Absolute Great Teacher
640 Who Dares To Touch My Students?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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640 Who Dares To Touch My Students?

This secret base of Bai Wenzhang was located under a mountain. He had modified a burial complex and built it.

There was a giant stone door at the entrance that could only be pushed open with brute force.

Sun Mos original intention was to infiltrate this place first and if they got discovered, he would kill his way in. However, he was stopped by the sickly invalid.

Why dont we use poison?

Tantai Yutang built a small bonfire at the entrance and then took out a few pills from his bag. After that, he tossed them into the fire.

Fan the wind!

The sickly invalid plucked a large branch filled with leaves and used it as a fan to blow the thick smoke into the entrance.

Anesthetic Pill?

Mei Ziyu sniffed the air lightly and felt somewhat curious. You concocted it yourself?

Mn, people wont die from it, but if they absorbed too much of this, they might feel numb in their limbs for three to four days. They would be very dizzy and wouldnt be able to get down from the bed.

Tantai Yutang explained.

If one sniffed a micro-amount of the smoke, it would roughly take over ten minutes before they would faint.

Sun Mo anxiously waited and 15 minutes later, he couldnt bear it anymore and wanted to enter the place.

Teacher, hold this in your mouth!

Tantai Yutang passed another pill to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo took it and tossed it into his mouth. He then immediately rushed inside. Right now, he couldnt be bothered about scanning the data of the pill Tantai Yutang had just passed him.

After passing through a long tunnel and walking through a great hall, he saw that this place was literally filled with tunnels leading in all directions.

Head to the right!

The sickly invalid pointed the path.

At a corner of the great hall, there were two fainted youths. Sun Mo hesitated a little but still grabbed hold of one as a hostage.

Let me lead the way!

Mei Ziyu wanted to open up a path. Her thinking was very simple. Sun Mo was their main combat strength and couldnt afford to be injured. Hence, if there were any traps here, she should be the first to step into them.

However, just when Mei Ziyu took two steps forward, she was stopped by Sun Mo and pulled behind his back.

This action caused Mei Ziyu to feel warmth in her heart.

After walking for a few minutes, a shout rang out.

Who the hell are you guys?

Enemy attack!

Two youths could be seen. One was shouting for reinforcement while the other lunged toward Sun Mo.

They were dressed in white-colored clothes and had swords as weapons. They also looked very energetic.

Also, on their chest and back area, a vivid picture of a wolf head could be seen. It was baring its fangs that were dripping with blood.

This indicated that they were troops under the wolf division of the Dragonspirit Manor. They were also known as the wolf troops.

Lay down your weapons or I will kill him!

Sun Mo grabbed the throat of his hostage and placed the hostage before him.

Yet, the two youths werent bothered at all. One of them stood on the right and the other stood on the left as they surrounded Sun Mo.

Protect Tantai!

Sun Mo shouted. He then tossed away the hostage and rushed out with his wooden blade.

Pak! Pak!

Despite the two youths being extremely courageous, the difference in strength was too great. When the wooden blade smacked their necks, they directly fainted.


Sun Mo rushed forward with full speed.

After turning a corner, he saw a 5-men team of youths in front of him.

Clank! Clank!

The sounds of weapons being unsheathed rang out. It was extremely ear-piercing.


The captain roared and took the lead to lunge over.

Sun Mo immediately met his attack with copy being activated fully. Everything in his vision instantly slowed as though they were playing out in slow motion.


Black-colored spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo, materializing into numerous clones as he fought back.

The courageous one would win when fighting on a narrow path. Moreover, Sun Mo didnt care about his life.

His wooden blade was like a falcon attacking fish in water and also resembled two mountain goats ramming their horns against each other. It rapidly smashed into the bodies of the youths with precision.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The youths directly fell and cried out in misery.

How strong!

Tantai Yutang exclaimed in shock. Although he knew his teacher was strong, it was only when Sun Mo went all-out did he realize that his respect for his teacher was far from enough.

Naturally, such a battle strategy caused Sun Mos consumption of spirit qi to spike high.

When the clones were formed, his spirit qi and consciousness would be reduced. Every time a clone died, it would mean a hint of his divine sense got damaged and the spirit qi would dissipate. There was no way for him to get them back that quickly.

Although his divine sense would slowly return to normal a few days later, he would have to deal with the splitting headaches during that period.

In the prison, four of Sun Mos disciples had worried looks on their faces.

Would something happen to eldest martial sister?

The papaya girl cried until her eyes turned red.

We cant sit here and wait for death like this! Ying Baiwu stood up. Let us slaughter our way out!

Agreed! Xuanyuan Po was unable to control his urge any longer.

Calm down! Jiang Leng berated.

So, should we just sit here foolishly?

Ying Baiwu punched the wall.

Jiang Leng racked his brains. He actually wanted them to split up. Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu should protect Lu Zhiruo and escape from here. As for himself, he would go and save Li Ziqi. However, the brains of the combat addict were unreliable!

How good would it be if Tantai was here!

At this moment, everyone suddenly pricked their ears because sounds of a commotion could be heard from outside.

Is Teacher here?

Lu Zhiruo sobbed with joy. Theres no mistake, Teacher must be here!

Footsteps rang out hurriedly. After that, the iron gate was opened.

Ding Yi rushed in and grabbed Lu Zhiruo by her wrist. You are not allowed to speak. Follow me or I will cut out all your tongues!

Behind Ding Yi, five wolf soldiers followed him. They were responsible for transporting the prisoners to another location.

Xuanyuan Po leaned forward. He exerted strength with his legs and shot forth like a cannonball as he charged Ding Yi.

Jiang Leng and Ying Baiwu suddenly attacked as well, fighting against the wolf soldiers who were closing in on them.

You are courting death!

Ding Yi roared in rage and punched out at Xuanyuan Pos head.

However, at this moment, a clicking sound rang out as the stone manacles on Xuanyuan Pos hands exploded. He was like a flood dragon that was freed of captivity, and he directly punched out at Ding Yi.


Their fists met, and the huge impact caused Ding Yi to feel intense pain as he staggered backward. Because he didnt take precautions against Xuanyuan Po breaking free, he didnt use his full strength. This led to him suffering a disadvantage now.

Xuanyuan Po charged again, looking like he wanted to crush Ding Yis head.

As for the wolf soldiers, their strengths were clearly inferior to Ding Yi. Moreover, they basically didnt dare to believe that someone would be able to unravel Dean Bais spirit rune manacles. Hence, they were caught by surprise because of this.

Jiang Leng used his finger as a blade and pierced the eyes of the wolf soldier in front of him. After that, he grabbed the corpse and smashed it toward the soldiers behind him, using it as a meat shield. He was like a hunting leopard as he lowered his stance and lunged over.

Jiang Leng had learned about the art of killing before.

While Ying Baiwu wasnt that proficient in it, she knew that the throat was a vital point. Hence, she smashed her fist into the throat of one of the wolf soldiers.


That wolf soldier clutched his broken neck. His eyes protruded out in rage and he lost his life after struggling for a few seconds.

Seeing this scene, Ying Baiwu started and furrowed her brows tightly. Actually, she hadnt thought of killing anyone and only wanted to defeat her enemies, crushing them to an extent where they could no longer pose a threat to them.

However, now that she had killed someone, Ying Baiwu didnt cower either. She immediately adjusted her mental state and rushed forward to stand in front of Lu Zhiruo.

The fight between Ding Yi and Xuanyuan Po already shifted close to the iron gate.

Close the gate! Close the gate!

Ding Yi roared, urging those wolf soldiers outside. He was ruthless enough. If he remained in the prison chamber, he would surely be beaten to death by Xuanyuan Po and the other two. However, he didnt care about it.

For the Dean!

Ding Yi howled in rage and rushed forward. His body began to glow with a dark red light.

The wolf soldiers stationed outside also didnt hesitate and were about to close the gate. However, it was a pity that Jiang Lengs speed was too fast.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

His fingers pierced forth as fast as the wind.


Ying Baiwu pulled Lu Zhiruo along.

Boohoohoo, Im just trash!

The papaya girl felt very depressed. Her junior martial siblings were fighting, but it was only her who couldnt provide any help.

Zhiruo, dont move recklessly. Just stay here! commanded Ying Baiwu as she wanted to go and help Jiang Leng.

You should leave together with Zhiruo instead! said Jiang Leng, not needing any help

How do I even get out?

Ying Baiwu angrily rebutted. (I know you have good intentions, but Im unfamiliar with this place, so how can I escape?)

Jiang Leng fell silent. Logically, they should leave according to the direction Li Ziqi was brought away earlier. Although that direction was definitely surrounded by many enemies, if they walked in the opposite direction, he had no idea whether or not there would be an escape route for them.

Head east, lets go and find our eldest martial sister!

After Lu Zhiruo spoke, she shrank her neck back as she was worried that her junior martial siblings might find her suggestion troublesome.

Head east!

Jiang Leng commanded.

At such a timing, even the worst decision was better than no decision.

Ding Yi was still holding on, but his wolf soldiers had been wiped away by Jiang Leng and Ying Baiwu. Hence, when he saw this scene, he immediately turned to flee.

You guys wont be able to escape!

Ding Yi cursed.


Jiang Leng led the way and rushed east. But before he ran that far, another group of youths appeared. These people were clearly wolf soldiers as well. It was just that their names started with Bing*.

The wolf troop of the Dragonspirit Manor was divided into four levels, from A to D. Although these Bing wolf soldiers werent the ones with the greatest strength, they should be able to subdue Jiang Leng and the others.

I and Xuanyuan Po will cover the back. Baiwu, we will leave Zhiruo to you!

Jiang Leng inhaled deeply.

Im not leaving, I can fight as well!

Lu Zhiruo shouted loudly, deeply hating herself for being weak.

Dont make trouble!

Jiang Leng frowned.

Capture them and bring them away!

The captain of the wolf troop had a malevolent expression on his face. If they resist, break their limbs!

The wolf soldiers rushed out.

Ying Baiwu hesitated when she saw the look Jiang Leng gave her. But she eventually chose to grab the papaya girl and prepared to retreat for now. However, at this moment, a wooden blade suddenly shot forth like a bolt from a crossbow, whistling through the air with great force.

A wolf soldier turned and punched out with a roar.


The wooden blade was knocked away from its trajectory, but before it could fall to the ground, a hand grabbed it. After that, the wooden blade was swung down rapidly.



The wooden blade suddenly ignited with flames.

The wolf soldiers expression changed. He knew he wouldnt be able to receive the next attack and wanted to dodge. But just when this thought appeared in his mind, the wooden blade slammed into his head.


The head of the wolf soldier exploded like a watermelon. After that, with a huge booming sound, his entire body burned in blazing flames as it crackled.


The corpse fell onto the ground as sparks and dust spluttered around.


Sun Mo roared in rage as his voice resounded throughout the burial complex.


Lu Zhiruo was wildly joyful, and her tears flowed unbiddenly down her face despite her trying her best to restrain them. Boohoohoo, Ziqi was captured. Quickly go and save her!


Ying Baiwu saw Sun Mo appearing suddenly as though he was a deity descending to the mortal world. Her heart pounded rapidly as an indescribable emotion surged in her heart.

(As expected, my teacher is impressive.)


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +1,000. Reverence (12,000/100,000).

[1] Bing stands for C. Ding Yi, Ding Er, Ding San, Ding Wutheir Ding stands for D. The troops in the Dragonspirit Manor are categorized into A, B, C, and D.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》