Absolute Great Teacher
608 This Opponent Is a Little Formidable, I Want To Fight a Little Longer!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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608 This Opponent Is a Little Formidable, I Want To Fight a Little Longer!


Sun Mo slowed his steps and frowned.

Before waiting for Sun Mo to speak, the skinny guy kowtowed again. Not only did he do so with a lot of strength, but he also didn’t plan to stop.


The commotion drew more people over.

“Sun Mo, is there some trouble?”

Tong Yiming opened a path up in the crowd and walked over. He looked at the skinny guy. His gaze that was imposing without him being angry caused the skinny guy to recall how his buttocks had been whacked by a strict old man when he was studying in a private school. Hence, he began to feel very uncomfortable.


Sun Mo shook his head. After that, he looked at the skinny guy. “My guidance might not be correct. Besides, even if it was right, whether or not you can complete it to a satisfactory degree would determine the level of your future achievements. It might not be what you had hoped.”

The skinny guy started. After that, he lowered his head and argued, “In any case, it wouldn’t be worse than my current state, right?”

Being an errand-boy, he had to work be it in the sun or rain and had to suffer contemptuous looks and disdain. Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for the fact he didn’t have a choice, who would want to lead such a life?

“If you wish to live a better life, you have to work even harder!”

Sun Mo earnestly persuaded. “One doesn’t simply wait around for a beautiful life. A beautiful life is obtained through your very own hands.”


A golden light radiated from Sun Mo, illuminating the surroundings.

The skinny guy’s heart thumped rapidly as excitement appeared on his face. (Was this a great teacher halo? A small character like me actually has the chance to enjoy a lofty and mighty great teacher halo?)

(I can at least brag for a year now.)

However after that, the expression of the skinny guy turned tranquil as he started to contemplate.

Gu Xiuxun at the side rolled her eyes. (Is Golden Sentences ‘Sun’ starting his show again? Can we not watch it?)

(Do you know that if you kept acting like that, you would be beaten up?)

“Don’t think about going to a famous school. Given your age and talent, you won’t be competitive enough. Just join an ordinary school and be a little more humble. You should find a teacher that’s not very powerful but has a kind personality and is willing to teach you. After that, do your best to learn from him or her.”

Sun Mo reminded him. “Even if you achieved some results in the future, don’t keep thinking about job-hopping. You should set your sights on a larger stage.”

“I can’t job-hop?”

The skinny guy’s expression was a little bitter and depressed. After all, water flowed downward and humans headed upward. Who wouldn’t want a better life?

“Look clearly at your own appearance now!”

An examinee among the spectators could no longer bear to see this. (You are just an errand boy. If you could join a school and have the tutelage of a great teacher, it would already be extremely good. Yet, you want to job-hop even before achieving it? What are you thinking?)

The skinny guy jumped in shock and hurriedly apologized. “I was being too greedy.”

“When you can establish yourself in a school and after reaching the Longevity Realm, you can look for me at the Central Province Academy!”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he turned and left. He had seen this guy’s potential through Divine Sight

The skinny guy was stunned. After that, he kowtowed again.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for enlightening me. I, Wang Ming, will never forget your benevolence as long as I live!”

The skinny guy prostrated himself in Sun Mo’s direction and didn’t get up for a long time,


Favorable impression from Wang Ming +1,000. Respect (1,125/10,000).

He knelt for a total of five minutes and only after Sun Mo’s silhouette disappeared did he finally stand up.

“I finally found the path I want to walk!”

Wang Ming was excited. He was prepared to grab his bag that was filled with information reports and smashed it onto the ground before trampling on it. But after a while, he halted his actions.

He recalled that sentence from Sun Mo.

“One doesn’t simply wait around for a beautiful life. A beautiful life is obtained through your very own hands.”

“Teacher Sun wants me to do everything seriously, right?”

Wang Ming thought and started to work even harder in selling the information reports.

This minor change eventually caused Wang Ming to sell the most information reports out of all the errand runners. Hence, he received extra rewards from the boss.

Through this sum of money he received, Wang Ming earned enough for him to travel and search for a school.

Naturally, all these would happen in the future. There was temporarily no need to mention this.


Tong Yiming was a main examiner and wasn’t able to get too close to the examinees. Hence, he left directly. However, Sun Mo still obtained 200 favorable impression points from him.

In the public square, the 472 personal students drew lots for their next match. After that, the third round of the competition started.

“Teacher, I’m going first!”

Ying Baiwu and Li Ziqi left.

Jiang Leng didn’t show too much emotion and merely nodded. However, Sun Mo knew that this youth used his gaze to give him a guarantee that he would win for sure.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo brought Xuanyuan Po and the papaya girl toward the ‘B’ group area.

A while later, it was the combat addict’s turn.

“#19 Xuanyuan Po and #108 Ding Wu, please get up the stage.”

The examiner announced.

As Xuanyuan Po went up the stage, the surrounding gazes turned over, and everyone couldn’t help but start. This fellow was so muscular. Other than his face being slightly immature, he didn’t look like a young man below 16.

The examiner subconsciously glanced at Xuanyuan Po’s form to confirm his picture.

“I heard that your spear arts are very powerful?”

Ding Wu was very muscular as well, and his weapon was a two-meter-large blade. From the looks of it, it weighed at least 100 kg.

“Xuanyuan Po. Spirit-refinement realm, please guide me!”

Xuanyuan Po didn’t wish to speak nonsense and only wanted to fight.

“Little Wu, don’t be careless!’

Under the stage, Ding Yi warned.

Li Zhuifeng was in the crowd and sneaked a glance at Jiang Leng. (It’s real, that’s Elder Brother Jiang. However, why did the spirit runes on his body disappear?)

He had to investigate this.

“Ding Wu, Spirit-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

After Ding Wu spoke, the audience all exclaimed in marvel. Zeze, two spirit-refinement realm experts were fighting. This would definitely be a good show to watch.

Xuanyuan Po didn’t waver at all. His right arm exerted force.


His silver spear shot out like an arrow from a crossbow, emitting a whistling noise as it pierced through the air, flying toward Ding Wu.


Ding Wu wielded his blade with a single hand and slashed it out with all his force toward the silver spear.

(He’s actually throwing his spear to make a long-distance attack?)

However, at the moment the large blade clashed with the silver spear, Ding Wu’s countenance drastically changed.


An immense force traveled through the spear and jolted Ding Wu’s arm so badly that it turned numb. Moreover, he didn’t manage to knock the silver spear out of its trajectory and merely managed to shift it a little so it deviated slightly from his vital spots.


Ding Wu cursed. He held his blade with two hands and prepared to attack, but Xuanyuan Po already charged over like a war chariot.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His aura was as though it could crush Ding Wu.

At the next instant, a fist as big as an earthen pot blasted over.

Feeling surprised, Ding Wu lifted his right hand and slashed forth with his blade. But....

Xuanyuan Po’s fist turned into a grip. He turned his wrist and grabbed the back of the blade before following up with a right kick.


Ding Wu was badly shocked as cold sweat immediately oozed out of his forehead. (What sort of move is this?)

(A move that ignores your own safety?)

The vast majority of people wouldn’t grab their enemies’ weapons right at the start of the battle, right? If there was a mistake, at least half of their palms would be severed off.


Ding Wu’s reaction was slower by half a beat due to his thoughts. As a result, his thigh got kicked and he stumbled backward.

Xuanyuan Po followed up, moving closer in the passing. Amazingly, he stretched his arms out and coincidentally grabbed hold of the silver spear that just shot past Ding Wu. He then twisted his waist and performed a spinning attack like a pinwheel.


The silver spear heavily smashed into Ding Wu’s giant blade, causing his body to shake.

Next, Xuanyuan Po began his barrage of attack.


Ding Yi frowned. He knew that Ding Wu would most probably not win this battle.

“This person looks so strong, why is he so weak when he starts fighting?”

Lu Zhiruo couldn’t understand. They just met and the other party was already suppressed?

“It’s because Xuanyuan is too strong!”

Sun Mo guided. “That Ding Wu’s body constitution and reaction are both excellent. If it was some other opponents, Xuanyuan’s kick would have shattered their kneecaps, and the battle would have ended.”

Honestly speaking, if Sun Mo was the one who encountered such an attack, he would also be flustered. This was because Xuanyuan Po didn’t attack according to ‘norms’. He would attack wherever he wanted to.

Naturally, his tyrannical body constitution allowed him to make all these dangerous and unimaginable moves.

“He... is actually my student?”

Sun Mo felt a little proud and also had a little sense of surrealism. In his old world, he basically wouldn’t have had any chance to get such a good student in his class. Those more experienced teachers would long since have snatched such good seedlings away.

“Where did this monster come from? He’s so strong and not even 16 yet? Do the rest of us still stand a chance?”

“He seems to be a student of Sun Mo?”

“F***! Where is Sun Mo? I want to kill him. What capabilities does he have to teach such a good student?”

The examinees discussed with each other. Naturally, ‘wanting to kill Sun Mo’ was just spoken in jest. However, all of them truly felt a little depressed.

After all, who wouldn’t want the students they nurtured to be the most outstanding ones?!


Ding Wu stumbled. If it wasn’t for his reaction being fast enough, he would have fallen off the stage.

Xuanyuan Po stood his ground. Given his pride, he didn’t chase and take advantage of that stumble. Instead, he gave Ding Wu time to rest.

This opponent was a little formidable. He wanted to fight longer!


Ding Wu spat a mouthful of saliva and glanced toward Li Zhuifeng who was in the crowd.

Li Zhuifeng nodded.

“Do you think you’ve won? Ha, the battle has just started!”

Ding Wu smiled malevolently. All of a sudden, the spirit qi from his body surged as his muscles swelled. His entire body grew larger by a size.


He shot forth like a bullet and directly appeared before Xuanyuan Po.


His blade crashed down and slammed into the silver spear with a clanging sound.

Even with Xuanyuan Po’s strength, his body was shaking. His knees grew soft and he almost knelt on the ground.

“Ah? Is Junior brother Xuanyuan going to lose?”

The papaya girl felt anxious.

Li Zhuifeng and Ding Yi, who were among the crowd, were actually exchanging shocked gazes. What the hell? Ding Wu, who activated all seven major spirit runes on his body, granting him three times more strength, agility, and eruption might, actually wasn’t able to insta-defeat Xuanyuan Po?

“Is that fellow still human?”

Ding Yi was shocked.

“I don’t know!”

Li Zhuifeng’s eyes narrowed. His gaze stared ruthlessly at the combat addict. “But I know that my teacher would definitely want his body.”

Xuanyuan Po was definitely a perfect experiment material.

The collision of the blade and spear emitted a large ear-piercing explosion. As a result, the web between their thumb and forefinger cracked as fresh blood flowed.

“How is it? Are you afraid now?”

Ding Wu mocked.

However, it seemed like Xuanyuan Po didn’t feel the pain at all. On the contrary, he was laughing uproariously. “HAHA, fun! How fun is this! It has truly been a long time since I fought so happily!”

“What other moves do you have? Can you quickly use them all?”

“Don’t compete with me in strength anymore. It’s meaningless!”

Xuanyuan Po urged.

Ding Wu, who had exhausted all his strength, was dumbfounded. (What sort of monster am I fighting against? Yes, he must be feigning this. He is trying to trick me!)

Sun Mo’s brows gradually furrowed. He was hesitating whether he should stop this battle or not!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》