Absolute Great Teacher
619 Xuanyuan Po, Your Acting Skills Are So Exaggerated!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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619 Xuanyuan Po, Your Acting Skills Are So Exaggerated!


Both Xuanyuan Po and Ding Yi were intoxicated as they fought wildly.

The cheers of the audience came in waves because this was the most explosive and fascinating match they had ever seen in the entire student battle.

The ordinary audience didn’t know how to see the profound aspects of techniques. They preferred watching a head-on clash where fists met flesh.

Honestly speaking, it was like some major action films from the United States. There was no need to waste time thinking too much. One could simply eat popcorn, drink soda, and get high.

“This Ding Yi seems to look down on Xuanyuan Po!”

Tantai Yutang teased.


Lu Zhiruo opened her eyes wide and asked in puzzlement, “How can you tell?”

“His muscles clearly state that he isn’t someone that focuses on the path of strength, yet he chose to clash with Xuanyuan Po head-on instead of using techniques. Clearly, he is planning to use his body constitution to suppress Xuanyuan Po.”

Li Ziqi explained.

“Isn’t this a little too brazen?”

The papaya girl pouted her lips. After that, she started to shout loudly, “Xuanyuan, you can do it!”

“It’s a little brazen, but he does have the capital to do so!”

Zhang Yanzong’s lips twitched.


After the long spear and halberd collided again, Xuanyuan Po suddenly punched out, aiming for Ding Yi’s face.

Ding Yi smiled malevolently and punched out as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fists met, and the qi waves from the impact caused the dust in their surroundings to be blown away. Also, fresh blood could be seen dripping from their fists, but the two of them didn’t frown at all.

“Xuanyuan, don’t charge in blindly. Pay attention to your opponent and search for his flaws and weaknesses!”

Sun Mo called out.

Xuanyuan Po didn’t respond. He stared at Ding Yi, his mind was filled with the thoughts of blasting Ding Yi apart.

Sun Mo frowned and shouted again, “Xuanyuan Po, calm down. Don’t fight head-on in such a blind manner anymore!”

This time around, a great teacher halo was activated. Its light shone onto Xuanyuan Po.

Profound Words!

Xuanyuan Po was as though he got hit by a baseball bat and swiftly calmed down.


Those great teachers spectating immediately exclaimed in shock and surprise.

“Isn’t this ‘Profound Words’?”

“The effects are similar but isn’t Profound Words something only high-ranking great teachers can comprehend? How old is Sun Mo? Why was he able to comprehend this halo now?”

“Hence, I loathe those geniuses. They are so strong that they are inhumane!”

The great teachers discussed. As Xuanyuan Po’s personal teacher, Sun Mo had the qualifications to provide on-the-spot guidance. Using a great teacher halo wasn’t against the rules.

Profound Words would forcibly control the student to act according to their teacher’s instruction. Hence, even if Xuanyuan Po wanted to charge in blindly and fight head-on, he wasn’t able to do so now. He was forced to observe Ding Yi.

“Why? You can’t take it anymore?”

Ding Yi mocked.

Xuanyuan Po didn’t say anything. His life maxim was that when one fought, one should just fight instead of blabbering.

However, because he was forced to be calm, he did discover some crucial points. After all, Xuanyuan Po was a genius overflowing with combat talent.

“What would you guys do if you were in his shoes?”

Sun Mo used the opportunity to ask a question.

The papaya girl whom Sun Mo originally looked at immediately dodged to the side. She prayed in her heart that her teacher wouldn’t call her name.

After that, her hand involuntarily stretched toward her bag. (I really feel like eating a melon to calm my nerves.)

Li Ziqi had many thoughts but because her motor skill was too bad and her combat experience was too little, she couldn’t really tell.


Sun Mo called out. He knew that Jiang Leng understood for sure.

“Although I cannot see anything on this Ding Yi’s body, I feel that there are definitely spirit runes hidden beneath his robes. In any case, spirit runes will definitely absorb spirit qi when they are activated. So, Xuanyuan Po just has to attack the parts of Ding Yi’s body where he can sense a large quantity of spirit qi being absorbed. All will be good if he can damage those spirit runes.”

Tantai Yutang’s line of thoughts was very clear.

Jiang Leng nodded and raised his opinion of the sickly invalid.

“Your answer isn’t bad!”

Sun Mo praised.

“Eh? In that case, we should quickly tell Xuanyuan Po!”

Lu Zhiruo urged.

“Teacher is waiting for Xuanyuan Po to discover this himself so he can gain some comprehension. This is why he didn’t tell it to him directly.”

Li Ziqi explained. For such an experience, if one discovered it themselves, it would be imprinted deeper in their memories compared to others telling them.

Gu Xiuxun and Mei Ziyu glanced at Sun Mo, feeling even more admiration for him. Logically speaking, the higher Xuanyuan Po’s ranking, the greater Sun Mo’s fame would be. However, he didn’t care about this. The thing that matters most to him would always be whether his student could grow or not.

“Damn, this fellow is so sharp!”

Ding Yi was no longer as relaxed as before because Xuanyuan Po started to attack his spirit runes furiously. This caused Ding Yi to be fully focused on the defensive end.

Hence, his attacking momentum naturally weakened.

In the spectator stands, Bai Wenzhang felt increasingly covetous about Xuanyuan Po.

“He is truly a perfect experimental body!”

Bai Wenzhang silently praised. But at the same time, he frowned. If the spirit runes on Ding Yi were discovered, those would become his weakness. It seemed that he had to do more research on how to conceal the spirit qi fluctuations.

Actually, when Ding Yi absorbed spirit qi, the fluctuations were very weak. Only an opponent like Xuanyuan Po with such sharp senses would be able to discover them.

To put it unpleasantly, students who weren’t in the top 64 would just be free points to Ding Yi.

Sun Mo observed the battle while feeling admiration for the designer of these spirit runes.

The spirit runes were very perfect. There were problems before this because the experimental bodies were too weak. Now that the person was Ding Yi, he was able to maximize the effects of these spirit runes completely.

For example, these spirit runes were like an engine while the experimental body was like the materials. For people like Ding Wu, they were considered trash material. Although they could ignite the engine, they would be damaged very swiftly as the probability of wear and tear on them was much higher.

But if the materials were Ding Yi, that would be relatively perfect.

Bluntly speaking, it still depended on the individual. The better one’s aptitude was, the greater the boost brought by those spirit runes would be.

“In that case, it should be possible to create a type of spirit rune that can be tattooed even on ‘trash’ quality students, and it can generate a huge boosting effect.”

Sun Mo sank into contemplation, thinking that this research direction wasn’t bad.

Upon seeing this scene, the system felt very gratified.

Sun Mo wasn’t complacent because he had reached the ancestor-level comprehension in spirit runes. He actually started to take a deeper step to probe the profound mysteries of this field further.

For any subject, when someone stood in the lead, they would become the pioneer, giving the later generations a direction.

For any subject, the domain of knowledge was slowly explored step by step, gradually expanding, becoming substantial and perfect.


“Congratulations on starting to think about how to advance the field of spirit runes. Reward: 1 silver treasure chest. I hope you will be able to have some achievements in the future!”

The system congratulated him.

Sun Mo started. There was such an unexpected surprise too?

“Sun Mo, I hope that you will become the number one in the field of spirit runes sooner or later!’

The system sincerely wished him well from the bottom of its heart.


Sun Mo smiled. However, he had never thought of becoming the best.

On the stage, although Xuanyuan Po was suppressing Ding Yi, the battle situation was quite worrisome.

Ding Yi’s strength was truly too immense. Besides, his recovery rate was fast. Although he had two broken ribs, they didn’t seem to affect his combat prowess at all.

“Xuanyuan, sometimes if you can’t find a path, you should make your own!”

Sun Mo guided.

It was just like before. Sun Mo wouldn’t directly tell his students what to do. He wanted them to think the problem through themselves, making thinking a habit for them, or even evolving this habit to the instinctive level.

“What path? I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Xuanyuan Po casually replied. He wasn’t able to defeat Ding Yi despite fighting for such a long time. Was he discouraged? Sorry, that didn’t exist. The combat addict actually wanted nothing more than for Ding Yi to persist longer.

However, as the battle entered an impasse, after Xuanyuan Po used his leftover energy to think, he suddenly felt that Sun Mo’s words seemed to be not bad.

Didn’t he really look like a headless fly charging in stupidly?

“Make a path?”

Xuanyuan Po worked hard to think. After that, because he was distracted, the large halberd smashed into his shoulder and the sound of bone cracking rang out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ding Yi took the opportunity to press the attack.

Xuanyuan Po repeatedly retreated. He almost could no longer hold on to Silver Paste.


Xuanyuan Po sharply discovered that Ding Yi seemed to be focusing on attacking the silver spear in his hands. (He couldn’t possibly be thinking of knocking my spear away from my hands, right?)

(Ze, what a foolish dream!)

As he thought of this, Xuanyuan Po fiercely clutched his spear tightly. (Even if I die, I won’t be seperated from my Silver Paste.)

(Eh? Wait a minute?)

(There seems to be a strategy named ‘beating someone at their own game’?)

(I see now!)

Xuanyuan Po was a single-celled organism and did whatever he thought of. He basically had never considered what he should do if his battle strategy failed. Hence, he borrowed the great impact from Ding Yi’s next halberd attack and allowed his spear to fly out of his hand.

“Oh noooooo!”

Xuanyuan Po shouted loudly. He took a large step forward and stretched out his arm to catch the spear.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Jiang Leng, Li Ziqi, and the sickly invalid directly lifted their hands to cover their eyes, no longer wanting to watch.

(Combat addict, your acting skills are so exaggerated!)


Lu Zhiruo was frightened and screamed. She opened her eyes and looked at the silver spear.


When Ding Yi saw the spear leaving Xuanyuan Po’s hands, joy appeared on his face. After that, when Xuanyuan Po tried to reach out to grab his long spear, his attack that was originally aimed at Xuanyuan Po shifted to the silver spear instead.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Po unleashed one of his ultimate techniques.

Presenting Borrowed Flowers to Buddha!


Xuanyuan Po had a solemn look on his face as both his palms blasted toward Ding Yi.

“Oh no!”

Ding Yi was badly startled, and he quickly pulled his halberd back, wanting to block Xuanyuan Po’s attack. However, it was too late.


The palms of the combat addict solidly smashed into Ding Yi’s chest. After that, Ding Yi was flung through the air and landed outside the stage with a loud bang.


Xuanyuan Po grabbed hold of Silver Paste. After that, he lowered his head in astonishment and looked at his hands. This was the first time he had defeated an opponent using his palms instead of his spear.

This feeling felt so strange and so fresh!

“Oh yay, he won!”

The papaya girl cheered.

“I...cough, cough!”

Ding Yi coughed up a large mouthful of blood and had a depressed look on his face. He felt reluctant to accept this. Actually, he guessed that it might be a trick when Xuanyuan Po had allowed his spear to leave his hands, but he had felt that there was no way he would lose to a single attack. He just had to send Xuanyuan Po’s spear flying further and he would be able to fight with his halberd against a bare-handed opponent. It would definitely be advantageous for him.

“Damn, what the hell was the palm strike? Why was it so fierce?”

Ding Yi wanted to cry but no tears were coming out.

“Well done!”

Sun Mo clapped and praised.

“T...teacher, is this victory something that is derived from my superiority in intelligence? I seem to have understood something.”

Xuanyuan Po had a pensive look on his face.

“Superiority in intelligence, your head!”

Ding Yi roared in fury and climbed up to again. (I’m inferior to you? What a joke, fight again with me!)

“Xuanyuan Po is the victor for this round!”

After Tong Yiming spoke, he looked at Ding Yi. “Please mind your words and behavior!”

Xuanyuan Po jumped off the stage and ran back. After that, he saw Jiang Leng and the sickly invalid looking up at the sky.

“What’s the matter?”

Xuanyuan Po also glanced at the sky.

“Something is strange, even the combat addict knows how to use his brain now. I’m checking to see if the sun rose from the west today!”

Tantai Yutang laughed.


Jiang Leng nodded.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Li Ziqi glared at the sickly invalid before sending her congratulations. “Xuanyuan, congratulations on obtaining another victory!”

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