Absolute Great Teacher
611 Teacher Sun, Please Feel Free To Instruct Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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611 Teacher Sun, Please Feel Free To Instruct Me!


The surrounding people all fell silent as they looked at Liu Yi, the raging teacher of #10.

“Alright, stop raging. You are embarrassing yourself. Calm down and try again next year!”

The examiner persuaded him.

He had seen too many of such situations and could understand the mental state of this examinee.

This was a young man with a lofty goal. If he had no more hope and was directly eliminated, it was one thing. But in the end, he failed when he was just a step more to success.

Honestly speaking, it was very regrettable. Everyone would feel depressed in his shoes.

After becoming a 2-star great teacher, the most direct benefit was that one’s status in the school they are teaching in would instantly be upgraded.

If 1-star great teachers were salted fish, 2-star great teachers could be considered young sharks that possessed extremely strong competitiveness. When they spoke before the headmasters of their respective schools, their words would have some weight.

Naturally, the most important thing was the change in salary. The income of 2-star great teachers would double that of a 1-star great teacher. Besides, their application for research expenses would be approved more easily.

Sadly, all these vanished along with his student’s defeat.

“Such a failure can be considered a type of growth. Remember this. Come back and try again next year!”

The examiner encouraged him.


#10 called out, blaming himself.

“Shut up, don’t call me!”

Liu Yi roared, “Do you know how difficult the test this year is? I walked step by step all the way till here and in the end, I actually failed due to the student battle? I truly feel reluctant to accept this!”

His words caused a resonance in the hearts of several examinees.

Yeah, according to their results, they would have qualified long ago if they took the examination in the past years. But just so precisely they encountered a spike in difficulty this year. They were really unlucky.

“As expected, I’ve treated all of you too leniently!”

Liu Yi’s heart started to convulse painfully the moment he thought of the fact that he would have no more chances to join ‘A’ great schools or the Nine Greats.

#21 didn’t have much strength left. He directly knelt on the stage and panted heavily. After he rested for some time, he began to roar in excitement.

“Oh yay, I won. Teacher, I won!”

The teacher of #21 hugged his personal disciple, and he also had an agitated look on his face. He kept patting his student’s head and back.

“Yeah, you won, you won!”

“Very excellent!”

“Thank you for helping me obtain the title. Didn’t you wish to head to Eastflow Inn to have a sumptuous meal? I will go all out and treat you to an all-you-can-eat.”

The teacher of #21 had tears on his face. This moment was the happiest day of his life.

“Let’s forget it. The dishes in Eastflow Inn are too expensive. A meal would probably cost Teacher two months of your salary!” #21 rejected.

“Even if it cost me half a year of my salary, we still have to go!”

The teacher of #21 directly carried him and left the stage, clearing the place for the next battle. “After the doctor treated your injuries, we are immediately going to have a good meal!”

When Liu Yi saw his opponent happily planning to celebrate his victory, he directly launched another slap at #10’s face. After that, he ignored his student and turned to leave.


The examiner shouted, couldn’t bear to watch this any longer.

“What’s wrong? You want to interfere when I teach my personal student?”

Usually, Liu Yi definitely wouldn’t display such a vile attitude toward the examiner. But today, fury clouded his heart, he was in hysteria.

Honestly speaking, Liu Yi felt very sullen, wanting to fight now so he would either kill or be killed by someone.


The examiner was stunned because a personal teacher could be considered half-a-father to their students. No matter how they disciplined their disciples, outsiders had no right to interfere.

“T...teacher, I will definitely win next year!”

#10 wiped away his tears and called out loudly.

“What’s the use even if you win next year? I’ve already flunked my first attempt!”

Liu Yi roared in rage.

For such a matter, Sun Mo actually didn’t want to support any side, but when he saw the youth crying so sorrowfully, he still spoke.

“This great teacher, look at how sad he is and how much he blames himself. Actually, he feels worse than you that he lost.”

“Why are you interfering?”

Liu Yi directly shot back.


The surrounding people also glanced over, waiting for Sun Mo to speak. All of them felt that there was a good show to watch.

“Calm down first!”

Sun Mo consoled.

The papaya girl looked at Liu Yi and passed out a piece of melon. “Eat this!”

When Liu Yi saw that it was Sun Mo, he started. But after that, he felt a surge of depression and anger surging up his heart.

“Calm down your mom!”

“You are a superstar, a dazzling genius in the eyes of everyone, and you naturally cannot understand my feelings. If you also fell down when you were just a step from success, would you be angry or not?

“Do you know how hard it is for us normal people to get a good opportunity? My grandfather went to an ‘A’ grade school to seek employment, but in the end, the other party didn’t even look at his achievements. When they asked my grandfather for his results and learned that he didn’t pass his 3-star great teacher examination on his first attempt, my grandfather was directly rejected.”

Liu Yi’s eyes were red. In his heart, his grandfather was the most impressive person. His grandfather even had a very good research achievement in the study of spirit runes. In the end, just because he didn’t pass his 3-star examination on the first attempt, he didn’t even have the chance to be hired by an ‘A’ grade school.

His grandfather was disappointed for several years and before he died, he was still mumbling about how he failed to become a great teacher of an ‘A’ grade school and died with regrets.

Before his altar, Liu Yi had vowed that he would definitely become a great teacher of an ‘A’ grade school to allow his grandfather to rest in peace in heaven.

But now, he wasn’t able to achieve it.

Everyone fell silent. Everyone had heard of this unwritten rule before.

The examiner also didn’t know how to console him. Who wouldn’t want to join such a famous school? But this was the harsh reality and there were always limited slots. There had to be those who failed.

“Truthfully speaking, I don’t hate that the competition is cruel. What I hate is that they don’t even give me the chance to compete. Why should they deny us our entire lives just because of one failure?”

Liu Yi roared angrily.

Everyone felt sorrow in their hearts and some sympathy for Liu Yi. After that, they looked toward Sun Mo again.

“Teacher Sun, don’t console him anymore. You are a genius, and you won’t understand the bitterness us ordinary people feel!”

“You obtained your first star at 21 and immediately came to register for the 2-star examination. Moreover, you can also pass easily. Haha, I really feel envious!”

“Teacher Sun, just go and enjoy the life of a winner. You don’t have to worry about us loser dogs!”

Some of those older repeaters felt unhappiness and jealousy toward Sun Mo. They wanted to take this chance to speak sarcastically to him.


Lu Zhiruo was somewhat worried and clutched hold of the corner of Sun Mo’s shirt.

“I naturally have no qualification to interfere, and I just wish to speak a word of fairness. Earlier in that competition, 90% of the reason why he lost is actually because of you.”

Sun Mo wasn’t angry.

“During the last three minutes, the battle was frantic and anyone had the chance to win. However, you panicked and kept shouting, offering guidance frantically. In the end, you were the one who caused your student to grow nervous.

“And as for your opponent, I observed him as well. He was also very anxious, but he didn’t say anything. I don’t feel that it was because he couldn’t tell how important that match was. But why didn’t he say anything?”

“Because this match was a battle between students. He chose to trust his student. Even if he lost, he would simply accept it.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he heard the sound of a notification.


Favorable impression points from Li Tie +100. Friendly (220/1,000).


Everyone stared at Sun Mo in bewilderment, wasn’t this too nonsensical? After that, they glanced toward the teacher of #21, waiting for his explanation.

Li Tie looked at Sun Mo, feeling a little shocked but was very impressed in his heart. As expected of a new superstar, his mental state was completely seen through by Sun Mo.

“Is it true? Can you say something?”

Someone urged.


Li Tie nodded. “Teacher Sun is correct. When they fought to that extent, whether my student won or lost, I would feel proud of him.”

“If he won, it would become the most precious experience in his life and whenever he met an uncrossable barrier, I hoped that he would be able to remember his persistence and victory today. I want the events today to become the motivation for him to continue advancing. And if he lost, I would continue to encourage him. I’ll work hard and grow stronger together with him!”

Li Tie spoke and gently tousled the hair of his personal student.


#21 was embarrassed.

Looking at the close relationship between the two of them, many examinees felt envious and started to ponder over his words. If they encountered a similar situation, what would they do?

Pak! Pak! Pak!

A few examiners applauded. This was the heart state of a true great teacher.

Sun Mo was applauding as well. From Li Tie’s interaction with his student, he also learned something. He then reflected on his past.

What was the way of interaction between teacher and students supposed to be exactly?


“Congratulations on deepening your comprehension of the occupation: great teacher. Reward: 1 silver treasure chest!”

Sun Mo started.

Gradually, the sound of applause rang out, spreading to the surroundings and causing people from the other battle areas to glance over involuntarily.

“You guys are praising me too much!’

Li Tie pressed his palms together and humbly spoke, “This is what my teacher taught me. Actually, I myself am still very lacking when it comes to teaching students. Speaking of the truly impressive one, I have to bow down to Teacher Sun. He could see through my mental state so easily!”

As for this point, everyone no longer had any doubts.

One-Vote Sun did live up to his reputation.

“This great teacher, your student truly wanted to win and obtain the title of a 2-star great teacher for you. Even if he lost, he had done his best. That two slaps of yours actually made him feel even more despair and agony compared to losing the match.”

Sun Mo sighed.

He could see that #10 actually worshipped Liu Yi a lot.

After hearing this, Liu Yi turned and saw his personal student looking at him. His student was like a little puppy that got abandoned, waiting for his forgiveness. His wounds were bleeding and he was coughing, but he was in no mood to attend to his injuries.

Hence, Liu Yi’s heart pounded intensely.

“Teacher, I’m sorry!’

#10 knelt and heavily kowtowed.

“I also know I’m in the wrong, but I couldn’t control my emotions!”

Liu Yi cried out. After that, he gritted his teeth and rushed to the side of #10. “It’s me who is in the wrong. I shouldn’t have hit you!”

“Teacher, you are not in the wrong. I am the one who’s too weak.”

#10 cried but after seeing his teacher was no longer angry, his tensed heart gradually relaxed.

“I will reflect on my actions. Let us come back and get the 2-star great teacher title next year!”

Liu Yi smiled and placed his arm over his student’s shoulder.

“This teacher, I have something I feel I need to say.”

Sun Mo spoke.

Liu Yi hurriedly stood up and tidied his teacher robes. After that, he bowed with his hands held in front. “Teacher Sun is too polite. My name is Liu Yi. If you have any words you need to say, please feel free to instruct me!”

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