Absolute Great Teacher
632 New Job, New Mission!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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632 New Job, New Mission!


The skill book floating before his eyes wasn’t very thick but looked very bizarre. Its cover seemed to be made of the leather of a certain creature. Just with a glance, Sun Mo could see that the skill book looked very aged. There were signs of wear and tear and also dried bloodstains.

The entire book exuded a black mist, which would occasionally transform into the shape of a faceless and eyeless skull, emitting a low-sounding wail.

“Is there a need to be so frightening?”

Sun Mo felt a little grossed out. He could tell that this item wasn’t anything good with a single glance.

“[Mysteries of Poison], Upper portion!”

“This book has a detailed introduction on the initial discovery and development of poison. Also, it teaches you the usage of poison in various fields.”

“The examples listed in the books are the most classic poison cases for the study of poison. Moreover, there would be some inspirational and forward-looking poison examples.”

The system introduced.


Sun Mo frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable.

It wasn’t because he was biased toward the study of poison. It was purely a physiological reaction. It was like when a person got near a bottle filled with pesticide or some poisonous concoction, they would instinctively feel some discomfort.

Because your instinct would tell you that the thing was dangerous.

“This book can allow one to directly step into the doorway of poison study. Also, the reader would know the theory about poison effects.”

“When you encounter poisoned people, you can cure the poison yourself. You will be able to detect poisonous substances so people won’t be able to poison you easily. It would be of great help.”

“But I don’t suggest for you to learn it!”

The system explained and advised.

“Why?” Sun Mo was puzzled. “It wouldn’t hurt to learn more skills, right?”

“That has to depend on what skill you are learning!”

The system explained, “Great teacher is a very lofty and esteemed occupation in the hearts of people. It belongs to the types of jobs that need you to be respected and worshiped.”

“Think about it, regardless of alchemy, weaponsmithing, or even the insignificant planting and divination techniques, they can help people. But what can poison do?”

“To many people, poison is simply used to kill people. It isn’t something that should be out in the open.”

“Once a great teacher has the slightest bit of connection to poison, even if he became a poison grandmaster, he would definitely lead a solitary path in the end. Others might revere him, but who would be willing to get close to him?”

When Sun Mo heard this, he sank into silence. He understood the system’s meaning. It was like you had a friend whose job was to burn bodies at the crematorium. When you had a gathering with a group of good friends, would you be willing to call him along?

People always said that there were no such things as noble or lowly occupations. But what about reality? White-collar workers looked down on blue-collar workers, and blue-collar workers looked down on those who did odd jobs.

In the great teacher circle, if you were a poison master, people would stay far away from you. When they needed you, they would pay you a visit. But usually, they wouldn’t want any connection with you.

“Can’t I just understand it but choose not to use it? Wouldn’t that do?”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to give up on it. He recalled a few pieces of news he had seen before in his past world. The most famous cases were that student from a famous school using poison to kill his dorm mate, or a husband using a slow-acting poison to slowly poison his wife, eventually causing death...

In the Nine Provinces, there were no prohibitions on selling poisonous herbs. As long as someone had the money, they would be able to get whatever they wanted, let alone poisoners who could even extract poisonous substances from poisonous herbs.

It wouldn’t be bad if he could gain some knowledge about it.

Moreover, Sun Mo had discovered something. Although the sickly invalid had never spoken about anything related to poison, that little fellow was definitely not a stranger when it came to using it.

“Sun Mo, can something like knowledge be hidden? It would become your nutrient and when you need it, it would automatically be displayed. Right now, you are God Hands and everyone reveres you. But once news about you being a poisoner is to leak, what do you think would happen?”

The system wasn’t simply saying frightening words to scare him. Since ancient times until now, not a single poisoner had received the title of secondary saint.

The word ‘poisoner’ naturally contained the attribute to push people away.

“Alright then, I will put it aside temporarily!”

Sun Mo compromised. Honestly speaking, he had absolutely no interest in using poison.

“Congratulations on getting your 2-star rank and taking another huge step forward on the path of a great teacher!”

The system congratulated me.

“Come and give me something real then!”

Sun Mo heard no lack of praises recently, but he wanted something substantial.


Upon hearing this, Sun Mo’s spirits stirred as he immediately pricked up his ears. At the very least, he should get one more gold treasure chest, right? It would be wonderful if he could open another divine force fruit!

“New mission issued. Please be a 3-star great teacher at the end of this year and complete the feat of rising three stars in a single year.”

“Note: The higher your ranking, the better the reward would be. If you still become the champion, there will be a supreme reward waiting for you!”

“Why don’t you go to hell?”

Sun Mo directly pointed a middle finger.

“Very good. Due to the host being fed up, the mission is canceled!”

The system’s voice was filled with emotions.

“Don’t!” Sun Mo stopped it. “I think it’s good for me to challenge myself to prove that your judgment of choosing a host isn’t bad.”

(In any case, there’s no punishment even if the mission failed. Only a fool would reject it.)

“Speaking of which, how supreme is the supreme reward?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“You will get a reward you won’t be able to imagine even if you break your head trying to think about it!”

The system chortled. A mere human wanted to imagine that? Was it a joke?

“A peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art?”

Sun Mo probed.


The system snorted in disdain.

“A saint-tier secret treasure?”

Actually, Sun Mo wanted a top-grade weapon. After all, the wooden blade might be the strongest weapon he had, but its might was ordinary.

“Intolerably vulgar!”

The system spoke in contempt.

“What is it exactly? Give me some hints first. What if the reward was so good and I couldn’t take it that I eventually went crazy from joy?”

Sun Mo urged.


The system made a noise.


If it wasn’t for the fact that his students were around him, Sun Mo would definitely scold and curse the system so badly to the point where its mother wouldn’t recognize it.

“Don’t be egotistical. Just work hard first!”

The system reminded Sun Mo, “The content of the 3-star exam is completely different from the previous exams. The Saint Gate will make the participants hide their names and randomly assign them to various schools to act as ‘new teachers’, and the participants have to work there for three months.”

“During this period, there would be all sorts of tests for the examinees, including your standards, your teaching capabilities, how you use your great teacher halos, professional knowledge, your other proficiencies, etc. Naturally, the Saint Gate wouldn’t inform the examinees about the format of the examination. Hence, the examinees basically wouldn’t know how to respond!”

Sun Mo frowned. He hadn’t checked up on information about the 3-star great teacher examination, but even if he used his knees to think, he also knew it would be very difficult.

Because 3-star great teachers were the cornerstones of the great teacher world.

For example, if the great teacher world encountered danger, 1-star could be casually sacrificed and 2-star would be selectively sacrificed. But if the situation became too urgent, 2-star could also be completely sacrificed. However, 3-star great teachers had to be used cautiously because each of them was precious to the great teacher world.

Speaking of value, as long as a 3-star great teacher wanted to change jobs, famous schools of the ‘B’ grade and below would definitely welcome them with both hands.

There was a publicly acknowledged saying in the great teacher world. To see whether the foundation of an academy was deep or not, it depended on their numbers of 3-star great teachers.

“According to the elimination ratio set by the Saint Gate this year, the 3-star great teacher exam will only get more difficult. Also, who will be your opponents? They are 2-star great teachers who have worked for several years in famous schools, trying to climb the ladder. If you want to become the champion under such circumstances, it’s truly difficult.”

The system tried to persuade Sun Mo not to dream too wildly. “It’s better to think about how you will pass the examination first!”

“This great teacher has his own ideas. You can go and rest first!”

Sun Mo waved his hands. Actually, he had never thought about becoming the champion. Look at Liu Mubai, he was such a proud person, yet he also merely wanted to pass the 3-star examination. He basically never considered the possibility of obtaining the championship before.


On the day the student battle ended, countless messenger pigeons had news about the champion tied to their legs as they flew toward the various famous schools of the Nine Provinces.

Because his performance was like a phenomenon.

Rising 2 ranks in a year, and he was also the champion. Even his three personal students hogged the top three spots in the student battle. This proved that Sun Mo’s teaching capabilities were more than sufficient. In addition to the beautiful titles of God Hands and a spirit rune grandmaster, one could say that Sun Mo was the strongest rising star of this generation.

After the headmaster of the Westmountain Academy knew about it, he also didn’t feel confident in headhunting Sun Mo and only humbly sent over some expensive gifts.

His intention was merely for Sun Mo to come and conduct a few lectures in the Westmountain Academy when Sun Mo rose to a higher level.


In the Jiang Clan Manor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When Jiang Zhitong learned that Sun Mo’s personal students got the top three, he was so angered that he coughed out blood directly. After that, he started smashing things in his study. Even his favorite famous painting drawn by Grandmaster Li Chunshui was destroyed by him.

He was truly infuriated.

“How can Sun Mo find so many geniuses?”

Jiang Zhitong was extremely indignant. (I’ve worked hard for so many years but don’t even have two outstanding disciples. Yet, you are so young and actually have three!)

(I really want to kill you all!)


Sun Mo allowed his students to have three days of break, and they could do anything they wanted to. As for himself, he toured Westmountain City and visited all sorts of historical sites and scenic spots.

It had been a year plus ever since he came to Jinling, and he had never rested before. In order to survive, he was like a horse that continued galloping forward.

Now, he could finally catch a breath after getting the title of a 2-star great teacher.

“I haven’t even gone to the famous places of Jinling, let alone visiting the famed brothels. Damn, I haven’t even seen a nice young lady from a normal household!”

Sun Mo wanted to cry. (Is it so difficult to meet some girls?!)

There was a good saying. One drank soup now in preparation to eat meat in the future. (But where’s my meat?)

Sun Mo saw a stall at the roadside with a huge signboard and decided to enter it.

Inside the stall, there were a constable eating meat with great relish, some servants eating noodles, as well as a few idlers chewing anise-flavored fava beans. They were slacking around.

After a while, Sun Mo had drunk three cups of yellow wine and felt a little dizzy.


Sun Mo grew depressed. How would he be able to meet girls in such a small shop? If he wanted a chance encounter, he should probably go to ‘Starbucks’ of the Nine Provinces, right?

He could also go to those cosmetic shops selling rouge and other makeup products. It was just that he didn’t know whether or not he would be chased out!

The summer wind gusted by. Yao Guang stood at a corner of the street eating a stick of sugar-coated haw, looking at Sun Mo with a smile on her face.

“Boss, gimme a bowl of beef noodles. I only want the beef and not the noodles,” said Sun Mo.

[1] Yao Guang is Zhou Yao (the girl who disappeared after fighting with Xuanyuan Po in the student battle.)

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