Absolute Great Teacher
617 Sun Mo’s on-the-spot Guidance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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617 Sun Mo’s on-the-spot Guidance

Chapter 617: Sun Mo’s on-the-spot Guidance

Although Shan Shi was defeated by Sun Mo, he was still the biggest dark horse among this batch of examinees. Not only was he arrogant, but his bizarre weapon also caused fear and trepidation in the hearts of others.

As Shan Shi’s student, Gui Jiarong naturally entered everyone’s radar. Ever since the student battle started, his performance was relatively excellent, and all the opponents he faced were insta-defeated.

Hence, the match Jiang Leng vs. Gui Jiarong would surely be a fascinating one to watch.

Those who had watched Gui Jiarong’s matches before knew that he was serious when he said that. It wasn’t a psychological trick as he would really cripple Jiang Leng. Because he had always been so ruthless and cruel.

However, this time around, the deadman face of Jiang Leng showed no change to his expression.

“Hmph, I want to see how long you can be calm for!”

Gui Jiarong coldly snorted. His shoulders shook slightly and in the eyes of some spectators, his body was like penciled words that became faint after being rubbed by an eraser.


Many people exclaimed in shock.

Even Tong Yiming felt surprised because he wasn’t able to see Gui Jiarong’s silhouette from his position. It was as though Gui Jiarong had vanished into thin air.

“Is it a cultivation art or some type of dark secret arts? Or an effect of the sword he is wielding?”

Tong Yiming guessed as he glanced over at Jiang Leng.

After that, he involuntarily exclaimed silently in amazement.

Good spirit!

Honestly speaking, if it was his younger-self in Jiang Leng’s position, he would definitely be extremely nervous and wouldn’t know what to do because an unknown enemy was more terrifying compared to a strong enemy.

However, the expression of this youth didn’t change at all!

(Wait a minute. Could it be that he has no expression?)

Tong Yiming suddenly recalled that he had met Jiang Leng quite a few times before and had never seen a change in his expression. He would always put up a deadman face.

“I think we still have to look at the end result!”

Tong Yiming retracted his admiration.


“Haha, are you scared now?”

Gui Jiarong’s laughter rang out on stage, filled with disdain and provocation. “You can’t even see where your opponent is. Do you feel despair now?

“Don’t worry, the thing that makes people feel true despair still has not happened yet!”

At this moment, Jiang Leng, who had been quietly standing there, suddenly moved. He turned his body and his right hand that was holding a dagger punched out.


Gui Jiarong’s laughter abruptly stopped. He was knocked out of invisibility as he stumbled backward.


Tong Yiming couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

In his eyes, Gui Jiarong was like someone who went knocking on Jiang Leng’s door, begging for a beating. He had managed to block the attack, but the impact caused the shape of his face to change. Also, blood dripped from Gui Jiarong’s nose, splattering on the floor.


Tong Yiming subconsciously wanted to applaud but after that, he recalled his identity as a main examiner and put his hands down quickly.

Gui Jiarong hurriedly climbed up and prepared to enter stealth once more because he was worried that Jiang Leng would charge over and take this chance to attack him. However, he soon discovered that this youth with the word ‘cripple’ on his forehead continued standing at his original location after throwing out that punch.

Gui Jiarong started. After that, his expression turned ashen.

“Are you looking down on me?”

This confident and at ease attitude from Jiang Leng completely infuriated him.

“Do you have any aspect that’s worthy of me looking up to?”

Jiang Leng counter-asked as he blinked his large eyes.


Let alone the spectators, even the main examiners on the judging panel were unable to restrain their laughter.

“It’s stable now!’

Lu Zhiruo calmed down and continued eating her melons.

Li Ziqi shook her head. It was one thing if Jiang Leng didn’t speak. However, the moment he did, he would anger people to death.

“You are courting death!”

Gui Jiarong howled. His body vanished on the stage. “Go to hell!”

Jiang Leng’s lips curled. He waited for a while and suddenly punched out toward his right again.


Gui Jiarong stumbled once more. This time around, because his mouth got hit, he spat out three broken teeth.

“Oh, yay!”

Lu Zhiruo cheered.

Now, Gui Jiarong who climbed to his feet glared at Jiang Leng, and he no longer dared to speak ruthlessly. His expression showed unprecedented heaviness because this fellow had seen through his battle style.

“Did you realize what’s happening now?”

Jiang Leng mocked. “Do you think I wouldn’t know that you were purposely speaking to me earlier to lure me to the location of your voice?”

“How can you be certain of my position?” Gui Jiarong asked.

“You have body odor!”

Jiang Leng’s words were concise and comprehensive.

All the people were stunned. After that, uproarious laughter rang throughout the area.

Gui Jiarong was stunned as well. After that, rage suffused his face as he lunged over. “I WILL KILL YOU!”


Tong Yiming sighed. Gui Jiarong had lost his balance psychologically and he would lose for sure. He wanted to pull a psychological trick to win, but he didn’t succeed. On the contrary, he got counter-provoked by Jiang Leng and lost his calm.

In the spectator stands, Bai Wenzhang felt gratified when he saw Jiang Leng’s performance, but he also felt some disappointment. Such a good student. It was a pity that Jiang Leng was a failed experiment. If not, Jiang Leng would surely become his most perfect masterpiece.

“Teacher, how can Jiang Leng find that fellow?”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t understand.

“Ziqi, what do you think?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Through sound?”

The little sunny egg guessed.

“That’s right!”

Sun Mo nodded. “Although Gui Jiarong was very careful and avoided making any sounds, to Jiang Leng who all six senses are sharp, he is as clear as a frog calling out at night and just as annoying.”

Gui Jiarong clearly discovered this point. Hence, this time around, he didn’t vanish. When he was near Jiang Leng, his body trembled and three additional clones suddenly appeared.


The papaya girl was shocked. What should Jiang Leng do now?

“You must be badly frightened, right?”

Gui Jiarong was very complacent, wanting to see a look of fear and panic on Jiang Leng’s face. However, he was destined to be disappointed because Jiang Leng still showed his same old deadman face.

Three clones and an original body attacked together. Their longswords angrily whistled as they slashed at Jiang Leng.

Cheers rang out from the spectator stands.

Just when the four swords slashed toward Jiang Leng’s head, he finally moved. He was like a leopard hunting prey, charging right at a Gui Jiarong as he stabbed out continuously with his dagger.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The sharp dagger stabbed at Gui Jiarong’s wrists, arms, and shoulders. After that, Jiang Leng simply kneed him.


Gui Jiarong’s stomach was struck. After that, his entire body was pushed up into the air from Jiang Leng’s repeated combos. Finally, Jiang Leng turned and his right leg lashed out like a whip, kicking Gui Jiarong’s head.


Gui Jiarong felt like he got rammed head-on by a horse. His head was dizzy and his vision blurry. After that, he flew through the air like a broken sack before slamming into the ground and rolling back from the impact.

The expressions of the audience were filled with astonishment.

It ended just like that?

Wasn’t it a little too fast?

Honestly speaking, they were still shocked that Gui Jiarong could use such a powerful cloning technique and thought that it was all over for Jiang Leng.

“Thanks for letting me win!”

Jiang Leng clasped his hands and walked down the stage.

“Come back, let’s continue. I haven’t lost yet!”

Gui Jiarong’s expression froze. After that, he began to howl with rage. (I lost? Impossible, this must be an illusion! Alright, even if it is real, I can still fight!)

Tong Yiming glanced at Gui Jiarong, “Jiang Leng is the victor of this match!”

“Shut up, I can still fight!” Gui Jiarong roared.

“If you wish to be beaten to death, I won’t stop you!”

Tong Yiming had an unhappy look on his face. “You can still fight? Take a look at your right hand!”

Gui Jiarong turned his head after hearing this and saw that his right arm looked extremely gory. Even worse, he could only hear a rumbling sound in his left ear. Fresh blood was flowing out of it.

Jiang Leng’s kick didn’t know mercy and had directly ruptured his eardrum.

Ma Zhang went over to treat Gui Jiarong.

After a short silence, the entire battle dojo erupted into thunderous applause.

Gui Jiarong was very powerful. He had an invisibility technique and a clone technique, which were both very hard to deal with, yet Jiang Leng had easily crushed him.

Such overwhelming strength could truly make people feel despair.

Also, the talent he displayed caused many people to covet him.

“Teacher, I was fortunate that I didn’t disgrace you!”

Jiang Leng returned to Sun Mo and bowed low.

“Well done!”

Sun Mo praised.

“How strong!”

Gu Xiuxun clicked her tongue.

All the other examinees were also looking at Jiang Leng. Their gazes were filled with admiration, but they also felt bewildered. (Is the word ‘cripple’ on your forehead fake? Something you used to act cool?)

“It’s Teacher who has taught me so well.”

Jiang Leng didn’t dare to accept Sun Mo’s praise and was very humble as well as courteous. He didn’t become arrogant because he was satisfied with his accomplishment.

(Zeze, look at this student. He knows how to give face to his teacher so well!)

The great teachers on the scene were so envious that they almost drooled.

Liu Mubai turned and looked at Han Zisheng who was beside him. He suddenly felt that it would be very hard to win the championship.

“Why didn’t I discover that Jiang Leng was actually so powerful back then?”

Liu Mubai felt regret.

One could only say that Sun Mo’s God Hands were magical and had forcibly reversed Jiang Leng’s fate.


Favorable impression points from Liu Mubai +100. Friendly (750/1,000).

“Junior brother Jiang, eat a melon!”

Lu Zhiruo passed a piece of watermelon over. After that, her eyes were filled with desire for knowledge as she asked, “How did you determine which was his true body? You couldn’t possibly have depended on sound, right?”

Just when Jiang Leng wanted to reply, Tantai Yutang interjected.

“It’s better to ask such a question from our teacher!”

The sickly invalid laughed.


Jiang Leng frowned. (Our teacher didn’t participate in the fight, so how would he know? If Teacher couldn’t answer it, how embarrassing would things be?)


Sun Mo calmly smiled and glanced at Tantai Yutang, not feeling put off by such pranks. He didn’t mind explaining. “Jiang Leng didn’t depend on sound this time around to differentiate them. He was depending on psychology. Hmm, you can understand this as guessing what your opponent would do by putting yourself in their shoes and gauging their reaction to find the real body.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Leng’s eyes brightened.

His teacher actually knew about this?


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +500. Respect (8,500/10,000).


Lu Zhiruo clearly didn’t understand, but Li Ziqi and the others sank into contemplation.

“Just consider Gui Jiarong’s personality. He is brash, arrogant, and likes to crush his enemies utterly. A person like this definitely won’t let his clones attack Jiang Leng, but if he attacked first, he might be blocked. Hence, the body that attacked right after the first was the true body.”

Sun Mo analyzed.

“Is that the case?”

Lu Zhiruo looked at Jiang Leng.

“Yes, all of his three clones are very real. Be it their shadows, breathing, voices—they are completely identical, so I decided to gamble using psychology.”

Jiang Leng explained.

“Ah? That fellow only took two seconds to summon his clones, right? Yet, you actually thought of so many things in such a short period?”

The papaya girl was stunned. She blinked her eyes and had a look of worship in her gaze when she looked at Jiang Leng. (I also wish to become as impressive as you.)

“The impressive one is our teacher. He could even guess my thoughts correctly.”

Jiang Leng modestly spoke.

“I agree with this!”

Ying Baiwu nodded.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +200. Respect (9,500/10,000).

“Aiya, I know that our teacher is impressive!” The papaya girl was surprised. “In the past, I’ve always felt that among all of us, the one best at fighting is Xuanyuan Po. But it seems that you are not any inferior to him. Oh right, if we add brains into the calculations, he is actually inferior to you.”

“What do you mean by these words?” The combat addict rolled his eyes. “Are you saying that I have no brains?”

“Do you have them?”

The fellow martial siblings laughed and chatted.

“If this is not my brain, what is it?”

Xuanyuan Po was indignant and stretched out his index finger, forcefully jabbing his head. “If I had no brains, I would have died long ago!”


The other martial siblings were speechless. (We are talking about brains, that’s your head!)

“It’s a reality now. Xuanyuan Po has no brains.”

Zhang Yanzong felt that if one took this aspect into consideration, he might be able to defeat Xuanyuan Po.


Li Ruolan involuntarily murmured. After that, she took out her notebook and quickly recorded the details of the conversation, wanting to write a good draft.


Lu Zhiruo jumped in fright. (When did you appear? Moreover, you were eavesdropping on our conversation. This isn’t too good, right?)

Li Ziqi suddenly lifted her foot and stomped on the sickly invalid’s toes while no one paid attention.

“Don’t find trouble for Teacher anymore!”

The little sunny egg used her gaze to warn him.


“Too foolish.”

Yao Guang sat beside the Daybreak Starlord and involuntarily shook her head. “Should we finish this?”

“Remember to make use of trash!”

The Daybreak Starlord drank a sip of his sugared soy milk before instructing.


Yao Guang looked at Ying Baiwu and walked toward the stage.

“Don’t tell me you are planning to act? Remember to show mercy. Don’t kill Sun Mo’s students.”

The Daybreak Starlord advised.

“Can I cripple them?”

Yao Guang giggled.

“This match will be interesting, so you have to pay more attention to it!” Yao Guang spoke.

The Daybreak Starlord also felt his interest stirring.

On the stage, Ying Baiwu had the Wind King Divine Bow in her hands and a heavy look on her face. This was because her opponent exuded a very bizarre aura. She was clad in a large green-colored mantle, and not even her eyes were revealed.

This strange dress caused Sun Mo to involuntarily activate his Divine Sight.

“Unknown lifeform, it is created into a humanoid shape through various dark secret arts and rare plants. At its base, it is a type of plant but has its own thinking ability. You can call it a plant person.”


Sun Mo had a stunned look on his face. This meant that Ying Baiwu’s opponent wasn’t human?

“Teacher Sun!” Mei Ziyu walked over. “I didn’t expect our students to meet.”


Sun Mo turned his head and surveyed Mei Ziyu. He suddenly felt like sighing with sorrow. He had always believed that his attainments in planting techniques and herbology were already very impressive. He didn’t expect that when compared to Mei Ziyu, he would be so much weaker.

(Damn, she actually cultivated and grew a plant person?)

“What’s wrong?”

Mei Ziyu was puzzled. Sun Mo’s expression didn’t look normal. (Could it be that he has discovered my secret? No, this is impossible. Even my mother doesn’t know about it!)

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