Absolute Great Teacher
638 Seeking People in the Rain
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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638 Seeking People in the Rain


Although the great teacher examination had concluded, Mei Yazhi temporarily wasn’t able to return to Jixia Academy and she had no way to concoct pills because there was no alchemy chamber here. Hence, she had some free time and could read some novels.

The only regretful thing was that the second part of [Journey to the West] wasn’t out yet. And as for the first part, Mei Yazhi had read it three times. She could even memorize it backward.

“Why doesn’t that Gandalf continue to write?”

“If I knew who Gandalf was, I would definitely give him ten tight slaps to make him understand the consequences of not updating his work!”

Mei Yazhi was bored to death. She waited for her daughter to finish maintaining the plants in the garden and couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. “There are a few places in Westmountain City that have nice scenery. You can go out and have some fun!”


Mei Ziyu greeted her.

“You should go out and play instead of staying at home!” Mei Yazhi urged, “If you feel unsafe alone, call Sun Mo to go with you.”


Mei Ziyu’s face immediately turned red. How could a girl take the initiative to ask a guy out?

Once she saw her daughter’s expression, Mei Yazhi instantly knew what she was worrying about. Hence, she reminded her. “You guys are all great teachers. If you all consult each other often, you guys will be able to improve even faster!”

“Mother, I...I thought that you are unwilling to let me go out with guys?”

Mei Ziyu mumbled. She remembered how her mother had broken the leg of a young man who had been pursuing her. One must know that the father of that young man was a 4-star great teacher, but her mother didn’t give him any face at all.

“Can those people be comparable to Sun Mo?”

Mei Yazhi was speechless.

Ever since her daughter was acquainted with Sun Mo, not only her health, but even her emotions became much better. Her past mournful expression with a worried frown had completely disappeared. Mei Ziyu would occasionally reveal a smile and even her appetite had grown.

Moreover, Sun Mo was so outstanding and his appearance was also handsome. Mei Yazhi was very fond of him. If it wasn’t for the fact that she knew he already had a marriage engagement, she truly wanted to recruit him and make him into her ideal son-in-law.


Mei Ziyu lowered her head. She also wished to go over and chat with Sun Mo about plants, but Sun Mo was so outstanding to the point where it made her feel very inferior.

For her, other than being the daughter of a 6-star great teacher, what other plus points did she have?

“Just go, don’t think too much. Life is too short. If you can meet someone that makes you happy, j...just chat more with him.”

After speaking until here, Mei Yazhi felt some sorrow. Most probably, her daughter wouldn’t have much longer to live. Why should she still care about the propriety between an unmarried male and a female?

What mattered most was for her to be happy every day!


Mei Ziyu still felt conflict.

“Don’t be so wishy-washy. Go quickly,” Mei Yazhi urged.

“W...why don’t we invite Sun Mo to have a meal together?”

Mei Ziyu truly felt embarrassed to go alone to look for Sun Mo like this.

Mei Yazhi started. This idea wasn’t bad, but if she was around, Sun Mo most probably would feel restrained, right? Aiya, what clothes should she wear for the meal?

“I’ll be going then!”

Mei Ziyu was like a little sparrow and quickly ran into her room to change her clothes.

“Ai, girls will always leave their mom’s side when they grow older!”

Mei Yazhi sighed. She decided to read [Journey to the West] again, but before she could return to the study, she heard her maid reporting that Sun Mo came over for a visit.

“Quickly invite him in!”

Mei Yazhi then went to the living room and saw an anxious-looking Sun Mo.

“Don’t be anxious, speak slowly!”

Mei Yazhi was a major character that had experienced many storms. Hence, she directly came to Tantai Yutang’s side and inspected his body. After that, she took out an alchemy pill and fed it to him.

“His condition is very weak. His injury this time around is caused by over-exercising, and his heart and lungs suffered some damage. However, don’t worry, he won’t die from this.”

Mei Yazhi consoled.

“Teacher Mei, thanks for the trouble!”

Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive. He then swiftly recounted the entire matter.

“Teacher Sun? What happened?”

Mei Ziyu rushed over once she heard him.


Sun Mo nodded. This could be considered a greeting.

Upon hearing Sun Mo calling her name, Mei Ziyu blushed and she lowered her head.

“It might be done by Dark Dawn!”

Mei Yazhi frowned. “I’m going to the side branch of the Saint Gate now to inform Liang Hongda and will get him to lock down the Westmountain City. At the same time, a law enforcement group will be sent out to look for your personal students.”

“Many thanks Teacher Mei!”

Sun Mo clasped his fist.

“There’s no need to be so polite!” Mei Yazhi turned and departed. “Ziyu, take good care of Tantai.”

“Teacher Mei, I feel that the law enforcement should start searching from outside the city. The enemy kidnapped Ziqi and the others, but they didn’t deal with the aftermath and allowed those people who were beaten unconscious to remain in the shops. In that case, other customers would discover them quickly. At that time, when this is reported to the authorities, there will definitely be stricter city measures and...”

Tantai Yutang explained.

“I understand!”

Before the sickly invalid could finish, Mei Yazhi stopped him. A hint of praise surfaced in her heart. This youth had a meticulous mind and was calm when encountering trouble. He could be considered a good seedling.

Since the enemy didn’t deal with the aftermath, it meant that they had never planned to hide in the city.

“Teacher Mei, for spirit stones and favors, I, Sun Mo, can afford them. As long as someone helps me find Ziqi and the others, I, Sun Mo, will do my best to repay him or her!”

Sun Mo spoke.

It would hurt their relationship if he spoke about compensation like this, but Sun Mo still had to say it. After all, one naturally had to pay some price when seeking someone for help.

Sun Mo was worried that Mei Yazhi’s identity wasn’t sufficient and might be neglected by the Saint Gate.

“Teacher Sun, your words are too serious. Don’t worry, just leave this to me!”

Mei Yazhi left. At the same time, she felt even more impressed by Sun Mo.

(He is absolutely a good teacher.)


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +100. Friendly (500/1,000).

One must know that Sun Mo was currently extremely famous. Leaving aside his two-time champion titles and his capabilities as a spirit rune grandmaster, just God Hands alone would cause many major characters to pander to his wishes.

Everyone didn’t headhunt him because they either didn’t have sufficient chips on the table, or they didn’t know how much to offer and were currently observing. After all, Sun Mo’s value was immeasurable.

If she spread Sun Mo’s words out, Mei Yazhi believed that those major characters would personally take action to help find Li Ziqi and the others.

“Drink some tea!”

Mei Ziyu personally poured a cup of tea for Sun Mo. As for Li Ruolan, she could only receive the teacup that a maid passed her.


Sun Mo took the cup and placed it down. How would he have the mood to enjoy drinking tea now?

“Teacher, I have rested enough. Let us head out!”

Tantai Yutang sat up and looked at the dark clouds swiftly gathering in the sky. “If the rain comes and the smells in the air dissipate, I won’t be able to find Ziqi and the others.”

“Is your body fine?”

Sun Mo was worried.

“Don’t worry, I can persevere!”

Tantai Yutang stood up. “Teacher Mei’s alchemy pill is very useful!”

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched. (It’s naturally very useful. After all, it was a pill concocted personally by Mei Yazhi. Leaving aside the price, it’s definitely a saint-tier pill!)

However, Mei Yazhi truly did admire Sun Mo, or she wouldn’t go all out and help him without saying anything much.

“I’ll have to trouble you then!”

Sun Mo turned to Mei Ziyu. “I wish to borrow a horse carriage for use!”

“Wait a moment.”

After Mei Ziyu spoke, she rushed out personally. “Uncle Yuan, prepare the carriage!”


The carriage rushed through the stone pavement on the street, causing the people walking there to quickly dodged to the side as they cursed out in low voices.

Luckily, it had started to drizzle and there weren’t many people on the streets. If not, they might as well travel by jumping from roof to roof as it would be faster.

Uncle Yuan’s carriage first went to the bookstore where Li Ziqi and the other two vanished. After that, it moved out in pursuit following Tantai Yutang’s guidance.

“The other party must have planned this out. After abducting them, they stuffed Ziqi and the others into a carriage and rushed straight for the west city gate!”

Tantai Yutang recalled the surrounding terrain of Westmountain City. “They should have entered the mountains!”

The sickly invalid was someone who liked to be prepared in case of trouble. Every time he went to a new place, he would first understand the surrounding terrain or he wouldn’t feel safe.

“There doesn’t seem to be any famous buildings there. This means that they have a base in the depths of the mountains.”

Sun Mo also recalled the terrain. He didn’t have the same habit as the sickly invalid. Earlier, he had gotten a map of Westmountain City to check out the terrain. This was the habit of people from the modern era.

After all, if someone from the modern era wanted to travel, they would simply open up the ‘maps’ on their handphone and click the navigation function.

“That’s for sure. You should inform Teacher Mei to send people to seal the mountains. If not, if we alarmed the target, they might head deeper into the mountains and at that time, we would find it very difficult to search for them.”

Tantai Yutang was very anxious. The rain now was a little heavy and the smell in the air gradually dissipated.

“Enter the forest, I can help!”

Mei Ziyu spoke. She was confident.

Li Ruolan also wanted to help, but she wasn’t able to do anything. Also, when she looked at Sun Mo and Tantai Yutang analyzing the problem and coming out with a solution, she couldn’t help but feel a little admiration. Hence, she secretly took out an image-recording stone and aimed it at Sun Mo.

The current Sun Mo had calmed down. His mind was spinning rapidly, thinking of various possibilities, listing them out.

This included the identity of the enemies, how many people they had, what situation was Li Ziqi and the others facing now, and how should he rescue them?

Sun Mo who was seriously contemplating exuded a mesmerizing charisma.

When they traveled over ten miles into the outskirts, the mountain path was getting tough to traverse, and they decided to leave the carriage. After that, Li Ruolan felt even more admiration for Sun Mo.

The tracking speed of the two of them was extremely fast. It was as though they were familiar with the surrounding terrains. Hence, she wasn’t able to control her impulse and asked a question, “Are you guys sure?”

“There won’t be a mistake, I saw the map earlier!”

Sun Mo carried Tantai Yutang on his back and was leading the way. He then casually asked, “Should we continue straight?”

“Continue, they are so arrogant and definitely feel that it’s impossible for us to pursue them so quickly. Hence, they just move forward along the mountain path instead of entering the forest at the side!”

Tantai Yutang exerted force as he tried to smell the air.

Ever since Lu Zhiruo had disappeared that time, Tantai Yutang had become more careful. Every time they traveled, he would stealthily place some powder of his own concoction on his fellow martial siblings.

Such powder had a very weak smell and wouldn’t fade for a long time. It could be used as a tracker for him to find his target.

Two hours later, there was no more mountain pathway. Everyone could only travel through the forest.

Li Ruolan was wearing a beautiful waist-hugging skirt and due to the friction created when she passed through the forest, her skirt became tattered. She looked miserable, but Mei Ziyu was even worse in comparison.

Her body was already weak. And after running for such a long time, the burden on her heart was very great.

“Ziyu, you should stay behind and rest!”

This was the fifth time Sun Mo persuaded her.

“I’m also a teacher. How can I remain unmoved when students are in danger? You don’t have to persuade me anymore!”

Mei Ziyu’s tone was determined. Even if Sun Mo wasn’t her friend, she would still take action.

After another hour, Tantai Yutang suddenly hushed them.

“The smell no longer extends forward. Teacher, they are nearby!”

Tantai Yutang reminded them in a low voice.

Sun Mo frowned and directly held his wooden blade in his hand. (Today, this daddy is going to start a massacre. No one can stop me!)

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