Absolute Great Teacher
630 The Birth of the Champions, Personal Students Ruling the Top Rankings!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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630 The Birth of the Champions, Personal Students Ruling the Top Rankings!


After resting for a day, the last day of the student battle arrived. However, the audience all felt very pessimistic as they don’t think it would be fascinating at all. After all, both combatants were Sun Mo’s students, it was impossible for the two of them to go all out and fight until one dies for the sake of becoming the champion.

“Ying Baiwu, Xuanyuan Po, please get up on stage!”

The main examiner was still Tong Yiming.

“I forfeit!”

Xuanyuan Po was seated in the preparation area and didn’t even bother to go up the stage.


Everyone erupted into curses and scoldings.

Although many people had guessed that this would be the ending, they still felt very depressed when they personally saw it. After all, the tickets to the event cost money!


Tong Yiming’s face turned black. (Can you respect the audience a little? Even if you want to forfeit, you have to fight casually for roughly three minutes first before you do so, right?)

“Go on. Even if you want to forfeit, do it on the stage and thank your supporters among the audience!”

Sn Mo instructed.

Because Xuanyuan Po’s combat style was iron-blooded and valiant, he had won quite a few fans during these few days.

“I didn’t tell them to support me!”

Xuanyuan Po’s lips twitched. He truly felt no interest in doing such things.

“Xuanyuan, you will understand after you grow up what this type of recognition means!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Quickly go. By acting so coldly, I dare to guarantee that at least half of your fans would turn to loathe you.”

Li Ziqi prodded the combat addict, “If those black-hearted fans kept dissing you. In the future, even if you reached a powerful cultivation realm and became a spear saint, you wouldn’t be able to gain public approval because your reputation would have been damaged even before then.”

“It’s so terrifying?”

Xuanyuan Po frowned. After that, he went up the stage.

“The two of you, please exchange your greetings. The match has officially begun!”

Tong Yiming was overcome with boredom as he announced.

“I forfeit!”

After Xuanyuan Po spoke, he glanced at the audience. “Ying Baiwu is my junior martial sister, so I can’t fight her. Although she cannot defeat me, she’s still extremely powerful. So, you guys, please do not underestimate her. Her abilities merit her for the first place!”

“What do you mean by this?”

The iron-headed girl’s face sank.

“I’m praising you for being impressive!”

Xuanyuan Po was astonished. He didn’t understand why Ying Baiwu was angry.


Jiang Leng helplessly facepalmed.

“If you don’t know how to speak, just speak less!” Li Ziqi roared in a low voice. “Alright, thank the audience!”

Ying Baiwu glanced at Sun Mo. She didn’t want her teacher to lose face, or she would have disputed and made things clear with Xuanyuan Po today.

“Thank you everyone for your support!”

Ying Baiwu bowed toward the audience in four directions, but she didn’t give a damn about these people in her heart.

(I’m only fighting to become the champion for the sake of Teacher. Even if everyone in the world looks down on me and wants to blacken my name, I don’t care. As long as Teacher understands and loves me, it is enough.)

“I’m Xuanyuan Po from the Central Province Academy. Thank you for all your support. In the future, if you guys want to fight, you can always come and look for me, I will accept any fight requests any time!”

Xuanyuan Po’s thanks only consisted of a few sentences, and he would definitely bring the topic back to a fight.

“But let’s make things clear first. I don’t have much money. So, I can at most treat those who win against me to a meal. As for the losers, you guys should settle your own food and lodging!”

Xuanyuan Po added.

The audience was dumbfounded. What the hell was your speech of thanks? But after that, when they looked at the straight face of Xuanyuan Po, everyone started laughing.

“This fellow is truly a battle fanatic!”

“He’s quite pure!”

“Yeah, he is fully focused on this method and has no other distraction in mind. It truly causes people to feel envious.”

The audience understood Xuanyuan Po’s character. After that, they stood in waves and applauded for them.

“Why do you have to treat those who win against you to a meal?”

The papaya girl didn’t understand.

“Because we can fight again after eating!”

The sickly invalid involuntarily burst into laughter after hearing the answer. This combat addict was truly born for fighting.

“I hereby announce that the student battle of this competition has concluded!’

Tong Yiming waited for the applause to fade and announced loudly.

“Champion, Ying Baiwu!”

“Second place, Xuanyuan Po!”

“Third place, Jiang Leng!”

Actually, there should be one more match between Jiang Leng and Zhou Yao. However, it was discovered that Zhou Yao had vanished.

After that, during the evening, someone found her corpse on a tree on the outskirts of Westmountain City. From the looks of things, she had committed suicide, but the Saint Gate would investigate this all the way until the end.

Naturally, although the match wasn’t fought, no one doubted Jiang Leng’s strength. In fact, many great teachers felt that this youth with the word ‘cripple’ on his forehead might even be stronger than Xuanyuan Po.

As Tong Yiming’s words rang out, all the great teachers stood and applauded. Many high-ranking great teachers even walked toward Sun Mo, wanting to get acquainted with him.

It wasn’t because they wanted to form connections. Rather, they wanted to understand Sun Mo and learn from his experience of nurturing students. However, they soon realized that they had no chance.

Their vice alliance leader kept occupying Sun Mo’s time by continuing to speak to him.

“Teacher Sun is really good at teaching disciples. All three of your personal students actually reigned supreme on the ranking board and occupied the top three positions. You are the first person to have done so in 300 years.”

Liang Hongda congratulated.

This wasn’t just pleasantries but was the truth.

Honestly speaking, the great teachers participating in the 2-star great teacher examination wouldn’t be too famous. If they could find one or two students who had a not-too-bad aptitude, they should already burn incense to thank their ancestors.

Even though Liang Hongda was already on the seat of the vice alliance leader and enjoyed high prestige and authority, at this moment, his gaze was also filled with envy when he looked at Sun Mo.

As a great teacher, who wouldn’t want to have good students? No one would feel that they had too many geniuses under them.

“Vice alliance leader praises me too much!”

Sun Mo humbly and politely replied. He didn’t like social interactions like this, but when one was in society, they had no choice but to follow the rules.

Mei Yazhi was worried that because Sun Mo was too young and had achieved such a glorious achievement, he would become arrogant and egoistic and might offend a major character like Liang Hongda. In that case, his future path as a great teacher would definitely not be smooth. But very soon, she discovered that she had been worrying too much.

Sun Mo couldn’t be considered a veteran, but he was proficient in dealing with situations like this.

“Sigh, the old headmaster’s judgment is really sharp.”

Mei Yazhi sighed ruefully. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sun Mo had a marriage engagement, she truly wanted to headhunt him.

He was overflowing with talent, handsome, and had a tall figure. The most important thing was that he had a high EQ. How could anyone not like him?

To say something unpleasant sounding, if she met someone like Sun Mo when she was young, she might not be able to control it and would pursue him.


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +50. Friendly (400/1,000).

“Everyone, there’s still the award ceremony!”

Tong Yiming felt helpless.

The reward for the champion was an average-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, second place would get an average-grade heaven-tier weapon, and third place would get an inferior-grade heaven-tier alchemy pill.

The rewards weren’t bad, but they held no attraction to Xuanyuan Po and the other two. In addition to the urgings of the great teachers, the rewards ceremony was swiftly brought to a close.

“Student Xuanyuan, let’s get acquainted. I’m a vice headmaster of the Royal Dragon Academy, Huang Hai!”

Since Huang Hai was unable to headhunt Sun Mo, he turned his sights to Xuanyuan Po.


Xuanyuan Po frowned. “You are blocking my way!”

This place was too noisy, and the combat addict wanted to return to the hotel to do his meditation.

The attitude of Xuanyuan Po caused Huang Hai to feel very unhappy, but when he recalled Xuanyuan Po’s talent, he calmed himself down to explain. “My Royal Dragon Academy is the #1 school in the ‘C’ grade. I wonder if you have any interest in coming for a tour?”

Li Ziqi immediately glanced over as she grew wary. The words of the other party were very tactful, but anyone could hear the subtle hint within. This man wanted to poach Xuanyuan Po.

Other than Huang Hai, there were others in the surroundings, but they didn’t speak. It wasn’t because they were reserved. They wanted to confirm their offering price from the conversation between Huang Hai and Xuanyuan Po.

If they could afford it, they would headhunt Xuanyuan Po. If they couldn’t, they would quickly step aside to not lose face.

“Let’s have a fight first!”

Xuanyuan Po suggested.


Huang Hai was stunned. After that, he guessed that Xuanyuan Po might not understand his meaning, hence, he made things clearer. “Whatever you want, our academy will do our best to meet your request!”

“Yeah, that’s why you should have a fight against me first. We will spar based on techniques and won’t use any spirit qi.”

Xuanyuan Po was brimming with desire.

“Hehe, there’s no hurry if you want to fight!”

Huang Hai naturally wouldn’t act. Besides, there seemed to be something wrong with this situation. (Shouldn’t you use the chance to tell us your conditions?)

“Why is there no hurry? After we fight and I confirm the strength of your school, you can send your elite students to look for me, so we can have fun clashing against each other. Don’t worry, my teacher will take care of their food and lodgings!”

After Xuanyuan Po spoke, he looked at Li Ziqi. “Eh, Teacher will help me pay them, right?”


Huang Hai’s face sank. He left after clasping his hands, feeling that Xuanyuan Po was pranking him.

“Hmph, how arrogant. Is it impressive just because they hogged the top three in the student battle? The Central Province Academy, right? In the ‘C’ grade school tournament this year, my Royal Dragon Academy will definitely crush all of you!”

Huang Hai left in anger. Actually, he understood that he wouldn’t be able to headhunt Xuanyuan Po.

After Jiang Leng received the rewards from the ceremony and passed it to Ying Baiwu, he quickly hid away. He hated crowds. Ying Baiwu was slower by half-a-beat and got surrounded by a group of great teachers.

“Student Ying...”

A vice headmaster who felt that he had passable looks smiled as he spoke. He looked like a pedophile trying to cheat a young girl.

She touched the cultivation art she had just obtained as a reward. [Sky Mystic Art]? It sounded very impressive, but it was just an average heaven-tier item. She wasn’t able to use this, but this should be able to sell for some money.

“Ziqi, how much can this cultivation art sell for?”

Ying Baiwu called out.

“The Saint Gate is still very generous. The rewards they give out are considered quite rare. It should be worth about 50,000 spirit stones?”

Li Ziqi gave an estimate.

“So much?”

Ying Baiwu was stunned. After that, she glanced at the vice headmaster who felt that he had passable looks. “Have you decided?”

“Decide what?”

The vice headmaster had a puzzled look on his face.

“Have you decided to give me a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art?”

The iron-headed girl asked.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》