Absolute Great Teacher
629 Dragon Ball Spirit Rune, Shocking Everyone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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629 Dragon Ball Spirit Rune, Shocking Everyone


Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Zhou Yao’s sword was never far from Xuanyuan Po’s vitals.


Li Ziqi involuntarily cried out. This was too dangerous. If the combat addict was just the slightest bit careless, he would die.

“How strong!”

Jiang Leng felt a little regret at letting Ying Baiwu win. Given the speed Zhou Yao displayed, she was really very powerful. Even though Ying Baiwu was a long-range fighter, she might not be able to have too many advantages.

For such a life-and-death battle, he should be the one to face it.

Yet, Ying Baiwu didn’t feel any dread or fear. She took a few steps forward and opened her eyes wide, staring intently at each of Zhou Yao’s movements, wanting to find her weakness.

“Isn’t she a little too strong?”

The great teachers were shocked.

Compared to the tall, sturdy, and muscular Xuanyuan Po, Zhou Yao looked like an ordinary young girl. However, her sword agilely weaved through the air and would even clash against the combat addict head-on. She wasn’t in any way inferior in terms of strength.

It was unknown how her slender arms could contain such immense power.

Sun Mo stared at her, but in the end, the words that appeared were ‘Your level of Divine Sight is too low, it’s impossible to read any data of your target.’

“Are you kidding me? My Divine Sight is at the ancestor-level!”

Sun Mo instantly frowned so severely that his brows could crush a crab to death.

“Sorry, there’s still the legendary-level above the ancestor-level!”

The system replied.

“What origins does this Zhou Yao have exactly?”

Sun Mo subconsciously thought about Dark Dawn. They might be the ones stirring up trouble, or she might be a student of a secondary saint.

But speaking of which, Zhou Yao’s teacher had never appeared at all!


Zhou Yao caused Xuanyuan Po to stumble backward and fall. After that, she gazed at her sleeves that were torn by him and she praised, “You actually could injure me? Interesting!”

Xuanyuan Po climbed up and had a heavy expression on his face. “I originally didn’t want to use this, but I admit that I’m not a match for you. Hence, in order for me to fight better, I have to use it.”


A commotion shook the audience. Xuanyuan Po who was so powerful was actually inferior to her. However, everyone was curious. What was he going to use exactly?


Zhou Yao elegantly spoke.

Xuanyuan Po took out a spirit rune from his robes and tore it with his hands.

Crackle~ crackle~

Golden arcs of lightning immediately manifested. After that, they were like fish swimming in the pool, cloaking Xuanyuan Po.

Crackle~ crackle~

Crackling sounds rang out. They were like sparks flying off a flint, igniting the spirit qi from Xuanyuan Po’s body.


A corona of radiant golden spirit qi flowed out from him, enveloping him and allowing his combat strength to instantly surge.


Exclamations of surprise rang out from the surroundings. At this moment, the gazes of over 30,000 people were all fixed on Xuanyuan Po.

Golden spirit qi! They had never seen this before. Why did the hair of this fellow suddenly become golden?

Also, all of his hair was spiked up!

How should they put it? There was actually a cool sense of beauty exuding from him!

“What is this?”

Zhou Yao asked. She could sense that the spirit pressure from Xuanyuan Po directly rose by three times.

What was spirit pressure?

It was the pressure generated when spirit qi flowed out.

Actually, this was the same logic as wind pressure. It was just that spirit pressure was generated by spirit qi.

“This is the Dragon Ball Spirit Rune!”

Xuanyuan Po was a single-cell organism. In his brain, he had never had the concept of keeping things a secret.

“Eh? What a strange name. I can be considered to have some experience in the field of spirit rune, but why have I never heard of this before? Student Xuanyuan, can you tell me more about this?”

Zhou Yao consulted.

“I don’t know the specifics, but this is something my teacher invented!”

After Xuanyuan Po finished speaking, he urged, “Are you prepared? I’m going to attack!”


This time around, the sound from the audience wasn’t loud, but the great teachers were actually the one exclaiming in surprise instead. This was because the content of Xuanyuan Po’s words was too stunning.

Sun Mo invented a brand new spirit rune called the Dragon Ball Spirit Rune?

What concept was this?

This indicated that Sun Mo already had grandmaster-level expertise in the field of spirit runes.

One must know that the word ‘invent’ meant starting an unprecedented process of creation. It was too difficult.

The vast majority of spirit runes that existed in the world were excavated from the ruins of the Darkness Continent. Only a minority was invented by spirit rune grandmasters. Moreover, these spirit rune grandmasters had all left behind a heavy stroke of their brush in history with no exception.

In the great teacher world, let alone inventing a spirit rune, even modifying one to increase its effect by 100% would be considered an extremely remarkable achievement.

“Sun Mo is only 21, right? Is he already a spirit rune grandmaster?”

Bai Shuang was working in the Skyraise Academy and had seen many impressive great teachers before. But even in the Nine Greats, such an outstanding spirit rune master was as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns.

Seeing the golden corona of spirit qi around Xuanyuan Po, Bai Shuang suddenly retracted her thought about ‘as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns’. She realized that there wasn’t even a single one like him at all.

“That’s definite. If someone dares to disagree, Teacher Sun can just ruthlessly smash this spirit rune into the face of the other party and ask them if they have something like this?”

Xia Cang bitterly smiled and shook his head. Geniuses would always cause people to feel despair.


Favorable impression points from Xie Cang +100. Respect (3702/10,000).

At the VIP seats, those headmasters from ‘C’ grade schools were all sighing with grief.

“How should we headhunt him?”

Jiang Mu from the Wingspread Academy kneaded his glabella, feeling a headache.

“You are still intending on headhunting him? Do you even have the face to talk to him about this?”

Vice headmaster Bai Zao from the Virtuous Academy, which was ranked 5th in the ‘C’ grade, gave a self-mocking smile. After that, he looked at Huang Hai and revealed an expression of schadenfreude.

Now, everything was good. No one should think about headhunting Sun Mo. In that case, the capability of everyone would be on the same starting line.

“How did he suddenly become a spirit rune grandmaster in the blink of an eye?”

Huang Hai from the Royal Dragon Academy forcefully pinched his thigh to ascertain that he wasn’t dreaming.

(It’s fine, don’t panic. I can use the fact that our Royal Dragon Academy will rise to the ‘B’ grade this year as bait!)

After thinking of this, Huang Hai suddenly sighed in a dispirited manner. Leaving aside the fact that they had not ascended to the ‘B’ grade yet, even if they did, those schools in the ‘B’ grade would also try to headhunt Sun Mo.

It would never be their turns.

This was a 21-year-old spirit rune grandmaster. His future was boundlessly bright.

Even if the eyes of the ‘A’ grade schools’ headmasters were all blinded, there were still the vice headmasters. They would definitely try to invite him.

“Why do you have to be so outstanding?”

Huang Hai felt depressed. (Wouldn’t it be good if you are outstanding to that particular degree where the ‘A’ grade schools don’t want you, but your outstandingness makes you a top-quality hire for us?)

But no matter how he thought, Huang Hai still felt an intense admiration for Sun Mo in his heart.


Favorable impression points from Huang Hai +100. Friendly (210/1,000).

“It’s a pity that Teacher Jiang isn’t here!”

On the judging panel, after a major character spoke, the others immediately laughed knowingly. Jiang Zhitong was a 3-star great teacher and because of his background, he had a relatively high attainment in the field of spirit runes, but he still wasn’t qualified for the title ‘grandmaster’. Now if he saw how strong Sun Mo was, he absolutely would cough three mouthfuls of blood from anger.

On the stage, Xuanyuan Po and Zhou Yao continued fighting. This time around, both their attacks and defenses were done even more forcefully.

All the audience felt high from watching. Some even climbed on top of their chairs and cheered with excitement.

“Putting you guys in the youth group is simply unfair to others.”

Tong Yiming admired the two of them, but he also felt somewhat helpless.

“Beautiful! Beautiful!”

In the spectator stands, Bai Wenzhang’s body leaned forward and his eyes were wide open. He wanted nothing more than to instantly place Xuanyuan Po on an experimental table and properly admire his body constitution.

He merely came to spectate the competition and didn’t expect to actually see such a spirit rune.

Its effect was gorgeous and powerful. This was definitely an amazing masterpiece!


Favorable impression points from Bai Wenzhang +10. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (10/1,000).

Great Flame Black Tortoise!


A giant turtle formed from the flames materialized before Xuanyuan Po.


Zhou Yao’s sword pierced through that and slashed against Xuanyuan Po’s neck again.

Xuanyuan Po was ruthless enough. He ignored it and directly unleashed his ultimate skill.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everywhere his silver spear passed by was ignited, forming a line of flames.

This was an attack that would cause the user to perish together with his enemy.

Zhou Yao temporarily retreated, giving up the attacking initiative to Xuanyuan Po.

Nine Revolutions Flame Dragon Tornado!

As he unleashed this ultimate skill and when a flame dragon whistled past the stage, Zhou Yao lightly leaped backward and landed below the stage.

Xuanyuan Po started. After that, he roared. “What are you doing? Come back up and fight!”

“I’ve lost!”

Zhou Yao spoke. She lifted her sword and placed it beside her mouth. After that, she licked the fresh blood on her sword.

“Come and fight!”

Xuanyuan Po urged. He even planned to jump off the stage to continue fighting, but he saw Zhou Yao suddenly revealing a meaningful smile, which caused his heart to involuntarily thump with nervousness.

Zhou Yao’s eyes were too terrifying. It was as though she could see through everything.

“Student Xuanyuan, we will fight again when there’s a chance to!”

After Zhou Yao finished speaking, her legs exerted force and she leaped through the air. After a few jumps, she vanished from the battle dojo.

“What’s going on?”

The audience was very unhappy. They felt as though they were forcefully stopped by someone when they were urinating halfway.

“Xuanyuan Po is the victor for this round!’

After Tong Yiming finished his announcement, the gazes of all the great teachers turned and landed on Sun Mo, filled with envy.

No matter who won or lost, the champion would be Sun Mo’s students. Once again, he had broken a record.

Yet, Sun Mo wasn’t joyful. Instead, he was thinking about Zhou Yao.

Zhou Yao left the Westmountain Academy, and when she turned at a right corner on the streets, her right hand suddenly scratched the skin below her neck as she forcefully tugged upward, removing her fake ‘face’ and hair.

“Sugar-coated haws! Sweet and sour sugar-coated haws for sale!”

“It’s being sold for cheap!”

An old man who was carrying hay baskets filled with sugar-coated haws wandered into the alley.

“Old man, give me one!”

‘Zhou Yao’ who removed her ‘face’ smiled sweetly and passed two copper coins over.

“Ah, whose daughter are you? You are so good-looking!”

The old man praised and passed her a large stick of red-colored sugar-coated haws. “Hold it well!”


‘Zhou Yao’ bit a mouthful in passing. After that, she coughed and took a few breaths. (It’s so sour, how can he say it’s sweet? What a liar!)

However, ‘Zhou Yao’ continued to munch on it happily because she had discovered a very fun matter today.

(Sun Mo of Jinling, the Central Province Academy, you guys better not let me be disappointed!)

(Oh right, I heard that the headmaster of that school is a beauty on the Beauty Rankings? Maybe, she would also be a fun toy to play with?!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》