Absolute Great Teacher
609 Seeking Guidance From the Public
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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609 Seeking Guidance From the Public


Ding Wu, Spirit Refinement Realm.

Through spirit runes, one could boost the various stats of one’s body multiple times, but this eruption state could only last for slightly over ten minutes. If one’s body was in the eruption state for too, it would lead to the body being seriously damaged. One might even suffer sudden death.

This was the information Sun Mo had obtained through Divine Sight.

What did this mean?

If Ding Wu continued to go all out, his body would be crippled at the very least.

It was like an engine. There was no problem if the owner operated it at full power from time to time. But if the owner did it for a long period with no rest, it might be destroyed.

After thinking of this, Sun Mo spoke.

“Examiner, if this match continues, someone will die!”

Sun Mo didn’t suggest something like concluding the fight in a draw because there was a problem with Xuanyuan Po’s opponent.

This was because he had no authority to conclude the match. If Sun Mo suggested this, he might cause the examiner to feel that he was meddlesome, wanting to interfere in the match just because he was somewhat famous.

This might affect Sun Mo’s reputation, and if the examiner group loathed him and started to target his students, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

Although the possibility wasn’t great, Sun Mo didn’t want to take the risk.

Another point was that even though Sun Mo could tell that Ding Wu’s body couldn’t endure for much longer, no one else could see this. If the match was stopped because of his suggestion, people would be doubting the integrity of the competition.

“Teacher Sun, why would you say this?”

If an ordinary examinee said these words, the examiner definitely wouldn’t care. However, Sun Mo was known as the God Hands, so his judgment would surely not be bad.

For the sake of the students, the examiner asked a question.

“If Ding Wu continues to sustain his explosive state, he might wear his body down. There might be irreversible injuries later on.”

Sun Mo explained.

“I understand now!”

The examiner nodded. After that, he spoke to the vice examiner at the side of the arena. “Go and invite a doctor over.”

There would be doctors on stand-by every match. Also, famous doctors with higher medical skills were waiting in the resting area for more serious cases. After all, they couldn’t possibly make 5-star doctors wait outside in the sun and rain until all the fights were concluded, right?

The examiner’s response was already fitting. One must know that if Ding Wu was fine, he might be scolded by the doctors.

“Teacher Sun, please remain quiet!”

The examiner reminded him.


Sun Mo nodded and shut his mouth. There was also a possibility that Ding Wu would discover his condition and chose to give up directly.

On the stage, Xuanyuan Po and Ding Wu were clashing head-on fiercely.

Their clash was a collision between power and skill. The two of them were fighting with full strength, wanting to do their utmost and defeat their opponents.

Below the stage, the surrounding examinees and students heard Sun Mo’s words and hence, they were whispering to each other.

“Someone would die? Sun Mo is referring to Ding Wu, right?”

“He shouldn’t be talking about Xuanyuan Po. Otherwise, he could just directly forfeit.”

“They have fought so far. If you were in his shoes, would you get your student to forfeit? Moreover, Sun Mo’s fame is so great. If he forfeited, it would be a great blow to his popularity.”

The examinees widened their eyes but couldn’t see any problem. On the contrary, Xuanyuan Po and Ding Wu’s fight was extremely fascinating, fitting to be a championship fight.

The examiner turned his head and cast another glance at Sun Mo, silently musing whether Sun Mo was trying to be a busybody. Although the two combatants were injured, their physical conditions were still as strong as giants. How could someone suddenly die?

As for being beaten to death?

(Please, do you think that I will be slacking as an examiner? I will definitely stop the students from unleashing a killing blow!)

“Should we get Ding Wu to give up?”

Ding Yi took out a pocket watch and glanced at it. The duration of the eruption state was a little too long.

“Let’s wait a little while more and see!”

Li Zhuifeng frowned. He was not concerned about Ding Wu as all his attention was on Xuanyuan Po.

“From my point of view, it’s clear that Sun Mo cannot see hope for his student’s victory. That’s why he tried to use such a trick!” a person spoke.

There would always be people who had darkness in their hearts and hated to see others above them. A somewhat ugly examinee started to guess evilly at Sun Mo’s motive.


The gaze of several people turned to Sun Mo, wanting to hear his explanation.

There was no need for Sun Mo to do so because at this moment, Ding Wu’s left chest suddenly emitted a ‘bang’ as it exploded.

His clothes ruptured, fresh blood flowing out and splattering over Xuanyuan Po’s face.

Boom! Boom!

Ding Wu stumbled two steps forward and still wanted to persist, but other explosions occurred in both his arms and legs.

Bang! Bang!

Ding Wu didn’t even scream in misery. He directly fell onto the ground.

The originally noisy scene instantly fell silent.

What was going on?

Clearly, the battle was near its climax and everyone watching felt their blood boiling. But why was there such a sudden change?


Sun Mo rushed forward and leaped onto the stage.

The papaya girl munched the watermelon in her hand and tossed away the melon skin as she wanted to follow after him.

“Xuanyuan, examiner, step back. Zhiruo, don’t come over!”

Sun Mo shouted loudly.

The papaya girl was very obedient to Sun Mo, but the examiner couldn’t do so. He had to save the injured student immediately.

“How do you feel?”

Just when the examiner continued forward and squatted beside Ding Wu, wanting to inspect his body, another explosion occurred on Ding Wu’s back. This time around, the impact was extremely great. Some flesh and blood splattered into the face of the examiner, and the explosive impact caused him to scream in pain.

“Everyone, move further back!”

The vice examiner and doctors felt their hearts trembling. Although they were worried and nervous, they still rushed over. After all, saving people was their duty.

However, after they saw Sun Mo squatting beside Ding Wu, the worries in their heart eased up by quite a bit.

After all, Sun Mo was known as God Hands.

“Are you injured?”

A doctor helped the examiner up and inspected his face.

“Save him first!”

The examiner declined. Although he felt a lot of pain, he was concerned about the safety of that student.

“Is...is Ding Wu dead?”

Some students were stunned. This scene was so frightening.

That ugly examinee, who had said that Sun Mo was scheming, felt his throat clenching as he quickly fled away. Only now did he know how bad his judgment abilities were.

“Ding Wu!”

Ding Yi roared in a low voice and just when he wanted to rush over...

“Don’t panic!”

Li Zhuifeng held Ding Yi back. “From the looks of things, Ding Wu is dead for sure. There’s no need for you to show your face then. Just let them handle it!”

“That’s my brother!”

Ding Yi cast a furious glance at Li Zhuifeng.

“Is your brother more important or are Teacher’s experiments more important? If you screw up, I will be the first to kill you.”

Li Zhuifeng’s tone suddenly turned savage.

Ding Yi felt his scalp turning numb.

“Enough. Given your judgment, can’t you tell that there’s already no hope for Ding Wu? If you are really sad, just defeat Xuanyuan Po in the finals!”

Li Zhuifeng patted Ding Yi’s shoulder and turned to leave.

Ding Yi fell silent. He cast another glance at Ding Wu and turned to follow Li Zhuifeng. However, his fists were clenched so tight that his nails dug into his palms.

(Not only Xuanyuan Po, but I will utterly crush all three of Sun Mo’s personal students!)

Ding Yi vowed ruthlessly.

“Sorry, please excuse me. I’m his personal teacher!”

A young man walked over, getting Sun Mo and the others to stand to the side.

“How would we be able to save him if we step aside?”

The doctor angrily grumbled. (Look at your attitude.)

“Can you treat him and ensure he stays alive with such injuries?”

The young man countered.


The doctor started. Given his judgment, he could tell that there was no more hope. Those glaring wounds were so large that Ding Wu’s inner organs could be seen.

“Just step aside, please!”

After the young man spoke, he carried Ding Wu’s corpse and left the arena.

Everyone fell silent as a sense of surrealism permeated the atmosphere. Earlier, Ding Wu was still alive. Yet, he died just like that?

Hence, everyone turned to look at Xuanyuan Po.

“Xuanyuan, don’t feel pressured!”

“What pressure?”

Xuanyuan Po blinked.

Sun Mo turned and surveyed Xuanyuan Po. As expected of the combat addict. Other than fighting, he didn’t know and wasn’t concerned about anything else.

However, such pureness of mind that made one completely focus on one thing and ignore the views of others was truly envy-provoking!

“Junior brother Xuanyuan.”

Lu Zhiruo pulled on the combat addict’s arm and passed a melon. “Eat something. His death has nothing to do with you.”

The papaya girl could sense that the combat addict’s emotions weren’t as calm as he showed.

Usually, Xuanyuan Po wouldn’t be bothered to talk to such a weak chicken like the papaya girl. But today, he received the melon and muttered a word after taking a bite.


Although the volume of his voice wasn’t loud, it was clear that he was expressing thanks.

“I’m your elder martial sister after all!” The papaya girl smiled. “It’s only normal that I help you.”


Xuanyuan Po’s lips twitched. “I, Xuanyuan Po, have never needed the help of another!”

After thinking a little, the combat addict added, “The only exception is my teacher!”


The papaya girl didn’t care about the combat addict’s cold attitude. She directly stretched out her little fist and hammered his chest. After that, she ran to Sun Mo’s side and hugged his arm.

“Is this the concern from an elder martial sister?”

Xuanyuan Po mumbled, feeling a little strange.

“Teacher, it seems that Ding Wu’s personal teacher doesn’t seem to be sad at all!”

The papaya girl doubted. “Their relationship most probably isn’t too good.”


Sun Mo was silent. He was frowning so severely that his furrowed brows could squeeze a crab to death. The spirit runes on Ding Wu’s body weren’t something a spirit rune grandmaster could create.

When Sun Mo was inspecting Ding Wu’s injuries, he took a few glances at them. As a result, he felt a headache despite his current standard in the field of spirit runes. This feeling was like when he first came in contact with calculus.

(What the hell? Why is it so difficult?)

This was definitely his mortal enemy.

That personal teacher was either a peak second-generation teacher whose father was an extremely high-rank great teacher, so awesome to the point where he could make use of his father’s influence to hire powerful spirit rune grandmasters to engrave runes on his personal student or, he was a fraud. Ding Wu’s true personal teacher was someone else.

Naturally, Sun Mo’s guess leaned toward the latter.

“Is the fight over? Nothing happened, right?”

The vice examiner who went to look for a higher-skilled doctor had returned. After seeing that no one was on the stage, he couldn’t help but ask.

“He died!”

The examiner had a gloomy look on his face.

“He died?”

The vice examiner and the doctor were astonished.

“Teacher Sun, it’s my judgment that’s not up to the mark!”

The examiner walked toward Sun Mo and clasped his fists. “Earlier, I should have listened to your suggestion and stopped the competition.”

If he was more decisive, Ding Wu wouldn’t have died.

“Actually, your judgment wasn’t wrong!”

Sun Mo consoled.

This examiner who felt self-reproach had a look of self-blame on his face. Evidently, his character wasn’t bad. He was a good teacher that would consider things for the students.

“Teacher Sun, can I be so impudent as to ask how did you manage to judge that a problem was about to happen to Ding Wu?”

After the examiner spoke, he dipped into a bow and sincerely sought guidance.

Upon seeing this scene, the several hundreds of people in the surroundings were all stunned. One must know that any examiners in the 2-star great teacher examination had at least 3 stars, and their standards were all very strong. But now, this examiner actually took the initiative to sincerely seek guidance from Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was as expected of the number one rising star in this batch. He was truly impressive!

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