Absolute Great Teacher
625 Sliding Into the Dark Abyss!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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625 Sliding Into the Dark Abyss!



Seeing the situation suddenly intensified to the point where life and death could be determined in the next second, Sun Mo was badly shocked. He basically had no time to stop the battle.

Now that victory and defeat were decided, Sun Mo instantly rushed out, moving toward Xuanyuan Po.

“Teacher, I’m fine!”

Xuanyuan Po grinned. He then coughed twice and spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

“Don’t speak!”

Sun Mo quickly inspected the combat addict’s body. Luckily, his internal organs and bones were only slightly damaged. The injury to his muscles was more serious and if it was someone else, that person probably had to rest in bed for half a year. But with Sun Mo’s God Hands and Xuanyuan Po’s immensely powerful body constitution, he would make a full recovery in half a month.

“Teacher, let me do a check-up for senior martial brother?”

Ma Zhang was already over 80, yet he still rushed over as soon as he could.

“His injuries aren’t serious, you should go and treat Hua Jianmu.”

Sun Mo instructed.


Ma Zhang had a respectful look on his face.

Seeing Ma Zhang’s headful of white hair, Sun Mo still felt a little unacceptable. How did he become the teacher of a highly respected 5-star great teacher?

“Junior martial brother, how do you feel?”

Li Ziqi and the others rushed over and looked at Xuanyuan Po with worry in their eyes.

“I’m fine!”

Xuanyuan Po lifted his hand and wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips. “Speaking of which, that final blow from that fellow is so powerful and felt so satisfying. How good would it be if all my opponents are this powerful!”

Everyone became speechless. (You are still the same after all, still thinking about fighting despite your current state!)

“Junior martial brother, congratulations on obtaining another victory. Come, eat a melon!”

Lu Zhiruo passed a large piece of melon to Xuanyuan Po.


Xuanyuan Po laughed uproariously and took it. For this match, although the earlier exchanges of blows were boring, that final attack was worth it.


Li Ziqi rapped the back of the papaya girl’s hand. “Don’t act carelessly, he can’t eat anything now!”


The papaya girl pouted and felt a little wronged. (If he can’t eat, just ignore it, why do you have to hit me? Also, the melon isn’t in the wrong. This is something I picked carefully, it’s juicy and sweet and definitely delicious.)

“I feel that this little fellow can definitely become the spear saint of a generation!”

Gu Xiuxun praised. Xuanyuan Po’s fanaticism for fighting was admirable to some extent.

On the other side, the atmosphere was the complete opposite.

“Jianmu, Jianmu, quickly wake up. Don’t fall asleep!”

“Quick, open your eyes!”

“The doctor is here. You have to persist, you will surely be fine!”

Han Xi shouted loudly. She hugged Hua Jianmu with one hand and held his hand with another. She continuously encouraged him as tears flowed from her eyes.

Ma Zhang went over and inspected Hua Jianmu’s body. All of a sudden, he was terrified.

Why was his lifeforce withering so quickly?

Ma Zhang didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly took out his silver needles, piercing them into Hua Jianmu’s acupoints. He then took out a medicinal pill used for emergencies and stuffed it into his mouth.

Cough! Cough!

Hua Jianmu coughed, his gaze slackened. He wanted to look for Han Xi and grab hold of her hands.

“I’m here!”

Han Xi endured the urge to cry, not wanting Hua Jianmu to worry.

“T...teacher, I’m s...sorry. I m...might not be a...able to s... see the day w...where you become a s...saint.”

“Don’t speak anymore, these minor injuries are small issues. Once you are healed, we will go and look for a more powerful cultivation art. When the 4-star great teacher examination comes, I will be waiting with anticipation for you to become the champion in the student battle, ascending to the Heros Ranking with glory!”

Han Xi encouraged. She then saw Hua Jianmu continuously coughing out blood clots. She stared at Ma Zhang in panic. “What’s going on? Why is he still bleeding?”

Ma Zhang hesitated, not knowing what to say. This was like a final radiance of the setting sun, Hua Jianmu’s final bit of lucidity before he died. There was no more hope in saving him.

“I...feel so much r...regret that I can’t watch as Teacher shoots t...to fame over the world!”

Hua Jianmu breathed his last after finishing his words.

“Jianmu! Jianmu! Wake up!”

Han Xi was going crazy with anxiousness. “Great Teacher Ma, I’m begging you. Please save him, please save him!”

Ma Zhang felt very bad. He didn’t know how to console Han Xi. However, the doctor beside him wasn’t so emotional. In a student battle, although someone dying was not common, it wasn’t that there were no precedents.

Besides, Hua Jianmu had nothing to do with them!

“Teacher Han, my condolences. He is dead!”

After a doctor spoke, he was glared ruthlessly by Han Xi.


Han Xi roared.


After seeing Han Xi’s appearance, that doctor’s lips twitched and he couldn’t be bothered with her anymore.


Li Ziqi had been paying attention to Hua Jianmu’s situation. Upon hearing this, she silently jabbed Sun Mo’s arm. “Teacher, Hua Jianmu seems to be dead.”

“He’s dead?”

Sun Mo was startled. He hurriedly stood up and rushed over. “Teacher Ma, how is it?”

As he spoke, Sun Mo squatted down and stretched out his hand to inspect. After that, his brows became tightly furrowed.

Ma Zhang shook his head.

“Teacher Sun, how are things?”

Tong Yiming asked in a low voice.

Sun Mo didn’t reply in consideration of Han Xi’s feelings. He merely shook his head.

“Teacher Han, please accept my condolences!”

Tong Yiming’s tone was filled with pain. He was the main examiner and although he understood Han Xi’s feelings, there were still matches to be fought. Besides, it was impossible to let the corpse remain here.

Just a short while later, the audience was already making noises. In fact, some who loved drama were even charging forward.

Since Hua Jianmu was already confirmed to be dead, the authorities should quickly remove his body.

“You are talking nonsense, my student isn’t dead!”

When Han Xi heard this, she directly stretched out her hand and pushed Sun Mo away. “Don’t you touch him.”

“Teacher Han!”

Ma Zhang didn’t mind if he was slighted, but when he saw his teacher was being treated impolitely, he wasn’t able to endure it. Hence, his tone was filled with reproach.

“Forget it, it’s fine!”

Sun Mo stopped him. He could understand Han Xi’s emotions. Right now, she was suffering from a very great impact and wouldn’t believe in the judgment of others. Only by acting like this would she be able to protect the last bit of hope in her heart.

The major characters on the judging panel also rushed over.

“Teacher Han, please restrain your grief!”

“No one would feel good when a thing like this happened.”

“Student Hua performed outstandingly. He is worthy of us feeling pride for him!”

Liang Hongda and the others persuaded Han Xi, but their words sounded extremely ear-piercing to her.

This was especially so for the scene before her eyes!

When her student was alive, she wouldn’t even have the chance to approach a major character. Now that he was dead, he actually received their ‘pride’ and ‘concern’.


(Do you guys really care for Hua Jianmu? You are merely safeguarding your own esteemed and respectful appearance. If this wasn’t in the public’s eye, would any of you care about the life and death of a student you have never heard before?)

(How comical!)

Han Xi coldly smiled, she only felt that these great teachers had disgusting and repulsive countenances. After that, she gazed toward Hua Jianmu’s face that had lost all its color, and she sank into a deep pit of self-blame.

“I should have stopped you! It’s all my fault!”

“If I had a top-grade cultivation art to impart to you, you wouldn’t have died!”

“This is all because of me. I was from a humble origin, yet I sought to rise above my station in life, wanting to become a great teacher. How ridiculous!”

Han Xi carried Hua Jianmu and sobbed as she continuously apologized to him.

Liang Hongda glanced at Tong Yiming, signaling for him to resolve everything quickly.

Tong Yiming spread his hands. (What can I do? I’m also very helpless!)

Ma Zhang stood up, there was already no need for her to do anything. But when he heard Han Xi’s sobbing as well as looking at her unconvinced expression, he decided to say a sentence.

“Teacher Han, Student Hua might have died, but this has nothing to do with my senior martial brother Xuanyuan. Student Hua died due to his life potential being exhausted!”

Ma Zhang spoke out of good will and his character was pure. He addressed Xuanyuan Po as his senior martial brother simply because he would join Sun Mo’s tutelage later. He had no other meanings. However, these words infuriated Han Xi when she heard them.

“What do you mean?” Han Xi asked. “Am I someone with such a narrow state of heart?”

Honestly speaking, Han Xi hated Xuanyuan Po, but it wasn’t to the extent where she would find trouble for him. After all, this was a fair fight.


Ma Zhang was at a loss for words. He was actually worried that Han Xi might place this debt on Sun Mo or Xuanyuan Po. Now that he was being questioned, he felt somewhat embarrassed. Hence, he attempted to explain more. “Earlier in the fight, Student Hua exerted too much spirit qi and during times of insufficiency, his life potential was consumed. This is not normal, and it must be because of a problematic effect of a cultivation art or a problem occurred with something he consumed.”

After Ma Zhang spoke, the gazes of the surrounding great teachers became profound as they silently contemplated.

“What do you wish to say?”

Han Xi carried Hua Jianmu and stood up directly, staring angrily at Ma Zhang. (My student has already died, yet you still want to sully him?)

“What do you mean by a problematic effect of a cultivation art or a problem occurred with something he consumed? Are you trying to say that we are adopting improper methods for the sake of achieving victory?”


Ma Zhang scratched his head, feeling a headache. He only knew how to analyze medical facts. It was too hard to interact and communicate in a tactful manner with other people.

“Speak clearly, what do you mean?”

Han Xi continued to press on. Her student had already died. If he couldn’t even have the last bit of innocence in his death, what sort of personal teacher could she count for? She might as well just bang her head into a wall to kill herself.

“I’ve misspoken.”

Ultimately, Ma Zhang was a good man and also had the demeanor of a high-ranking great teacher. The student had died, so there was no need to let the teacher suffer all this unwanted gossip. Hence, he apologized.

Sun Mo didn’t want trouble, but Ma Zhang was ultimately still his student. Also, when he saw an old man like him being blasted like this, he couldn’t help but interject.

“Student Hua should have consumed a bottle of medicine around night time roughly four days before this...”


Ma Zhang looked at Sun Mo.

“I understand your feelings of wanting to protect your student’s reputation, but there’s a possibility that he might have hidden this matter from you. Besides, it’s better to make things clear for situations like this!”

Sun Mo had another thought in mind, hoping that Han Xi’s guilt toward Hua Jianmu might be lessened after hearing about his actions.

“That thing he consumed gave him a huge improvement, but it also squeezed out all his life potential and claimed his life.”

The entire surroundings were in an uproar after Sun Mo finished speaking.

“Hua Jianmu drank medicine?”

The great teachers whispered to each other.

In the student battle, it was permitted for students to use items that could upgrade their combat strength. Things like potions and spirit runes were all allowed, but the prerequisite was that these items must be prepared by their personal teachers.

After all, this was the great teacher examination, as long as the personal teachers were the ones to provide the items, it would be accepted.

However, Han Xi actually had no idea that Hua Jianmu consumed medicine. This accident didn’t seem ordinary.

As for doubting whether Sun Mo was lying?

Please, leaving aside how amazing his God Hands were, there were also so many doctors here who could prove the fact. Why would Sun Mo slander Han Xi for no reason at all?

One must know that Sun Mo’s student was the victor. He could just ignore everything and watch the show, but he was bringing this up because of Han Xi’s attitude toward Ma Zhang.

“You are farting!”

Han Xi roared in rage. With a woosh, she pulled out her swift blade. “I want to fight you!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》