Absolute Great Teacher
626 Dark Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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626 Dark Great Teacher


On the stage, Yao Guang watched the conflict below with interest.

“That Han Xi definitely is embittered and hates the world. She must be feeling that the whole world is against her, right?”

Yao Guang’s lips curled. She could understand Han Xi’s grievance.

Her own students were poached away one by one. The only one that remained behind, the one that bonded with her for life, also died here.

As his teacher, she naturally had to seek justice for him. Hence, even though she knew she wouldn’t be able to win against Sun Mo, she had to fight.

“Truly a good teacher that loves her student!”

Yao Guang sighed ruefully. One must know that this was a life-and-death battle where one could really die. Given Sun Mo’s strength, he was able to crush her 100 times.

“Ze, what a pity that your student is trash!”

Yao Guang felt some regret. She glanced at Hua Jianmu’s corpse with a disdainful look on her face. “Unable to defeat Xuanyuan Po even after drinking that potion. This is really a case of giving him the opportunity, yet he is still useless!”

“Are you the one who did it?”

A voice suddenly rang out.

“Starlord Sir!”

Yao Guang smiled. “Yes, I was the one who set the whole thing up. I could kill three birds with one stone by testing the battle god potion’s effect while checking the standard of Sun Mo’s student. In the end, our side might even be able to gain a great teacher with extraordinary potential!”

“There are many other solutions if you wish to headhunt someone. You should stop using such cruel methods!”

The Daybreak Starlord looked at Han Xi and had a calm look on his face. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

“Yo, the once cruel and ruthless Daybreak Starlord actually starts to pity people?”

Yao Guang feigned astonishment.


The Daybreak Starlord shook his head and left the battle dojo.

“Eh? Sir, are you not going to watch her battle against Sun Mo? Maybe, her shocking potential might erupt. Sigh, if I knew this would happen, I would have given her a bottle of battle god potion too!”

Yao Guang felt regret.

Hua Jianmu was too naive. It was all due to Yao Guang’s scheme that he had picked up that ‘dawn potion’. He was merely a 15-year-old youth and wouldn’t know of the many evils in the world.

“The fight won’t happen!”

The Daybreak Starlord glanced at Sun Mo. Although he wasn’t acquainted with Sun Mo, he knew this young man definitely wouldn’t attack.


“Teacher Sun, calm down!”

Mei Yazhi persuaded and personally squatted beside Hua Jianmu to inspect his body. Although she wasn’t a doctor, she was an alchemy grandmaster and also had a thorough understanding of the human body’s condition.


Sun Mo nodded. He glanced at Han Xi and then turned to leave without saying anything. As for fighting Han Xi? He would definitely not accept this.

Upon seeing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

The great teachers were once again impressed by Sun Mo’s magnanimity. One must know that if Sun Mo didn’t retaliate, it was equivalent to him admitting that he was speaking nonsense.

This scene happened under the eyes of over 30,000 people. The few who were jealous of him would definitely damage his reputation just by casually spreading this around.

However, Sun Mo didn’t mind.

How good was his character?

For a time, the favorable impression points Sun Mo obtained exceeded over 10,000.

Sun Mo was astonished when he heard the notification, not thinking that there would be such an unexpected reward. He purely didn’t want to stress out Han Xi even more, seeing how bitter her fate was.

Mei Yazhi glanced at Sun Mo and her impression of him grew even better.

“Teacher, what’s going on exactly?”

Li Ziqi frowned.

“He drank a type of potion that overdrafted his life potential!”

Sun Mo lowered his voice. “Let’s put it this way. The potential of an ordinary individual would slowly be unleashed through a long process of growth. As for Hua Jianmu, all his potential was forced out in a short period, and his body wasn’t able to withstand the burden. Hence, he died.

“Everyone is like a piece of firewood, while life is the fire burning it. But the firewood representing Hua Jianmu was all burned up in an instant.”

Ma Zhang explained. After that, he apologized to Sun Mo, “Teacher, sorry. I’ve made her wrong you.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Sun Mo waved his hands.

He wasn’t just a man; he was also a great teacher. He naturally had this bit of magnanimity.

“Teacher is so magnanimous!”

The three crazy fangirls felt worship for him.

A few minutes later, after Mei Yazhi finished her inspection, she consoled Han Xi. “Keep his body first. It is a type of blasphemy to leave his body there to be stared at by the spectators!”

When Han Xi heard this, her tears that had stopped began to flow down her face again.

Someone offered to help.

“No need!”

Han Xi rejected. She personally carried Hua Jianmu’s corpse and walked unsteadily away, leaving the battle dojo.

“Follow her, help her if she needs help!”

Mei Yazhi instructed her personal student.

She could see that there was a problem with Hua Jianmu’s body, but this scene clearly wasn’t suitable for her to dig too deeply. It was better to wait for Han Xi to calm down before speaking detailedly with her!


Outside the dojo, the sun shone brilliantly, yet Han Xi felt that her entire body was cold. It was as though it was currently a cold night in winter!

Looking at the young girls and boys brimming with vitality as they moved about the campus, Han Xi subconsciously tightened her hold on Hua Jianmu whose countenance had turned pale.

Hua Jianmu’s corpse that gradually turned cold was as though this world was currently losing its warmth. It also caused Han Xi’s heart to be sealed in ice.

“Do you feel that the world is full of maliciousness toward you and your student?”

A middle-aged man appeared beside Han Xi. He had a bamboo tube in his hand and was leisurely biting on a barley straw as he drank soy milk.

Han Xi ignored him.

“Others are enjoying fresh flowers and applause, but the two of you are like defeated dogs who are down and out. You all only want to gain some fame and achievements. Yet, your student has lost his life.”

The middle-aged man sighed.


A swift blade slashed over, but it was unknown what happened as it got repelled. The counter was so fast that Han Xi didn’t even see it clearly.

If it was any other time, Han Xu would retreat and remain cautious. But today, she no longer cared. She stared angrily at the middle-aged man, and she was like a fighting dog that had just gotten injured.


A bamboo tube landed on Hua Jianmu’s body.

Han Xi’s gaze involuntarily turned over because the bamboo tube showed signs of being burned before. From its motley color, it was clear that it was old.

However, the diagram engraved on the bamboo tube was slowly moving.

Even a fool could see that it was a secret treasure.

“This is the Four Phases Sword Cannon. Treat this as a meeting gift from me to you.”

The middle-aged man smiled.

Han Xi didn’t take it.

The middle-aged man’s lips twitched. “I truly cannot take out average-grade saint-tier cultivation arts freely, but I only have this with me

“Oh right, although you are trained in the art of blade for twelve years, let me persuade you a little to change to the sword. You don’t have any future when it comes to using blades.”

The middle-aged man sighed. He knew that Han Xi chose to practice the blade simply because out of all the cultivation arts she had, the grade of the Second Month Lancet was the highest. It wasn’t because she was fond of blades.

“Who are you?”

Han Xi’s eyes narrowed. An average-grade saint-tier cultivation art? Who would use such a thing as a meeting gift? It was unknown why, but when she looked at the clear and deep eyes of this man, she instinctively felt that he wasn’t lying.

However, what shocked her the most was his guidance. He accurately spoke out that she was practicing the Second Month Lancet. Such a judgment was truly terrifying.

But before the middle-aged man could say anything more, Han Xi looked at the bamboo and revealed a bitter smile.

“Even if it’s a divine-tier cultivation art, what’s the point of me obtaining it now?”

Han Xi’s heart felt like dead ashes.

“At the very least, you can take revenge!”

The middle-aged man subtly nodded. Han Xi’s character was worthy of his admiration. If she revealed even a trace of joy at the prospect of obtaining a high-grade cultivation art, he would instantly give up all thoughts on recruiting her.


Although Han Xi was angry at those sanctimonious great teachers, she had never thought about something like revenge.


The middle-aged man drank a mouthful of soy milk. “Don’t you find their countenances very repulsive? Do they think that just by saying a few words of consolation after someone dies, they can simply mask the past?

“The ultimate root of your student’s death was still because of all those fellows who chose to lock down knowledge and put bans on some line of thoughts. They have ‘chained’ all the young great teachers!

“If Hua Jianmu could learn a top-grade cultivation art, even if he couldn’t defeat that Xuanyuan Po today, he would still be able to retreat safely.”

Upon hearing the words of the middle-aged man, an intense resentment and unwillingness appeared in Han Xi’s heart. She recalled her path in the past when she was seeking knowledge. She remembered how great of a price she had to pay just to obtain this inferior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art.

“As long as they exist, many great teachers and students will suffer the same tragedy. So, why don’t we overthrow them and change the great teacher world?”

The middle-aged man suggested.

“Overthrow them?”

Han Xi’s heart suddenly pounded. After that, she looked at Hua Jianmu.

Honestly speaking, when her personal student died, Han Xi sank into a daze. But now, this sentence from the middle-aged man awoke her.

“If you no longer want to live, why don’t you use your body to do some contribution for those Han Xis and Hua Jianmus out there?”

The middle-aged man stretched out his right hand and smiled at Han Xi. “Welcome to Dark Dawn!”

This time around, Han Xi grabbed the middle-aged man’s hand with no hesitation although she had long since guessed his origins.

But so what of it?

“From now onward, you are a dark great teacher!”

The middle-aged man finished his soymilk. “Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Li Poxiao, one of the seven Starlords within Dark Dawn.”

Han Xi’s eyes widened. She didn’t expect that he would be a major character of this level. He seemed completely different from those rumors she heard about Dark Dawn. The personnel of Dark Dawn was supposed to be maniacs who killed people like plucking weeds, and darkness would envelop everywhere they passed!

“There are many talented juniors in our Dark Dawn. I believe you will be able to find a new personal student!”

Daybreak Starlord consoled.

“No need!”

Han Xi no longer wished to accept students.

“Is that so? That’s truly regretful. I’m still anticipating a student of yours that can defeat Sun Mo’s personal students. But nevermind, it’s also pretty good if you can defeat Sun Mo!”

The tone of the Daybreak Starlord was amiable and approachable.

“I will!”

Han Xi clutched the bamboo tube. (Jianmu, just you watch! I will defeat Sun Mo within three years to prove to you that I’m the strongest!)

“In that case, you have to work hard in cultivation. After all, currently, there are many rising stars in our Dark Dawn who are leading their teams, planning to stir up trouble for Sun Mo.”

The Daybreak Starlord encouraged.


The third round of the competition was covered in a gloomy aura due to Hua Jianmu’s death. However, the Saint Gate was such a large organization, and they had long since anticipated that something like this might happen. It was impossible for them to shut down the competition for the sake of a nameless student. Hence, the fourth round of the competition continued.

Jiang Leng of the ‘A’ group was the first to fight. But when he saw his opponent, he was completely stunned.

[1] Li Poxiao (name of Daybreak Starlord). Li stands for ‘Dawn’, Poxiao stands for ‘Daybreak’.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》