Absolute Great Teacher
647 So You Are the One That’s Worth the Most!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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647 So You Are the One That’s Worth the Most!

Chapter 647: So You Are the One That’s Worth the Most!

“Sir Dean!”

The nervous and uneasy wolf troop suddenly felt their morale surging. This was because Dean Bai had come.

He was their main backbone. (Is the Daynight Starlord very impressive? Our Dean is a badass as well!)

“So this is the major character behind the mysterious Dragonspirit Manor?”

Li Ruolan grew agitated.

Li Ziqi and the others looked at Bai Wenzhang. After that, their gazes turned to Jiang Leng.

Jiang Leng was silent, but from his slightly trembling body, anyone could see that he had a chaotic state of mind. After all, Dean Bai was someone he once worshipped and looked up to, but the former eventually harmed and abandoned him.

The Daynight Starlord didn’t greet Bai Wenzhang, and Bai Wenzhang didn’t bother with him either. Bai Wenzhang then spoke to Sun Mo, “Please forgive me for inviting you again. After all, the state of things has changed.”

Bai Wenzhang spoke and glanced at Yu Lun’s corpse. He couldn’t help but frown when he saw it. As for the dead wolf soldiers, he wouldn’t waste his time on such disposable goods.

“Although I killed your man, I won’t apologize!”

Sun Mo wouldn’t say apologetic words for the sake of making the situation better if he wasn’t in the wrong.

“I more or less understand the situation.”

Bai Wenzhang glanced at Li Zhuifeng.


Li Zhuifeng immediately rushed over and knelt on the ground. “Teacher, you have to back me up... I!”


Before he could finish speaking, Bai Wenzhang already slapped him.

“Who told you to take matters into your own hands? Sun Mo is my esteemed guest, do you understand?”

Bai Wenzhang roared in rage.

After seeing Sun Mo’s talent in the beef noodle store, Bai Wenzhang already admired him. Such a person was qualified to become friends with him.

In the future, when they had idle time, they could sit down together to savor tea and chat about spirit runes. That would definitely be a very joyful matter. (Yet, you actually abducted his personal students? Are you trying to make us arch enemies?)


Li Zhuifeng felt very wronged. (I merely wanted to capture some experimental bodies for you.)

“Slap yourself!”

Bai Wenzhang berated.

Li Zhuifeng gritted his teeth. He was so angry that he almost coughed up blood, but he couldn’t rebut. He then lifted his hand and started slapping himself.

Because this was what his personal teacher told him to do, he didn’t dare to hold back. Every single one of the slaps was backed with full strength.

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t have taken matters into my own hands!”

Li Zhuifeng admitted his mistake, but he was howling in his heart.


(Why could Sun Mo obtain your appreciation?)

(It is one thing if so many wolf soldiers died, but Yu Lun was killed as well. He is your fifth assistant! Are you not angry at all?)

The Daynight Starlord’s brows gradually furrowed because he could also sense Bai Wenzhang’s admiration for Sun Mo.

Although he wasn’t familiar with Bai Wenzhang, they were both in the dark great teachers world and had heard of each other. Hence, a person that could receive Bai Wenzhang’s admiration was definitely extremely outstanding.


Favorable impression points from the Daynight Starlord +100. Friendly (160/1,000).

“Sorry, I cannot join your great teacher circle!”

Sun Mo cleanly rejected Bai Wenzhang.

“Teacher Sun. Maybe you have no idea how amazing your talent is, but don’t you feel that this world is too dull? I believe that as long as we join hands, we will be able to create an empire of spirit runes.”

Bai Wenzhang had a fanatical look on his face. “That would be an epoch-making invention!”


Sun Mo shook his head. Honestly speaking, his interest in spirit runes was ordinary.

“Is that so?”

Bai Wenzhang understood Sun Mo’s expression and suddenly felt very disappointed as well as angry. Sun Mo was trampling on his own talent!

Hence, Bai Wenzhang inhaled deeply and changed his tone.

“Sun Mo, since you chose to reject me, you are not someone of my Dragonspirit Manor. As the Dean, I naturally have to seek justice for those who died because of you.”

“He was the one who captured us first!”

Lu Zhiruo pointed out.

“Don’t say anymore!”

Sun Mo caught hold of the papaya girl. He didn’t wish to pursue this matter anymore. “What do you want? A fight?”

“Between spirit rune masters, we naturally have to settle things using spirit runes!”

As Bai Wenzhang spoke, he tossed something over. The item he threw over was the limestone board Sun Mo had seen earlier.

“Repair the spirit runes within an hour. If you can do so, I will forget about the matter of you killing my people. If not...”

Bai Wenzhang’s gaze suddenly turned ruthless as he looked at Sun Mo’s group. “All of you have to die!”

As this sentence rang out, it was like the cold winter had descended.


Li Zhuifeng was joyful. He had seen that limestone board before. It was something his teacher had dug out from an ancient ruin. His teacher’s assistants had all tried to repair it before, but it was very difficult. The quickest one succeeded after three days. Hence, Sun Mo would definitely die this time around!

“Ziqi, you take a look!”

Sun Mo passed the limestone board to the little sunny egg.


Li Ziqi took it and with just a single glance, she immediately frowned and revealed a gasp of admiration. After that, she became fully immersed.

Upon seeing this, Bai Wenzhang’s heart trembled as he involuntarily cast a few glances at Li Ziqi.

(This girl’s talent toward spirit runes isn’t weak either!)

The Daynight Starlord still didn’t interrupt. Firstly, it was to give Sun Mo pressure so he would ask him for help. Secondly, he wanted to see how Sun Mo would turn peril into opportunity when encountering a deadly situation.

If Sun Mo became afraid later on, the Daynight Starlord also wouldn’t want him anymore.

The few martial siblings crowded around and looked at the limestone board in Li Ziqi’s hands.

“How is it?”

Tantai Yutang used his elbow to prod Jiang Leng as he asked in a low voice.

“I can’t understand it!”

The deadman face spoke bluntly.

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked. They knew that because of his body, Jiang Leng was interested in spirit runes and he could be considered as having minor expertise in it. Yet, he actually wasn’t able to understand this at all?

“Eldest martial sister...”

The papaya girl sobbed.

Li Ziqi didn’t reply to her. Her focus was fully immersed in this spirit rune.

The rain continued falling, causing the surroundings to be wet. However, Bai Wenzhang and the Daynight Starlord were exceptions. There seemed to be an invisible barrier around them, blocking the rain. Hence, their clothes weren’t drenched.

Just from this alone, it could prove how powerful they were.

As time flowed by, the gazes of the wolf soldiers grew increasingly malevolent.

“Sun Mo, can you do it or not?”

Li Ruolan asked in a low voice.

“I can’t!”

Sun Mo shook his head.


Li Ruolan didn’t expect Sun Mo to reply so cleanly and was a little stunned. “Are you lying to me?”

“Have you not seen Li Zhuifeng’s expression? He is clearly rejoicing in my misfortune.”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Xuanyuan Po didn’t care about all of this. He sat at the side and began meditating to recover his strength. If this was the final battle in his life, he naturally had to do his utmost in it.

Tantai Yutang also fell silent. He squatted down and grabbed a tree branch as he began doodling on the ground, pondering on how to resolve the situation.

Lu Zhiruo thought for a while but had no answer. She then decided to stand beside Li Ziqi. Taking a large tree leaf, she decided to use it to shield Li Ziqi from rain.

Ying Baiwu stood behind Sun Mo and silently looked at him. (If this is the final minutes before my life ends, I hope I can be together with Teacher.)


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100. Reverence. (12,100/100,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo involuntarily shifted his gaze toward the iron-headed girl.

Ying Baiwu immediately looked back at him with a smile.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you planning to surpass the honest guy and become my number one point contributor?) Speaking of which, he had truly lost big time by not bringing Qi Shengjia to the 2-star examination with him.

If not, given Qi Shengjia’s personality, how many favorable impression points would he contribute through the whole course of events?

The Daynight Starlord also noticed the actions of Sun Mo’s six personal students. Other than the papaya girl who was endearingly silly, the other five weren’t bad.

At the very least, not a single one of them was afraid.

Sun Mo’s ability to teach students was truly not bad!

“Hehe, you guys are all dead.”

Li Zhuifeng knew that his teacher regarded Sun Mo very highly so he didn’t dare to be sarcastic. However, his expression was one of wild joy. (Not knowing how to read the situation, you should just go and die!)

But at this moment, Bai Wenzhang’s palm flew over.


A five-fingered imprint was left behind on Li Zhuifeng’s face.


Li Zhuifeng was stunned. (Why did you hit me? Can’t I even scold Sun Mo in my heart?)

“Look at the performance of Sun Mo’s students. What about you?”

Bai Wenzhang was very infuriated. In the past, he had still thought that Li Zhuifeng wasn’t bad, but now, he could see that Li Zhuifeng was far inferior. Upon thinking of this, Bai Wenzhang’s gaze turned toward Jiang Leng as a look of regret flashed across his face. But after that, his gaze swiftly focused on Li Ziqi.

He endured his impulse but eventually failed to do so.

“What is this spirit rune?”

Li Ziqi didn’t hear it. Only after Bai Wenzhang repeated his question three times did she react.

“Spirit rune? No, I feel that there are four...nope...five spirit runes here!”

Li Ziqi spoke.

“Eh? Five?”

The papaya girl opened her eyes. She then lowered her head and glanced at the limestone board. (Where are the five runes?)

“What are they?”

Bai Wenzhang continued to ask. His expression was now one of excitement as he surveyed Li Ziqi from top to bottom. It was like he had discovered a piece of unpolished jade.

One must know that Li Ziqi was only 13 or 14 years old, yet she was already so amazing. In that case, if she used all her energy to research spirit runes, wouldn’t her accomplishments be unimaginable?

All of a sudden, Bai Wenzhang wanted Li Ziqi as his student.

“I can only tell that one of the runes can have a weight reduction effect. As for the other four, I have to do some testing before I can know for sure.”

Li Ziqi felt somewhat depressed. Without a brush, she had no way to copy these spirit runes out. Since she couldn’t experiment with them, she could only depend on educated guesses.

“Enough! That’s already enough!”

Bai Wenzhang mumbled. Li Ziqi’s performance had exceeded his expectations by far too much. “Do you want to be my student? Mn, I mean a personal student.”


The wolf soldiers turned and looked at the little sunny egg with a dumbfounded expression. What the flip was this?

Earlier, when they had gone to capture Sun Mo’s students, honestly speaking, they had merely brought Li Ziqi alone because it was convenient to do so. Who would have thought that she was the most talented one out of them!?

Li Zhuifeng was so jealous that it seemed like his eyes could spit fire. He understood Bai Wenzhang and hence, knew that Bai Wenzhang’s love for talent had been ignited.


Li Ziqi wanted to speak but was interrupted.

“Wait a minute, I think I need to give you an introduction of myself!”

Bai Wenzhang became solemn because he was worried he might be rejected by Li Ziqi. “I’m the Dean of the Dragonspirit Manor, a holy ground for the research of spirit runes. Our understanding of spirit runes and the power we possess can be ranked within the top three in the entire Nine Provinces!”

“Mn, I can be a witness for this!”

The Daynight Starlord that had always been silent suddenly spoke up.

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