Absolute Great Teacher
637 Using Virtue To Convince Someone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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637 Using Virtue To Convince Someone


Li Ruolan obeyed and retreated 30 meters away, finally leaving the range of the Sun God Fist. After that, she started to worry about Sun Mo’s safety.

“Sun Mo, be careful!”

Li Ruolan hesitated. Should she go and get some reinforcement or stay here? If Sun Mo lost, she might have to join the battle as well to drag for more time.

“Please, can you guys go to the Westmountain Academy and get help? Just say that there’s a bad guy here!”

Li Ruolan was very intelligent and soon found a solution. She called out to those street vendors who were watching the show.

Why didn’t Li Ruolan feel that the two of them were merely sparring?

Because Xia Cu had involved the innocents in this fight. If he was a great teacher, he would definitely not do such a vile thing. In any case, so what if her judgment was wrong?

To put in unpleasantly, Li Ruolan was a beautiful woman with an excellent figure. No matter what, she was a great beauty ranked #11 on the Beauty Rankings. There were so many simps wanting to get into her good books.

What was the problem if she summoned some of them?

When the matter was over, she only had to smile at them and they would feel as sweet as syrup. If she had dinner together with them, they might even go crazy from delight.

After hearing this, Xia Cu’s brows furrowed as he glanced at Li Ruolan.

It wasn’t because he was worried about their reinforcement. Earlier, Sun Mo had told her to retreat 30 meters. Was that a coincidence or did Sun Mo know about his skill?

Because the Sun God Fist unleashed by Xia Zu currently had a range of 30 meters.

If it was the latter, didn’t that mean that Sun Mo had an understanding of the Sun God Fist?


(It’s impossible! This cultivation art is my teacher, Daynight Starlord’s ultimate art. It was excavated from a darkness ruin, and the people from the great teacher world of the Nine Provinces should have never heard of it before.)


It must be a coincidence!

“There’s no need to call for help. I’m still sufficient to deal with such an opponent.”

Sun Mo stopped her.

After all, all men would want some face. Moreover, Sun Mo was a 2-times champion for the great teacher examinations. If he sought reinforcement just because of a fight, how could he explain that?

(If Li Ziqi and the others learned of it, I might lose some favorable impression points from them!)

“Are you sure?”

As Li Ruolan spoke, she took out an image-recording stone. After the sense of crisis passed, her professional habit kicked in. She wanted to record this scene down.

Earlier, she heard that this young man cultivated the Sun God Fist, a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. There were only five people in this world that knew it.

Also, his opponent was Sun Mo. Just this being a life-and-death battle was something worthy of collection.

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. (If it wasn’t for the sake of obtaining the Sun God Fist, this daddy would have long since exploded his head, alright?)

However, he had to admit that this Xia Cu was truly a strong opponent.

Radiance Wave!

Xia Cu punched out. Sun Mo’s surroundings were instantly covered with fist shadows; there were no dead angles as they blasted over.

Sun Mo could use the Universe Formless Clone Technique to evade this, but he didn’t do so. He activated the Invulnerable Golden Body to clash directly against Xia Cu. Being struck repeatedly was the fastest way to understand the might of his opponent’s cultivation art.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xia Cu’s fists continously smashed into Sun Mo’s body, creating sonic booms.

“Sun Mo!”

The hand of Li Ruolan that was holding the image-recording stone trembled violently.

“Haha, do you know my strength now?”

Xia Cu laughed uproariously. His morale surged. “Receive another one of my punches!”

Heavenly Dog Devours the Sun!


Xia Cu swiftly punched out with both his fists. When they were about to sink into Sun Mo’s face, Xia Cu suddenly vanished. At the next instant, he reappeared behind Sun Mo and aimed at his back.

However, Xia Cu’s self-confident smile suddenly froze.

Because Sun Mo flicked his wrist and his wooden blade rapped on Xia Cu’s finger bones.

“You are too slow!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled as his wooden blade slashed out continuously.

Eighteen Words Order!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

“Good attacks!”

Xia Cu was also very unyielding. He actually waved his fists to block the blade head-on. However, Sun Mo felt like laughing so hard that he almost died.

Immemorial Vairocana’s damage had never been sufficient, but its might wasn’t in its destructive prowess.

“Merely so-so!”

Xia Cu snorted in disdain. He felt that although his opponent’s moves were profound, the damage was negligible and wasn’t strong enough to threaten his life. However, he didn’t know that every time the wooden blade smashed against his fists, a golden page would materialize from his head and float into the air.

Sun Mo’s Immemorial Vairocana had been trained to the grandmaster-level. As long as he hit his target 30 times, he would be able to force out all the content of his enemy’s cultivation art.

“I’ll play with you a little more!”

Sun Mo was very attentive. After all, it was rare to meet such a powerful opponent.

However, at this moment, a voice filled with fright and anxiousness called out.

“T...teacher, Baiwu and the rest got abducted!”

Just as Tantai Yutang finished shouting, his legs lost their strength and he directly fell from the roof.


Sun Mo dashed out and managed to catch him in the nick of time.

“What happened?”

Sun Mo asked as he hurriedly used the ancient massaging technique to treat Tantai Yutang.

There was a large patch of red in front of the sickly invalid’s chest. This was all the blood he had coughed out, also, his face was extremely pale. He was having trouble breathing and seemed that he might drop dead at any moment.

“Baiwu, Ziqi, and the others were all abducted. I don’t know who’s the one behind it, but I guess that this has something to do with their performance in the student battle.”

After Tantai Yutang spoke, Sun Mo glanced at Xia Cu.

“Did you capture my students?”

Sun Mo’s brows were squeezed together and his expression was as black as ink. An impulse to kill appeared in his heart.

“This was not done by me!”

Xia Cu’s expression was also very gloomy. It was unknown whether he was angry because the life-and-death battle was interrupted or because he was framed by Sun Mo.

“I also don’t feel that this is done by my teacher. We only want to prove that great teachers of Dark Dawn are stronger than you, elites from Saint Gate. We won’t act against your students.”

Xia Cu explained. He also had his own principles and bottom line.

“Do you dare to guarantee it?”

Sun Mo’s tone grew ice-cold.

“Should we call for help?”

Li Ruolan rapidly ran over and helped take care of Tantai Yutang. At the same time, she couldn’t help but glance at Xia Cu. So, he was someone from Dark Dawn.

Xia Cu fell silent. He knew that there were some fellows with extremely vile personalities in Dark Dawn. What should he do if this deed was indeed done by them?

“What I should do now is to break your leg and capture you as a hostage. However, earlier when I was saving Tantai, you didn’t attack me. Since it seems like you are not an extremely evil person, I will forget about this matter.”

This meant that Xia Cu didn’t have a bad heart. Although this was a life-and-death battle, he wanted to win it fairly.


Xia Cu spoke in disdain. “Do you really think that I’m made from clay? It’s unknown who would win yet...”

However, before Xia Cu could finish speaking, Sun Mo snapped his finger.


Spirit qi emitted from Sun Mo’s fingertip and swiftly formed into a silver-colored walnut-sized ball of light, resembling a bullet. After that, it shot toward Xia Cu.


The ball of light grazed Xia Cu’s ear and due to its speed being too quick, Xia Cu’s fists, which were in the motion of raising to defend against it, were only raised halfway.

This indicated that he basically wasn’t able to react fast enough to block this attack. Moreover, even if he succeeded in blocking it, there was a chance that his arms might be crippled.

A moment later, Xia Cu’s expression turned ugly to behold.

Given the capabilities Sun Mo displayed, he would definitely not make a mistake. This meant that this attack from him was a deterrence.

(He is stronger than me!)

Although Xia Cu didn’t want to admit this point, he had to understand this.

When Sun Mo had fought against him, Sun Mo had purely been treating him as a sparring partner. Otherwise, he would have turned into a corpse long ago.

(So, this is the strength of the strongest rising star?)


Favorable impression points from Xia Cu +100. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).


Li Ruolan, who was squatting at the side and taking care of Tantai Yutang, was stunned. As a big-name reporter, she had seen many things before. Why did this silver ball of light resemble the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art so much?

“How did Sun Mo learn this? He couldn’t have learned this just from watching Bai Shuang using it, right? No, that’s impossible. How could there be such a talented genius in the world?”

Li Ruolan was shocked.

(No, I must have seen it wrongly. This must be just a similar cultivation art.)


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +100. Friendly (970/1,000).

“Let this life-and-death battle temporarily come to a stop. If you still want to fight, come and look for me in Jinling. Also, the value of a great teacher doesn’t lie in whom you defeat. But rather, how many capable people did you educate and nurture. Xia Cu, don’t waste your talent!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he carried Tantai Yutang and rushed toward Mei Yazhi’s mansion.

Since his students were missing, he naturally had to find them. However, Sun Mo’s strength alone was too meager, so he could only seek help from a major character.

Given Mei Yazhi’s 6-star identity, she should be able to mobilize quite a lot of people to help him.

“Damn, I better quickly become a 3-star or 4-star great teacher.”

Sun Mo felt depressed. If he was a high-ranking great teacher, he would only need to say a single sentence and he would be able to lock down Westmountain City, imposing emergency measures.

Because those golden floating pages weren’t collected by Sun Mo, they shattered and vanished into thin air.

Sun Mo was worried about the safety of Li Ziqi and the rest. Let alone saint-tier cultivation arts, even if there had been a divine-tier cultivation art before him, he wouldn’t have cared about that. Right now, time was life.

“Sun Mo, don’t be anxious. They will definitely be fine!”

Li Ruolan consoled. At the same time, she looked at Sun Mo with a little shock because a layer of golden light had appeared around his body. This was the effect of Priceless Advice!

Was he trying to get a dark great teacher to turn over a new leaf?

“No matter who it is, as long as they touch my students, they are dead for sure!”

How could Sun Mo calm down? Right now, he only wanted to find out who the kidnappers were and tear them to shreds.

Not a single one of them should think of fleeing!

Xia Cu stood on the streets and watched Sun Mo as he left. When he saw the golden light emanating from Sun Mo, he fell into a daze.

“Educating and nurturing students?”

Because Priceless Advice had appeared, Xia Cu didn’t need to doubt Sun Mo’s sincerity. Sun Mo was truly considering things on his behalf, and this astonished him a little. He also felt a little moved.

Also, when Sun Mo had rushed over in the midst of a life-and-death battle to save his student, he had truly gone all out to rush over and hadn’t cared about defending himself. If Xia Cu had been slightly more ruthless at that moment, Sun Mo would have been heavily injured.

Xia Cu believed that Sun Mo would have surely considered this point. But even so, for the sake of his student, he had left himself defenseless. At the very least, in terms of conduct as a great teacher, Sun Mo far surpassed him.


Favorable impression points from Xia Cu +100. Friendly (200/1,000).

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