Absolute Great Teacher
613 Enlightening Someone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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613 Enlightening Someone


“Speaking of which, Teacher Gu you also joined the school very recently after your graduation, yet you already managed to achieve the feat of rising 2 stars in a single year. You are not any worse off compared to Liu Mubai.

Xia Yuan spoke, her tone was filled with envy.

Such a resume was enough for her to gain the appreciation of major characters in ‘A’ grade schools. Her future was boundlessly bright.

“You can also challenge the feat of rising 3 stars in a year.”

Xia Yuan congratulated her.

“If it wasn’t for Sun Mo’s pointer, allowing me to comprehend an additional great teacher halo, I wouldn’t be eligible to participate in this examination.”

Gu Xiuxun was very clear of her own capabilities, and she knew that Xia Yuan’s words were just niceties. If one wanted to rise 3 stars in a year, they had to comprehend 9 great teacher halos at the very least. The masochist wouldn’t be able to achieve this.

“Ah? There’s something like this?”

Xia Yuan glanced at Sun Mo as her gossiping heart stirred.

“It was a sudden flash of insight!”

Gu Xiuxun recalled her being alone with Sun Mo that night. She had even taken the initiative to kiss him. Hence, she couldn’t help but blush. She felt so bashful now by recalling it.

Their personal students stood at the side and when they heard this now, Zhang Yanzong involuntarily glanced at his teacher. (So, there was such an episode?)

He was able to participate in the student battle of the 2-star ranking examination because of Sun Mo?


Favorable impression points from Zhang Yanzong +100. Respect (3,300/10,000).

“Teacher Sun, could you resolve my puzzlement and give me a pointer too?”

Xia Yuan looked at Sun Mo with a look of pleading in her eyes.

She wasn’t kidding because it was simply too difficult to comprehend a new great teacher halo. Xia Yuan was almost 30 and had only comprehended six halos. If she wanted to comprehend nine halos, she would need at least 6 more years on a conservative estimate.

Logically speaking, it was already not bad to become a 3-star great teacher before 40 years old. But look at how young Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun were, and they could already achieve such results... Honestly speaking, Xia Yuan felt some envy.

It was like a 40-year-old man who had a $6,000 salary per month. He originally felt that he was doing quite well, but he suddenly saw a young graduate earning a million dollars a year. Such a contrast was simply too tough to endure.

“I can let you experience my heart state at the time when I use my great teacher halos. But whether you can gain any insights into it or not, I cannot be sure.”

Sun Mo was never a person who would be reluctant to help others for fear that they might surpass him. Besides, Xia Yuan was a solid supporter of An Xinhui, and she could be considered someone in his faction too. If she was stronger, there would only be benefits to the Central Province Academy.

Xia Yuan immediately put on a solemn expression and bowed to Sun Mo. “I will have to trouble Teacher Sun then!’

She was the senior, but she actually sought guidance from a teacher almost ten years younger than her in front of so many students. Honestly speaking, Xia Yuan felt a little embarrassed. However, her desire to learn exceeded her embarrassment.

After all, when it came to learning, there was no matter of seniority. Those who were more excellent could be considered teachers.

Given Sun Mo’s strength, he was worthy of her respect.

“Teacher Xia is too polite!”

Sun Mo immediately recalled the feeling when he activated his various halos. A moment later, a white light shone on his right hand, and he punched out, aiming at Xia Yuan’s head.

Soul Imprint!


The wind whistled and white light entered Xia Yuan’s glabella.


Xia Yuan could see a lot of scenes exploding forth in her mind. They were like balls of sparks that ignited her own life experience, triggering an epiphany.

The night mountain wind was a little cold and refreshing.


Li Ziqi placed her dainty finger on her lips and made a shushing motion.

This was a hard-to-come-by experience. Hence, Gu Xiuxun looked at Xia Yuan, wanting to see if she had any changes.

Li Ruolan hurried her steps, looking for Sun Mo everywhere as she wanted to interview him. Then, she saw him at the school’s entrance. But just when she wanted to rush over, she saw this scene.

“The white glow looks like a great teacher halo.”

Li Ruolan frowned. She could be considered someone with a broadened horizon, but she had never seen a white glow being unleashed in this manner before.

Xia Yuan evidently had sunk into a state of enlightenment. She was like a petrified stone. After a total of 12 minutes, she opened her eyes. They suddenly brightened as her expression turned lively. It was as though flowers in spring had just bloomed, filling the world with their colors.


A layer of golden light suddenly lit up on Xia Yuan’s body.


This phenomenon seemed to be like the one occurring when one comprehended a great teacher halo! Hence, Zheng Hao was extremely agitated. After all, how would any student not hope for their teacher to be stronger?

After that, Zheng Hao lifted his hands and clasped his mouth. He was worried to make any random noises as they would affect his teacher’s epiphany.

Very soon, Xia Yuan completely awakened. She immediately bowed to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, thanks for enlightening me!”

Xia Yuan respectfully addressed Sun Mo.

“I’ve already said that you don’t have to thank me!”

Sun Mo took a step at the side, evading the bow.

“Teacher Xia, it’s not like you don’t know Sun Mo’s character. There’s no need to make things so solemn.”

Gu Xiuxun persuaded.

“I should do so, I should do so!”

Xia Yuan’s lips were trembling, and there were still tears in her eyes. This was because she had no way not to be agitated. On average, she took 3 years to comprehend one great teacher halo.

One could say that Sun Mo’s help allowed her to save three years. This was a huge debt of kindness.


Favorable impression pints from Xia Yuan +1,000. Respect (4,770/10,000).

“T...teacher, which halo did you comprehend?”

Zheng Hao gulped down a mouthful of saliva and had a nervous look.

If what she comprehended was Retentive Memory, his future learning speed would ‘fly’.

Li Ziqi’s group also looked over, feeling very interested.

“It’s Ignorant and Incompetent!”

Xia Yuan informed them.

As a teacher, Xia Yuan naturally hoped she would be able to help all her students increase their strength. She had experienced such thoughts many times before, familiarizing herself with such a mentality. Hence, under the aid of Sun Mo, she managed to comprehend a halo in advance.


Zheng Hao felt as though a fist had just slammed into his face. He grew dizzy.


Zhang Yanzong laughed uproariously and forcefully patted Zheng Hao’s back.

“Zheng Hao, you have to study seriously in the future. If not, when Teacher Xia cast an Ignorant and Incompetent, you would become an idiot.”

Tantai Yutang teased.

“Are you guys purposely stabbing me? I’m already so sad now, yet you guys still have the mood to tease me.”

Zheng Hao was depressed.

As a student, the things they were most afraid of were punishment-type halos. But after that, he knelt and faced Sun Mo as he kowtowed three times.

This was him expressing gratitude for his teacher.

Seeing how Zheng Hao, Li Ziqi, and the others were getting so well together, Xia Yuan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Sun Mo’s students, even Zhang Yanzong, were all extremely impressive and would surely be successful and famous in the future. Now that Zheng Hao was familiar with them, when he met trouble, he would be able to ask them for help easily.

After receiving so many favorable impression points, Sun Mo was very satisfied. This meant that Xia Yuan was someone who knew gratitude.

“Teacher Sun, is that punch of yours a type of great teacher halo?”

Li Ruolan swiftly got close and directly placed a voice-recording stone before Sun Mo’s mouth. “Might I be so impudent as to ask what that is?”

“No comments!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to reply.

Xia Yuan was very convinced with Sun Mo’s attitude. If it was her who managed to comprehend a unique halo like that, she would want nothing more than for everyone in the world to know.

“Is that a unique great teacher halo you possess?”

Li Ruolan didn’t want to give up and continued to ask.

“It’s getting late, we have to go back and rest.”

Sun Mo tactfully declined.

(Haha, so what if you are #11 on the Beauty Rankings. Do you think it’s that impressive?)

Gu Xiuxun felt a little rejoice at Li Ruolan’s misfortune as she looked at her. Li Ruolan was wearing a body-accentuating cheongsam while her left shoulder was slightly revealed, fully showing off her figure.

(But so what?)

(Sun Mo doesn’t care about you at all.)

(My Sun Mo, no my bro-in-law, would never be mesmerized by a vixen like you!)

Gu Xiuxun snorted complacently, feeling that her brother-in-law was very awesome. He was a good man that could resist women who jumped voluntarily into his embrace.

“Do you have anything you wish to say about the performances of your three students?”

Li Ruolan changed the topic and squeezed out a beautiful smile that fully revealed her pearly white teeth. The ‘killing prowess’ of this smile was epic.

When a beauty smiled, she possessed enough might to topple an empire.

This was Li Ruolan’s ‘killer technique’.

“Perfect performance, I feel very gratified!”

Sun Mo casually replied.

Li Ruolan quickened her steps and arrived at Sun Mo’s side. For a time, she felt somewhat discouraged. Her interviews had always gone smoothly due to her beautiful appearance. She would always be able to get some private information. But this time around, Sun Mo was extremely stubborn.

(I don’t believe he is immune to my charm!)

Li Ruolan’s smile grew even more radiant. On this summer night, it looked like the blooming of a hundred flowers.

One couldn’t help but say that the #11 ranker on the Beauty Rankings was truly worthy of her reputation. Zhang Yanzong and Zheng Hao, who were behind, had their eyes fixed on her constantly.

“Teacher Sun, although you achieved the feat of rising 2 stars in a year and completed something many wouldn’t be able to do, Liu Mubai of your esteemed school and Fang Wuji of the Myriad Daos Academy have also succeeded this year. Do you have any thoughts regarding this?”

Li Ruolan tried to spur him on by making negative remarks.

“I naturally hope there would be more impressive teachers around, the more the better. To the students, this is considered good news!”

Sun Mo’s answer had no loopholes.

“I heard that Teacher Li and Teacher Fang are preparing to accomplish the feat of rising 3 stars in a year. What about you? Would you be trying to challenge that?”

Li Ruolan continued to ask.

Sun Mo grinned, couldn’t be bothered to answer those questions.

“You can’t be afraid, right?”

Li Ruolan doubted.

When Li Ziqi heard this, she grew unhappy and involuntarily spoke, “My teacher has comprehended 10 great teacher halos. Also, he has extraordinary attainments in spirit runes, art of spiritual control, and herbology. So, you should have asked whether or not my teacher would be able to get first place in the next examination!”

“That’s right, Teacher is the most impressive!”

Lu Zhiruo nodded seriously.

Li Ruolan’s eyes brightened. “Is there a rare halo?”

“Can Teacher for a Day, Father for Life count as one?”

The sickly invalid teased.


Li Ruolan subconsciously glanced at Sun Mo with shock in her eyes. That was the legendary Rest-in-peace halo. Could Sun Mo be someone wearing a 21-year-old outer skin but had the heart of a damned old man?

“Tantai, speak cautiously!” Sun Mo frowned. “Great teacher halos are used for educating people, not boasting!”

“Yes, this student will remember it!”

Tantai Yutang hurriedly lowered his head and admitted his mistake.

After hearing this, Li Ruolan’s unhappiness toward Sun Mo got reduced by quite a bit. Regardless of how bad his attitude toward her was, at the very least, he had no flaws walking on the great teacher path.

(I will add 1 more mark for you!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +50. Friendly (770/1,000).

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo was puzzled. He turned his head and glanced at this beautiful reporter. (Are you the same as Gu Xiuxun, a masochist? Do you like to be treated rudely by people?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》