Absolute Great Teacher
618 Gathering of Geniuses
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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618 Gathering of Geniuses


On the stage, when Ying Baiwu started fighting against the plant person, exclamations of shock soon rang out.

The arrows shot by the iron-headed girl hit the student in the green cloak and mantle, but it was as though the arrows had struck glass. They shattered into countless motes of light.

“What’s going on?”

“Not sure, but I guess it is a type of dark secret arts?”

“Hehe, this girl finally met her bane.”

The spectators discussed. Those examinees whose students had lost to Ying Baiwu actually rejoiced in the face of her misfortune.

Ying Baiwu executed the Wind King Divine Steps and furiously lengthened the distance between them. After that, she channeled force into her arm and started flicking her bowstring.


Spirit qi gushed forth from her finger and imbued the bow, manifesting a semi-transparent arrow. In fact, because the fluctuations of spirit qi were too intense, thumb-sized tornados could be seen in the bow’s surroundings.

Wind King Roar!


The arrow whistled through the air. Everywhere it passed, it caused qi waves and clouds of dust to rise from the ground. In fact, a huge gorge actually opened up through the stone flooring from the force of the shot.

Although the gorge wasn’t too deep, the terrifying destructive prowess of the arrow was extremely immense.

Sadly, it was still useless!


The arrow slammed into the body of the plant person. After that, things seemed to be the same as before. The arrow shattered and vanished, causing no damage.

Ying Baiwu didn’t even frown. She placed her bow behind her shoulder and pulled out her sword as she lunged toward the plant person.

She wanted to fight in close combat.

Upon seeing this, Mei Ziyu started. After that, she couldn’t help but clap.

The major characters on the judging panel also started to applaud.

Since the archery she was most proficient in was useless against the enemy, normal people would definitely feel worried and become nervous. In fact, they might keep on thinking about how to break the situation. But this iron-headed girl didn’t do so. She directly switched to using her sword and lunged over.

Leaving aside whether this battle strategy was correct or not, just this action could already display her resolution, calmness, and decisiveness. It was truly worthy of admiration.

Naturally, the most important thing was courage.

The vast majority of people, when they encountered the unclear situation where their arrows vanished, would definitely choose to temporarily take an evasive stance.

Because the unknown was always the most terrifying. However, this young girl was truly iron-headed.

“This student of Sun Mo is so gusty!”

Liang Hongda marveled with a look of admiration on his face.

“Why? Is vice alliance leader Liang feeling a stir in your heart?”

A major character teased. This was because Liang Hongda was proficient in archery.

“Yeah, it’s rare to meet an unpolished jade!”

Liang Hongda sighed ruefully and looked at his assistant. “I heard that two years ago, this girl was still a swill transporter? She was discovered by Sun Mo?”


The assistant had long since memorized the detailed history of these students because he was worried that things would be bad if he couldn’t answer when his boss was interested in one of the students.

“Zeze, Sun Mo’s judgment is truly outstanding!”

Liang Hongda praised Sun Mo as the notion of headhunting Sun Mo surfaced in his mind again.

In the great teacher world, there was no lack of great teachers with good judgment, but the vast majority of these teachers were aged ones. Their so-called judgment was actually accumulated experience gained through several years from seeing so many students.

For someone like Sun Mo who was so young yet had such sharp judgment...There truly weren’t many.

“God Hands is really impressive!”

A major character suddenly sighed in admiration.


Liang Hongda laughed. God Hands had nothing to do with this. Sun Mo couldn’t possibly be so idle to check the body of a swill-transporter for no reason, right?

Sun Mo must have seen this girl doing something that triggered his interest.


Favorable impression points from Liang Hongda +20. Friendly (310/1,000).

One couldn’t help but say that this vice leader truly did have some capabilities.

“Vice Alliance Leader Liang, if you want some students, I will introduce a few next time!”

Mei Yazhi suddenly spoke.


Liang Hongda had a smile on his face, but he was cursing in his heart. He knew Mei Yazhi was reminding him not to snatch Sun Mo’s student.

In the cultivation realm, many geniuses were godly with using common weapons such as swords and sabers. But only a few were good in archery.

Just from looking at history, there were so many famous generals. But how many of them were divine archers? From this, one could already tell how rare this occupation was.

Moreover, even if all of them were good students, there were different tiers of strength. Someone like Ying Baiwu definitely belonged to the first tier.

No, most probably she was at the supreme unique tier, right?

Liang Hongda watched Ying Baiwu fighting in close combat and couldn’t help but want to speak out to guide her. He wanted to say that there was no need to fear, even if she used her bow, she could still win.

Sadly, he wasn’t able to do so because this was a personal student of Sun Mo.

“Damn, what dogshit luck does this Sun Mo have?!”

Liang Hongda’s emotions were chaotic. He felt that there was a need for him to properly discuss things with Ying Baiwu, or her talent in archery might be wasted by Sun Mo.

“Teacher Mei, what’s going on?”

Lu Zhiruo was dumbstruck and worry could be seen on her face. Her junior martial sister seemed about to lose!

“Zhiruo, don’t be rude!”

Sun Mo reminded. Asking another person about their secret was a great taboo in the great teacher world.

“Actually nothing much. It’s because of the body!”

Mei Ziyu felt a little embarrassed. Although the examiners wouldn’t be able to see through the secret of the plant person due to her dark secret arts, it was after all a violation of the rules.

“There’s a body that can cancel out spirit qi arrows?”

The papaya girl blinked her eyes and recalled the books she read. Hmm, there didn’t seem to be something like this. However, people like this were all rarely seen even in a hundred years. If they were discovered, they would definitely be protected by the Saint Gate.

Li Ziqi frowned, feeling that this student clad in the green mantle wasn’t normal.

“This is a student battle but there are no rules stating that only humans can participate.”

Sun Mo could see that Mei Ziyu was feeling conflict, hence, he spoke out. Actually, it could be considered a rare experience for Ying Baiwu to fight with a plant human.


Mei Ziyu’s heart pounded, and she subconsciously looked at Sun Mo. (It can’t be, right? Did he actually see through it?)

(No, even my mother hasn’t discovered this during all this while. How can it be possible that Sun Mo... Yes, he must have made that remark casually.)

After that, this girl with waist-long raven black hair saw Sun Mo looking at her eyes. There was no anger in his gaze that might arise from seeing an opponent breaking the rules. There was just tranquility as though he was trying to comfort her.

All of a sudden, Mei Ziyu panicked, feeling a heavy sense of self-reproach in her heart.

“Teacher, if the one participating isn’t a human, what can it be then?”

The papaya girl was amazed and a little afraid. She involuntarily hugged Sun Mo’s arm tightly. “Could it be a dead person?”

“I’ve not fought against a dead person before!”

Xuanyuan Po felt his battle desire rising.

At this moment, the plant person, who was originally equally matched with Ying Baiwu, suddenly suffered a kick and fell off the stage.

Hence, the entire arena turned quiet.

This ending was a little unexpected.

Sun Mo started. After that, he shook his head and smiled bitterly before lowering his voice to persuade Mei Ziyu. “Teacher Mei, you don’t have to do this!”

Sun Mo knew that the plant person’s ‘careless’ loss was because Mei Ziyu commanded it to do so.


Mei Ziyu mumbled in a small voice.

Actually, the reason why she came here was to take the examination together with Sun Mo, so she could have a beautiful memory. Since she had obtained the title of a 2-star great teacher, she didn’t mind losing now.

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched when she saw Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu whispering to each other, feeling a little disappointed.

“Ying Baiwu won this round!”

Tong Yiming announced and the matches continued.

It was time for the ‘C’ group. Zhang Yanzong went up the stage.

“Yanzong, I will be cheering you on!”

Gu Xiuxun shouted loudly. She originally still wanted to guide Zhang Yanzong to prove her ability. But who knew that two minutes later, Zhang Yanzong was knocked off the stage by a girl named Zhou Yao.

He lost so badly to the extent where he couldn’t even retaliate.

“Teacher, I’m sorry!”

Zhang Yanzong had a dispirited look on his face.

“You are only 15, just continue to work hard!’

Gu Xiuxun encouraged.

“Xuanyuan Po, that Zhou Yao is very strong. She is most probably more powerful than you!”

Zhang Yanzong warned. If Xuanyuan Po got the first place of the ‘D’ group, he would be clashing against Zhou Yao.

“Watch as I crush her head and avenge you!”

Xuanyuan Po slammed his fists together.


Zhang Yanzong silently mused that he was warning him out of good will and had no intention of asking Xuanyuan Po to take revenge for him. (Forget it, it’s too tiring to speak to this combat addict.)

Very soon, the matches of the ‘D’ group began.

“Xuanyuan Po, Ding Yi. Get up on stage!”

Tong Yiming announced.

“Did I exterminate the Ding Clan in my past life?”

Xuanyuan Po scratched his head. “Why is my opponent another person with the surname ‘Ding’?”

“Xuanyuan, be careful!”

Jiang Leng had a heavy look as he warned. Xuanyuan Po’s opponent’s name was Ding Yi, and Jiang Leng could sense that he was a formidable opponent with just a glance.

The two students then got up the stage.

Tong Yiming surveyed Ding Yi. He felt better after not seeing spirit runes on the exposed parts of Ding Yi’s body. If not, he would really suspect whether these people with the name ‘Ding’ were here intentionally to make trouble.

Actually, the naming convention behind the names ‘Ding Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu (1,2,3,4,5)’ was something very common. This was because the parents of many students weren’t educated nor cultured. Tong Yiming had seen many students with the name of Da Niu (Big Bull) or Gou Dan (Dog Testicle).

Ding Yi’s weapon was a three-meter-long halberd. From the looks of it, it weighed at least 100 kg. It was unknown how a 15-year-old could wield it.

“Xuanyuan Po, Spirit-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

“Ding Yi, Spirit-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

After the two of them exchanged greetings, Xuanyuan Po acted like how he usually did and charged straight for Ding Yi. Observing the situation? (This daddy’s style is charging blindly ahead!)

Ding Yi stepped back with his right leg and brandished his halberd with a single hand.


The spear clashed against the halberd as an intense clanging sound of metal against metal resounded through the entire battle arena, causing the teeth of the audience to ache as they subconsciously covered their ears.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The two of them continued clashing their weapons, neither were moved back a single jot.

What was known as a fierce general?

This was it!

A person blocking the pass against 10,000 enemies!

Xuanyuan Po and Ding Yi didn’t use any martial moves. This was a direct clash of strength. The weaker one would be sent flying.

“It can’t be, right? The combat addict actually loses in terms of strength?”

Zhang Yanzong was shocked. Among his peers, he could be considered a strong man. But when he played arm wrestling with Xuanyuan Po, he couldn’t even last for three breaths. Since Ding Yi’s figure was half-a-head shorter than him and he wasn’t muscular, how was it possible for his strength to be so great?

“The boost from his spirit runes is actually so great?”

Sun Mo frowned and surveyed Ding Yi. If there were no negative side effects, wouldn’t spirit runes be able to create a large batch of experts easily?

Through Divine Sight, Sun Mo actually couldn’t see any hidden dangers on Ding Yi’s body.

(Doesn’t that mean that this was a perfect experimental body?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》