Absolute Great Teacher
646 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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646 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?


“Star... Starlord?”

Li Ruolan’s body shivered uncontrollably when she saw this mysterious person. Her forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.

Dark Dawn was an extremely mysterious organization. Moreover, as the Saint Gate had sealed up all news about them secretly, not much of them had spread out.

In the past, Sun Mo had only heard of this name. Even if he wanted to find out more about them, he couldn’t find out much.

However, due to her status as a reporter, Li Ruolan had the greatest understanding of the Dark Dawn, and naturally, she was also the most fearful of them.

The Dark Dawn had a leader that was respectfully referred to as the Dawn Sovereign, who had three Dark Saints, five Doyens, and seven Starlords under his wings.

In terms of the ranking, the seven Starlords didn’t seem presentable as they were only ranked fourth. However, each Starlord was at the 9-star level.

In other words, they were secondary saints in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

What was it like for a secondary saint to appear?

If it was in the Saint Gate, all great teachers of 8-star or lower had to come out personally to welcome them!

What was a major character?

This was it!

Without saying a word and just standing there, releasing his spirit pressure, everyone turned as silent as the winter cicadas.

Xuanyuan Po stared at the Daynight Starlord as he grabbed onto his silver spear.

“Combat addict, don’t be courting death. Even if you want to challenge him, at least wait until you’ve reached the Longevity Realm.”

Tantai Yutang noticed Xuanyuan Po’s action from the corner of his eyes and couldn’t help but persuade him in a soft voice. “He can kill you with just a single word.”

The sickly guy wasn’t joking. A secondary saint did have the capability to do that. With just a single word, Xuanyuan Po would definitely die.

“You dare talk amongst yourselves without my approval? Seems like you’re very brave.”

The Daynight Starlord looked toward Tantai Yutang.

His tone sounded natural and his gaze wasn’t harsh. However, the gaze from a secondary saint caused the sickly guy to instantly feel as if a blade was held against his back. It was as if a huge boulder was pressing his body and made it difficult for him to breathe.

Most people would be scared of their father or a certain strict teacher when they were young. This would be especially so when they had committed a wrongdoing, in which case they might not even dare to go home.

This was what Tantai Yutang was feeling right now. However, the stubbornness in his heart rose. It was because the Daynight Starlord’s disposition made him think of a certain clan head.

“I’m a person who’s going to die soon. What else is there for me to be afraid of?”

The sickly guy’s lips twitched.


Everyone looked over in astonishment. (You’re really amazing. This is considered retorting, right? Aren’t you afraid that Lord Starlord will kill you with a single word?)

“Which Starlord are you?”

Sun Mo asked while taking three diagonal steps to the front, standing between the Daynight Starlord and Tantai Yutang. He was worried that this guy might make a move and teach the sickly guy a lesson.


The wolf troops’ gazes landed on Sun Mo again. (The secondary saint hasn’t spoken to you, so who allowed you to speak up? Are you tired of living?)


Li Ziqi felt anxious and reminded him in a soft voice not to anger the other party. He was clearly someone they couldn’t win against.


Tantai Yutang was stunned and then his heart became filled with gratitude. He knew that given Sun Mo’s careful nature, he wouldn’t make such a mistake. The reason Sun Mo had spoken up was to protect his student, him.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +500, Respect (5,100/10,000).

Mei Ziyu then took a few steps forward as well, standing next to Sun Mo and protecting the students behind them. Although she was also a sickly person and didn’t even have any position in any school, it was the role of great teachers to protect students.


Sun Mo frowned.

“Don’t try to persuade me. Otherwise, you’ll be humiliating me as well as my title as a great teacher!”

Mei Ziyu shook her slender index finger, and the corner of her lips curled up into a smile.

For some reason, when she stood next to Sun Mo, she felt very happy. It didn’t matter even if the world were to end now.

“You guys...”

Li Ruolan was astonished, but at the same time, she felt a hint of shame and admiration.

To speak the truth, a person’s true character could only be shown through their subconscious reactions.

What happened just now was a good example. Everyone was scared, but Sun Mo stood in front of Tantai Yutang without any hesitation. Mei Ziyu was half a step slower than him, but she didn’t show any hesitation either.

But herself...

Li Ruolan admitted that she hadn’t thought of protecting these students. Her first thought was that the Daynight Starlord wouldn’t notice her.


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +300. Respect (1,770/10,000).

“Teacher Sun, let me introduce myself. I’m one of the seven Starlords in Dark Dawn, the Daynight Starlord!”

As the Daynight Starlord said this, everyone couldn’t help but draw in a cold gasp of air. The countenances of those wolf soldiers turned solemn.

What did it mean when a secondary saint spoke in this tone?

It meant that they valued someone in high regard.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sun Mo from Jinling!”

Sun Mo nodded as a greeting, suppressing his urge to use Divine Sight to gather the other party’s data. However, he was sure that the other party could insta-kill him.

Why? It was because Li Zhuifeng, whom Sun Mo had been holding onto, had been placed by the side by the Daynight Starlord. To speak the truth, Sun Mo had no idea how Li Zhuifeng had been saved.

“This young man’s aptitude isn’t bad. It’s a pity that he’s a sickly guy!”

The Daynight Starlord looked at Tantai Yutang and shook his head regretfully. He then persuaded Sun Mo. “I’ve seen the prowess of your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands and am surprised by it as well. But I have to say that this young man’s sickly constitution isn’t something that can be resolved by God Hands.

“Moreover, if you spend too much time with him, it’ll also affect your body!”

Hearing this, Li Ziqi frowned and stared at Tantai Yutang.

The sickly guy lowered his head, his gaze turning dull. After noticing his martial siblings’ gazes, he took a few steps back and stayed far away from Sun Mo.

“There’s no need for Starlord to fret over this. Since he has become my student, I’ll do my best to help him!”

Sun Mo’s mentality relaxed a bit because judging from the other party’s tone, it seemed that he wasn’t here to look for trouble.

The Daynight Starlord wouldn’t waste too much time talking about such trivial matters. He focused and assessed Sun Mo seriously, expressing his intention clearly. “Firstly, judging from everyone’s attitude toward me, I have to clarify that you’ve misunderstood Dark Dawn. There’s no need to treat me as a bad guy.”

“No there isn’t!”

Sun Mo smiled. He was at the level of insignificant grass and wouldn’t come into contact with secrets of this level. However, Mei Ziyu, who was next to him, was considered a descendant of a reputable family. In a wuxia novel, she’d be considered a core disciple of a famous sect who would become an Elder even if she couldn’t become the Sect Leader.

However, she didn’t have any favorable impression toward people from Dark Dawn.

“The reason I’ve come is to invite Teacher Sun to join my great teacher circle!”

The Daynight Starlord had been very polite. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said he wasn’t a bad guy. When one reached the mental state of the Daynight Starlord’s level, they no longer cared about other people’s assessment.

He only said this because he admired Sun Mo.


Although everyone had some guesses through the Daynight Starlord’s attitude, when they actually heard him recruiting Sun Mo, they were still speechless from disbelief.

This was a recruitment coming from a secondary saint!

What a great honor!

After the astonishment passed, strong envy rose in their hearts.

One could become the king of all dogs even if they were just a dog of a secondary saint.

A good teacher could unravel all of a student’s talent. A secondary saint would be able to let a student go through a complete change.

In addition to their connections...

Sun Mo turned his head and looked toward the wolf troop.


All of them took two steps back, and their bodies were entirely drenched in cold sweat. If Sun Mo were to say a word, all of them wouldn’t be able to live.

“Teacher Sun, don’t...”

Mei Ziyu was worried that Sun Mo would take the wrong path and tried to speak up to advise him. However, she had just spoken up when a light halo erupted from the Daynight Starlord’s body.

“Shut up!”

Profound Words erupted, forcibly ordering Mei Ziyu to shut her mouth.

Li Ruolan gulped. At this moment, was she considered to be witnessing the making of history?

Sun Mo thought, (I’m not familiar with you, how do I join you?) But he was worried that if he were to refuse too blatantly, the other party might just attack.

The Daynight Starlord had always been patient toward talents. As he was bored, he looked toward Shan Shi and couldn’t help but let out a stifled laugh.

This was trash.

(You’re given the best guidance and have eaten the highest quality alchemical pills, yet you still couldn’t win against Sun Mo. What’s the point of keeping you? )

“Teacher is so amazing!”

Ying Baiwu looked at Sun Mo in admiration. To think that even a secondary saint had come to recruit him. Their teacher was really outstanding!

The iron-headed young girl didn’t care if Sun Mo agreed or not. No matter where her teacher went, she’d just follow!

“Teacher, wuuuu, don’t agree to him!”

Lu Zhiruo went up to Sun Mo’s side and grabbed onto his clothes with her small hands. She then raised her small head and persuaded him with a worried expression. “The people from Dark Dawn are all bad people!”


Hearing the papaya girl’s words, Li Ziqi and the group instantly felt their scalps turning numb. All of their hair stood up from fear. (Even if you think this way, don’t say it out loud. Don’t you want your life anymore?)

“Don’t think too much!”

Sun Mo immediately placed his hand on Lu Zhiruo’s head to console her.

The Daynight Starlord glanced at Lu Zhiruo. He wouldn’t get angry at a young and ignorant child.

“Starlord, thank you for your kindness, but please pardon me for being unable to accept it!”

Sun Mo refused. “I’m very satisfied with my current life, and I don’t wish to leave the Central Province Academy!”

The atmosphere instantly turned for the bad. Even the light drizzle that came down from the sky seemed to come down a lot quicker.

“Sun Mo, you fool. Do you know whom you’ve just refused?”

Gui Jiarong laughed mockingly.

Due to the Daynight Starlord’s sudden appearance, the battle between Xuanyuan Po and himself also came to a stop. Right now, Gui Jiarong was standing behind the Daynight Starlord.

“Other people won’t even get such an opportunity even if they want...”

Before Gui Jiarong could finish his words, his body went flying out, smashing into a big tree that was over ten meters away. He fell unconscious.

“Teacher Sun, you hold a minor and low status. There are many things that you don’t know about.”

The Daynight Starlord didn’t give up. “In the future, after you climb up to the heights of the great teacher world, you’ll regret your decision today. Therefore, your persistence is meaningless.”

“It is meaningless!”

Another voice rang out. Soon after, a middle-aged man appeared. “Sun Mo, your talent in the study of spirit runes is something I’ve never seen before. Don’t waste your life anymore. Why not join my great teacher circle? That is where you belong. Let us create a spirit rune empire together.”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》