Absolute Great Teacher
610 Advance, Student Group!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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610 Advance, Student Group!


“I made the judgment based on my student, Xuanyuan Po. His body constitution is the strongest among the students I’ve ever seen.”

Sun Mo wasn’t bragging.

The closest comparison to Xuanyuan Po would be Zhang Yanzong. When Sun Mo first joined the school, Zhang Yanzong was publicly acknowledged as the strongest person in his batch. Even An Xinhui picked him as the student leader for the last league tournament.

Zhang Yanzong’s body constitution could be considered within the top three among the students participating in the student battle. But when compared to Xuanyuan Po, he was just a little brother.

He was at least a level lower.

One must know that Xuanyuan Po was still in his youth. After he matured, it was unknown how powerful he would become.

However, why was Zhang Yanzong able to become the group leader?

Because his brain, EQ, and other aspects were considerably more outstanding. He was unlike Xuanyuan Po who ignored everything else other than fighting.

Someone like Xuanyuan Po would become a terrifying killing machine, but he would definitely never become the group leader.

As for Ding Wu, his body constitution couldn’t even be comparable to Zhang Yanzong, let alone Xuanyuan Po. But because of the support by those spirit runes, the spirit qi absorbed by his body during that short period was equal to the combat addict.

“When spirit qi circulates through the body, the energy channels have to bear the load. Although spirit runes can strengthen them, there would still be a limit.

“It is like a rubber band. After being stretched to the limits, it would eventually snap.”

Sun Mo explained. Simply speaking, it meant that Ding Wu had exerted too much force for too long. His body was overloaded.

“Indeed, although their combat strength was powerful, this tier of prowess shouldn’t have appeared at their current levels.”

The examiner was enlightened. He then nodded and felt impressed by Sun Mo. His deduction ability was so strong.


Favorable impression points from the examiner +100. Friendly (210/1,000).

“Yes!” Sun Mo clasped his hands. “Farewell!”

He still needed to go and watch Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng’s matches.

“Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s guidance!”

After the examiner spoke, he sighed again. “Earlier, if I had your judgment ability, that young man wouldn’t have died!”

The examiner felt a heavy sense of self-blame.


After Sun Mo found Ying Baiwu, he discovered that Jiang Leng and Tantai Yutang were here as well. One couldn’t help but admit that the deadman face was truly powerful.

All students who entered the third round had some capabilities, but even so, he insta-defeated his opponent.

Very soon, it was Ying Baiwu’s turn. After the two combatants exchanged greetings, the iron-headed girl instantly erupted forth with arrows and easily won the fight.

With a peerless saint-tier weapon Wind King Divine Bow and two peerless saint-tier cultivation arts, Wind King Divine Step and Wind King Divine Art, Ying Baiwu wouldn’t lose even if she wished to.

“How can the opponent stand a chance? This is too shameless!”

“Yeah, not needing arrows and firing the moment she aims the bow. Even light itself wouldn’t be able to get close to her, right?”

“The main thing is that the archery skill of this girl is extremely precise!”

The students grumbled and wailed. But despite this, they also generated a favorable impression toward Ying Baiwu.

Ever since the iron-headed girl followed Sun Mo, she could eat and sleep very well despite bitterly cultivating. The most important thing was that she was happy.

Hence, after a year plus, the abnormal sickness that was plaguing her had also weakened, and her beauty blossomed slowly. With her cool look and a hint of frosty beauty akin to the cold plum in winter, if she glanced over, many males would feel their hearts being stirred.

Other than having a beautiful appearance, Ying Baiwu’s fights had always ended right on the point. She didn’t injure anyone further than necessary. If not, a single arrow from her would definitely cause injuries so heavy that they wouldn’t have the chance to fight their second matches.

Such kindness won much good will for Ying Baiwu.

Injuring an opponent was much easier compared to winning without injuring your opponent.


After the third round, other than the eliminated and injured ones, there were still a total of 312 students remaining.

With lesser people, the time they took to draw lots was naturally shortened. After that, the competition continued proceeding at a quicker pace.

Giving the students time to rest?

There wasn’t such a thing!

Endurance and recovery were also aspects of the test.

For the fourth round, Sun Mo’s three personal students still didn’t waste much strength and easily obtained victories. Among them, Jiang Leng continued to insta-defeat his opponent. This young man with the word ‘cripple’ on his forehead finally attracted the attention of those in the shadows.

Right now, a total of 256 people remain.

For the fifth round, the rules changed a little. After drawing lots, the combatants would fight, and the winner would advance while the loser would be eliminated.

When the results of the lot-drawing came out, Li Ziqi inhaled deeply and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Zhiruo was puzzled.

“It’s stable now!”

The little sunny egg smiled and snapped her finger. This action was something she learned from Sun Mo.


The papaya girl blinked. After that, she soon understood and grabbed Li Ziqi’s arm. She then jumped about in excitement as she called out happily. “Do you mean that our teacher would win for sure?”


Li Ziqi nodded heavily. Their luck was truly too good. “Although Xuanyuan Po’s opponent was at the spirit-refinement realm, his injuries were quite serious from the previous battle. Even if he can fight in this round, his combat strength would only be half of his peak state.

“Although Baiwu’s opponent won his previous match easily and his condition is pretty good, he wields dual truncheon, and the art he cultivates in is a defensive-one. Isn’t he a free meal for our Baiwu?

“As for Jiang Leng, his opponent is a lucky guy who managed to reach this step despite having a cultivation base at the seventh-level of the body-refinement realm. However, his luck is about to come to an end.”

“Is this true?”

Ying Baiwu frowned. “However, I feel we still shouldn’t be too careless as this concerned our teacher’s glory!”

“Baiwu, trust our eldest martial sister. She has a photographic memory!”

The papaya girl happily took out the largest melon in her bag. She then opened it up and passed the pieces to everyone. “Eat melons, eat melons!”

After dinner, the fifth round started.

This round was a night battle!

The tests of the Saint Gate had always been like this. They didn’t conform to a set pattern. Not used to fighting at night? Sorry then, you could only blame it on your insufficient learning and inexperience!


Under the bright moonlight, everything underneath was cloaked in a silvery glow.

Sun Mo stood at the side of the ‘D’ group’s match area and watched the combat on the stage.

This match had been going on for over 20 minutes. It was extremely intense.

“Who do you guys feel will win?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Their strengths are equal, it depends on luck!”

Xuanyuan Po felt that this match was between newbies. There was no worth in observing them.

“I feel #10 will win.”

Lu Zhiruo spoke, but when she saw #21 suddenly kicking out at #10 and started his retaliation, she hurriedly changed her words. “#21, that’s right I mean #21 will win.”


Sun Mo was speechless. Just when he wanted to share a few insights, the papaya girl changed her words yet again.

“Wait a minute, #10 seems to be feigning weakness to tempt #21 to attack to waste #21’s strength. #10 is very scheming, so he will win.”

And at the instant the papaya girl’s voice rang out, #10 was sent flying through the air.

“Ah? So he wasn’t feigning but is really inferior? Since that’s the case, #21 will definitely win.”

The papaya girl watched with great interest, cheering for both combatants.

(Are you doing a comical monologue?)

Sun Mo almost asked this. But after seeing the papaya girl seriously observing the battle as she offered her judgment instead of randomly making remarks, he suddenly didn’t have the mood to scold her.

After all, she shouldn’t be punished seeing how serious she was.

Lu Zhiruo could clearly feel Sun Mo’s attitude. She, who was originally smiling as she waited for her teacher to praise her, suddenly lowered her head as her index fingers tapped each other.

The papaya girl grew nervous.

“It’s fine to be mistaken. You will eventually understand more as you observe more fights. Besides, you are still young and have all the time in the world to learn.”

Sun Mo comforted her and patted her head.


Lu Zhiruo nodded heavily. She silently vowed in her heart that she would consult her eldest martial sister on how to train her judgment.

Xuanyuan Po glanced at Sun Mo while his lips moved. He wanted to say this ‘Teacher if you continue doting on Zhiruo, she would become nothing but a waste!’

“Teacher, who do you feel will win?”

Lu Zhiruo asked.


Sun Mo didn’t wait for the papaya girl to ask why and immediately gave the answer. “The heart of #10 is in chaos now. He originally wanted to feign weakness, but he wasn’t able to execute it well. After he attacked, he wasn’t able to go forward courageously and he chose to be defensive the moment he saw that #21’s counter-attack wasn’t weak.”

“Also, his teacher is ‘helping’ him.”

For the first time, Sun Mo didn’t use Divine Sight and judged the situation based on his experience.

“Stabilize yourself, don’t think too much!”

“Just win and we are done. Victory is before you, work harder!”

“Don’t panic, please don’t panic!”

The teacher of student #10 kept shouting below the stage.

Sun Mo glanced at the teacher. This teacher thought he was encouraging his student, but to #10, it was actually a form of immense pressure.

As the battle grew more intense, such pressure would become the last straw that crushed the camel’s back.

It was a pity that the teacher of #10 didn’t manage to see this point. Or maybe, his heart was also in chaos due to the 2-star ranking title.

“It is decided!”

Xuanyuan Po spoke. The next second, the #10 was sent flying through the air and directly fell out of the stage.

“Dumb! He was intentionally revealing flaws. This is so clear but you couldn’t tell? Are you blind?”

The teacher of #10 directly scolded as he glared furiously at his student. His eyes were so bloodshot that they looked as though they were about to explode.

“You could win by just giving a little bit more effort. Why are you so anxious? How many times have I said to stabilize yourself? Did you not listen to me?”

“Trash! Trash! Trash!”

At the end of the scolding, the teacher rushed over and launched a slap at #10’s face.

As a new great teacher that everyone had high hopes for, the goal he was aiming for was very high. Not only did he want to become a 2-star great teacher before 25 years old, but he also wanted to use this opportunity to shoot to fame so he could job-hop to a ‘B’ grade or even an ‘A’ grade famous school.

But as his personal student had lost, all his dreams were destroyed.

Let alone the Nine Greats, even ‘A’ grade schools wouldn’t hire a great teacher who failed once in a great teacher examination. Hence, to this great teacher, he wouldn’t be able to teach in an ‘A’ grade school anymore in his entire life.

How could he not be angry?

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