent in teaching students. Xuanyuan Po is unbelievably strong and as fit as a giant. Ying Baiwu is a bow-user who can shoot people without equipping arrows. There’s one more...”

The skinny guy who was excitedly talking suddenly froze. His gaze subconsciously focused on Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu. After that, he looked at the longbow behind her back.


(These three can’t possibly be Black Doggy Sun’s three personal students, right?)

“One more? Who is it? Quickly say!”

Tantai Yutang teased.

The skinny guy’s gaze turned and landed on Jiang Leng’s forehead. After that, he lifted his hand and smacked himself ruthlessly.

(There’s really the word ‘cripple’ there!)

No wonder his boss always told him to run errands and refused to give him a raise. With his bad judgment ability, he might as well dig his eyes out and stomp them until they exploded.

“Haha, have your brains gone bad? You are actually selling information reports about Sun Mo’s disciples to themselves?”

A few examinees involuntarily burst out into laughter upon seeing this.

“Great Teacher Sun, my eyes are blind!”

The skinny guy spoke and stretched out his hand to tug at the report in Li Ziqi’s hand, wanting to take them back. “However, I guarantee that the data in the information reports has no mistake!”

“Are you sure? My Teacher’s God Hands can tell if a person is lying!”

Tantai Yutang wanted to see things become even more chaotic.


The skinny guy felt some doubt, but he basically didn’t believe it. Being able to tell if someone was lying? It sounded too magical.

Sun Mo didn’t wish to waste words with someone like this, but he also didn’t want them to continue cheating the money of others. Hence, he took a step forward and placed his hand on the skinny guy’s shoulder as he kneaded.

“Don’t lie anymore. This data in your information report was bought from others and reassembled.”


The skinny guy directly knelt as cold sweat immediately dotted his forehead because Sun Mo was right.

Just last night, the skinny guy was working overtime to type and print it out. Up until now, he hadn’t caught up with his sleep yet. After all, selling information reports depended on the time factor.

It would be useless if the effectiveness was ‘expired’.

“Is this real or fake?”

The few examinees stared dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo. Could he be lying?

“Also, your aptitude isn’t bad. Although you are already 18 years old, if you find a school and work while studying for a few years, you will have a better future as compared to now.”

“My aptitude isn’t bad? Go find a school and study?”

The skinny guy was directly stunned. He had thought that Sun Mo would lecture him, hence, he didn’t expect him to say such words at all.

One must know that ever since he was young until now, the skinny guy was a very mischievous kid. His family was poor and he quitted the private school he had been attending just after two years. After that, he could only work odd jobs like this to make a living.

Continue learning?

Better future?

The skinny guy had never heard such words before. Also, both his parents had long since given up on him. The words they said the most was ‘don’t make trouble for us.’

“I can also become a cultivator?”

The skinny guy was agitated. Sun Mo’s words were like a knife that carved out a brand new door before his eyes.


(This might be a chance that can change my life!)

At this moment, the skinny guy directly knelt and kowtowed loudly with sincerity three times.

“Teacher Sun, please show me the path!”

The skinny guy pleaded sincerely in a loud voice.

When the surrounding great teachers heard this, they directly turned over.

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