Absolute Great Teacher
639 My Pride Is Given to Me by My Teacher!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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639 My Pride Is Given to Me by My Teacher!


“Baiwu! Baiwu!”

“Wake up!”

Ying Baiwu seemed to have heard Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo calling her name. She opened her eyes in a daze. (Wasn’t I touring the streets?)

(Why does my head hurt so much? Did someone hit me earlier?)

“Baiwu, boohoohoo. It’s good that you are okay!”

Lu Zhiruo was sobbing. She nudged her head into Ying Baiwu’s shoulder twice.


The iron-headed girl jumped in surprise. “What is this place?”

“It should be a secret base of the enemy!”

Li Ziqi explained.

Other than Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo, Jiang Leng and Xuanyuan Po were present as well. At this moment, they seemed to be locked up in a prison chamber.

Other than an iron gate that one could only go through by bending half their bodies, the surroundings were stone walls. When they rapped them with their fingers, no echo could be heard. It could be seen that the stone walls were extremely sturdy and heavy.

Pitter patter!

In the prison, the humidity was very high, and green algae could be seen extending throughout the walls. Other than the water droplets dripping from the roof, there was nothing else here.

Ying Baiwu saw a stone manacle locking her hands; there was a complex spirit rune engraved on it. She forcefully struggled and discovered that there was basically no way for her to revolve her spirit qi.

“Save your strength, we tested it out earlier. The spirit rune engraved on the stone manacle will seal the spirit qi of the target. It’s basically impossible to break free depending on one’s own strength.”

Ying Baiwu didn’t give up. She continued using force and even tried smashing the stone manacles on the walls.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There didn’t seem to be any damage to the manacles. Its edges were very coarse and the impact from the impact actually caused Ying Baiwu’s wrists to bleed. However, she didn’t stop attempting.

“Ruthless enough!”

Xuanyuan Po’s lips curled. Earlier, he had tried it, but he gave up. There was no way to easily destroy the stone manacles.


Lu Zhiruo sneezed. She lifted her arms and rubbed her nose. After that, she stared at the ceiling and felt some worry. “Now that we are missing, Teacher would surely be anxious to death!”

“Jiang Leng, you shouldn’t have surrendered earlier. If any of us can flee, we can inform Teacher.”

Li Ziqi grumbled.

Back when she and Lu Zhiruo were abducted, Jiang Leng wasn’t immediately captured. But after the enemy used the two of them as hostages, Jiang Leng gave up on attacking.

The deadman face shook his head and didn’t bother to explain.

(You guys were captured, but you still have no idea what terrifying matters you all might face. At the very least, if I follow you guys, I might have a chance to save you all.)

Li Ziqi pursed her lips. She said this wasn’t because she was blaming Jiang Leng for not leaving. Rather, she hated herself for being a burden.

This debt was too large!

In her heart, she felt somewhat apologetic. When Sun Mo wanted to accept Jiang Leng as a personal student, Li Ziqi objected to it. After all, Jiang Leng was someone with a body full of damaged spirit runes, and he looked like trash with no future from all angles.

However, this trash was actually very full of human warmth.

“Don’t worry, teacher will definitely come and save us!”

Jiang Leng spoke, “Baiwu, stop smashing the manacles on the wall. What we should do now is maintain our silence and not attract the enemy’s attention.”

This was also one of the reasons why Jiang Leng didn’t choose to escape. He felt that with his teacher’s intelligence, he would be able to find them in time.

“Yeah, if the kidnappers were disturbed by you, the ones suffering in the end would be us.”

Li Ziqi persuaded. Earlier, she didn’t stop Ying Baiwu because she wanted to use the chance to observe the strength of the enemy’s guards.

But now, there was no need for it because footsteps rang out from outside. After that, the sound of a scabbard smashing on the iron gate could be heard.

“Quiet or I will make all of you die!”

A roar of anger rang out from outside.

“From the time Baiwu knocked her manacles on the wall to the time the warning came from the guards, it’s roughly about 50 seconds. And according to the number of steps the guard took, they should be at a guarding post roughly 30-50 meters away.”

Li Ziqi analyzed.

“Come in then!”

Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po shouted in unison.

“If you have the balls, come and kill this young master!”

The combat addict walked to the iron gate and sent a kick at it.


The sound was ear-piercing.

The person outside cursed loudly but eventually, no one came in.

“Who is the other party?”

Ying Baiwu inhaled deeply a few times and suppressed her unhappiness. She then began to think of how to escape.

In any case, even if she had to die, she had to save Ziqi and Zhiruo!

“If they were injured or died, Teacher would surely be very sad.”

Ying Baiwu glanced at Xuanyuan Po. “Don’t make any more noises, let’s preserve our energy!”

“They are people from the Dragonspirit Manor!”

Li Ziqi looked at Jiang Leng. The two of them had discussed earlier and felt that the other party’s target should be Jiang Leng and Baiwu. It was because she was with them that she got involved in this.

“Did they want Teacher’s Dragon Ball Spirit Rune?”

Ying Baiwu lowered her voice and had a gloomy look on her face.

“If that’s the case, I would rather die!”

Lu Zhiruo squatted at a corner and had a disappointed look on her face. She brought trouble for her teacher again.

“If you died, Teacher would feel even more heartache!”

Li Ziqi consoled. “Don’t think of nonsensical things.”

Actually, Li Ziqi was also afraid, but as the eldest martial sister, she had to force herself to remain calm. Moreover, as an intelligent girl, she could see the situation more clearly than anyone else.

If the other party only wanted the Dragon Ball Spirit Rune, things would actually be easy to settle.

Given their teacher’s love for everyone, let alone a spirit rune, even a saint-tier cultivation art could be given away freely.

What she was afraid of was that the other party wanted to use Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng as lab rats. After all, the other party specialized in researching spirit runes.

The atmosphere in the room became oppressive again.

After the little sunny egg heard the footsteps walking away, she waited a little while more and lowered her voice. “I will unlock the manacles for you guys now, but without my command, none of you is to act recklessly.”

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The gazes of everyone directly turned over.

“Eldest martial sister, you...”

Lu Zhiruo had a look of surprise on her face. Her little mouth was in the shape of an ‘O’, while Jiang Leng’s expression was one of shock.

Because he originated from the Dragonspirit Manor, Jiang Leng wasn’t a stranger to these manacles. These manacles could even bind an expert at the Longevity Realm. Because other than their materials, the most terrifying thing was the spirit runes engraved on them.

This was something Dean Bai had created after taking reference from the ancient spirit runes found in a darkness ruin.

This was something solely possessed by Dean Bai.

If one wanted to open the stone manacles, they either had to be told the solution by Dean Bai or they would have to understand the theory behind the spirit runes and unravel it.

(Eldest martial sister, are your brains too good or is Teacher’s teachings too excellent?)

Although he had already left the Dragonspirit Manor, Bai Wenzhang was still an extremely imposing and outstanding character in Jiang Leng’s heart. But now, Li Ziqi actually unraveled his spirit runes...

He felt so surreal.

“Xuanyuan, I’m talking about you!”

Li Ziqi warned seriously.

“I know. Do it quickly!”

Xuanyuan Po immediately came and stood before Li Ziqi.

Li Ziqi touched the stone manacles on Xuanyuan Po’s wrist and injected her spirit qi into them. After that, she lit up five spirit runes at once and the stone manacles clicked open. The inner mechanism within had unlocked.

Xuanyuan Po had a look of joy on his face and was about to pry the stone manacles away.


Li Ziqi, who was prepared, shouted in a low voice and caught the combat addict’s hands.

“Eh, it was an instinctive reaction!”

Xuanyuan Po explained somewhat awkwardly.

“Eldest martial sister, you are so awesome!”

Upon seeing the stone manacles opening, Lu Zhiruo was impressed and envious. (Why am I not as impressive? No wonder you are the student Teacher dotes on the most.)

“Is it difficult?”

Jiang Leng was curious.

“It’s a little difficult, but the process of solving this is quite interesting!”

After Li Ziqi spoke, she smiled in a self-mocking manner. “However, these stone manacles should have been manufactured a long time ago. The spirit runes were products from tens of years ago, yet they are still so difficult to be unraveled. From this, one can imagine how great the creator of this spirit rune is.”

“You should feel proud. You are the first I’ve seen who can unravel these spirit runes within half an hour!”

Jiang Leng didn’t lie.

All of the children here had learned spirit runes.

Back then, if they wanted to become a personal student of Dean Bai, they had to pass six tests. In one of the tests, their legs and hands would be bound by these stone manacles, and they were tossed into a pool that gradually filled up with water.

The time limit was one hour. Those who couldn’t do it had all drowned to death.

Jiang Leng gave up the test after seeing those corpses. Although he eventually became a personal student of Dean Bai via relying on his extremely high aptitude, he still wasn’t able to escape the fate of becoming an experimental body.

“I can only feel pride because of what Teacher has taught me!”

Upon thinking of Sun Mo, Li Ziqi smiled sweetly.

Sun Mo held nothing back in education.

One could say that Li Ziqi had learned everything Sun Mo knew.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +500. Reverence (43,510/100,000).

“If you encounter danger, display your knowledge about spirit runes to Bai Wenzhang!” Jiang Leng reminded her. “Maybe you can keep your life then.”

“Everyone come over, I will share my plan with all of you!”

Li Ziqi called out to everyone. This was especially so for Xuanyuan Po because this fellow actually started to meditate again. Clearly, it was to prepare for a fight later.

However, just when everyone gathered together, footsteps rang out from outside.

There was no solution to this, Li Ziqi and the rest could only spread out and reveal depressed and sullen expressions that were normal among prisoners.


The metal door was opened.

Ding Yi walked in and after glancing around the chamber, his gaze fell on Li Ziqi. “Come out!”

“What do you want to do?”

Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu stood up. However, Jiang Leng and Xuanyuan’s speed was even quicker, and they directly appeared before Li Ziqi, blocking her from Ding Yi.


Ding Yi laughed. He walked over and aimed a punch at Xuanyuan Po’s lower chin.


Xuanyuan Po didn’t move. The corners of his lips cracked from the impact.

“Xuanyuan, move aside!”

Li Ziqi berated. Ding Yi had lost to the combat addict and would surely harbor hatred in his heart. Now that Xuanyuan Po was blocking him, he would surely make Xuanyuan Po suffer.

As expected, when Ding Yi saw this, he directly punched out ruthlessly again, aiming for Xuanyuan Po’s stomach.

“As a lowly prisoner, you should have the awareness of a lowly prisoner!”

Ding Yi spat a mouthful of saliva. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xuanyuan Po was an experimental body and mustn’t be injured, he would really want to cripple Xuanyuan Po.

“Jiang Leng, watch over him. I will be fine!”

Li Ziqi urged.

Jiang Leng was helpless and went over to hold Xuanyuan Po back. If Xuanyuan Po acted recklessly, their last chance of escaping might be thrown out of the window.

“Eldest martial sister!”

Lu Zhiruo sobbed.


The metal door closed and Li Ziqi was brought away.

“What should we do now?”

The papaya girl was so anxious that she cried out, “Why is Teacher not here yet?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》