Absolute Great Teacher
645 Don“t Talk to My Teacher Like That!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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645 Don“t Talk to My Teacher Like That!

Chapter 645: Don’t Talk to My Teacher Like That!

Shan Shi let out an agonizing cry. Other than showing off his cowardliness, there weren’t any other effects.

This was just a Universe Formless Clone. Although it looked exactly like Sun Mo, people who were familiar with him would be able to notice it. It was because there were no expressions on its face at all. Its face was calm like a poker face.

There weren’t any feelings of joy, anger, grief, nor sorrow.

To put it bluntly, it was a ‘Sun Mo’ without any emotions!

As the distance was too close and the clone had grasped the timing perfectly, Shan Shi was unable to dodge it at all. He was like meat that was sent to the chopping board.


When the clone’s fist hit Shan Shi, the Buddha image behind its back also smashed onto Shan Shi’s body with its Buddha punch.


Shan Shi was smashed into the ground, with dust flying up.


Red blood splattered in all directions.

It was completely silent.

“He’s dead just like that?”

The wolf troop was completely speechless. Didn’t this arrogant guy look like he was just about to clinch victory earlier? Why did he lose in the blink of an eye?

Suddenly, the wolf troop looked at Sun Mo with wariness.

To speak the truth, if they were in Sun Mo’s shoes, they’d definitely escape or try to fight to the death. But to break the situation completely?

There was no way that could happen.

However, Sun Mo managed to do it!

“It’s no wonder that he could find the secret base that has been hidden for 100 years without being discovered, and he also managed to catch Yu Lun and Li Zhuifeng!”

At this moment, the wolf troop’s hearts were filled with respect.

They had felt that Sun Mo was bold but lacked the wisdom and tact to have come here by himself. But by the looks of it, he was a one-man army.

The system’s notification rang out on Sun Mo’s ears. The wolf troop had contributed favorable impression points and quite a lot at that. Each of the soldiers had given him at least 50+ points.

One, two, three... A total of seven clones stood beside Sun Mo, watching the wolf troop warily.

However, Sun Mo was looking at the clone who had killed Shan Shi.

Right now, his Grand Universe Formless Divine Art had reached the sixth level. Furthermore, his proficiency index had reached the half-step ancestor level, and he could now create 12 clones.

Despite this, the clones were only able to perform some simple battle tactics and moves.

Perform ultimate techniques?

Sorry, that was impossible. It was because these things were too difficult. Even for cultivators, if their aptitude was too weak, they wouldn’t be able to do it, let alone a clone without a mind of its own.

Currently, Sun Mo’s understanding of the clones was that they were meat shields or could be used in deceptive battle tactics. He didn’t use them for primary attacks.

Why was that the case?

The clones didn’t have any intelligence. Their sense of timing was too weak. This meant that they couldn’t catch the right timing to deal a lethal blow. Or if such an opportunity was presented, they’d miss it.

Therefore, Sun Mo would use the clones to create a chance for himself to perform a lethal blow. However, this clone had completely overthrown his recognition of them.

Shan Shi was dead; his entire body was smashed into mush.

After the clone completed all these, it returned to stand behind Sun Mo, still in its expressionless poker face. It was as if it had done something insignificant.

“The Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art is really amazing!”

Sun Mo praised, taking this coincidence as the divine art’s great power. He then turned and faced the wolf troop.

Sun Mo didn’t notice that just as he moved his gaze away, the eyes of the clone who had just killed Shan Shi moved and glanced at the back of his neck. It then licked the corner of its lips slightly.

There was a hint of bloodthirstiness.

“That’s too cool! That’s too cool!”

Li Ruolan mumbled away while wearing an excited expression. Her hand that was holding onto the image-recording stone was still trembling. It had been a very long time since she had seen such an exciting battle.

Sun Mo had fully suppressed his opponent both in intellect and battle prowess!


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +100. Respect (1,470/10,000).

Mei Ziyu looked at Sun Mo worriedly. She then took out a small porcelain bottle and threw it at him. “This is an antidote. Although it might not be able to treat the condition, it can reduce your pain and sustain your battle prowess.”

Mei Ziyu wasn’t as agitated as Li Ruolan was. After all, she had expected Sun Mo’s performance.

It was as she had imagined. He was very, no... He was exceptionally outstanding!


Gui Jiarong let out a loud cry, his gaze having more panic than grief.

His teacher had died. Wouldn’t he just be courting death to be staying behind? Therefore, without giving it any thought, he turned and ran away.

“Don’t think about it!”

Xuanyuan Po gave chase relentlessly, not caring about fairness toward someone like this who had lost their battle will. He would just smash his opponent first before saying anything else. Therefore, he tore up a Dragon Ball Spirit Rune.


Li Ziqi, Jiang Leng, and Tantai Yutang were all speechless.

(What the hell did you do just now? The battle is already over, but you’re wasting a spirit rune?)

“Can you guys not use common sense to assess Xuanyuan Po’s behavior?”

Ying Baiwu said something in fairness, “Next time around, just don’t include him as part of the battle force!”

“That’s a must!”

Li Ziqi and the other two nodded in unison.


Gui Jiarong felt like crying. He had already lost his battle will. Hence, now that Xuanyuan Po went all out, he was so scared that he was about to pee in his pants.

“Teacher! Teacher Sun! Please let me off!”

Gui Jiarong cried out loud like a cuckoo that was spurting out blood. “I’m still a child!”

“That’s right! He’s still a child!” Li Ziqi pouted. “So, Xuanyuan, don’t hold back! Beat him up harshly!”

Xuanyuan Po didn’t hold back. It wasn’t because of Li Ziqi’s words, but because he knew that his behavior wasn’t right, so he wanted to quickly defeat Gui Jiarong and then go back to help the others.

“Everyone, do you still want to give chase?”

Sun Mo’s tone was calm, “Why not just split up from here and return to your own home?”

“The f*ck with that?!”

The leader of the wolf troop cursed out, feeling a little regretful that they hadn’t pushed on fiercely earlier on. They should have beaten Li Ziqi’s group up even if it meant that they’d get hurt.

“Then we can only fight!”

Sun Mo shrugged. At this time, they mustn’t cower.

“Let’s fight then! Who’s afraid?”

A wolf soldier had just said this when Ying Baiwu’s arrow and Li Ziqi’s big fireball came shooting over.

“Don’t talk to my teacher like that!”

The two young ladies reproached in unison.

At the sight of this scene, the wolf troop suddenly felt very jealous. They also wished that they could have beautiful girls defending them like this.

“Teacher Sun, if you let Li Zhuifeng off, we promise that we won’t continue to chase after you guys!”

The leader of the wolf troop suggested. “I can swear.”

“What’s a swear worth?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He had activated his Divine Sight and had seen the data. The lies this leader had spoken were more than the farts he had made.

“Then we can only fight it out to the end!”

The leader of the wolf troop put up a stance like he was ready to fight to the bitter end, but he was cowering a little inside. The other party’s bright eyes were like stars, and it was as if all of his secrets were seen through.

“Fight to the bitter end? I should be able to bring at least two-thirds of you down with me, right?”

Sun Mo asked.

The wolf troop fell silent. Given Sun Mo’s capabilities, he could really do this.

“I can also drag half of them down with me!”

Mei Ziyu interjected, giving off a conservative number.

“I’ll take three!”

Li Ruolan spoke up.


Everyone turned their heads and looked over.

“Hmmm? What kind of gazes are those? You guys don’t believe me? I’m telling you. I can be ranked 11th on the Devastating Beauty Rankings isn’t just because I look good!”

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched, feeling that she had been underestimated.

That was really the truth. Great teachers who could get up to the Devastating Beauty Rankings must have both talents and looks. Before becoming a reporter, Li Ruolan was also very amazing.

“Even if I’m just a flower vase, I’m also one that can smash people!”

Li Ruolan repeated.

“Then the few of us should be able to kill one as well, right? If we take this into consideration, there won’t be anyone from the other side left!”

Tantai Yutang said mockingly, looking at the wolf troop’s leader, “How is it? Do you want to give it a try?”

The wolf troop fell silent. After all, if they had a choice, no one would want to die.

“You guys should have heard of my name and my battle results before, right? I won’t joke with my reputation on the line!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “It’s useless for me to catch and bring back a minor character like Li Zhuifeng. Therefore, I promise that I’ll let him go when we arrive in the suburbs of Westmountain City. You guys can follow us. How is it?”

Sun Mo didn’t think of fighting it to the bitter end. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he didn’t wish to see Ziqi and the others taking risks like this. The reason he said this was because he wanted to drive the wolf troop to a corner and then give them the possibility of surviving.

This was human nature. If you gave someone a tough and tiring job right off the bat, they’d definitely complain. However, after they saw a job that could harm their health and possibly even lead to death, they’d definitely not complain about the job being tough or tiring. Instead, they’d think that this job was very blissful.

As expected, the wolf troop fell silent.

“You must swear!”

The wolf troop’s leader proposed.

“It’s up to you whether or not you believe me. I won’t swear. I’m a man of my words! Swearing is a humiliation to my character!”

Sun Mo was very headstrong.

The wolf troop’s leader secretly assessed the expressions of Li Ziqi’s group. He realized that even the weakest papaya girl didn’t show any cowering expression.

These people would really fight to the death because of one word from Sun Mo.

“F*ck you, Li Zhuifeng! What kind of people have you offended? Can you please find out more about them before you make a move?”

Because of Sun Mo, a base that had been hidden for 100 years had been exposed. Many wolf soldiers had died as well. Most importantly, the assistant had also fallen.

The assistant was someone ranked fifth under the Dean’s wings and near to the grandmaster-level in the field of spirit runes. He would be able to do well even in the Nine Greats.

The wolf troop’s leader felt like crying. “Alright, I agree!”

“You guys go first!”

Sun Mo picked Li Zhuifeng up and let Li Ziqi and the group leave first.

“Can you stop recording?”

The wolf troop’s leader bellowed at Li Ruolan. (Don’t I still want some face?) Although they were all wearing human skin masks, it was really upsetting to see the other party being so brazen.

“Leave quickly!”

Sun Mo urged. At this moment, a terrifying spirit pressure suddenly descended, making everyone’s body freeze on the spot.

That feeling was as if gravity had instantly magnified by ten times.

Sun Mo frowned and looked in the 10 o’clock direction. A mysterious person who had a cloak over themself had appeared there without a sound.

This person was wearing a black long robe with a morning glow embroidered at the bottom. There was also a mysterious star diagram on their chest area.

Li Ziqi’s vision was quite good. She saw that this mysterious person was wearing a jade ring on their right index finger which had the word ‘Day’ (晨) in seal script inscribed on it. It was filled with a rustic aura.

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