Absolute Great Teacher
636 A Visit From a Dark Great Teacher. Receive My Godly Fists!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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636 A Visit From a Dark Great Teacher. Receive My Godly Fists!


Tantai Yutang rushed into the weapons store and saw that there were people inside, but all of them were knocked unconscious. The shopkeeper and the few customers were present, but Ying Baiwu had vanished.

“The other party shouldn’t have gone too far!”

The sickly invalid quickly searched the area and left by the backdoor in pursuit. He forcefully sniffed the air to search for any lingering smells.

After that, Tantai Yutang sank into a dilemma.

Should he chase after Ying Baiwu first or should he inform Li Ziqi and the others first?

Tantai Yutang hesitated for three seconds before he turned and leaped onto the roof, rushing toward the path they took to come here.

“The other party didn’t kill anyone but chose to kidnap Ying Baiwu. Clearly, this was premeditated. Maybe, they want to use her as a hostage to threaten Teacher or have some other plans. If that’s the case, Ying Baiwu should be fine temporarily.”

“Since something happened to Ying Baiwu, the others might have encountered some trouble as well!”

“Wait a minute, why didn’t they abduct me? Is it because I’m a sickly invalid and have no value? Or the purpose of the other party is the top three of the student battle?”

Tantai Yutang’s mind spun as he came out with a few possibilities. However, the cost-to-performance ratio was higher if he went to find Jiang Leng and the others.

As for Xuanyuan Po, Tantai Yutang could only hope that he was strong enough to save himself.

Tantai Yutang leaped three meters away and stopped at the next rooftop because he felt pain in his chest. His breathing turned sluggish, and this caused him to directly lose his strength as he was forced to his knees.


Cough! Cough!

Tantai Yutang coughed violently. Dark red blood seeped out from the gap of his fingers covering his mouth. His face also turned paler and more unsightly. But after a short while, he struggled to stand and resumed his frantic pace.

(Tantai, if you continued running like this, you might really die. If that’s the case, what will happen to your revenge?)

(Just stop, you don’t owe them anything!)

(Moreover, that Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu have never trusted you!)

Tantai Yutang’s heart was filled with chaotic thoughts. Because of his sickly body, he basically wasn’t able to circulate spirit qi intensely. He also wasn’t able to sprint or jump about, or he might suffer sudden death.

However, why was it that his footsteps weren’t able to stop?

Ever since Tantai Yutang was chased out of his clan after his mother died, he became a cold-blooded person. But today, why was he suddenly so crazy?

Was it because he liked the endearingly silly Lu Zhiruo?

Was it because it was very interesting to make Li Ziqi angry?

Was it because it was very fun to tease that combat addict Xuanyuan Po?

Or was it because he wanted to repay his teacher for helping him?


Tantai Yutang suddenly discovered that right now, he didn’t refer to Sun Mo by his name but subconsciously referred to Sun Mo as ‘teacher’ instead. When did he start respecting Sun Mo?


Tantai Yutang sniffed the air as he frantically pursued. After that, he appeared behind a bookstore. His expression was so heavy that it was terrifying.

He was still too late!

There were unconscious people everywhere in the bookstore. Clearly, the other party had already succeeded. Moreover, there were no signs of a fight. It was clear that the three of them must have been knocked out.

There was no other solution. He could only quickly inform his teacher.


In the beef noodle shop, Sun Mo frowned.

“Daynight Starlord? Star General Xia Cu?”

Sun Mo surveyed the young man sitting in front of him but couldn’t see anything special about this person from Dark Dawn.

They were the number one foe of the Saint Gate. Also, the Saint Gate would always offer a bounty for a member of Dark Dawn. Regardless of whether the individual was dead or alive, as long as they could bring that someone from Dark Dawn back to the Saint Gate, the Saint Gate would reward them heavily.

Because the reward was too good, some cultivators would even form specialized hunting teams that pursued and killed people from Dark Dawn.

“Sun Mo?”

When Li Ruolan walked through this street and saw several people crowding around inside a noodle store, she went to take a look because of her reporter instinct. She didn’t expect to see Sun Mo here.

“Sun Mo, I didn’t expect to encounter you here!”

Li Ruolan had a smile on her face and greeted him as she walked into the shop. However, at the next instant, she saw Sun Mo turning his head and glaring at her ferociously.


Sun Mo shouted.

“Why are you so fierce?!”

Li Ruolan suddenly felt very wronged. (I’ve not done anything that wronged you, alright? In fact, the few articles I wrote previously are all praising you. But why do you have to be so heartless?)

(C...could it be because of your fiancee?)

(Are you worried people might gossip about us and news about this would spread back to An Xinhui?)

Xia Cu turned and looked at Li Ruolan.

“This man is someone with a story!”

Li Ruolan’s professional instinct told her immediately that this young man wasn’t simple.

“Defeat me? In terms of a spar?” Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Or a life-and-death battle?”

“Life-and-death battle!” Xia Cu spoke bluntly.

“Give me a reason!”

Sun Mo had also guessed that since this fellow dared to appear in the city and challenge him, he probably had no plan of going back alive.

“To prove that the great teachers of our Dark Dawn are more outstanding than the elites like you from the Saint Gate!”

Xia Cu placed his chopsticks down. “Can we begin?”

Sun Mo was speechless. Could this count as an unexpected calamity that happened for no reason? Most probably, many dark great teachers like this young man would be coming for him in the future.

“Are you the most powerful one?”

Sun Mo asked. Because he became the champion, he had attracted a formidable enemy.

Under the Dawn Sovereign, there were three Dark Saints, five Doyens, and seven Starlords.

Each Starlord was a 9-star great teacher and they possessed the authority to recruit star generals. Just think about it, how outstanding did you have to be to get a 9-star starlord to regard you highly?

“Nope, but I’m the most capable in fighting!”

Xia Cu frowned slightly as he glanced at Li Ruolan. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt the innocent.”

“What if I don’t want to fight you?”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. He possessed the Wind King Divine Step. If he was determined to flee, Xia Cu definitely wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“The owner of two championships is actually a coward?” The young man snorted in disdain. “Don’t waste time, come and fight!”

As he spoke, the young man punched toward Sun Mo’s head. Although a long table separated the two of them, Sun Mo could feel that the punch was about to hit his face.

Not only for Sun Mo, but everyone in the noodle shop had the same sensation.


That constable pulled out his weapon. As for the idlers, they directly shouted loudly and knelt on the ground while covering their heads. They were so terrified that they didn’t know what to do.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo frowned. He punched out, but at the instant he did so, even before he could exert any force, he had suffered a blow.


Sun Mo stumbled backward.

If it wasn’t for the fact he had executed the Invulnerable Golden Body, Sun Mo would definitely suffer a disadvantage now.

“Receive my godly fists!”

Xia Cu roared explosively. He kicked aside the table and lunged toward Sun Mo.

Bang! Bang! bang!

The sounds of heavy punches tore through the air.

Sun Mo activated ‘copy’. After that, he forcibly managed to defend against Xia Cu’s fist, but he temporarily wasn’t able to retaliate as this fellow’s cultivation art was too bizarre.

Sun Mo clearly saw that this fellow had just punched out, but the punch would always arrive a tiny bit faster than what Sun Mo expected, blasting into him. Hence, it caused Sun Mo to misjudge his opponent’s attacks.

Moreover, the common people in the surroundings had all fainted due to fright. The only person remaining conscious was none other than Li Ruolan.

Right now, she was shouting, punching, and kicking the air as though she was the one fighting against the young man.

“Li Ruolan, retreat 30 meters away!”

Sun Mo roared.

Actually, the most correct strategy was to lengthen the distance between them and use Divine Sight to get accurate information about Xia Cu.

However, Sun Mo chose another way of doing things!

And that was clashing head-on!

Sun Mo was someone with a temper. Since the other party had fought his way to his front door, why would Sun Mo still retreat?

That was absolutely impossible!

He had to hit back and crushed his opponent’s head, retaliating ruthlessly. Only then would the troublemakers no longer dare to find trouble for him.

Sun Mo didn’t even bother to use his wooden blade.

He directly fought fist against fist.

Invincible Buddha Fist!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fists clashed. The impact from their punches created a qi wave that caused all the dust on the ground to spread to the surroundings.

At the same time, Sun Mo also activated Divine Sight.

Xia Cu. 26 years old, Fourth level of the divine force realm.

Strength: 38. Although this isn’t your main advantage, your strength is still extremely high. You can kill many strongmen with your bare hands.

Intellect: 37. The development of your brain is relatively high, you are pretty smart.

Agility; 37. Your movement is as nimble as a rabbit and also as quick as a horse.

Endurance: 39. You can start a war of attrition with anyone!

Will: 40. Close to peak value. You know what you are living for and what you are working hard for. You are not lost in life!

Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: This is a genius with no weaknesses. Other than the martial path, he also has shocking talent when it comes to teaching students. But because he is a dark great teacher, he has no chance to showcase his abilities in teaching and education.

He hasn’t accepted any personal students as of now.

Note: He only joined Dark Dawn due to certain reasons, but his personality isn’t bad. I hope you can provide him with some guidance and help him return to the correct path.

“I’m a great teacher and not a monk who can deliver the masses from their suffering!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. As he blocked the punches, he pondered over the data.

Xia Cu had reached minor completion in cultivating the Sun God Fist. This was a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. When one attacked with it, their ultimate skills would be as glaring as the rays of the sun, illuminating everything, capable of ‘reaching’ everything. This allowed Xia Cu to attack some people selectively in the area around Xia Cu’s target as well.

When this cultivation art was cultivated to the max, one could attack all targets in a certain area.

Note: This cultivation art allows one to use real attacks and illusory attacks interchangeably at will.

“Truly a peak-grade cultivation art!”

Sun Mo understood now. No wonder the ‘real’ attacks would always be a hair faster than what he saw. So, this was because of the theory of refraction. It was a type of mistake in the visual aspect.

“It’s quite impressive!”

Sun Mo sighed in admiration. He wanted to learn this cultivation art, but he first had to subdue this fellow.

“What fist art is this?”

Xia Cu was curious. He was unable to take Sun Mo down. Moreover, he could feel that his opponent’s fist intent was solemn and serene. There was a majestic and radiant feel to it as well.

This aura caused those who stood before Sun Mo to involuntarily feel like they were very tiny and inconsequential.

“Dharma Skyshock Fist!”

Sun Mo didn’t hide it.

“What I’m cultivating in is the Sun God Fist, a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. In this world, there are only five people who know it!”

Xia Cu’s face was filled with pride. (I don’t care if you are cultivating what Dharma Fist or what Skyshock Fist, everything will be suppressed by my Sun God Fist!)

Sun Mo’s lips twitch. (I don’t need you to say that. I also know it. But very soon, the number of people who know the Sun God Fist will become six.)

(No, twelve.)

Sun Mo decided to pass this cultivation art to his personal students after he obtained it.


Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade.

“Careful, it’s my turn to attack!”

Sun Mo changed his cultivation art and used Immemorial Vairocana.

“It’s another peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art?”

Xia Cu’s expression froze. After that, he laughed uproariously. “Good, very good, extremely good! Only by defeating a genius like you would we be able to prove that the great teachers of Dark Dawn are more outstanding than those from the Saint Gate!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》