Absolute Great Teacher
643 Student Group, Erupt!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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643 Student Group, Erupt!


“Is this Sun Mo’s complete form?”

Li Ruolan held onto the image-recording stone and filmed the entire scene, intoxicated.

The definition of handsome men in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces was to be suave and elegant. They mustn’t be too powerful.

Li Ruolan had always agreed to this concept, but Sun Mo had changed her sense of aesthetics.

His long golden hair spiked up and his firm muscles were clearly filled with strength. WIth them, every fist attack seemed to be able to split Mount Hua into two.

As Sun Mo punched out, Li Ruolan’s heart started palpitating away. The feeling was as if she was facing an ancient beast that was hunting its prey. The sense of invasion struck all the way down her heart.


Sun Mo felt increasingly exuberant as he fought. In the past, he had always stayed in his rental apartment and played games after getting off work. Going out with girls?

There was no such thing!

Since he didn’t have a girlfriend, he naturally didn’t need to care about his body shape. Sun Mo had thought of going for training as the legends said that guys with six-packs would be able to attract girls easily.

However, Sun Mo gave up on that. It required persistence to build muscles.

But now, after tearing a dragon ball spirit rune, Sun Mo’s figure immediately became extremely muscular. It was amazing!

“Praise you, study of spirit runes, amen!”

Sun Mo mumbled and landed a punch onto Yu Lun’s face.


Yu Lun shot out like a missile, smashing into the walls. Before he could get up, Sun Mo had put his feet together and stomped down heavily.



Yu Lun’s eyeballs bulged out and he even puked out his dinner from last night. A foul smell instantly spread out.

“F*ck your mom! Your digestive ability is bad!”

Sun Mo covered his nose with his left hand and raised his leg, landing another side kick onto Yu Lun’s ear.


The strong power caused Yu Lun to fly out while rubbing against the ground. He then smashed onto a wall that was over ten meters away.


The wall shattered, sending pieces flying everywhere.


Sun Mo darted over once again, not using his wooden blade but smashing incessantly with both fists.

Ba da ba da!

Yu Lun was like ground beef that was being hammered fiercely, his body shaking incessantly. The dark red glow on his body also lit up to an extreme, then with a ‘pa’ sound, disappeared.

The spirit rune was broken.


Yu Lun bellowed out hysterically. There was no other way out. If the fight continued, he’d die.


Sun Mo’s fist stopped right in front of Yu Lun’s nose.

“Stop! I surrender! Boohoohoo!”

Yu Lun broke out in tears. It was too painful.

(I’m a researcher, why do I have to go through such agony? Where are the wolf troops? Where did they all die to?)

Sun Mo’s face was cold and he poked a few times on Yu Lun’s body, using the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to seal up his meridian channels, obstructing the spirit qi flow and making it impossible for him to retaliate. He then grabbed Yu Lun by the hair and dragged him out.

Both parties along the corridor were in a confrontation.


Li Zhuifeng bellowed. “You’re at the fifth level of the divine force realm, and you even have the battle god pill. How did you lose?”


Yu Lun spat out a mouthful of phlegm that was mixed with blood onto Li Zhuifeng’s face. (If it wasn’t because you want to catch them, would such a thing happen?)

“All of you move away! Otherwise, I’ll kill them!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.

At this moment, Li Ziqi’s group had taken back their belongings. Ying Baiwu, with the Wind King Divine Bow in his hand, instantly had a large boost in her confidence.

The wolf troops hesitated, not knowing what to do. However, Li Zhuifeng and Yu Lun didn’t want to die. Therefore, they reproached these people.

Left without any choice, the wolf troops could only make way for them.

“Don’t follow us, otherwise, we’ll kill them!”

Li Ziqi threatened.

However, this time around, the threat was useless. The wolf troops would be punished if they lost Li Zhuifeng and Yu Lun. Therefore, they kept on trailing behind them.

At last, Sun Mo’s group came out from the tomb.

The sky was dark and a light rain was falling.

Both parties were at a standstill, but the atmosphere became increasingly intense. It was because all of them knew that the instant they left the mound, a big war would definitely erupt.

As targets hunted down by the Saint Gate, the Dragonspirit Manor would definitely not allow their people to be captured. Otherwise, their positions would be exposed.

“You’re still in the mood to film?”

Tantai Yutang was speechless. This female reporter was very dedicated to her work.

Li Ruolan was about to say something when a human figure suddenly darted out like a venomous snake from the bushes over three meters away.

“Watch out!”

It was too late for Sun Mo to go over. He could only smash out Yu Lun, whom he was grabbing onto, hoping to obstruct the other party’s charge.

However, the human figure didn’t seem to care about it and slashed out his sword.


Yu Lun was chopped into two from the waist. As a result, his internal organs and blood splattered all over the ground amidst the rain.

Bang! Bang!

The two chunks of body fell onto the floor.


Yu Lun let out an agonizing cry.

But no one could care about him.

It was because the human figure had used an additional move when slashing Yu Lun. Therefore, Sun Mo quickly moved and pierced out with his wooden blade, trying to receive the longsword that the human figure was piercing out toward Li Ruolan.

However, at the next instant, the longsword turned, piercing toward Sun Mo’s neck like a venomous snake flicking its tongue.


Sun Mo pushed Li Ruolan away and forcibly received the other party’s fierce attack.

“Sun Mo!”

Li Ruolan felt worried. If it wasn’t because of her, Sun Mo would have been able to dodge the attack.


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +100. Respect (1,370/10,000).

“It’s you?”

Sun Mo was surprised.

The attacker was dressed in black clothing but didn’t have any disguise on. He was Shan Shi who had challenged him previously and was defeated.

“Huh? Weren’t your limbs broken?”

Lu Zhiruo was surprised.

“You can’t possibly think that in this world, only your teacher’s God Hands can fix broken bones, right?”

Shan Shi snuffed.

“You’re here to take revenge?”

Sun Mo observed the wolf troops behind them. With Yu Lun dead, the bargaining chips on their hands had reduced greatly. And this Shan Shi was also very strong.

This was troublesome!


Shan Shi let out a cold snort. “Under everyone’s gaze, I can’t use secret arts the other day. That’s why I was defeated by you. But this won’t happen now. Sun Mo, I’ll kill you.”

“What that can’t be used in public is naturally evil cultivation arts. Even if you can win against me, what’s there to be proud of?”

Sun Mo said with despise.

Shan Shi was stunned. That really seemed to be the case.

Sun Mo took the opportunity when Shan Shi was lost in his thoughts to strike first.

Eighteen Words Order!

However, this time around, the effect wasn’t great. All of his attacks were received by Shan Shi.

“You really have a sharp tongue!”

Shan Shi stared at Sun Mo, deciding not to think about this problem. “Anyway, I just have to kill you to prove that I’m more amazing than you!”

Moreover, regardless if a cultivation art was evil or not, one that could kill was a good one.

“Sun Mo, die!”

Shan Shi let out a furious bellow, suddenly erupting a lump of black fog from his body that was enveloping himself and Sun Mo.


Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu panicked.

“Xuanyuan Po, Jiang Leng, Baiwu, prepare for battle.”

Li Ziqi was also worried for Sun Mo’s safety, but she knew that what she should be doing was to protect her martial juniors and be wary against those wolf troops, not letting their teacher be worried for them.

“Xuanyuan Po! Come out! Fight me again!”

Gui Jiarong had come as well. He let out an enraged bellow toward Xuanyuan Po as he was going to take revenge.

“Don’t go!”

Li Ziqi tried to stop him, but it was useless.

“As you wish!”

Xuanyuan Po charged out, his silver spear sweeping out at the fallen leaves, attacking Gui Jiarong.

“This bastard!”

Li Ziqi stomped her foot angrily.


The leader of the wolf troops let out a low bellow and took the lead to pounce toward Li Ziqi. He was also a very decisive and intelligent guy. Seeing the situation, he immediately gave the order to attack.

He’d definitely have to be punished, so he might as well fight it out. If he could save Li Zhuifeng and catch these people, his merits might be able to offset the faults. Otherwise, he could just go and die.

Moreover, the leader could tell that Sun Mo cared for his students a lot. Once they were to attack, he’d definitely get distracted. The chances of him losing would be even higher then.

“Baiwu, suppress!”

Li Ziqi let out a low bellow and quickly took out a stack of Lightning Protection Runes, tearing them all up.

Ying Baiwu didn’t say a word but also attacked away.

Drawing the bow into a full moon, pointing toward the northwest, shooting at the ravenous wolf! [1]

Wind King divine skill, One Arrow Six Shots!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Six arrows shot out toward the wolf troops that were pouncing toward them.

The wolf troops were also capable and courageous people. None of them dodged and they used their curved blades to block. However, at the instant the edge of the blades came into contact with the arrows, the arrows exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The light spots from the shattered arrows weren’t just nice to look at, but they were also like glass shards that could hurt people. Affected by the shockwaves, they pierced out onto the wolf troops’ faces.

“As expected of a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”

Mei Ziyu gave a great praise. The prowess of this amazing cultivation art was fully displayed.

However, Li Ruolan was astonished by how calm these students were. (Aren’t you guys afraid of death?)

To be honest, even Li Ruolan felt a little nervous when facing this difficult situation. But to think that these students could still retaliate?

Zap! Zap!

Blue electricity flashed and lightning balls the size of fists were formed, surrounding and circling around their bodies.

“What are these?”

Li Ruolan felt curious.

“Lightning Protection Runes. Teacher’s invention!”

Jiang Leng replied. He held onto his dagger and stood at the very front. But after that, Mei Ziyu stood in front of him.

“Break formation!”

The wolf troop’s leader let out a loud bellow and a wolf soldier with a tall, strong stature jumped up immediately with a loud cry. He dashed out for over seven meters and looked down at the crowd from a height.

He was planning to break the formation from the center.

“Be careful!”

Li Ruolan prepared to receive the attack.

The wolf soldier with the big saber stared at Ying Baiwu. In his opinion, this girl was the greatest threat. However, when he was three meters away from the ground, the lightning balls around the young lady who was holding onto a stack of spirit runes suddenly shot up.

The speed of the lightning balls was too fast and the distance was close as well. The wolf soldier with a large saber was unable to dodge and could only swing his blade to put up a block.

How could metal fend off lightning?


The lightning ball exploded when it knocked into the large saber. Then, the electricity spread out and affected the wolf soldier as well.

This unlucky guy lost control of his body. He started shuddering and then smashed into the ground with a thud.

Mud splattered and the guy had a large patch of charred smoke coming from his body.

This wasn’t over!

A large fireball formed in front of Li Ziqi. With a swoosh, it smashed onto the wolf soldier’s body.


A ball of flame rose into the air, accompanied by the wolf soldier’s agonizing cry.

The other wolf troops who were charging forth turned limp instinctively. Their buttholes tightened up.

“What the f*ck is this?”

The leader of the wolf troops looked at the lightning balls around those students and had a bad headache. (Isn’t our Dragonspirit Manor a sacred place for spirit runes? So, why haven’t I seen such a spirit rune before?)

[1] Extract from a poem by Su Shi, a Chinese poet, writer, politician, calligrapher, painter, pharmacologist, and gastronome of the Song dynasty.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》