Absolute Great Teacher
616 Appreciation of a Major Character
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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616 Appreciation of a Major Character



“Congratulations, you’ve obtained Li Tie and Liu Yi’s respect because of your moral conduct and capabilities. Reward: 1 golden treasure chest!”


“Congratulations on helping Xia Yuan comprehend a great teacher halo and obtaining an even greater amount of admiration and recognition. Reward: 1 mysterious treasure chest.”

It was two rewards at one go.

“Can you not give out rewards at such timings?”

Sun Mo frowned. (It’s one thing if you give out the rewards late, but the notification always rings out at crucial moments. Who can bear this?)

On the stage, Xuanyuan Po and Ding Er already started to fight.

Sun Mo observed.

Ding Er, 15 years old. Spirit-refinement realm.

Originated from a mysterious manor. He has several types of spirit runes tattooed on his body.

These spirit runes would increase his spirit qi absorption from the food he ate, strengthening his body from the roots.

During combat, the runes could allow his body to erupt force with combat strength that’s several times his normal output.

Potential value: Extremely high

Note: Because of the instability of the spirit runes, once the runes are damaged, the flow of spirit qi would become disordered and convert into damage.

Note: Although the spirit runes on his body still have flaws, it can already be considered a shocking masterpiece that’s worthy to learn from.

Sun Mo glanced at Ding Er’s various data. His stats were a level below Xuanyuan Po but far surpassed the vast majority of his peers. What shocked Sun Mo was that the mysterious Dean Bai had already started to pay attention to energy absorption from food.

One must know that the aboriginals of the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces would at most know the concept of tonic food. There were no theories yet. As for the athletes of the modern era, all their foods and drinks were strictly monitored.

What could they eat, what could they drink, when could they do so...

They were nurturing their bodies like a machine.

“This Dragonspirit Manor is a little impressive!”

Sun Mo sighed in admiration.

The combat situation was similar to when Ding Wu had fought Xuanyuan Po. Ding Er wasn’t able to win against the combat addict and could only choose to activate the spirit runes on his body.

But this time around, there was no need for Sun Mo to worry.

Three minutes later, Tong Yiming stopped the competition.

“What’s wrong?”

Ding Er panted heavily and stared at Tong Yiming with an unkind look. His eruption state could only last for five minutes. Now that time was being wasted, the probability of his victory grew even smaller.

“For this battle, Xuanyuan Po is the victor!”

Tong Yiming announced directly.


Ding Er roared.

“If these spirit runes were tattooed onto you by your personal teacher, it couldn’t be considered against the rules. But if you continued fighting, you would end up as a cripple even if you don’t die.”

Tong Yiming spoke in a strict tone of voice, “The battles between the top 64 are just demonstration battles to encourage the other examinees and students. It isn’t to kill one another for the sake of obtaining the championship.”

“Who says I will become a cripple? I can clearly win!”

Ding Er was unconvinced. After he spoke, he rushed toward Xuanyuan Po again as he still wanted to fight. However, Tong Yiming appeared before him and blocked him with a flash.

“Where is his teacher? Come out and bring him away!”

Tong Yiming berated.

“There are no clear changes in the situation, but the main examiner already disrupted the match? How would the spectators be convinced?”

Among the judges, Jiang Zhitong finally spoke.

He didn’t care whether Ding Er lived or died. As long as he could make trouble for Sun Mo, Jiang Zhitong would feel happy. If he could annoy Sun Mo even more, that would be for the best.

Honestly speaking, even Jiang Zhitong felt envy when he looked at Xuanyuan Po and he wanted to headhunt him. But when he thought about how this fellow was Sun Mo’s student, he wanted nothing more than for Xuanyuan Po to be quickly finished.

“Teacher Jiang. As a head examiner, haven’t you heard of the case where one student died due to a backlash from spirit runes?”

Mei Yazhi had an unchanging expression on her face. “As for the competition between these two students, isn’t it clear who’s stronger and who’s weaker after watching them?”

(Why is it you again? Have you fallen in love with Sun Mo?)

Jiang Zhitong was depressed, but he continued to dispute. “This is a rare chance for a youth to gain fame from a single battle. If you guys casually declared the winner, don’t you feel it’s a little too cruel?”

“If he dies, will you take responsibility?”

Mei Yazhi coldly laughed. (I’m not even afraid of your father Jiang Wei, why would I give a damn about you?)

Jiang Zhitong choked, unable to bear such a responsibility. However, he had been working in the Saint Gate for so long and was naturally very cunning and intelligent enough to counter such things.

“In that case, why don’t we let his teacher decide?”


Mei Yazhi couldn’t endure it anymore and directly stood up. “Vice alliance leader Liang, is this a main examiner you have selected? Someone that wants to tarnish a virtuous cause for his own personal benefit?”

Liang Hongda immediately laughed. “Teacher Mei, please calm down. I think Teacher Jiang doesn’t mean that!”

After Liang Hongda spoke, he passed a cup of tea to Mei Yazhi and seamlessly shot a glance at Jiang Zhitong. (You better shut up.)

At this moment, Liang Hongda really wanted to tie Jiang Zhitong up and lash at him. (I know you are unhappy with Sun Mo and want to make trouble for him. However, can you please look at the situation? Your heart state is truly too narrow, no one can compare to you! Jiang Wei is such a magnanimous person, so why would he have a son like you?)

“I feel ashamed that someone like this can be a main examiner!”

Mei Yazhi didn’t take the cup and stood up, wanting to leave the panel. She couldn’t be bothered to be a main examiner anymore.

“Teacher Mei, Teacher Mei, please calm your anger!”

“Is there a need to do this? It isn’t worth it, it isn’t worth it at all!”

“Teacher Jiang, why are you in a daze? Quickly apologize and help to persuade Teacher Mei!”

The other major characters on the judging panel immediately tried to persuade and stop her. For a moment, the scene was extremely chaotic.

Over 30,000 spectators were stunned. What was going on? And as for the examinees who had experience in the great teacher world, they were all extremely shocked. Sun Mo actually had so much face.

Mei Yazhi had clashed against Jiang Zhitong for him. Moreover, she wanted to leave the judging panel in anger. (My heavens, what exactly is the relationship between them?)

One must know that other than being a 3-star great teacher, Jiang Zhitong was the next pillar of the Jiang Clan. By offending him, it was equal to offending the entire Jiang Clan.

Was it worth it for Sun Mo?

For a time, not only the examinees, but even the examiners felt envy toward Sun Mo.

With a major character like Mei Yazhi as his backer, Sun Mo would definitely be able to lead a comfortable life in the future.

Actually, everyone had misunderstood Mei Yazhi. She did feel some good will toward Sun Mo, but she chose to speak out now mostly for the sake of Saint Gate’s reputation.

If she allowed Jiang Zhitong to continue with his nonsensical way, the hearts of many low-ranked great teachers and students might turn cold.

“Why should I apologize?”

After hearing a major character want him to apologize, Jiang Zhitong’s expression immediately turned ashen.


Someone slammed a palm on the table.

“I’m not going to be the main examiner anymore!”

Another 6-star major character walked away. After that, three more people joined him.

As great teachers, their level of integrity was very high, and they placed an emphasis on justice. Besides, they had long since been unhappy about Jiang Zhitong who depended on the status of his family to act wantonly.

“What are you guys doing? Why are you acting out like this in public?”

Liang Hongda was almost angered to the point of coughing up blood, but nothing could be done. He turned toward Jiang Zhitong and spoke, “Teacher Jiang, I can see that you aren’t feeling well from your complexion. Please go and take a rest first.”

This was already a very tactful way to speak. After all, he couldn’t possibly tell Jiang Zhitong to scram, or he would surely offend him to the max.

Jiang Zhitong’s fists instantly clenched, but since the matter had blown up, he truly had no more face to continue being in the judging panel. Hence, he turned and left. He even kicked aside a chair blocking his way.

“Teacher Mei, are you satisfied now?”

Liang Hongda bitterly smiled.

“Vice leader Liang, I know you wish to pull some powers to support you so you can fight for the leader position. However, a person like Jiang Zhitong will only blacken your reputation.”

Mei Yazhi shook her head and sat down.

“Drink tea, drink tea!”

Liang Hongda felt depressed and finally got all the major characters to sit back down. Mei Yazhi was already an alchemy grandmaster. Moreover, there was an 80% chance that she would become an alchemy ancestor ten years later. Liang Hongda would definitely never offend her even if his brains were spoiled.

Right now, he could only wrong Jiang Zhitong.



In a private resting room, Jiang Zhitong smashed everything there. Actually, he knew that he shouldn’t have made that comment. However, he was used to everything going his way and had never suffered setbacks before. Who would have expected that he would ‘fall’ to Sun Mo’s hands today?

This was the first setback he had ever faced in life.

“Mei Yazhi, Sun Mo. Just wait for my revenge!”

Jiang Zhitong hated Sun Mo more and more.

Ding Er got down the stage after Xuanyuan Po was announced the winner. The battles then continued.

No one felt that there were shadowy and unsavory things going on behind the scene. In fact, they felt that the Saint Gate was just and fair. After all, Xuanyuan Po was fighting against a fellow with spirit runes tattooed on his body.

In the hearts of everyone, such an act was equal to taking a shortcut. This was despised by the vast majority of people.

Dean Bai looked at Xuanyuan Po with an intoxicated look in his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to immediately engrave spirit runes on Xuanyuan Po’s body. Xuanyuan Po was absolutely the most perfect experimental body.

“I think Grandmaster Mei is treating you like her son-in-law.”

Gu Xiuxun appeared to be joking, but her eyes were fixed on Sun Mo, observing his expression.

“Don’t speak blindly. Your words will destroy Ziyu’s reputation.”

Sun Mo reminded.

“Ziyu!” Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. “The way you address her sounds so intimate!”

“What are you thinking about? Don’t I also call you Xiuxun?”

“I suddenly feel balanced psychologically when you put it like this!”

Gu Xiuxun punched Sun Mo lightly. After she hesitated a little, she lowered her voice and persuaded, “Sun Mo, regardless of whether Mei Yazhi looks highly on your looks or talent, she is a major character. You have to hang on to her tightly. Don’t act hypocritical and don’t be overly prideful. Not everyone would have such an opportunity.”

If it wasn’t for Mei Yazhi speaking, Tong Yiming’s words would have no weight to them, and Xuanyuan Po and Ding Er would have to continue fighting.

In the end, Ding Er would be crippled and Xuanyuan Po wouldn’t feel good either.

Ding Er might hate Mei Yazhi for not giving him the chance to win, but in the future, he would understand that Mei Yazhi actually did so for his future.


Sun Mo could hear the concern in Gu Xiuxun’s voice. “However, I don’t like to hang on to and burden others. I will be the strongest support where others can hang on to me instead!”


Gu Xiuxun gestured with her index finger. She learned this from Sun Mo, but she felt that pointing a middle finger wasn’t elegant so she had swapped to the index finger instead.

Liu Mubai who was sitting in the corner glanced at Mei Yazhi and then at Sun Mo. He felt as though he was drinking a hundred-year vinegar.

How sour!

The first day of matches simply passed with no further accident.

The second day arrived.

Jiang Leng’s opponent was Gui Jiarong.

“Aiya, the gaze of this fellow is so terrifying!”

Lu Zhiruo forcefully clutched the corners of Li Ziqi’s shirt, not wanting to eat her melons anymore.

“Luckily, his opponent isn’t Baiwu!”

The little sunny egg also felt dread in her heart. This fellow was Shan Shi’s personal student and most probably would have some capabilities.

“Let’s make things clear first. I will definitely not show mercy. If you don’t forfeit now, don’t regret if I cripple you later!”

Gui Jiarong had a malevolent expression. The longsword in his hand glowed with a bizarre black-colored light.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》