Absolute Great Teacher
634 Appreciation, Reward, a Powerful Enemy Comes!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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634 Appreciation, Reward, a Powerful Enemy Comes!


The spirit rune on this limestone board was created using a special technique and special ink. Everyone would think that it was a single spirit rune when looking at it. But in truth, it could produce the different effects of five spirit runes.

What was this concept?

Everyone knew that if someone were to tattoo spirit runes on a human body, one had to choose the spirit runes carefully. Why? Because if a spirit rune took up space of a human body, it would mean that the human would have lost that part of their skin.

However, this spirit rune perfectly resolved the problem.

“Is this a three-dimension five-fusion spirit rune?”

Sun Mo was also shocked. The highest difficulty in spirit runes he had encountered was to simplify the spirit runes or boost their effects. He had never thought of fusing different spirit runes.

One could say that this spirit rune gave Sun Mo a brand new path of thought.

“Three-dimensional? Five-fusion? Mn, you can understand it that way!”

After all, Bai Wenzhang was a spirit rune ancestor and was highly intelligent. Although he had never heard the term ‘three-dimensional’ before, he understood its meaning with just a casual thought.

(Speaking of which, Sun Mo is truly gifted in coming up with descriptive terms.)

If one compared these spirit runes to houses, the spirit rune before them would be like a tall and huge building. The amount of land it needed wasn’t very big, but it could accommodate many more families in different units at different levels.

Sun Mo sank into contemplation.

Bai Wenzhang looked at Sun Mo and suddenly felt somewhat rueful. (Have I stayed in the manor for too long to the point where I neglected the speed of development in the field of spirit runes?)

(Also for this Sun Mo, is he really this impressive? Or are all young people so sharp now?)

Bai Wenzhang was standing at the highest peak in the study of spirit runes and was experimenting with forward-looking experiments like putting spirit runes on a human’s body. Hence, he basically didn’t really care much about the general development of spirit runes.

It was like asking a great mathematician who was usually researching Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Four Color Theorem to go and care about how to solve the linear equation!

It was too simple!

Seeing that the two of them no longer spoke, the shopkeeper gritted his teeth and brought the dishes over.

He originally wanted to say ‘Sirs, your dishes are here!’, but when he sensed the current atmosphere, he suddenly felt very tiny and inconsequential. Like a worm crawling near the feet of a giant, he basically didn’t dare to make any sound.

This was the power of ‘seriousness’.

“Do you find it very interesting?”

Bai Wenzhang asked with a laugh. Sun Mo’s appearance made him recall the memories of how he had reacted back then when he first came in contact with this limestone board. He had also been extremely focused.


Sun Mo nodded and he blurted out, “Are you selling it?”

“It’s for you!”

Bai Wenzhang was very generous.

“I won’t accept this since I’ve done nothing to deserve it!”

Sun Mo frowned. Although this limestone board wasn’t big, the five spirit runes engraved on it were worth a lot of money. Naturally, the most valuable thing was the fused spirit rune diagram. It represented a brand new path of thought in the field of spirit runes.

“Just treat it as me giving a reward to an excellent student!”

Bai Wenzhang’s words sounded very brazen. One must know that the talent Sun Mo displayed was extremely shocking. However, Bai Wenzhang was still as casual and composed. This subconsciously proved his own immeasurable foundation.

This was self-confidence and not arrogance.

“Sorry. I appreciate your kindness, but please bring this item back with you!”

Sun Mo rejected.

Bai Wenzhang started. After that, he shook his head and laughed. (Hehe, your actions and conduct were the same as mine back then. We are truly like two peas in a pod!)

“Teacher Sun, I still have many spirit runes similar to this in my manor, and they were dug out from the ruins in the Darkness Continent. Do you want to head over for a look?”

Bai Wenzhang invited.

Sun Mo felt somewhat moved in his heart.

“Some of them haven’t even been unraveled yet. I believed that they can be considered a huge source of wealth to you.”

Bai Wenzhang suddenly started to hesitate because he sank into conflict.

At the very start, he wanted to invite Sun Mo to join the Dragonspirit Manor as an assistant and ask him to participate in his task research. But after observing Sun Mo, he was relatively satisfied and even felt a strong impulse to accept Sun Mo as his personal disciple.

Any great teacher would have the obsession of wanting to pass down their own inheritance.

If Bai Wenzhang died now, the research conducted in the Dragonspirit Manor would be directly stagnated for 100 years. Because without him, the people there would be like headless flies. They wouldn’t know which way to advance.

As for Sun Mo, he was a talent that could succeed him and become a leader in the field of spirit rune.

However, Sun Mo was already famous and was a rising superstar. Would he be willing to become his student?

Sun Mo fell silent because the notification rang out.


“Congratulations, because you unraveled an unknown spirit rune, your standard regarding spirit runes has been improved again. 41/100. You also obtained 1 silver treasure chest as a reward.”


“I really wish to go but sadly, I don’t have the time!”

Sun Mo rejected.

The 3-star great teacher examination would begin at the end of the year, and Sun Mo had to prepare for it with utmost care. This examination couldn’t be passed just with his God Hands alone.

“That’s too much of a pity!”

Bai Wenzhang’s expression instantly turned to one of disappointment.

The shopkeeper carried the beef noodles and stood not far away. He started to feel conflicted again. (A dispute seems to occur between the two of them. If I head over there now and interrupt them, would I be beaten up?)

“For the matter regarding Jiang Leng...?”

Sun Mo picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of beef from the plate. After that, he dabbed it with the garlic vinegar sauce and placed it in his mouth.

“I originally planned to take him back. But for the sake of giving you face, just let the matter of Jiang Leng come to an end here.”

Bai Wenzhang’s expression gradually turned cold.

(Do you really think you can depend on that ‘Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands’ to completely ‘cure’ the spirit runes that I’ve researched for close to 100 years? That would truly be too naive!)

(Sun Mo, I believe there will be a day when you bring Jiang Leng over to beg for my help!)

“I have a final question. Do you know how to use this spirit rune?”

Bai Wenzhang stood up. There was already no need for them to continue chatting.


Sun Mo conjectured based on the effects of the spirit rune, but he didn’t dare to believe it. Even among saint-tier cultivation arts, there wasn’t one that could allow flight.

“Teacher Sun, don’t let the things before your eyes limit your imagination!”

“I feel that spirit runes are a type of external power that can allow humans to cast aside the chains that bind us. We can use spirit runes to understand the world, make use of the world, and eventually climb to a place above the world!”

Bai Wenzhang gave a pointer as he was very satisfied with Sun Mo’s answer. However, he also knew that Sun Mo felt that flight was a futile attempt by looking at his expression.

Sun Mo stood up and clasped his hands. “Sun Mo has benefitted from your guidance!”

Bai Wenzhang casually waved his hand. He then placed a black-colored metallic card on the table. “Let me give you a suggestion. You should give up on other subjects and just focus on researching spirit runes. You will definitely become a legend that will surpass me!”


Favorable impression points from Bai Wenzhang +100. Friendly (360/1,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo knew that Bai Wenzhang wasn’t merely speaking pleasantries, but he truly thought like that. Sun Mo couldn’t help feeling somewhat overwhelmed by this favor from a superior.

Also, what did this card mean?

Its size was like a normal poker card. However, it was made from metal. One side was painted black and had nothing on there. As for the other side, there was a picture where darkness was fading and dawn was just rising.

Not far away, Yao Guang had almost finished her last sugar-coated haw. However, when she saw Bai Wenzhang actually giving Sun Mo the Dark Dawn Seal, she couldn’t help but start as she swallowed the sugar-coated haw in her mouth accidentally.


Yao Guang’s spirited large eyes darted around. It was unknown what mischievous ideas she was thinking of. Bai Wenzhang was most probably filled with admiration for Sun Mo.

“I’m really anticipating the time where we meet in the Central Province Academy!”

Yao Guang mumbled.


Favorable impression points from Yao Guang +10. Neutral (50/100).

“Alright, it’s time to leave!”

Yao Guang stood up and patted her skirt. She was preparing to head to Jinling in advance, but when she saw a young man walking over, her brows furrowed in a frown and she halted her steps.

“The noodles have turned cold!”

The constable who had finished his dinner reminded the shopkeeper in a low voice as he made his way out of the shop.

The shopkeeper smiled bitterly, should he bring the noodles over or not?

Since the other party didn’t say, he also didn’t dare to ask!

(Who is Yao Guang?)

Sun Mo frowned and glanced around in private, but he didn’t find anyone. He only saw a youth coming over and sitting in the seat in front of him.

“Heaven will punish you if you waste food!”

The young man spoke and lifted a plate. He took a pair of chopsticks and started stuffing the beef into his mouth, chewing casually twice before swallowing them.

“Even if I can’t finish it, I can take it away and eat later!”

Sun Mo was unhappy. (Who are you? What grounds do you have to lecture me on? Could you be a swindler that tries to eat and drink for free?)

(But you don’t look like one! Could it be a case of wanting to defeat me and shoot to fame from a single battle?)

“Eh...cough cough!”

The young man coughed and felt very embarrassed all of a sudden. He didn’t know whether to swallow the remaining beef in his mouth or cough them out.

“I’ll treat you. You can order more if this isn’t enough!” said Sun Mo.

“No need, I have money!”

The young man then took out 30 copper coins from his pocket and placed them on the table. “Let this meal be my treat!”

After that, the young man continued eating. After he finished the food on the plate, he asked, “What level of the divine force realm are you at currently?”

“Fourth level!”

It was true then. This guy came to challenge him.

“Very good, our cultivation levels are similar. We can fight!”

The young man looked straight at Sun Mo and solemnly introduced himself. “My surname is ‘Xia’ and my name consists of a single word ‘Cu’. I’m one of the star generals under the Daynight Starlord!”

“I came here this time for the sake of defeating you!”

The youth rose and clasped his hands. “Please guide me!”


At the same time, Li Zhuifeng called her junior martial siblings along as they currently headed to a gambling house.

Li Zhuifeng was playing a rattle drum as he followed behind them from afar.

“Zhuifeng, do you really want to take action?”

A youth frowned. “However, Sir Dean didn’t give the command!”

“The Dean is so busy, how can he have the time to worry about so many things? No matter what, you are the leader of the wolf troops. You have to learn how to lift his burden.”

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