Absolute Great Teacher
650 New Ranking and New Great Teacher Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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650 New Ranking and New Great Teacher Halo


Bai Shuang was a top graduate of the Skyraise Academy, but Sun Mo had defeated her fairly. Moreover, in the student battle, Sun Mo’s students also had the highest ranking.

One could say that Sun Mo would definitely be in the top ten. It was just a question of what was his actual rank.

“The comprehensive results are out and will be announced two days later.”

Mei Yazhi smiled. Given her identity, she definitely knew about it in advance. This was something very normal.

“Mother, what is his rank? Quickly tell us!”

Mei Ziyu urged.


Not high nor low, it was in the middle.

Mei Yazhi involuntarily sighed in praise when she saw Sun Mo calmly drinking his tea upon hearing the results, neither showing joy or anger. Truly, he had a very stable and mature character.

However, Mei Ziyu was unhappy.

“Why isn’t he in the top three?”

Mei Ziyu grumbled. “Who’s the one who chose the rankings? All three of Teacher Sun’s disciples are in the top three. No one has achieved this feat in a hundred years.”

“Ziyu, this ranking is already very high.”

Mei Yazhi explained.

The current Great Teachers Hero Rankings tabulated the achievements of the most dazzling new stars under the age of 30. How old was Sun Mo merely?

He was 22, a newbie that had just graduated for slightly over a year.

Look at his opponents...let alone top ten, even those in the top twenty were top graduates from the Nine Greats.

Moreover, the heroes in the top ten, other than the fact that they had also gotten top rank in the examinations before, their students were also champions of the past student battles.

Speaking of talent, everyone in the top ten wasn’t inferior to each other. Speaking of teaching students, their students were also capable of clinching the championship. Speaking of teaching experience and ability, they were already great teachers for a few years and were also working in the Nine Greats. How could Sun Mo compare?

Sun Mo was able to obtain his current ranking because he had received appreciation from almost all the members on the judging panel. This was already sufficient for him to feel pride.

“Ziyu, you cannot just look at the rankings, you have to look at the age too. If the age limit was below 25 years old. Sun Mo would be number one.”

Mei Yazhi spoke and looked at Sun Mo. She discovered that he was still very calm as though her praise was referring to another person.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations on taking the #6 rank on the Great Teachers Hero Ranking!”

Mei Ziyu congratulated.


Sun Mo smiled.

“Sun Mo, actually your ranking could have been higher, but your experience and background was holding you back.”

Mei Yazhi felt that it was very regrettable.

Sun Mo was a graduate from the Songyang Academy, a ‘D’ grade academy with no sense of existence. And the place he was working at was the Central Province academy. Although it was an impressive school in the past, that was ultimately in the past.

Those people tabulating the rankings would also consider these reasons.

Simply speaking, Sun Mo was a person of talent, but the ‘platform’ he was on, as well as his social connections, would definitely limit his development.

Sun Mo fell silent, not expecting that the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces would also care about all these, but he soon felt at ease. After all, he had experienced the ‘harsh beating’ by society before.

When some companies advertised, they would say that they were absolutely fair in recruiting people, proclaiming that they paid attention to capabilities instead of their education background. However, after one sent their resumes over, only those from impressive schools would be shortlisted. All other resumes would directly be thrown aside.

In fact, some people might say that you weren’t even qualified to send a resume.

Reality was simply that cruel.

If Sun Mo had graduated from one of the Nine Greats, his fame would have been even greater.

“Sun Mo, you had no choice in the past, but now you have many choices.”

Mei Yazhi touched on a topic and left it there.

Her meaning was very simple. By going to the Jixia Learning Palace, the ‘halo’ of the school would allow Sun Mo’s background to rise by a few tiers.

The most important thing was that the Jixia Learning Palace had wide social connections.

At the very least, the great teachers working in Jixia Learning Palace and the graduates from there would be natural allies. Because of their capabilities, they would definitely occupy a more important position in society and have control of more resources.

“Many thanks for Teacher Mei’s love and concern for me. However, I still like to stay in the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo rejected.

With Mei Yazhi’s care, Sun Mo’s days definitely wouldn’t be bad if he went to the Jixia Learning Palace. However, as a human, he naturally had to have some goals to pursue, right?

For example, he wanted to make the Central Province Academy into the number one school in the Nine Provinces.

If in the past Sun Mo still had no emotions toward the Central Province Academy, he already felt some reluctance to leave now.

After getting rid of the logistics department head, suppressing Zhang Hanfu, helping the school to tide over the financial crisis, setting the school on the correct path, and personally building the darkness illusion dojo...

All of this was personally done by Sun Mo.

“No matter how good the Jixia Learning Palace is, it is still a school belonging to another person!”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully.


Two days later, it was the ceremony to receive the star ranks.

When Sun Mo’s chest had one more star pinned on it, it also represented that he was now an official 2-star great teacher from the Saint Gate.

His value would instantly surge!

The three personal students of Sun Mo also attracted the attention of others. In the Greencloud Secondary Rankings, they directly rose and became part of the top five.

In the secondary rankings, only youths below 16 years old would be listed on it. Basically, they were ranked according to their potential. After all, young people would transform every year, and their speed of growth would be remarkably fast.

After rejecting a lot of invitations to banquets and job offers, on the second morning, Sun Mo got into a horse carriage and set out to return to Jinling.

The student recruitment meet was going to begin. Sun Mo had to recruit two students within the time limit!


“Congratulations on becoming the champion in the 2-star great teacher examination. Because your performance is extremely outstanding, you are rewarded with 1x great teacher emblem and 3x mysterious treasure chests!”

The system didn’t speak for too long, but the rewards it gave were extremely good.

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo’s head. “Open them!”

A bright light flashed.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x Illustrated Handbook about the rare plant species on Darkness Continent, twenty types. Proficiency level: elementary.”

Sun Mo’s spirits stirred.

20 rare plant species meant that Sun Mo could expand his knowledge on the rare plants by a little bit more. If there was information about medical herbs among the twenty types, he would have struck it rich.


Sun Mo instructed. But three seconds later, he involuntarily smiled because there was a golden skill book floating before his eyes.

What was the most valuable in this era?

It was definitely knowledge!


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art [Burning Moon Heart Sutra]. Rarity: S. Proficiency level: Elementary!”

“It’s actually a cultivation art?”

Sun Mo was curious and checked the introduction.

The Burning Moon Heart Sutra was created by the Moon God after he descended to the mortal world. This cultivation art allows one to absorb lunar force to supplement one’s spirit qi in cultivation.

Because the force absorbed is lunar force, this cultivation art is an ‘instant success’ cultivation art. It can allow a beginner to possess extremely high combat strength within a short period. However, in the middle-phase, the power of this art would be lacking and at the late phase, it would enter a bottleneck. Unless one’s talent is extremely outstanding, they won’t be able to reach the absolute extreme in this cultivation art.

Note: This cultivation art produces the strongest might when it is used at night. This is especially so when the bright moon is high up in the sky. It is the most powerful during the mid-autumn full moon period.

Sun Mo looked at the cultivation art’s introduction and suddenly understood why this wasn’t at the saint-tier. Because this cultivation art didn’t have a ‘final phase’.

It was best if young people didn’t touch this cultivation art. If not, they might slack off and become greedy for instant success. However, to some cultivators with bleak futures, this could be considered a divine art.

Sun Mo subconsciously thought of Han Xi. What a pity that he had failed to recruit her. However, Liu Tong was quite old and suitable to cultivate this art.

“I’ll learn it!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied.

Saint-tier cultivation arts were too valuable, so Sun Mo wouldn’t impart them to others casually. But there was no problem for peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts.

One shouldn’t underestimate the Burning Moon Heart Sutra. In schools at smaller places, this could be considered an ultimate art.

Its rarity index was rated at ‘S’. This indicated that not many people knew of this. Since that was the case, it meant that its value was very high.

If Sun Mo had obtained this cultivation art earlier, he would have been able to recruit Han Xi using it.

As the skill book turned into motes of light and entered Sun Mo’s glabella, a bright moon appeared in his mind, slowly transforming from crescent moon to full moon back and forth.

An instant later, Sun Mo finished learning it and then sank into contemplation.

Although he had no intention of cultivating this cultivation art too deeply, as long as he learned it, it would be considered a huge development toward expanding his horizons.

After having learned the Burning Moon Heart Sutra, Sun Mo opened the last treasure chest.

It was another skill book!

When Sun Mo saw the name on the cover, his lips that had curled up into a grin curled even further.


“Congratulations on obtaining the great teacher halo, Gushing Thoughts. Proficiency level: Elementary. Duration: 10 minutes.”

“Note: It would allow the target’s mind to feel refreshed and make their thoughts clearer. If one has to do many test questions and only has a short period to finish answering them, it would be of optimal effect to use this halo!”

The system explained.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. This was good stuff!

Complete Focus could allow one to be fully focused on something, to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. Encyclopedic Knowledge or even the perfect-version Retentive Memory would allow one to have a very good mental state in learning, boosting their memory abilities, allowing one to excel in terms of rote learning.

However, when it came to ‘creativity’, those halos wouldn’t cut it. For example, if the exam question was for one to write an essay or analysis. If their line of thoughts weren’t smooth, even if one cast Complete Focus for a day, it would be useless.

Gushing Thoughts perfectly resolved this problem.

After casting this halo, the brains of the students would immediately be more ‘creative’. They would be in the ‘right state’ and would be able to come up with many ideas.

One could understand it as when a person needed inspiration, Gushing Thoughts could be used. This would allow one’s work efficiency to be greatly boosted.

“If I had this halo back in my old world, my students would all become great authors.”

Sun Mo had a look of reminiscing on his face.

During language examinations, what were the students most afraid of? Reading comprehension! After all, this was a terrifying topic that even the original author might not be able to get full marks on.

Then there were essays. Many students would rather starve for a day than to write an essay of 800 words. It was simply too difficult.

Right now, under the effect of Gushing Thoughts, those students might even be able to write great novels that could be imprinted into history. It was naturally no problem for them to write an essay of 800 words.

As Sun Mo was on his way back, the Central Province Academy and Myriad Daos Academy’s student recruitment meet began simultaneously.

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