Absolute Great Teacher
623 I’m Fighting for My Teacher!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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623 I’m Fighting for My Teacher!

Chapter 623: I’m Fighting for My Teacher!

Fang Wuji, who had become relatively handsome and was absolutely a dragon among men, knew how noble Sun Mo’s character was. Hence, he didn’t feel surprised when he heard this.

“Teacher Sun is truly a role model for all of us!”

Fang Wuji sighed. After that, he smiled bitterly and put his hands down. “It’s a pity that I can’t make the decision.”


The great teachers were clueless.

“Duan Qiao, you have also heard Teacher Sun’s words. Whether to fight or not, you can make your own decision!”

Fang Wuji looked at his personal student. “However, I have to say something. Be it in your speech or actions, you should follow your will!”

Duan Qiao smiled and bowed to Sun Mo. “Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s advice, but I won’t fight against her!”

Like teacher, like disciple. The personalities of Fang Wuji and Duan Qiao were very similar. Because of gratitude, they chose not to act.

“There’s really no need for you to do this!”

Sun Mo sighed.

“Although I understand where you are coming from, the gratitude of my teacher is the same mine. It wouldn’t be too much no matter how I chose to repay it.”

Duan Qiao persisted.

Upon hearing this, several great teachers applauded and glanced enviously at Fang Wuji. They also wanted such a good student that respected their teachers and ways.

“Student Ying doesn’t have to feel conflicted and feel that you won unfairly. I’ve been watching your past battles. Even if I went all out, I don’t dare to guarantee I can win against you!”

Duan Qiao persuaded.

Logically speaking, young people would be hot-blooded, competitive, and hungry for victory. Their spirits would be reluctant to admit that they were inferior to others. However, Duan Qiao was the same as Fang Wuji. He was polite, exuding a sense of wisdom, farsighted-ness, and amiability.

He could admit he was inferior to his opponent in front of everyone. Moreover, his opponent was a female. In a feudal era like this, only someone with a heart vast enough to accept the stares of ridicule from others would be able to do this.


Ying Baiwu still wanted to persuade him, but Duan Qiao already jumped off the stage. This indicated that the iron-headed girl won this round.

“We must definitely headhunt such a good person to the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo pondered and was preparing to act. Fang Wuji was the type of staff that was willing to do anything and hated stirring up trouble. He also had no particular request toward his salary.

“He has the style of a great teacher!”

Li Ruolan evaluated as she looked at the handsome face of Fang Wuji. She originally felt a very good impression toward Fang Wuji, and she wouldn’t reject a dinner invitation if he asked. However, once she thought about the fact that his looks were artificial, she suddenly felt no interest.

(No, I like naturally handsome guys like Sun Mo better.)

The competition continued. Liu Mubai’s personal student was defeated by Zhou Yao.

It wasn’t that Han Zisheng was weak, but rather Zhou Yao was too powerful.

“Teacher, I’m sorry!”

Han Zisheng lowered his head and felt very disappointed. He wanted to win in the ‘C’ group and fight against Xuanyuan Po to show him who was the best. He didn’t expect he would be eliminated in the third round.

“Don’t overthink, you have already done very well!”

Liu Mubai actually felt much anticipation for Han Zisheng’s performance. However, he suppressed his unhappiness. “Come, let us analyze the match you fought earlier.”

The competition was still very lively. Very soon, it was the ‘D’ group’s turn.

“Xuanyuan Po, Hua Jianmu, please get on the stage!”

As Tong Yiming announced the names, huge applause rang out from the audience. The tall and muscular combat addict, which resembled a killing machine, had already become one of the most popular figures in the competition.

Many gamblers betted heavily on his victory.

“Whether I can buy a new luxurious manor next year will be up to you, please win!”

“After winning, I will go enjoy drinks at the Spring Fragrance Brothel and if I lose the bet, I will head to the mountains to dig for coal!”

“Xuanyuan Po, crush him!”

The shouts of the gamblers rang out in waves.

Hua Jianmu didn’t expect he would face one of Sun Mo’s personal students so early. After being startled for a short while, he grew excited. He clenched his fists tightly and spoke.

“Teacher, I’m going!”

(I didn’t expect my chance to rise to fame from a single battle would come so early.)

“Be careful!”

Han Xi instructed.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I definitely can defeat Xuanyuan Po!”

Hua Jianmu looked at Han Xi’s haggard face as he guaranteed in a resounding voice. (I will step on Xuanyuan Po, Ying Baiwu, and Jiang Leng to climb to the champion’s throne.)

After speaking, Hua Jianmu rushed out. When he got near the stage, he did a beautiful jump and somersaulted onto it.

His posture was relatively graceful and caused a lot of people to cheer.

Han Xi frowned. She originally wanted to remind Hua Jianmu to forfeit if he could no longer persist as she didn’t want him to suffer any hidden damage that might affect his future. But she was also worried about crushing Hua Jianmu’s confidence.

“However, Jianmu’s recent condition seems great. It seems like he belonged to the type where his potential would be ignited under pressure!”

Han Xi involuntarily revealed a smile when she looked at her personal student. Maybe, he could really win. Even if he couldn’t win, if he continued to develop like this, he would definitely have great accomplishments in the future.

Upon thinking of this, Han Xi shouted.

“Jianmu, do your best!”

In the past 30 years, Han Xi had been living a very tough and bitter life. One could say that her only reward wasn’t her own capabilities or her identity as a great teacher. Rather, it was because she managed to teach a student like Hua Jianmu.

Speaking of judging a student’s potential, Han Xi wasn’t weak in this and had discovered six good students before. Sadly, because she was from very humble origins and had no top-graded cultivation arts, there was no way she could give good cultivation arts to her students. Hence, after her students revealed good talent, they would be headhunted away by a few major characters in her school.

Hua Jianmu was the only one who chose to remain by her side.

Based on age, Han Xi could be considered pretty old, but she hadn’t married yet. If she was in a village, she would definitely be the target of gossip.

However, Han Xi couldn’t care less about all of this. She didn’t want to give birth to a child as the child might have to suffer like she did. Hence, to compensate for that, she treated Hua Jianmu as her very own son as she guided and taught him.

Why was Hua Jianmu so thirsty to win glory for Han Xi?

His own origins weren’t good. Hua Jianmu, who had always been neglected by his parents, found the care, concern, and love of a family member from Han Xi. Hence, he was willing to follow her unswervingly.

“Xuanyuan, be careful!”

Li Ziqi reminded her junior martial brother. She could see that Hua Jianmu’s morale was very high and couldn’t help but feel some worry.

“It’s just a fight, why is there a need to be careful? Even if I die, it’s all fated!”

Xuanyuan Po spoke. His silver spear was balanced on his left shoulder as he walked toward the stage. He had met this opponent before, and Hua Jianmu was a weakling to him. Hence, he wasn’t really excited.

Seeing the appearance of the combat addict, Ying Baiwu grew unhappy and shouted loudly. “Xuanyuan Po, put in your 100% to fight. You are fighting for our teacher!”

Not only must he win, but he had to win in a beautiful manner.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100. (9,600/10,000).

“Baiwu!” Sun Mo felt helpless. “You don’t have to think like that!”


The iron-headed girl responded, but she evidently didn’t change her thinking.

Gu Xiuxun felt incomparably envious when she saw this. Who wouldn’t wish to be regarded with reverence and worship by their students?

“Is Sun Mo really that excellent?”

Li Ruolan was curious.

There were many examples of personal students and their teachers having a good relationship, and this beautiful reporter had seen many of them. But for someone like Ying Baiwu who worshipped their teacher so much, such cases were very rare.

Sun Mo was like Ying Baiwu’s mental totem. She looked up to him, worshipped him, and would also defend him!

“Could Sun Mo have cast some darkness secret art to brainwash her?”

Li Ruolan guessed.

She had this thought mainly because Sun Mo was too young. (Leaving aside a secondary saint, I can understand it if you are a highly respected and prestigious 7-star great teacher. However, you have just been a teacher for over a year plus.)

“Reporter Li, please refrain from making blind conjectures about my teacher!”

Li Ziqi meticulously noticed the gaze Li Ruolan used when she surveyed Sun Mo and gave a warning. “After all, you won’t understand our love for our teacher!’

The little sunny egg had no choice but to be cautious. Li Ruolan’s fame was too great and she was a gold-medal main writer that had written an astonishing number of articles before.

If she wrote things haphazardly, it would damage her teacher’s reputation.


(Teacher, would you lose a piece of flesh if you acted happier when speaking to her, pretending to be awed by her beauty? One must know that women are creatures that can feel hatred easily due to lack of love.)

(If you continue ignoring her, she might start writing articles to blacken your name.)

But whenever she thought of the fact that her teacher couldn’t be bothered with a rank #11 great beauty on the Beauty Rankings, Li Ziqi would feel very honored.

(As expected, my teacher is indeed different from those simps.)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +100. Reverence(41,460/100,000).

Upon hearing the notifications from the system, Sun Mo had a dumbfounded look on his face. (What did I do? Why would you guys suddenly contribute favorable impression points for nothing?)

(If you guys continue to act like this, it would cause me to feel a lot of pressure!)

“Teacher, eat a melon!”

Lu Zhiruo passed over a piece of melon with both hands, choosing the largest, juiciest, and sweetest one!


In the arena.

After the two parties exchanged greetings, Hua Jianmu impatiently lunged toward Xuanyuan Po.

(Not only must I win, but I have to win cleanly!)

Second Month Wind, Willow Fragmented Moon!

Hua Jianmu directly used an ultimate skill the moment he attacked.

As his swift blade slashed out, a total of 12 strands of blade qi formed and surrounded Xuanyuan Po.


Xuanyuan Po’s eyes brightened. (Interesting, it seems that he isn’t a salted fish.) Hence, he shook his silver spear and caused several spear flowers to manifest, blocking and dissipating the strands of blade qi with them.

Willow Rises with the Wind!

Hua Jianmu remained unmoved and continued to take the initiative to attack. All the attacks he used were ultimate skills.

“Jianmu, stabilize yourself!”

Han Xi furrowed her brows and shouted.

It was like the law of conservation for energy. For all cultivation arts, there would be a rule. The more spirit qi consumed by a move, the greater the power would be.

Hence, ultimate skills weren’t something one could use whenever they wanted to. They needed to find a good opportunity to do so.

The so-called ultimate skills were actually final blows used on an opportunity that would turn the situation your way.

What Hua Jianmu was doing now was unleashing many ultimate skills in one go. Other than wasting his spirit qi and stamina, it wouldn’t be too effective. After all, Xuanyuan Po wasn’t a salted fish that would be frightened by the momentum.

“Teacher I understand. I’m just displaying my dominance first!”

Hua Jianmu replied. As expected, he then stabilized himself and stopped attacking so wildly.

“Don’t stop, continue to attack!’

Xuanyuan Po was disappointed. The thing he liked the most was a clash between ultimate skills. It felt truly satisfying.

“This fellow is very confident in himself and his body is also very strong. Xuanyuan might face some trouble.”

Jiang Leng frowned.

“Don’t worry, he would at most be injured. In any case, he will win for sure.”

The papaya girl felt more confidence in Xuanyuan Po’s combat strength than herself.

However, the sickly invalid was focusing intently on Hua Jianmu. He looked at Hua Jianmu’s eyes and then his skin. There seemed to be something wrong with Hua Jianmu’s condition.

The battle immediately entered into climax despite the fact it just started.

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