Absolute Great Teacher
644 Where Was the Agreed One-sided Crushing?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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644 Where Was the Agreed One-sided Crushing?


With Li Ruolan’s identity as a reporter, she had many experiences and had also interviewed a few grandmaster-level spirit rune masters. Therefore, she had gained some understanding of the study of spirit runes.

The type of Lightning Protection Rune that Li Ziqi used was good in both attack and defense, and it also dealt a great amount of pressure.

This made her look like a porcupine, making it hard for the hunter to attack.

Li Ruolan had thought from the perspective of the enemy and felt horrible just at the thought of it. Should they attack?


Look at that electrocuted charred corpse!

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, lightning was the most revered element. It was because there was no way to defend against it!

The wolf troops’ charging speed subconsciously slowed down. They weren’t afraid of death, but that didn’t mean that they’d charge up brainlessly.

Li Ziqi wouldn’t let go of this chance. Hence, she quickly used two Wind King Protection.

From afar, they looked like two spinning tornadoes that were over three meters tall. The moment they appeared, they shot out over ten wind blades.

As a result, the wolf troops’ speed slowed down even more.

“Eldest Martial Sister, why not launch a sneak attack on them when they come over?”

Lu Zhiruo was baffled. In her opinion, these wind blades were densely packed and sharp. They should be able to kill at least one wolf soldier when used as sneak attacks, right?

Li Ziqi didn’t reply. It was because the enemies might overhear her reply.

In fact, during times like these, when their side was at an absolute advantage, killing one or two people wouldn’t change the situation. Therefore, they should be scaring and making the enemies wary, so that they wouldn’t make a move.

The crux to victory was still on their teacher. As long as Sun Mo could kill Shan Shi, then the chances of turning the tables around would be extremely high.

Therefore, they needed to continue instilling fear in their opponents.

Li Ziqi held onto a stack of Flame Explosion Spirit Runes, tearing them up and channeling in spirit qi to activate them.

Many large fireballs took form then shot out.

The fireballs were very fast, but it would be wishful thinking to hope that they’d hit when the wolf troops were in full defense mode.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

None of the fireballs hit. They landed on the floor and exploded, creating quite a big crater.

After all, the grade of spirit runes was different, and their level would be completely dependent on Li Ziqi’s drawing level.

“Oh my, what a pity!”

Lu Zhiruo was very disappointed. There were so many large fireballs, but all of them had missed.

“Let me do it!”

Tantai Yutang let out a loud bellow and also dug out a stack of spirit runes from his bag.

This time around, the wolf troops didn’t charge forth. They stayed around on the outer range, keeping their guards up against Li Ziqi’s group.

“Let me do it! Your aim isn’t good enough!”

Jiang Leng felt anxious and shouted.

This was actually just an act.

The wolf troops’ current mental state was like facing an archer. They’d definitely wait for the other party to launch their arrow before they charged up to kill them.

“No need!”

Tantai Yutang rejected and then tore a Flame Explosion Spirit Rune.

When Mei Ziyu saw this scene, she couldn’t help but praise them secretly. These three of Sun Mo’s personal disciples were really composed and brave.


Favorable impression point from Mei Ziyu +100. Respect (1,650/10,000).

Even though they were wearing panicking expressions, they were actually just dragging out time.

The wolf troops looked down on the group of young men and ladies to begin with. Seeing how anxious they looked now, quarreling amongst themselves, they became even more composed.

In their opinion, as long as they charged over, the group would be over. Therefore, they could wait a little and attack after the spirit runes were all used up. There wasn’t a need for them to risk their lives.

Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang might seem to be fighting with each other, fighting to shoot the big fireballs. But the truth was that each time around, only one Flame Explosion was released to induce fear. The other spirit runes were still held in their hands.

Of course, this battle tactic could only drag out for three to four minutes. Therefore, the pressure was on Sun Mo’s side.

“Haha, Sun Mo. Are you feeling the fear before death?”

Shan Shi laughed loudly, feeling extremely proud. “Don’t worry. I won’t let you die easily!”

Shan Shi’s battle prowess was very high, but what made him even more terrifying was that his body was rapidly dissipating a black fog, encompassing a range of over ten meters.

This fog wasn’t just so black that it made it hard for one to see their fingers. After the fog came into contact with the grass on the ground, it immediately withered. It was clear that the fog was filled with strong venom.

Sun Mo didn’t reply but charged out of the black fog.

“You want to escape? That’s impossible!”

Shan Shi sneered, looking like a cat that was playing with a mouse that it had caught. “Let me tell you secretly. This black fog is venomous. If you inhale too much of it, you might not die, but you’ll be paralyzed. Tsk tsk, think about it. Our famous God Hands is actually someone paralyzed?”

“Hmmm? Why don’t I call you Paralyzed Hands? Haha!”

Shan Shi laughed out loud, feeling a little pity that the scene of him crushing Sun Mo had no audience.

“Hey, you few small fries! Don’t just be focused on saving your own lives! Look over here too! Your teacher is about to die!”

Shan Shi bellowed at Li Ziqi and the others.

Hearing this, those wolf troops felt even less anxious now. After Sun Mo died, wouldn’t these students just be trampled on?


Li Ziqi cried out.

“Teacher, boohoohoo, don’t get into a mishap! Come out quickly!

Lu Zhiruo also cried, having snort and tears flowing out. She even felt like dashing over to help out.

Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng couldn’t help but throw a glance at Li Ziqi. Li Ziqi was acting while the papaya girl was really worried.

“Hmmm? Not saying anything? Are you feeling horrible? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy it for a while before you die!”

Shan Shi was very proud.

“Other than these noxious moves, what other capabilities do you have? If you’re that capable, then have an open and aboveboard battle against me!”

Sun Mo bellowed furiously.

“Haha, you’re anxious now?”

Shan Shi was elated. He wanted to sneer more but he got punched in the mouth. The powerful impact made him look like a missile, shooting out from the black fog.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three Universe Formless Clones followed after Shan Shi closely, swinging their blades and attacking incessantly.


Shan Shi swung his blade around chaotically, blocking these attacks. However, he couldn’t hide the astonishment from his face. The corners of his lips were also hurt.

“The reason I spoke was to distract you!”

Sun Mo charged out from the black fog.

“Of course, I know that!”

Shan Shi knew that Sun Mo could create clones and thus had always been wary of his surroundings. He also managed to dodge the attacks from the clones a few times, but the last punch was really too strange.

It was silent and without a trace as if integrating into the darkness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shan Shi circulated his spirit qi and a tremendous amount of black fog rapidly flowed out from his body once again. He repeated the same trick.


Sun Mo’s lips twitched.


Sun Mo charged out at full speed, wanting to leave the black fog.

Shan Shi stopped him.

However, he had just moved in front of Sun Mo when three clones attacked him.

“Goddamn it!”

Shan Shi cursed. These clones were very strong, like an extension of one’s arms. It was as if they possessed their own intelligence. This was enough to prove that what Sun Mo cultivated in was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, although there weren’t many cultivation arts that could allow one to summon clones, there’d be over 100 of them of varying quality. Out of which, the Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art—the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art—was the best.

It was said that when one cultivated the Universe Formless Clone Technique to the extreme, they could create clones that were the exact replica of themselves. The clones would be able to possess all of the actual body’s cultivation arts and battle intelligence.

“Could it be the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?”

After taking another two punches, Shan Shi felt very aggrieved. But he then shook his head, denying this possibility. How could Sun Mo, who was a great teacher from the Central Province Academy, have the right to learn the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?

It couldn’t be possible for one to pick up a cultivation art of this grade from some nook and cranny, right?

Shan Shi was caught in a predicament. It was because the battle tactic he had often used had failed.

In the past, when he encountered opponents, once they were trapped in the black fog, they’d immediately panic. Most of them would choose to escape or those with sharp six senses might try to capture him. However, regardless of the method used, they’d be tormented by him. After all, it was his home ground within the black fog.

However, Sun Mo wasn’t easy to deal with!

When Sun Mo’s clones had just appeared, Shan Shi might be able to discern the actual body. But as the chaotic battle continued, he wasn’t able to do that anymore because all of them bore too great of a resemblance with each other.

In terms of pure battle prowess, Sun Mo wasn’t that much weaker than Shan Shi. Moreover, with these clones, the battle tactics Sun Mo could choose from were too many.

“Hey, hey, it can’t be that you’re thinking of fleeing, right?”

Sun Mo sneered.

“You’re the one who’s thinking of fleeing!”

Shan Shi had made up his mind to wear Sun Mo down after the poison took effect.

“Are you thinking of using a prolonging battle tactic?” Sun Mo said in despise, “Regardless if it’s in terms of battle prowess or will, you’re just a noob!”


Having been exposed, Shan Shi was enraged from embarrassment. Sun Mo’s tone also gave him a strong impulse to bash him up. What did he mean by ‘noob’?

Although Shan Shi didn’t understand it, it was definitely not something good.

Shan Shi charged on, defeating two clones consecutively, but his aggression also weakened. After all, he wasn’t a fierce man who could sustain this state all day long. Therefore, Sun Mo took the chance and launched a series of consecutive attacks.

Dharma Skyshock Fist!

Ba da ba da!

His fists were like strong gales and heavy rain, smashing incessantly onto Shan Shi. The latter felt like a jujube tree that was being tormented by ice hail, shivering away with branches broken and leaves fallen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shan Shi spurted out blood and thought to himself that he had fallen for a trick. But Sun Mo’s mouth was really infuriating.

“Wake up!” Sun Mo bellowed, “After all, when you’re unconscious, you don’t feel pain. It won’t be interesting to beat you up!”

When the last note of his tone landed, Sun Mo’s heavy punch struck Shan Shi’s chin.


Shan Shi was sent flying.

Next to him was Gui Jiarong who was in an intense battle against Xuanyuan Po. At the sight of this scene, his eyelids twitched strongly. (This couldn’t be, right? How could Teacher be beaten up so badly?)

(Where is the agreed one-sided crushing?)

Gui Jiarong’s gaze couldn’t help but land on Sun Mo. (Look at how composed he was. There’s no helping it. He is really strong!)


Favorable impression points from Gui Jiarong +100. Friendly (510/1,000).

“What are you looking at?”

Xuanyuan Po let out an explosive bellow, piercing strongly with his silver spear.

“I wonder if my trash talk is of any use?”

Sun Mo mumbled and was about to charge forward for a consecutive attack to settle Shan Shi once and for all, but a clone was one step faster than he was. It darted to the front, stood at where Shan Shi was estimated to land, and then pulled his right arm back, assuming a stance like it was going to punch out.

Spirit qi gushed and there was even a majestic buddha appearing behind it.


The clone punched out.


Shan Shi’s eyes popped open, and his face filled with astonishment and fear. He subconsciously shouted out, “No!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》