Absolute Great Teacher
641 There Are Actually Four More People Who Are Stronger Than You?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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641 There Are Actually Four More People Who Are Stronger Than You?


Li Ruolan stood behind and looked at Sun Mo as she held the image-recording stone. She kept moving about as well, capturing his majestic side as he fought against the enemies.

“Fantastic, it’s too nice to watch!”

Li Ruolan murmured and had an excited look on her face. She didn’t expect that Sun Mo, who was usually refined and courteous, would actually emit so much killing intent when he erupted.

She really hated the fact that there was only one of her. Otherwise, she would be able to capture the shots from many angles and would definitely be able to record the most magnificent side of Sun Mo.


After seeing Sun Mo crushing everything in his wake and shouting this sentence, Li Ruolan’s excitement went out of control.

(10 marks!)

(I have to give him 10 marks!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +300. Respect (1,270/10,000)

Mei Ziyu hesitated. If she also filmed Sun Mo, would it seem as though she had no restraint? Maybe, he might look down on her.

It seemed like she could only ask Li Ruolan for a copy after this event was over.

(Mn, if she feels reluctant, I will use a saint-tier alchemy pill to exchange with her.”

“Ziyu, don’t act. Go and protect my student!”

Sun Mo shouted. Firstly, he wanted to protect Mei Ziyu, not wanting her to join the battle. Secondly, he wanted to vent. He had to crush the heads of these scums personally.


Mei Ziyu reminded him. The strength of these wolf troops wasn’t bad. The most important thing was that they didn’t fear death.

“Retreat! Retreat!’

After an intense battle of three minutes, the wolf troops saw that Sun Mo was too strong and decided to retreat and wait for reinforcement.

“Teacher, boohoohoo. Eldest martial sister was brought away!”

Lu Zhiruo rushed over and hugged Sun Mo. She had a look of worry on her face. “Let us go and save her quickly!”

“Teacher! It’s me who’s useless!”

Jiang Leng lowered his head and had a look of self-reproach on his face.

“It’s not your fault!”

Sun Mo’s brows furrowed so tightly that he could squeeze ten emperor crabs to death. “Tantai, I still have to trouble you!”

“Cough cough, over there!”

Tantai Yutang forcefully bore with the discomfort and pointed the path for Sun Mo.


Li Ziqi was brought to a room in the burial complex and saw Li Zhuifeng sitting on a rattan chair. He was looking at a spirit rune with interest.

There was a man of about 30+ years old beside him. He was currently on the table and drew continuously. After that, he compared the thing he drew to the spirit rune beside it.

“Please take a seat!”

When Li Zhuifeng saw Li Ziqi entering, he smiled. “Let’s get to know each other. My name is Li Zhuifeng. I was once Jiang Leng’s junior martial brother!”

Li Ziqi sat down.

The furnishings in the room were very simple. Other than chairs and tables, there was nothing else. Hence, the room was relatively empty and there would be an echo when one spoke.

“This is biluochun, do you want to drink this tea?”

Li Zhuifeng lifted a flask of tea and shook it.


Li Ziqi nodded. Actually, she was very nervous, but in order not to lose face for her teacher, she feigned her composure.

Li Zhuifeng placed the porcelain teacup before Li Ziqi and sat down beside her. “Can you tell me the origins of these spirit runes?”

“Are you guys not people who specially researched spirit runes? Could it be you guys cannot tell?”

Li Ziqi counter-asked.


Li Zhuifeng laughed. He suddenly lifted his hand and smacked Li Ziqi’s face.


A slap resounded out.

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth and didn’t cry out.

“I’m not someone with a good temper. Has Jiang Leng never told you about me before?”

Li Zhuifeng’s words were filled with threat.

“Zhuifeng, don’t injure her!”

The man lifted his head and surveyed Li Ziqi as he reminded Li Zhuifeng.

“Yo, our Assistant Yu who is only interested in the study of spirit runes has learned how to properly treat the fairer sex?”

Li Zhuifeng ridiculed.

“These spirit runes are drawn pretty well and have the faint embryonic feel of a grandmaster. But clearly, they were made by a relatively young person like her. Even Teacher would want such a talent!”

Yu Lun explained.

When Li Ziqi and the others got captured, the items they brought with them naturally became the battle spoils for others. Li Zhuifeng originally admired Ying Baiwu’s Wind King Divine Bow, but he didn’t expect that there were over twenty spirit runes in the bag Li Ziqi always carried with her.

The Dragonspirit Manor had existed for over a thousand years. It was specially created to be a base to research spirit runes. The talents gathered here covered all aspects of spirit runes, and their collective expertise level could be ranked within the top three in the entire Nine Provinces.

Li Zhuifeng was a favorite student of Bai Wenzhang, and Yu Lun was the assistant that Bai Wenzhang trusted the most. This was enough to prove the standards of the two of them when it came to spirit runes. But even so, the two of them weren’t able to identify three of the spirit runes in Li Ziqi’s possession.

Yes, not one but three. Hence, the rush of impact to the two of them was truly too great.

“Did you guys find a darkness ruin?”

Yu Lun asked. He lowered his head and looked at the spirit rune he drew and frowned. After that, he crumpled the paper and tossed it away.

He had already attempted to draw it multiple times but wasn’t able to replicate the rune perfectly.

Li Ziqi was silent.

“Even if you don’t say it, I can guess it. Three brand new spirit runes appeared in one go, so you guys must have excavated them from a darkness ruin. Have you found a spirit rune research center somewhere? Or the inheritance of a certain spirit rune great ancestor?”

Yu Lun was very certain. His expression was like telling Li Ziqi there was no need to lie to him.

“Why can’t they be invented by someone?”

Li Ziqi counter-asked.


Yu Lun felt disdain to answer such questions. This was simply an insult to his intelligence. He had seen many types of geniuses in the world, and he had seen plenty of them in the Dragonspirit Manor. (If you said one of the spirit runes was invented by someone, I can believe it. But for all three?)

(Please. Even the illegitimate son of the goddess of luck wouldn’t be able to do so.)

It was like a person saying that he had invented three types of brand new medicine. What a joke. Even if one farted three times, there would be a time lag!

“You don’t have to laugh. These three runes were invented by my teacher!”

Li Ziqi decided to beat them at their own game.

Sometimes when one spoke the truth, no one would believe it.

As expected!


Li Zhuifeng lifted her hand and slapped Li Ziqi again. “I hate people who lie the most. This is especially so for women. Do you want me to cut off your tongue?”

“Hehe, what an opinionated fool!”

Li Ziqi snorted in disdain. After speaking, she politely apologized. “Sorry, please forgive my words. I just couldn’t help it because you are simply too idiopathic.”


Li Zhuifeng lifted his hand again.

“Don’t hit her anymore. It’s very possible she might become my colleague!”

Yu Lun stopped Li Zhuifeng. He knew the personality of Dean Bai. If it was certified that Li Ziqi was the one who had drawn these runes, he would definitely recruit her.

“Student, for your own safety, I hope that you would just confess!”

Yu Lun placed the Flame Explosion Spirit Rune before Li Ziqi. “Remove the masking effect and draw the real spirit rune for me!”

Any type of spirit runes would have a masking effect on them. If not, what would happen if they were stealthily learned by others?

When Sun Mo had designed these spirit runes, he basically didn’t think too much. It was Li Ziqi who reminded him to add a masking effect. By doing so, even if other people saw it, they wouldn’t be able to copy it.


Li Ziqi didn’t reject it. She took up the writing brush and used the time when drawing the spirit rune to think of a way to escape.

Five minutes later, Li Zhuifeng grew impatient.

“Can you be quicker?”

Li Zhuifeng urged.

“The spirit rune is so complex, if I draw it quickly and make a mistake, who will it be blamed on? Wouldn’t you guys say that I did so deliberately?”

Li Ziqi counter-asked.


Li Zhuifeng had no way to rebut that. After all, it was true that the spirit rune looked extremely difficult.

“Just be quiet for a while and let her draw!”

Yu Lun complained. It could also be considered a way to improve when he personally watched other people drawing spirit runes.

The three spirit runes before him were truly too perfect. They were more beautiful compared to the beauties on the Beauty Ranking.

The runic lines were very bizarre, from a style he had never seen before. But when he admired them closely, he would experience an indescribable sense of beauty.

It felt very comfortable to watch. He even wanted to hug them to sleep.

“What is this spirit rune called?”

Yu Lun couldn’t bear it and asked.

“Flame explosion!”

Li Ziqi didn’t conceal it because the other party must have tried it out. Besides, revealing a name was nothing much.

“What about the other two?”

Yu Lun asked.

“The lightning protection spirit rune and dragon ball spirit rune!”

Li Ziqi smiled and asked, “You guys must have tried them out earlier, right? What do you think of the power?”

“The power unleashed was very strong!”

Yu Lun nodded and gave a very high evaluation. “Comprehensively speaking, the flame explosion rune is the weakest among the three of them, and it is also the simplest. The dragon ball spirit rune has the greatest degree of improvement toward cultivators and if you also used the lightning protection rune together, you would be well equipped for attacking and defending.”

“Hmm, you understand quite a lot.”

Li Ziqi praised and felt a little surprised.


Yu Lun felt a little surprised but also somewhat embarrassed. After all, he had been living in the Dragonspirit Manor and had only been fiddling with spirit runes every day. There was basically no time for him to interact with any females.

Moreover, although Li Ziqi wasn’t old, she was extremely beautiful. Yu Lun couldn’t help but feel a little happy when he got praised by her.

Seeing that Li Ziqi no longer spoke, Yu Lun couldn’t help but brag. “Regardless, I’m the number five assistant under the Dean!”

“There are actually four more people stronger than you?”

Li Ziqi was surprised, actually probing for more information.


Yu Lun felt like he had just lost face. He hurriedly explained, “Don’t look at the fact that I’m number five. I’ve actually been to the Nine Greats and taught the students there the study of spirit runes.”

“If I say that these three spirit runes were invented by my teacher, whose standard do you think is higher? My teacher or the Dean?”

Li Ziqi was curious.


Yu Lun fell silent.

“You don’t dare to evaluate? Or is your judgment not up to the mark?”

Li Ziqi provoked.

“If the talent in spirit runes is rated 10 as the highest in this world, our Dean has 9 points!”

Yu Lun glanced at Li Ziqi and spoke solemnly, “If these three spirit runes were truly invented by Sun Mo, I admit that his capabilities are half that of the Dean.”


Li Ziqi’s lips twitched. She didn’t believe it. (My teacher is then the most excellent.)

“Can you guys stop blabbering?”

Li Zhuifeng was very unhappy.

Li Ziqi’s wrist trembled. She then covered her mouth and cried, “Aiyo, I drew it crooked!”

“Did you do so intentionally?”

Li Zhuifeng stood up from his rattan chair and took two steps forward, wanting to slap Li Ziqi.

“Enough. This spirit rune is very difficult to draw. How is it possible not to make any mistake?”

Yu Lun thought that he was speaking out in fairness? How old was Li Ziqi? Probably only 13 or 14, right? If she said she could draw all these spirit runes out in a single attempt with no mistakes, that would then be a lie.

In truth, Li Ziqi truly could do so. Her success rate was about 90%, and these spirit runes in her bag were all drawn by her.

One could say that as long as the thing she needed to do didn’t involve movement, Li Ziqi would be invincible in the world. It was very easy for her to draw spirit runes.

The room once again fell into silence. Yu Lun sat by the side and focused as Li Ziqi drew the flame explosion spirit rune.

Li Zhuifeng ultimately was still interested in spirit runes. A few minutes later, he also sat over and couldn’t help but sigh ruefully. “These spirit runes are really beautiful. I wonder who was the one who invented it and how did they come out with such great ideas?”

“Yeah, it’s a pity that the inventor has passed. We have no way to consult such an expert!”

Yu Lun felt very regretful.

Li Ziqi immediately glanced over. (Daring to curse my teacher by saying he’s dead? I will remember you.)

Li Zhuifeng was very scheming. When he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but frown as he asked, “Are these spirit runes truly invented by your teacher?”

Li Zhuifeng suddenly recalled the fixed spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body. Maybe, Sun Mo could really do it!

(Wait a minute, Teacher suddenly went out a couple of hours ago. Could he have gone to recruit Sun Mo?)

(If that was the case and I kidnapped Sun Mo’s students...)

All of a sudden, Li Zhuifeng felt apprehensive.

“Why don’t you guess?”

Li Ziqi was intentionally trying to be difficult.

Li Zhuifeng felt like slapping the little sunny egg again, but at this moment, the sound of a commotion suddenly rang out outside.

“What’s going on?”

Yu Lun was very angry. He had been watching with keen interest, but it was so noisy outside. Were the people outside looking for a beating?

“I’ll go take a look!”

Li Zhuifeng was very cautious and directly pulled out his sword. The abduction process was very quick. No matter how fast those great teachers in the city were, they would at least need one more day before they could discover this place, right?

Before Li Zhuifeng could open the door, a charred corpse directly smashed into it.


The door blasted open and Sun Mo rushed in.

“Yu Lun, capture the hostage!”

Li Zhuifeng had a look of shock on his face. While shouting, he also retreated in case he got captured by Sun Mo.

Yu Lun’s reaction wasn’t slow, but he was still slower than Li Ziqi by half-a-beat.

Earlier when the commotion rang out, Li Ziqi was already preparing. At this moment, she directly took up the half-finished flame explosion rune and tore it.


A few sparks manifested first. After that, they condensed together into a coconut-sized fireball. Waving her hands, Li Ziqi shot it at Yu Lun.


Yu Lun was badly shocked. Wasn’t this an incomplete spirit rune? How could it be activated?

(Wait a minute, has she finished drawing the spirit rune? How talented must she be to accomplish this?)

Because the distance between him and Li Ziqi was too close, Yu Lun wasn’t able to evade it and could only endure the attack.


The fireball slammed into his chest and exploded. The immense impact caused him to tumble through the air.


After Li Ziqi called out, she stumbled and fell to the ground.

There was no solution to it. Her motor skill was truly bad, but because she knew that time was tight, she hurriedly climbed to her feet and snatched the spirit runes that were placed not far away.

As long as she had them in her hands, she would be able to fight!

At the same time, the little sunny egg also bit the skin on her finger and unleashed her spiritual control technique, summoning the Wind King Protection.

Li Zhuifeng’s battle experience was extremely rich. When he saw Sun Mo entering, he chose to dodge right away and immediately sprinted toward Li Ziqi. As long as he captured her, he would be safe.


Actually, the matter of capturing Li Ziqi was supposed to be done by Yu Lun, but who would have thought that he was too stupid. Li Zhuifeng was so angry that his lungs almost burst.

Luckily, he would be quicker than Sun Mo.

“Don’t move if you don’t want to die!”

Li Zhuifeng threatened.

Just when Li Ziqi was about to be captured, she suddenly lifted her right hand and aimed it at Li Zhuifeng.

Windwave Bullet!

Woosh, woosh, woosh~

Numerous translucent spirit bullets blasted toward Li Zhuifeng.

Cold sweat instantly dotted Li Zhuifeng’s forehead. He had sprinted over too quickly and basically had no time to dodge.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The windwave bullets slammed into his face, striking it with complete accuracy.

Li Zhuifeng was directly sent flying as blood sprayed out of his mouth.

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