Absolute Great Teacher
628 Are Your Peerless Saint-Tier Cultivation Arts Cabbages?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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628 Are Your Peerless Saint-Tier Cultivation Arts Cabbages?


Wu Yan was stunned. He had asked about Ying Baiwu’s ancestor just because he was curious and wanted to know if her clan had any major characters.

A peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art was able to let a clan prosper for several hundred years. After all, something like a cultivation art would be able to be passed down as long as the descendants weren’t too stupid. It was extremely beneficial to them.

But what was the young girl’s reply?

Her cultivation art was taught to her by her teacher?

Wu Yan subconsciously glanced at Sun Mo as the word ‘wastrel’ appeared in his mind.

Wu Yan’s personal teacher, the great teachers in the surroundings of the stage, as well as the audience in the spectator stands were all looking at Sun Mo with stunned expressions. They didn’t know what they should say.

“Is this fellow crazy?”

“Let alone saint-tier cultivation arts, even peerless heaven-tier cultivation arts would only be passed down to males and not females. Yet, this guy actually passed it to a female disciple?”

“There’s no problem imparting it to his student, but doesn’t he have to observe and test her loyalty first? From what I know, they haven’t known each other that long!”

The spectators whispered to each other.

As there were underground bettings for the student battle as well, the information on Ying Baiwu and the others had been dug out long ago.

Although they didn’t know her background, they know that she had only followed Sun Mo for a year plus.

Because Sun Mo’s behavior was too norm-defying, it led to all of them being dumbstruck.

“Are the saint-tier cultivation arts you possessed cabbages?”

A major character with the surname Wang on the judging panel mumbled.

“Doesn’t this mean that Sun Mo’s heart is vast and magnanimous enough, and he is incomparably generous?”

Mei Yazhi looked at Sun Mo with admiration in her gaze. Not holding anything back when it came to teaching his students. This was then a quality that all great teachers should aspire to have!


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +100. Friendly (350/1,000).

“As expected, it is like what I’ve thought!”

Mei Ziyu sat in the corner and propped her chin up with her hands as she surveyed Sun Mo. There was a very sweet-looking smile on her lips.

Li Ruolan who was standing beside Sun Mo inclined her head to stare at him. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was worried she might be beaten up, she really felt like asking something – Are you an idiot?

This beautiful reporter’s right hand was clutching the lapel before her chest. She felt an intense heartache!

(If I married him, that could be considered a cultivation art that we could pass down to our descendants, right? He’s actually passing it down to a female student? Wasn’t this too much of a loss?)

Gu Xiuxun looked at the stunned expressions of the people in the surroundings, and she suddenly elbowed Sun Mo. (Do you finally know how unique your behavior is now?)

After that, Gu Xiuxun felt a little sad.

Back then when Sun Mo had taught her the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands which was also a peerless saint-tier art, she had doubted him and wondered if he coveted her. After all, her appearance and figure was hot enough to make people drool over her.

At that time, the masochist had felt anticipation but also very conflicted. If Black Doggy Sun had brought up an outrageous suggestion, should she accept it or not?

However, even after she learned the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands for three months, Sun Mo didn’t reveal his ‘fangs’, and this caused Gu Xiuxun to be certain that she had misunderstood him.

He was really generous and completely had no design on her.


Gu Xiuxun, who grew more indignant the more she thought about it, suddenly lifted her little fist and hammered Sun Mo.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo turned and asked in puzzlement.

“There’s a mosquito!”

Gu Xiuxun’s loops twitched. But after that, she stretched out her hands and smoothened the crease on Sun Mo’s shirt.


Li Ziqi felt a little speechless when she saw this. She mentally mused, ‘Are you guys not afraid that I will tell this to Teacher’s wife?’


“How is this possible?”

Wu Yan frowned, he didn’t understand.

“Why is it impossible?”

Ying Baiwu counter-asked, feeling somewhat unhappy. She felt that this fellow was doubting her teacher’s character.

“B...because that’s a s...saint-tier cultivation art and a peerless-graded one as well!”

Wu Yan subconsciously glanced at his personal teacher. Although his personal teacher treated him quite well, even up until now, he hadn’t taught him his ultimate skills yet.

However, Wu Yan wasn’t angry because this was the norm in the great teacher world. (As a student who just joined for a few years, you haven’t contributed anything yet, but you already want to learn your teacher’s ultimate skills? How can that be possible?!)

“Your teacher is your teacher, while my teacher is mine. Don’t compare them!”

Ying Baiwu’s tone turned ice-cold. “If you continue to offend my teacher with your words, I will propose a life-and-death duel with you.”


Everyone was shocked. Ying Baiwu’s words placed Sun Mo in an extremely high position. Moreover, her words and tone were filled with worship for him.

“Your words make it sound like Teacher Sun is the best teacher in the world. Could it be that even saints are inferior to him?”

Wu Yan’s lips twitched.

“That’s right, even saints are inferior to my teacher!”

Ying Baiwu didn’t hesitate and directly shot back.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +500. Reverence (10,100/100,000).


All the great teachers inhaled a breath of cold air in unison. (Aren’t your words a little too big?) But after that, they started to feel envious of Sun Mo. After all, who wouldn’t want their students to worship them like that?

“Baiwu, speak cautiously!”

Sun Mo berated slightly to ‘put on a show’. After all, if a saint heard this, leaving aside the fact that it sounded like boasting, it was also a form of great disrespect to them.

However, because of the iron-headed girl’s words, streams of favorable impression points appeared in Sun Mo’s vision. They were contributed by the students.

After all, Sun Mo’s generosity shocked all of them.

The ‘B’ group matches had ended and the first place was Ying Baiwu. She would fight against the number one of ‘A’ group, Jiang Leng, to get the right to enter the finals. However, because both of them were Sun Mo’s personal students, this meant that one of his students would enter the finals for sure.

Hence, many great teachers felt as though their mouths were stuffed with a large lemon. It felt so sour that they could die.

The ‘C’ group matches started. Zhou Yao who had defeated Zhang Yanzong easily gained victory again. After that, it was time for the ‘D’ group matches.

“Teacher, I’m going!”

Xuanyuan Po was brimming with excitement, but he already returned before even a minute had passed. This was because his opponent had forfeited.

One must know that the combat addict had won every single one of his matches through head-on attacks. His iron-blooded and valiant style had long since been known by the audience.

Meanwhile, his opponent was heavily injured in his previous match and saw no hope of victory. This was why he naturally chose to give up.

Hence, Xuanyuan Po became the #1 ranker in the ‘D’ group.

At this moment, the top four had appeared. Three of them were actually Sun Mo’s students.

“I’m going to spend tens of thousands of taels to buy all the lemon trees nearby, so I can chop them down!”

In a tavern, an affluent second-generation great teacher cursed and vowed that he would never eat sour stuff again in his lifetime. After all, he felt ‘sour’ enough just by looking at Sun Mo.

“Are the three of them personally taught by him?”

Someone doubted. After all, Sun Mo was truly too young. In the end, he actually got such great achievements and it shocked everyone too much.

“I don’t think it’s fake. Did you see the gazes his students looked at him with? Their gazes were filled with intense respect and worship!”

A great teacher spoke out and many people in the surroundings nodded in agreement.

There was no doubt, Sun Mo was really strong!

“This time around, Sun Mo has broken the record. Three of his personal students are in the top four!”

“If Xuanyuan Po defeated Zhou Yao, it would mean that the top two in the finals would be Sun Mo’s personal student!”

“Zhou Yao must do her best or this world would belong to Sun Mo!”

Several people started to support Zhou Yao, hoping that she would be able to defeat Sun Mo’s students and become the champion.


The sun rose from the east, and a brand new day arrived.

The semi-finals began in the battle dojo.

For the first match, it was Jiang Leng against Ying Baiwu.

“Junior martial brother and junior martial sister, you guys must do your best!”

Lu Zhiruo waved her fist and cheered for them both. “But don’t harm the harmony, remember to stop when it’s appropriate.”

“Jiang Leng, are you confident in fighting against that Zhou Yao?”

After getting on the stage, Ying Baiwu asked in a low voice.

“I’m not certain.”

Jiang Leng shook his head because he wasn’t able to see the depth of Zhou Yao’s capability clearly.

“I have an advantage against her, but I keep feeling that it’s very dangerous. I dare not be certain of my victory. Hence, I should give up this round to you.”

Ying Baiwu didn’t care about her victory or defeat. She only wanted one of them to become the champion for their teacher. Hence, she was prepared to forfeit.

“You are the junior sister. By right, I should be the one giving up. Honestly speaking, I also cannot be certain of my victory.”

Jiang Leng contemplated and felt that the chances of victory would be higher if Ying Baiwu was the one fighting against Zhou Yao.

The two of them discussed on the stage, stunning all the audience, which had planned to watch a fascinating battle between two martial siblings.

“This can work as well?”

All the great teachers felt very sour deep down in their hearts. (When can my students be strong enough and be like them?)

“I suddenly feel very lucky that a great teacher can only submit the names of three personal students for the student battle!”

A great teacher with a high nose bridge felt a lingering fear.


Someone didn’t understand.

“If four people could participate, wouldn’t Sun Mo’s students hog the glory and limelight of the top four?”

The great teacher with the high nose bridge stared at Li Ziqi and the others. He suddenly felt that the three other personal students of Sun Mo were also immeasurably deep.

“It can’t be, right?”

Someone doubted. “Just that eldest martial sister alone looks passable. The other melon eater doesn’t seem strong at all. There’s also a sickly invalid!”

“You are wrong. How can the sickly invalid under Sun Mo’s tutelage be an ordinary sickly invalid?”

The great teacher with a high nose bridge was confident that this fellow named Tantai Yutang was definitely very terrifying.

“Until when do you guys want to discuss things?”

Tong Yiming felt helpless as he asked. (Are you guys treating this place as your living room? Discussing so openly with no fear. Do you think that I, as the main examiner, no longer want face?)

“Sorry. I forfeit!”

After Jiang Leng spoke, he jumped down the stage.


This scene instantly caused everyone in the audience to boo. The originally highly anticipated semi-finals was destroyed by both of them just like that.

Luckily, there was another match they could anticipate.

“Zhou Yao, do your best. Right now, you are our only hope!”

Many people shouted.

Zhou Yao touched her sword hilt and surveyed Xuanyuan Po with interest. “Where are you from? Maybe, we are from the same hometown.”

Xuanyuan Po stared at Zhou Yao. His sixth sense told him that this girl was very terrifying. As for being from the same hometown? It was impossible!”

“Your gaze is so terrifying!”

Zhou Yao revealed a worried expression. “Why don’t we just stop when it’s appropriate to? I don’t want to be injured by you!”

Xuanyuan Po’s expression turned heavy. “Stop talking nonsense. Come, let’s fight!”

“Alright, since this is the case, let’s do things according to your wish!”

Zhou Yao’s expression reverted to normal. She suddenly moved and appeared directly before Xuanyuan Po.


Her longsword pierced out in fury, directly aiming for Xuanyuan Po’s throat, wanting to take his life with a single strike.

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