Absolute Great Teacher
648 Teacher Sun, Please Begin Your Performance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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648 Teacher Sun, Please Begin Your Performance!


At Bai Wenzhang’s position, ‘A’ was ‘A’ and ‘B’ was ‘B’. He definitely wouldn’t lie.

Leaving aside the issue of good and evil, the Dragonspirit Manor was simply that impressive in the research of spirit runes. When Bai Wenzhang said they were top three in the Nine Provinces, it was already somewhat understated.

In the spirit rune domain that they specialized in, they were number one!

How great of an attraction was Bai Wenzhang’s words to people who love spirit runes?


Mei Ziyu had a stunned look on her face as she looked at Li Ziqi. The latter was actually regarded so highly by Bai Wenzhang to the point where it seemed that he would stop at nothing to recruit her.

One must know that these major characters were all very prideful. Even if they wanted to poach someone, they would do so privately. If not, if the news were to spread, their reputation would surely suffer.

However, when one looked at Bai Wenzhang’s impatient way of doing things, they could see his incomparable admiration for Li Ziqi.

“Is this real or fake?”

Li Ruolan’s brain was in a daze.

This concept was the same as a major character from one of the Nine Greats wanting to headhunt Li Ziqi.

“Li Ruolan, to think that you flaunted yourself as someone with great experience, a great reporter with sharp judgment. I didn’t expect that you would have moments where your judgment failed!”

Li Ruolan talked to herself and wore a self-mocking smile.

In the past, she had been in doubt at why Xuanyuan Po and the others would be convinced by their eldest martial sister given their aptitudes and strength. Now, she finally understood.

Li Ziqi’s intelligence could crush everyone.

What dog-shit luck did Sun Mo have? How could he actually recruit such impressive students?

Li Ruolan sighed ruefully. But after that, she grew worried. Would Li Ziqi leave?

“Eldest martial sister...”

Lu Zhiruo’s little hand clutched Li Ziqi’s shirt. She blinked her large eyes and stared pleadingly at her, resembling a little kitten that wanted some dried anchovies.

“I won’t leave!”

Li Ziqi patted the papaya girl’s hand and looked at Bai Wenzhang, “Sorry, I’m not very interested in the study of spirit runes!”


Bai Wenzhang started. “If you are not very interested, why would you invest so much time in it?”

One wouldn’t understand that limestone board just based on sheer talent.

“Because the study of spirit runes is something my teacher teaches!”

Li Ziqi spoke as though it was a matter of course. (In addition, I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it.)


Bai Wenzhang and the other wolf soldiers were stunned. Even the Daynight Starlord who was at the side felt his lips twitching slightly. This answer was simply ridiculous, but no one could refute it.

“Hehe, eldest martial sister, I knew you wouldn’t leave!”

Lu Zhiruo’s sobbing turned into a smile.

“This student, I think you basically don’t know how overflowing with talent you are in the study of spirit runes. If you follow me, I dare to guarantee that you will be able to become the number one spirit rune master in the Nine Provinces!”

Bai Wenzhang tempted.

“And then?”

Li Ziqi counter-asked.


Bai Wenzhang was stunned. Was there still a need for ‘and then’? (Have I stayed in the manor for too long and no longer understand the values of these kids?)

(But to think of it. Back then, my teacher also said something about it – we could become the number one in the Nine Provinces, but we were extremely happy only for a few months after hearing that.)

“Thank you for your appreciation for my talent, but I study spirit runes simply because this subject is something my teacher teaches. As for my interest level, it cannot be said that I have none, but it definitely isn’t very high. Recently, I like the art of spiritual control better.”

Li Ziqi politely rejected Bai Wenzhang.

(Also, although I’m not good at fighting, it’s enough if my spiritual beast can fight.)

Right now, Li Ziqi had a new plan. (I want to enslave that Wind King in the Divine Hall. After that, even if I cannot be invincible in the world, I can at least do anything I want to in the Central Province, right?)

“A...art of spiritual control?”

Bai Wenzhang didn’t understand why the art of spiritual control was brought up suddenly. (No, I cannot let her wander too far off. This is a mission I have to take as a great teacher.) “If you do your utmost in learning spirit runes, your achievements would be limitlessly great...”

“Sorry, I’m also very interested in other subjects.” Li Ziqi sighed. “It’s impossible for me to give up the whole forest for the sake of a single tree!”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Bai Wenzhang persuaded her sincerely.

“That might not be the case. Ziqi also has shocking talent in other subjects,” Sun Mo interjected.

“Hehe, teacher you should stop praising me. I would feel complacent!”

Li Ziqi lowered her head and felt a little embarrassed.

Upon seeing the little sunny egg’s attitude, the Daynight Starlord involuntarily shook his head. (Dean Bai, you have no chance.)

“By doing this, your talent in spirit runes would be crying!”

Bai Wenzhang’s countenance turned very unsightly as he tried a final attempt in it.

“It won’t. My teacher will teach me!”

Li Ziqi spoke bluntly. She felt that her teacher was not in any way inferior to Bai Wenzhang.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +100. Reverence (43,250/100,000).

“Aiya, my princess highness, you are really brave with your words!’

Tantai Yutang was speechless. (Are you trying to make Bai Wenzhang’s embarrassment turn into anger and kill us all?)

Bai Wenzhang was dumbfounded and wanted to rebut, but he wasn’t able to find any excuse. This was because given Sun Mo’s standard in spirit runes, he was capable enough to teach Li Ziqi.

As a result, Bai Wenzhang was so angry that his chest heaved violently. His expression also turned ashen. Although he had caused many experimental bodies to die in experiments, he actually hadn’t killed that many people personally. However, he really felt like it now.

“Dean Bai, the time is up. Are you guys going to continue?”

The Daynight Starlord who had been watching the show reminded him.

“Teacher Sun, begin your performance then!”

Bai Wenzhang’s gaze turned sharp. “If you are unable to repair this board, I will have to start a slaughter.”

Sun Mo shrugged. He took the wooden blade and casually drew on the ground.

Li Zhuifeng couldn’t help but stretch his neck.

(Very good, I completely don’t understand what he is drawing at all!)

In an instant, Li Zhuifeng felt a sense of defeat. No matter what, he was Bai Wenzhang’s personal disciple, but he couldn’t even understand this. How embarrassing.

“If one wants to repair a spirit rune, one has to analyze and know its effect first. After that, one has to reverse-engineer the runic pathlines based on the spirit runes that already existed within.”

Sun Mo drew as he explained, “Usually speaking, spirit runes are all bound by logic and rules. For example, various symmetrical structures, various types of shapes and simulations—they are like flowers and plants or even ferocious beasts.

“If one knows the creator of the spirit runes, things will be simple. One can refer to the creator’s past products to analyze the style and the ‘rules’ they liked to use in creation.

“Although spirit rune masters aren’t famous artists, they definitely are cultured people and won’t draw undecipherable things.”

“Let us leave!” Bai Wenzhang coldly snorted.

“Teacher, he hasn’t...”

Li Zhuifeng wanted to say that Sun Mo hadn’t finished drawing yet, but before he could complete his sentence, he received another slap.

“Shut up!”

Bai Wenzhang felt very annoyed.

Sun Mo’s answering process had no flaws. Given Bai Wenzhang’s standard, he knew that Sun Mo answered correctly just by looking at the beginning.

How infuriating!


Li Zhuifeng wanted to cry but no tears were coming out. (Why did you hit me again?)

“Sun Mo and this girl, I will give the two of you half a year. If you guys still persist with your decision then, I have to apologize. We shall be enemies.”

Bai Wenzhang gave an ultimatum.

“So when you said you cannot answer earlier, it was to give your students pressure?”

Seeing Bai Wenzhang leaving, Li Ruolan heaved a sigh of relief. She also understood the reason why Sun Mo did this and couldn’t help but feel impressed. Even at such a timing, he didn’t forget to teach his students.

“All of you are so outstanding.”

Sun Mo praised.

“Teacher, you are praising us too much!”

Li Ziqi’s group hurriedly nodded in humility. Only Lu Zhiruo hugged Sun Mo’s arm as she grinned widely. (Very good, the first baddie has fled, now it’s time for the second one.)

“Sun Mo, I’m not as nice to talk to as Bai Wenzhang. My maxim has always been – those who are not with me are against me.”

The Daynight Starlord’s tone was calm, but Sun Mo could hear the killing intent in it.

That’s right.

As the mortal enemy of the Saint Gate, Dark Dawn would never permit a super rising star like Sun Mo to appear in the Saint Gate.

“I don’t wish to die!”

Sun Mo brandished his wooden blade. “But I have to reject you!”

“If it was in the past, according to my habits, you would have already died. But today I don’t wish for my actions to end up benefiting another instead.”

The Daynight Starlord glanced at the depths of the forest. “Daybreak, since you are already here, why don’t you show yourself?”

“Because we have always followed the rule of ‘first come first serve’ when it comes to recruiting great teachers!”

A middle-aged man walked out. He had a bamboo tube filled with soymilk in his hands. It was the sweeter version, and he was drinking it with a barley straw.

Behind him, there was a tall young girl with a mask. After they came out, she waved to Sun Mo.

“Hi, Teacher Sun!”


Li Ziqi’s gaze instantly turned to Sun Mo. She wanted to ask who this pretty and flirtatious person was. (Why is she so familiar with you?)


Li Ruolan gasped deeply, feeling as though her heart was about to stop. What date was today? They actually consecutively met two Starlords?

The long robes of this middle-aged man were the same as the Daynight Starlord. The only difference was the ring on his right index finger. There was the word ‘Daybreak’ (晓) inscribed on it.

“Sun Mo, don’t you want to achieve the accomplishment of rising three stars in a year? It’s very regretful that a star general I taught would also be participating in the 3-star great teacher examination, aiming to snipe you...” said the Daynight Starlord.

His silhouette then vanished before their eyes and his voice drifted over from afar. “I won’t permit you to continue growing and working for Saint Gate.”

The Daynight Starlord was a secondary saint and he wouldn’t personally act to kill Sun Mo as it would be unbefitting of his status. Hence, he would let his personal student do the job.


“New mission issued. Please defeat the star general of the Daynight Starlord during the 3-star great teacher examination. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest. If you fully convince your enemy of their defeat, the reward will be multiplied!”

Sun Mo didn’t bother with what the system was saying because there was another major character in front of him.

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