Absolute Great Teacher
631 Opening Treasure Chests Continuously, Top Rewards!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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631 Opening Treasure Chests Continuously, Top Rewards!



The countenance of the vice headmaster with the passable looks directly contorted, and he instantly became uglier by ten times. (Is there still any rationality in this discussion?) He suddenly felt like spitting on this girl’s face.

“If I have a peerless saint-tier cultivation art, why would I still need to poach you away? As long as I shine it around, many students would be begging me on bended knees for me to take them as...!”

(Wait a minute.) The vice headmaster suddenly discovered that even if many students would want to take him on as a personal teacher in that case, Ying Baiwu wouldn’t be among them because she already knew a peerless saint-tier cultivation art.

“Black Doggy Sun, F*** you. You are maliciously raising your stake and destroying the balance of the great teacher world!”

The ten-times uglier vice headmaster turned and left.

The other great teachers also shook their heads regretfully, losing the interest to headhunt Ying Baiwu as she would ask them ‘Do you have a peerless saint-tier cultivation art?’.

This wasn’t simply a form of rejection but also a type of contempt. In the Nine Provinces, how many people would be as generous as Sun Mo?

“Well done!”

Li Ziqi patted Ying Baiwu on her shoulder. (Luckily, none of you left or I would have to ‘cleanse’ the sect of its filth.)

“Hey student, do you want to come to our school for a tour?”

A middle-aged man walked toward Lu Zhiruo and smiled at her.


Lu Zhiruo jumped in fright. After that, she blinked her large eyes and asked in excitement, “You want to headhunt me?”

The papaya girl had always been a silly girl. Because of her background, she had never experienced being headhunted before. Hence, she felt this was very fresh.

The middle-aged man glanced at the surroundings and lowered his voice. “You can understand it this way!”

“Why do you want me? I didn’t go up the stage to fight!”

The papaya girl felt puzzled. After that, she became enlightened. “Ah, you want to headhunt my junior martial siblings through me? Let me tell you, it’s impossible.”

“No, the one I want to headhunt is you!”

The middle-aged man had a straight face on. “I feel that you are the correct person I’m waiting for!”

“He wants to poach you because you are Sun Mo’s student!”

Li Ziqi hurriedly walked over and stood before the papaya girl, protecting her.

“Hehe, do you want to come along too?”

The middle-aged man laughed dryly, but he didn’t give up. Li Ziqi was correct. He truly couldn’t tell which aspects of Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were impressive, but it didn’t matter. He believed in Sun Mo’s God Hands, and those who could be accepted by Sun Mo would surely have their own outstanding areas.

Hence, he wanted to first headhunt anyone of them and slowly do his research.

“It’s one thing if you headhunt Xuanyuan Po, Ying Baiwu, and the others. But if you dare to have designs on Zhiruo, my teacher will definitely crush your head.”

Li Ziqi had an unkind look on her face and pulled the papaya girl with her as she left. “Such a person is the most shameless. He’s treating the entire thing like betting. He basically doesn’t know what talent you have, and he is only relying on luck!”

“How can you put it like this?”

The middle-aged man felt like he had lost face.

“Leaving aside Zhiruo, even if Xuanyuan Po was given to you, he would deteriorate into trash.”

Li Ziqi directly shot back. “Also, why don’t you spar against my teacher?”

“You are unreasonable!”

How would the middle-aged man dare to look for trouble? That would only be courting humiliation for himself. Also, he was worried that Li Ziqi might complain to Sun Mo about him. Hence, he feigned a look of fury and quickly left the area.

Although he had reached middle-aged and had lived for over 40 years, when compared to Sun Mo, he was basically trash.

“Sigh, I can’t afford to offend him, I can’t afford to offend him!”

The middle-aged man felt depressed, feeling that it was very difficult to live!

Sun Mo was chatting with the major characters while listening to the system giving out rewards.


“Congratulations, your students have obtained extremely exemplary results in the student battle, and you accomplished the mission with flying colors. Special reward: 3x mysterious treasure chests. Please continue to work hard.”


“In this 2-star great teacher examination, your performance perfectly echoes the behavior and elegance a great teacher should have. Reward: 1x gold treasure chest!”

Although there were only two notifications, the rewards were extremely good.

An hour plus later, it was already noon.

“Teacher Sun, I will be the host. How about having a meal together?”

Liang Hongda invited. Also, he glanced at the few major characters around him. “Let’s go together!”

Those high-ranking great teachers that weren’t qualified to go with them grumbled at how greedy Liang Hongda was. (You’ve already spoken with Sun Mo for such a long time, can’t you let us have some time to speak with him privately?)

If they missed this chance and wished to invite Sun Mo in the future, it would not be as simple.

However, Liang Hongda truly placed Sun Mo in high regard. He could also be considered someone whose time was extremely valuable, yet he was willing to spend so much time on Sun Mo.

“Alliance leader, I apologize. I’m somewhat fatigued.”

Sun Mo revealed a bitter smile.

Liang Hongda started, a hint of unhappiness flashed in his eyes. However, he still smiled. “That’s true. I’m sure that Teacher Sun has accumulated a lot of pressure and fatigue during this period. Let’s wait for the competition to end completely before we gather!”


Sun Mo nodded and clasped his hands to everyone in the surroundings before he left. Very soon, Li Ziqi and the others followed behind him.

The others suddenly no longer wanted to chat. Instead, they were staring at the six personal students of Sun Mo with a judging look in their eyes.

Liang Hongda’s vision directly landed on Lu Zhiruo. (Why does her back view look a little familiar?)

“It can somewhat be considered that the examination has ended. Where do you guys want to go and play?”

Sun Mo smiled lightly and patted Lu Zhiruo’s head while instructing the system. “Open the silver one first!”

Sun Mo still had three treasure chests saved up from previously. This time around, he wanted to open all of them.

The last round of the examination was the Q&A round. The main content of this round was to ask an examinee the reason why they wanted to become a great teacher and how they planned to be a good great teacher.

As long as the examinee wasn’t brain-damaged, there was no way they would say that they wanted wealth and fame. Basically, all great teachers who made it to the final round would 100% pass it.


Ying Baiwu’s eyes glowed. In the mountains near here, there were several ferocious beasts. Not only did they taste good, but their skin, fur, blood, and flesh could be used as alchemy ingredients and were worth a lot of money.

“I wish to catch a bear god!”

The papaya girl lifted her hands. (My combat strength might be weak, but I can catch a bear god to help me fight!)

Lu Zhiruo also wanted to gain glory for her teacher.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Li Ziqi rapped the papaya girl’s head.

The so-called bear god was the guardian beast of some wild tribes in the deep mountains. It was considered a spirit body and would manifest when the tribes encountered trouble.

Usually speaking, touching the guardian beast of someone else meant that both sides had a grudge so intense that they couldn’t bear to live under the same sky. Unless one side was completely annihilated, the war between them would continue into perpetuity.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x 10-year time emblem.”

This was a very common reward that couldn’t be considered bad or good.


Sun Mo suddenly stopped. He had always been opening chests in a ‘normal’ manner. Would this lower the success rate? Hence, he decided to change things up a bit.

“Open two golden treasure chests now!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Click! Click!

The two golden treasure chests opened together, and the light from them was more resplendent than usual. Before Sun Mo could see what items he got, the system’s congratulations already rang out.


“Congratulations on obtaining a piece of mysterious turtle shell. Currently, you have 5/7 pieces, only two pieces away from completion. Please continue to work hard!”


“Congratulations on obtaining Darkness Species Encyclopedia: Ferocious Beast Edition. You have obtained the detailed information of 500 types of ferocious beasts, including their living habits and everything there is to know about them.”

“Ziqi, cast a Retentive Memory on me.”

Sun Mo instructed.

Li Ziqi was very obedient and cast her halo.

Sun Mo instantly felt clear-minded and refreshed; his memorizing abilities got boosted greatly. After that, he instructed the system that he would learn the content of the book.

Although Sun Mo didn’t need this knowledge right now, he didn’t mind learning it.

The skill book turned into motes of light and entered Sun Mo’s glabella. A moment later, the image of numerous ferocious beasts appeared in his mind. They were roaring, hunting prey, and breeding. Their entire lives were played out once before him.

Because of the augmentation from Retentive Memory, Sun Mo quickly memorized everything.

Next, the four mysterious treasure chests glowing with purple light floated before Sun Mo’s eyes.

“Come, open all four at once, give me a god-tier item!”

Sun Mo prayed as he put his hand on the papaya girl’s head.

A few seconds later, the purple light faded, leaving behind three skill books and a time emblem shining with a green glow.

Sun Mo swept a glance and saw it was a 50-year one.

“There’s no great teacher halo!”

Sun Mo felt a little disappointed, but he didn’t lose out because he had opened three skill books.


“Congratulations on obtaining calligraphy skill: Thin Gold Body*. Proficiency: expert-level.”

“This calligraphy style was created by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. It has never appeared in the Nine Provinces before. Please use it with caution.”


“Congratulations on obtaining the first part of [Basic Outline of Herbology]. Proficiency: elementary-level.”

“This skill book is divided into three parts. It is the most comprehensive basic theory of the entirety of herbology in the Nine Provinces. After learning it, you no longer need to refer to other books of similar category.”

“Note: this skill book includes some basic knowledge that the scholars of the Nine Provinces have yet to discover. Roughly, about 5%!”

Upon hearing this note, Sun Mo’s spirit stirred. What a good item!

Although this was just basic-tier knowledge, the improvement it brought about would also be very great.

One must know that basic theory was like the foundation of a skyscraper. The more comprehensive it was, the more sturdy the skyscraper would be.

For example, if you didn’t understand the pythagorean theorem of Mathematics, when you answered relevant questions, you could only calculate manually to get the solution.

Besides, the lack of basic knowledge could sometimes cause a huge deviation with regard to the understanding of certain subjects.

Never look down on the 5% unknown basic knowledge. Once Sun Mo discovered what was ‘unknown’ by everyone else, he would be qualified to write a book and become a grandmaster of the herbology world.

Naturally, Sun Mo wasn’t so shameless. He wouldn’t plagiarize other people’s stuff, even if it was an ownerless item given to him by the system.

“Go, let’s have a sumptuous meal!”

Sun Mo was very happy. “System, how much is the merchant store selling the second and third part?”

“The two cost a total of a million favorable impression points!”

The system replied.


Sun Mo’s answer was comprehensive and concise. The system was simply an unscrupulous businessman.

“Ignorant. This book is expensive because of that 5% unknown knowledge. Do you know how long is needed before the knowledge will be discovered? A total of 150 years!”

The system spoke in contempt. For any type of subject, the knowledge was built up drop by drop. Wanting to know everything in a single step? One shouldn’t even be dreaming about this.

“What is the last skill book?”

Sun Mo decided not to chat about this topic anymore. In any case, he couldn’t afford it. Speaking of which, the last skill book looked really bizarre. Moreover, the system didn’t take the initiative to inform him about it.

[1] A type of chinese calligraphy script invented by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》