Absolute Great Teacher
642 What Else Can I Do? I Am Also in Very Much Despair!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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642 What Else Can I Do? I Am Also in Very Much Despair!

Jiang Leng, protect Ziqi. Xuanyuan, attack the enemies.

Sun Mo quickly spoke and lunged toward Yu Lun.

Yu Luns combat strength might not be high, but he had many supportive-type equipment. This was especially so for the spirit runes on his body that caused his stats to surge explosively.

If an ordinary person suffered an explosion from the flame explosion spirit rune to their chest like him, it would be like taking a rocket launcher face-on.

However, Yu Lun was only lightly injured. At that instant, before the flame explosion hit him, he activated the defensive spirit runes on his body and used that to block the majority of the damage.


Yu Lun pulled out his sword and clashed against Sun Mo.

Ill kill you all!

Yu Lun was also angered. After all, no matter who it was, as long as they had taken a walk at the edge of life-and-death, they most probably would feel like killing the person who almost sent them to hell.

Bzz! Bzz! Bzz

Dark red light was continuously flashing from Yu Luns body. That was the activation sign of certain spirit runes.


The wooden blade clashed against the longsword, and the power gushing through the sword caused Sun Mos wrists to feel numb. His wooden blade almost flew out of his hands.

Sun Mo immediately changed from attack to defense. At the same time, he activated Divine Sight to observe Yu Luns flaws. This would also allow him to make better decisions on the battle situation.

Yu Lin. Fifth level of the divine force realm. 32 years old.

Strength: 37. An ordinary man.

Intellect: 40. Close to max value. This is especially so in the field of spirit runes where he has outstanding talent.

Agility: 38. Although his absolute speed isnt fast, he is very nimble and he can be considered someone at the grandmaster level when it comes to fighting.

Will: 37. He has the spirit to keep on fighting despite continual setbacks.

Endurance: 25. Sorry, he is cooped up in the lab every day and basically has no chance to temper his endurance.

Potential value: Extremely high, especially in the field of spirit runes. Currently, he is at the threshold of becoming a grandmaster.

Note: His combat strength is ordinary and his combat experience is lacking. His current performance is merely due to the augmentation of the spirit runes.

Sun Mos vision immediately shifted downward.

There were a total of 18 spirit runes on Yu Luns body, and all of them were top level spirit runes from the Dragonspirit Manors research.

Because Yu Lun was already an adult and his body shape was fixed, he chose to tattoo spirit runes on himself.

Sun Mo frowned not because his enemy was powerful but because of the evaluation by the system.

His opponents potential value was extremely high. Also, he was slightly above 32 years old but was almost a grandmaster. If this was in the modern era, he would definitely be able to become a professor in the future.

For such people, each of their deaths was considered a heavy loss to humanity.


After seeing Sun Mo becoming passive, Lu Zhiruo cried out in worry.

Im fine. You guys, take note of your own safety!

Sun Mo reminded them. After that, he felt a little conflicted and retracted his merciful heart. (Daring to kidnap my students? Even if you are a spirit rune great ancestor, Im going to kill you.)

Aiyo, my eldest martial sisters battle achievements are so awesome!

Although Tantai Yutang was pretending to be shocked, he was actually very impressed by Li Ziqis reaction and calmness when their teacher had broken through the door earlier.

Sadly, her motor skills were too inferior. If not, she might be able to insta-kill Li Zhuifeng.

Xuanyuan Po basically didnt think about saving people. Rather, he lunged toward Li Zhuifeng directly as his silver spear pierced forth in fury. He had long since wanted to fight against this opponent.

I knew it!

Jiang Leng rolled his eyes. He had guessed this scene would happen. Hence, he didnt chase after Li Zhuifeng but stood before Li Ziqi instead.

You should be careful!

The deadman face reminded him, but it was completely meaningless.

Li Zhuifeng who had been shot by the windwave bullets managed to avoid death after activating a top-grade defensive-type spirit rune. However, his mind was in a daze and his head was spinning about. He could still handle a few salted fish, but his opponent now was the combat addict.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After Li Zhuifeng got abused badly, he knelt on the ground and coughed up blood. He was no longer able to get up.

So boring!

Xuanyuan Po hoisted his silver spear back onto his shoulder and walked out of the room, preparing to fight against the reinforcements.

Wait a minute!

Jiang Leng stopped him. After that, he grabbed Li Zhuifeng by the hair and dragged him into the corridor. Dont move or Ill kill him!

At this moment, those young wolf soldiers were fully equipped. Half of them had crossbows and sharp arrows.

However, they all froze. After all, Li Zhuifeng was Sir Deans personal student and his status was very high.

Boohoohoo. Eldest martial sister, were you beaten up?

Lu Zhiruo saw the fingers imprint on Li Ziqis face and felt a heartache.

Im fine!

Li Ziqi smiled sweetly and patted the papaya girls head. Since she was born up until now, she was the princess doted by the Great Tang Emperor the most and had never been hit before.

There was a time when a maid had accidentally spilled hot tea and scaled Li Ziqis hand. If it wasnt for Li Ziqi pleading, that unlucky maid would have been dragged out and beaten to the death by the emperors order.

Hence, when Li Ziqi got slapped, she was very angry. However, everything was fine now because her windwave bullets almost ripped apart Li Zhuifengs face.

Looking at Li Zhuifengs bloody face, she could see that at least half of his teeth had fallen out. His mouth was crooked and Li Ziqi felt very satisfied when she looked at it.

(Im then the final winner!)

When Jiang Leng heard the papaya girls words, he turned his head and glanced at Li Ziqi before lifting his hand and fanning it left and right repeatedly on Li Zhuifengs face.

Pak, pak, pak!

Jiang Leng used a lot of force as he slapped. Four purple bruises were left behind on Li Zhuifengs face, and he had to spat out some blood as well as shattered teeth.

Junior brother, I want to issue two slaps too!

Lu Zhiruo rolled up her sleeves.

Wait until his face is swollen from my slaps. It would be easier for you to slap him then.

Jiang Leng was very angry. (Li Ziqi is such a gentle and kind girl, yet you actually found it in yourself to hit her? You are truly a scum!)

In the room, Yu Lun grew increasingly anxious.

Li Zhuifeng was captured and despite him going all out, he was unable to take his opponent down. What should he do?

The more anxious he was, the easier it would be for him to make a mistake.

Yu Luns attacks started to turn chaotic, and he ended up flailing his fists left and right.

Sun Mos battle strategy was effective. His Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was all about imitation, retaliation, and defense. If Sun Mo was determined to defend, he could exhaust Yu Lun to death.

Flying Swallow Slash!

Yu Luns sword slashed out with his ultimate attack, resembling a flying immortal from the sky. He wanted to use this move to force Sun Mo away and rush over to save Li Zhuifeng.

Since he couldnt win, he decided to flee.

However, Sun Mo not only didnt move, but his wooden blade even swept out horizontally, resembling a brush drawing a horizontal line.

Paying someone back in their own coin!


Sun Mo blocked the Flying Swallow Slash and retaliated with the exact same movements.


Yu Luns face lost its color. He did his best to evade, but his left hand got slashed.


Three fingers fell onto the ground.

I will kill you!

Yu Lun howled with rage. He was a spirit rune master, without his fingers, how should he draw spirit runes in the future? His career had ended.

Yu Lun who had completely lost all rationality took out a medical pill and consumed it.

This was the battle god pill. After eating it, although it would bring great harm to the body, it could allow his cultivation base to temporarily rise by a level, causing his combat strength to surge explosively.

Given Dean Bais wealth and influence, it completely wasnt a problem to get such top-graded pills.

This battle god pill was a peerless saint-tier one. Dean Bai had given it to Yu Lun, so the latter could save his life in a dire moment. In any case, for people like Yu Lun, it was their brains that were valuable and not their cultivation bases.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yu Luns aura was enhanced greatly. The spirit qi in the surroundings gushed over, entering his body. Because the spirit qi was too dense, flickering motes of light actually started to appear.


Li Ziqi and the others were badly shocked.

You guys, go out and wait!

Sun Mo didnt dare to be careless. His reaction was very fast as he took out a dragon ball spirit rune and tore it.


Arcs of lightning manifested and cloaked his body.


Sun Mos surroundings were covered by golden spirit qi that resembled blazing flames. His aura surged wildly and his hair spiked with a golden color.

After seeing this scene, Yu Luns breathing stopped. He subconsciously asked.

How much has your strength improved?

Yu Lun was cursing in his heart and he really wanted to verbalize it. Sun Mos savage effect was truly too beautiful.

Yu Lun had eaten a peerless-grade saint-tier alchemy pill, but from the looks of things, he completely wasnt as strong as his opponent.

(Look at the golden hairstyle. Oh my heavens, how did he accomplish this?)

Although Yu Lun had seen Li Ziqis spirit runes earlier, he didnt activate all of them. After all, some items were very valuable and he wanted to hand them to the Dean.

Ten times!

Sun Mos lips curled into a light smile. What about you?


Yu Lun heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. (Luckily, you are not much stronger than me.) But before he could reply, Sun Mo already appeared beside him and slashed his wooden blade out.

Too swift!

It was like a bolt of lightning falling from the sky!

Yu Lun lifted his sword to block, but before the wooden blade clashed with the sword, it directly curved away and changed its trajectory, slashing Yu Luns arm.


Yu Luns arm should have been broken. But with the enhancement of the battle god pill, he was uninjured.

Sun Mo also guessed that this might be the result, hence, he frantically went all out!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Yu Lun shouted, feeling increasingly vexed. (Why is this fellow so powerful? In that case, why didnt he attack earlier and only chose to defend?)

(Wait a minute, could it be a lie? Is this his battle strategy?)

(Yeah, this fellow is very cunning. He intentionally asked a question to divert my attention.)

Yu Lin thought too much and because of this, fear appeared on his face and he started to feel dread. What if he still failed to escape despite having eaten the battle god pill?


Favorable impression points from Yu Lun +50. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (50/100).

When Sun Mo heard the notification, he couldnt help but look weirdly at Yu Lun. (What are you doing? Are you a masochist?)

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the room, spirit qi ran rampant. The intensity of the battle rose by a few levels, but Yu Lun wasnt able to defeat Sun Mo.

Why cant I win?

Yu Lun began to feel somewhat depressed. His thinking was very simple. (If my moves arent profound enough, I will use my stronger cultivation base to suppress you. This is the principle of using brute force to overcome everything.) However, who knew that Sun Mos strength wasnt in any way weaker than his.

Yu Lun, you trash! Have you not killed him yet?

Outside the room, Li Zhuifengs roar could be heard. But after that, the resounding and crisp sound of a slap covered it.

What else can I do? Im also in a lot of despair!

Yu Lun wanted to cry, but no tears were coming out. Was this the strength of a super rising star? As expected, Sun Mo was very powerful!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》