Absolute Great Teacher
612 Since Liu Mubai Was Born in This World, Why Is There Still a Need for Sun Mo?!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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612 Since Liu Mubai Was Born in This World, Why Is There Still a Need for Sun Mo?!


Liu Yi showed this gesture not because of Sun Mo’s status as a superstar. Rather, it was due to Sun Mo’s judgment and reminder.

Naturally, he was also impressed by Sun Mo’s bearing and magnanimity. One must know that he had cursed very vilely at Sun Mo earlier.

“Earlier, I shot my mouth off and if I’ve offended you, I humbly beg for your forgiveness.”


Favorable impression points from Liu Yi +100. Friendly (330/1,000).

“Everyone has times when they are down and when things aren’t going smoothly for them. They would feel like venting, cursing at people, smashing things...I can understand!”

Sun Mo smiled. After that, he looked at Liu Yi’s eyes with a serious expression. “However, a successful person has to first learn how to control his emotions.”

Liu Yi expressed that he had benefited from the advice.

“So what if you cannot join an ‘A’ grade school? If that’s the case, why don’t you lead your own school to defeat other schools in the ranking tournament to elevate your school’s grade to ‘A’?”

Sun Mo’s voice wasn’t loud, but it stunned everyone in the surroundings.

(Did I hear wrongly?)

(What did Sun Mo say? He wants to lead his school and rise to the ‘A’ grade? Please wake up from your dream before you speak!)

One must know that in the entire Nine Provinces, there were only a total of 18 ‘A’ grade schools. (Do you know what concept this is?)

Although Sun Mo’s fame was quite great now, everyone still didn’t believe he would be able to achieve it. Or to put it in another way, even a 9-star headmaster of a lower-grade school might not be able to achieve this.

Because for all the ‘A’ grade schools, which of them didn’t have a secondary saint?!

Liu Yi started. After that, he bitterly smiled. He clasped his fists and shook his head.

“I don’t dare to think about such matters!”

Liu Yi knew how much his capabilities were worth.

“Teacher Liu, if you didn’t try it, how would you know you can’t do it?”

Sun Mo looked at Liu Yi. “If you feel that your standard is only this high, you don’t need to be angry to have lost here because you are not worthy of joining an ‘A’ grade school.”

Liu Yi’s expression was one of embarrassment. Sun Mo’s words were unpleasant to the ears, but after thinking carefully about it, it was the truth.

“Teacher Liu, do your best to climb. It wouldn’t be too late to say you cannot do it after you failed!”

Sun Mo clenched his fist and hammered Liu Yi’s shoulder heavily. “The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we can conquer its summit!”


As Sun Mo’s voice faded, a golden light erupted forth and illuminated everyone. Not only the examinees and their personal students, but even the examiners felt fighting spirit arise in their hearts.

Priceless Advice had activated.

Liu Yi’s head seemed to be knocked awake by a bell. He stared dumbly at Sun Mo. (That’s right, so what if I failed? I should give it a try at the very least!)

(Failure isn’t scary, the scary thing is to give up after failing!)

“Teacher Sun, please receive a bow from me!”

Liu Yi dipped into a deep bow.


Favorable impression points from Liu Yi +1,000. Respect (1,330/10,000).

Sun Mo didn’t know that his sentences would become a maxim that Liu Yi lived by for his entire life.

Whenever things didn’t go his way, Liu Yi would recite that sentence out loud and he would feel his body being filled with strength.


Liu Yi helped his personal student up and left together, while Li Tie also clasped his hands in Sun Mo’s direction, preparing to leave.

“Teacher Li, please wait!”

Sun Mo called out.

“Teacher Sun, what guidance do you have for me?”

Li Tie had a respectful attitude because Sun Mo’s actions had convinced him.

“I wonder which school Teacher Li is currently teaching in?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I feel ashamed to speak of this. I’m currently teaching in an ungraded school. But maybe we will be able to pass the ‘D’ grade tournament this year.”

Li Tie felt embarrassed.

“In that case, Teacher Li...Do you have any interest in teaching in my Central Province Academy?”

Sun Mo invited.


Several examinees cast looks of envy at Li Tie when they heard Sun Mo’s words. Although the Central Province Academy had declined, they showed signs of rising this year and had successfully ascended to the ‘C’ grade.

Li Tie’s spirits stirred.


#21 was also moved. Would he be able to become a student of a famous school?

“As for the salary, we can negotiate it again after the great teacher examination is over!”

Sun Mo admired Li Tie’s teaching style a lot.

Li Tie almost blurted out that he agreed. But in the end, he bitterly smiled and apologized to Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, thank you for your invitation, but I can’t leave!”

“Do you have any reason? If you don’t mind, you can just tell me. If I can help you resolve it, I will do my best!’

Since he wanted to headhunt someone, he naturally knew he had to pay a price.

After hearing Sun Mo’s sincere words, Li Tie felt even more moved. He also felt more embarrassed as he continued, “My current school’s headmaster showed kindness in recognizing my worth. Moreover, we are going to try for the ‘D’ grade school tournament at the end of the year. If I left now, I would have let down my headmaster.”

Li Tie was the pillar among the young generation in his current school. He was naturally highly looked upon by the headmaster.

“Oh, that’s too regretful!”

Sun Mo sighed but he felt even more admiration for Li Tie. Knowing how to repay gratitude and not giving up his current school despite a better prospect before him...the character of such a person was surely without flaws.

“Teacher Sun. If you still regard me highly three years later, I will go and seek employment at the Central Province Academy!”

Li Tie clasped his fists.


Favorable impression points from Li Tie +1,000. Respect (1,220/10,000).

Li Tie had been headhunted by others before, but they were all from nameless schools. Sun Mo was the first representative of a famous school that stretched out an olive branch to him.

This gratitude would be remembered by Li Tie forever in his heart.

The competition continued but the examinees didn’t have the mood to watch the battle. They were all discussing the minor episode earlier. Sun Mo was much more charismatic than they had expected.

Not long later, it was Xuanyuan Po’s turn to fight. Just as the information collected by Li Ziqi stated, although his opponent was someone at the spirit-refinement realm, he had been heavily injured in the last match. Hence, Xuanyuan Po claimed victory easily.

Before 10 p.m, all the matches concluded. All three of Sun Mo’s personal students passed and because they won all their fights from before, they were confirmed to be in the top 100.

Although there was another Q&A round after the student battle, that was just a formality. As long as the examinee wasn’t braindead, they would definitely not be eliminated.

Hence, it could be confirmed that Sun Mo would surely obtain the 2-star title and complete the feat of achieving 2 stars in a year.

Tomorrow, the students could rest for an entire day.

The judging panel would tabulate their scores and choose the top 64 before they proceeded with the championship battles.

Naturally, because they were not going to be forced to fight, those selected students could refuse. However, in such a dazzling and large stage, as long as the student felt their injuries were not too bad, they would usually choose to participate.

After all, who wouldn’t wish to shoot to fame after a single battle?


“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

At the school’s gate, Xia Yuan had been waiting there. She immediately offered her congratulations when she saw Sun Mo.

For the last battle, Zheng Hao’s opponent was too heavily injured and he got lucky. However, all this was thanks to Sun Mo. If he hadn’t set Zheng Hao’s bone and even used the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give him a massage and maintain his physical state, Zheng Hao would have been eliminated.

One could say that Xia Yuan’s 2-star ranking was only obtainable due to Sun Mo’s help.

“Teacher Sun, you are my benefactor!”

Xia Yuan spoke in gratitude.

“Teacher Xia, you are too polite!”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to accept such praise.

“Sun Mo, I won’t let you take the championship without fighting for it!”

Gu Xiuxun’s twitched her brows.

“Teacher Sun, you have to be careful. Teacher Gu’s Zhang Yanzong is currently very famous and can be considered a popular candidate to win the championship. There are already great teachers trying to poach him.”

Xia Yuan teased.

“Speaking of this, Teacher Sun you have to watch your students closely!”

Xia Yuan reminded him. This could be considered a warning to Li Ziqi and the others.

This was a bad practice of the great teacher world. After all, where there were people, there would always be clashes of interest. Who wouldn’t hope for their students to fill the world? Everyone wanted to have good students.

Hence, some of those high-ranking great teachers would poach away students who revealed their brilliance.

Although these students already had a personal teacher, if their teacher didn’t have fame or strength, they wouldn’t be able to make the students stay. After all, no matter how good the teacher was, they couldn’t possibly be more impressive than a high-ranking great teacher.

Naturally, the majority of high-ranking great teachers would still follow the rules and definitely compensate the original personal teacher greatly, either by giving them cultivation arts or alchemical recipes. In any case, they wouldn’t mistreat the original personal teacher.

And as for those students who were poached, because they received guidance from a higher-ranking great teacher, their future achievements would be higher as well.

If both parties won, no one would complain to the Saint Gate. Hence, the Saint Gate chose to turn a blind eye to this.

“Teacher Xia, we will absolutely not leave Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo pouted, feeling that her character was being looked down upon, and she wasn’t in the mood to eat melons anymore.

“Teacher Xia, you don’t have to worry about this!”

Li Ziqi calmly smiled. Her eyes seamlessly glanced over to Tantai Yutang and the others. (Whoever dares to leave, I, as the eldest martial sister, will make sure he or she dies even if I have to give my life away.)

However, the papaya girl and iron-headed girl were her teacher’s crazy fans and they would definitely never leave. Xuanyuan Po wouldn’t consider this question as he only wanted to fight.

Tantai Yutang might be half-hearted, but as a sickly invalid, no one would want him even if he wanted to leave. As for Jiang Leng...

That fellow was very powerful and the damaged spirit runes on his body had also already been repaired by their teacher. If he wanted to break the bridge after crossing the river...

“Eldest martial sister, your gaze is so terrifying!”

Jiang Leng bitterly smiled.

“Wow, you actually spoke such a long sentence?”

Lu Zhiruo was shocked. The deadman face had always treated words as gold.

Jiang Leng rolled his eyes while mentally musing... (How can I not understand her intention? Can’t you tell that Li Ziqi is already preparing to clear the filth that might stain Teacher’s name?)

(The main point is that I’m innocent! Teacher is my second parent and has given me the chance to stand up again. How could I betray him? You, Li Ziqi, looked down on my character too much.)


Xia Yuan no longer spoke, but she gave a warning gaze to Sun Mo. Honestly speaking, if a 9-star great teacher came to poach students, how many students would be able to resist it?

One must know that these three personal students of Sun Mo were so talented that even secondary saints would salivate.

“Han Zisheng passed, right?”

Sun Mo smiled and changed the subject.

“That’s for sure!”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. Actually, she felt like wanting to see Liu Mubai fail. “Now, Liu Mubai has also accomplished the feat of rising 2 stars in a single year.”

“However, his age is older than Teacher Sun.”

Xia Yuan mocked. Although Liu Mubai was only three years older, he was still older. But speaking of which, if it wasn’t for Sun Mo suddenly appearing, Liu Mubai would definitely be the most dazzling character of the Central Province Academy.

What a pity!

Since Sun Mo was born in this world, why was there still a need for Liu Mubai!?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》