Absolute Great Teacher
649 Terrifying New Mission
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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649 Terrifying New Mission


“Although I know you will reject me 100%, I still have to ask. Do you want to join my great teacher circle?”

The Daybreak Starlord looked at Sun Mo and chewed on his barley straw. He smiled. “Also, I like soymilk, the sweet version!”

“Although I also have a sweet tooth, I have to apologize. I won’t be joining your great teacher circle.”

Sun Mo rejected.

Although the attitude of this middle-aged uncle was very friendly, if a major character like this was to rage, no one would be able to endure it.


The Daybreak Starlord left. After walking for over ten meters, he suddenly turned. “Oh ya, there’s one more thing. Within two months, the Central Province Academy will face a great crisis that might cause its entire existence to be wiped out. At that time, if you have no place to dwell at, you can always come and look for me. My great teacher circle will always have a position for you!”

“Teacher Sun, goodbye!”

Yao Guang waved her hands.

“An existential crisis?”

Sun Mo frowned. Given the identity of the Daybreak Starlord, there shouldn’t be a need for him to lie. In that case, where would this danger come from?

The end of the year wasn’t here yet, and the ‘C’ grade school tournament had yet to begin. In that case, the enemies should be the Myriad Daos Academy or Li Zixing.

“Aiya, how truly troublesome!”

Sun Mo couldn’t help but scratch his hair with force.

In the modern era, if one had no money or status, they at most had to keep a lower profile when they lived. It wouldn’t be too embarrassing either. But in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, any random major character could take your life away.

Because this was a world dominated by martial strength!

Naturally, if you were strong enough, you could casually take the lives of others away as well.

Sun Mo suddenly didn’t feel a sense of security because his little life was dependent on the mood of any major characters. Right now, they could mostly survive because Dean Bai and the two Starlords were mutually ‘curbing’ each other.

After all, whoever saved Sun Mo would receive his loyalty.

“Sun Mo, don’t undervalue yourself. They didn’t take action because they also admire your talent!”

Mei Ziyu could see that Sun Mo felt depressed. As a man, one would truly feel helpless when one encountered such a situation. Hence, she decided to console him.

“My heavens, being able to encounter three major villains yet still able to retreat safely with your personal students. Sun Mo, if this matter were to spread, you would be famous.”

Li Ruolan exclaimed in admiration.

“Teacher Li, I hope that you can keep the matters today a secret!”

Mei Ziyu glanced at Li Ruolan. Her tone was filled with pleading.

Li Ruolan started a little, but when she thought about the ugliness and corruption of the great teacher world, she solemnly nodded. (That’s right. If someone uses this matter to label Sun Mo as a member of Dark Dawn, things would be terrible.)

“Let’s return!”

The falling rain drenched everyone.

“I have to quickly improve my strength. At the very least, I need to have enough power to protect myself in front of the major characters.”

Sun Mo decided to work even harder. It was insufficient to depend on the divine force fruit the system gave him. He had to wake up earlier every morning and cultivate assiduously.


“Congratulations on successfully rescuing your five personal students and obtaining their reverence and worship. Your behavior fits in with the accord of a great teacher feat. Reward: 1x great teacher emblem.”

“Note: You also received 1x mysterious treasure chest!”


“Congratulations on obtaining the appreciation from three major characters. They are even fighting with each other to recruit you. This is sufficient to prove your excellence. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest!”

The system congratulated and rewarded him again.

Sun Mo smiled. He only wanted to rescue Li Ziqi and the rest and had never thought of getting a reward before. Hence, this could be considered an unexpected joy.

He was happy!

He should order more meat for dinner tonight.

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on her head.

“Open them!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The purple light faded and the treasure chest vanished, leaving behind a nature fruit that floated silently in the air.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained 1x divine force fruit!”


Sun Mo was speechless. (System, even you feel that I’m a weak chicken. This is why you give me a divine force fruit, right?)

However, opening a divine force fruit from a mysterious chest made him feel like he had just suffered a loss!

“I don’t believe you will give me another divine force fruit!”

Sun Mo sword ruthlessly. “Continue opening!”

Three seconds later.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x divine force fruit. Host, your luck isn’t bad. To you, this is currently the reward that has the highest cost-performance ratio!”

“F***, scram for me!”

Sun Mo cursed.

After walking for roughly an hour, Sun Mo suddenly heard a commotion in the forest.

“Teacher Sun, where are you?”

Upon hearing someone calling out his name, Sun Mo’s face was filled with black lines. (Damn, if the enemies had heard your call, wouldn’t they have fled away long ago?)


Mei Ziyu felt very embarrassed. The person who knew about Sun Mo’s students being kidnapped was only Mei Yazhi. In that case, these people came here evidently because they had received news from her mother.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to feel bad.”

Sun Mo squeezed out a smile.

Truthfully speaking, Mei Yazhi couldn’t be blamed. When she had gone to look for Liang Hongda, when Liang Hongda had heard it and gone to command his subordinates, this matter would already be leaked.

After all, this was a case of Sun Mo’s personal students being kidnapped!

Who was Sun Mo?

He was God Hands, a two-time champion, a spirit rune grandmaster! Just these three titles were enough to make those great teachers move out in full force.

Everyone wanted a favor from Sun Mo. If they helped now, it would be easier for them to speak out in the future if they needed something from him.

Bluntly speaking, this was his value.

If a beggar went missing, no one would give a damn. But if the daughter of a wealthy man went missing, there would definitely be many people going out to search for clues.

This was simply human nature.


During that night, Sun Mo and his students were invited by Mei Yazhi to her private grand residence to stay over.

After all, no one dared to guarantee that Bai Wenzhang wouldn’t turn back and hunt them down.

In the study.

After Mei Yazhi heard her daughter recounting the entire story, she felt even more admiration for Sun Mo.

“What a pity!”

When she saw the glowing look on her daughter’s face when she spoke about Sun Mo, Mei Yazhi silently sighed. Sun Mo already had a fiancee.

Not long later, after Sun Mo took a shower, he personally came to thank Mei Yazhi for seeking help for him.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no need to be so polite!”

Mei Yazhi looked at Sun Mo. His slightly wet hair and the refreshed look on his face involuntarily caused her to praise him in her heart. (What a pretty boy.)

(He fits my taste!)


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +50. Friendly (850/1,000).

Sun Mo sat on his chair very naturally, not feeling any unease at all. He could judge from the system notification that this mother-and-daughter pair had quite a good impression of him. So, it would be good if he continued acting like how he did.

Sometimes, if a guy acted too cowardly and cringy, it would cause women to feel disgusted.

“In any case, I, Sun Mo, will rather be a single dog all my life than to be a simp. I definitely will not be a simp!”

Sun Mo drank his tea and confirmed his own intention. (Even with no girlfriend, I still have my games!)

(Yes, games are my happiness!)

(However, why are there tears in the corner of my eyes?)

“Sun Mo, what do you plan to do next?”

Mei Yazhi changed her terms of address and treated Sun Mo like a junior that was the same as her daughter.

“I’ll return to the school. According to the current time, the student recruitment meet of the Central Province Academy should be starting soon. I want to see if I can accept more students with good aptitudes. After that, I will give lectures and cultivate to improve myself.”


“New mission issued! During the student recruitment meet, under the prerequisite where the host cannot use Divine Sight, the host has to recruit two personal students. Regardless of their aptitudes, the host is not allowed to break the connection between a teacher and students after accepting them. Moreover, the host must do his best to educate and nurture them.”

“Note: If the students have outstanding aptitudes, there will be a reward. If the host’s judgment fails, I’m sorry, there will be a punishment. Hence, the host cannot casually pick two students just to pass the mission.”

Cough! Cough!

Sun Mo choked when he suddenly heard the system notification ringing.

“Teacher Sun, are you okay?”

Mei Ziyu passed a handkerchief over.

“Many thanks!”

Sun Mo had a thankful look on his face, but he was roaring wildly in his heart.

“System what the hell are you doing? Are you trying to play me to death?”

Sun Mo was very angry.

“Why? You are afraid without Divine Sight? In that case, what’s the value of you as a great teacher? Wouldn’t it be the same if a cat or dog took over you?”

The system mocked.

Sun Mo fell silent. (Actually, the words of the system are quite correct.)

“You don’t want people to say that you only know how to keep depending on the system and Divine Sight, right? Go on, go and prove yourself!”

The system encouraged him.


Sun Mo pointed a middle finger in his heart. After that, he calmed down. In his past world, he could also become a gold-medal teacher in his city even though he didn’t have the help from the system.

(What can this minor test count for?)

(Isn’t it simply selecting two personal students? Just wait, this daddy will show you how excellent I am. I will definitely be able to select geniuses with extremely high potential value.)

“Sun Mo, I’ve heard Ziyu speaking about the entire matter. Hence, I suggest you come to the Jixia Learning Palace to pursue studies for six months first. I have some friends who can give you guidance.”

Mei Yazhi persuaded him. Actually, she wanted to headhunt Sun Mo, but even a secondary saint had failed to do so, so there was no way for her to succeed. Hence, she could only do things in a roundabout way.

She wanted to let Sun Mo go to the Jixia Learning Palace first to experience the school’s atmosphere and facilities. Maybe, he would grow fond of that place.

Naturally, Mei Yazhi was doing this not because of her own selfish motives. She truly wished to help Sun Mo.

“Sun Mo, maybe you don’t understand how great your fame is now. Many great teachers are waiting to step on you to become famous.”

Mei Yazhi continued, “I already received news that in the top ten of the Great Teachers Hero Ranking, there are about six to seven people who originally didn’t plan to participate in the 3-star great teacher examination, but they are all now preparing to participate. It goes without saying that their target is you!”

Meow meow meow~?

Sun Mo frowned. (Who did I offend?)

“Young people are always eager to excel and love to fight for victory. There’s no mistake in this as friendly competition would spur everyone to improve.”

Honestly speaking, Mei Yazhi didn’t feel confident for Sun Mo because his starting point was too weak. After all, the top ten geniuses were all top graduates from the Nine Greats.

Yes, they were all top graduates.

“Also, that Daynight Starlord’s personal student, a star general, would also participate. You probably don’t want them to use you as a stepping stone, right?”

Mei Yazhi had confidence that if she could guide Sun Mo for half a year, he would definitely be able to transform wholly and rise to another level.

“Are these people so bored that they have nothing better to do?”

Although Sun Mo grumbled, he wasn’t angry because as a teacher, he was used to competitions like this. Bluntly speaking, who didn’t wish to be number one during exams?

“Mother, the Great Teachers Hero Ranking should be refreshed, right? In the past, Sun Mo was ranked #18. What about now? He is probably in the top ten, right?”

Mei Ziyu was curious.

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