Absolute Great Teacher
651 His Name Shaking the Entire Jinling!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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651 His Name Shaking the Entire Jinling!


Jinling, Prince Consort Residence.

“Old Zheng, why did your playing style in chess suddenly change to such a frivolous one? In the past, I remember your style was more of a slow and steady one.”

Qi Mu`en surveyed Zheng Qingfang. But what surprised him even more was this sudden visit.

Although the two of them were acquainted with each other, because one was an old subject that had served for three generations and the other was a prince consort, in order to avoid gossip from being spread around, the two of them had never paid a visit to each other’s homes.

However, what sort of wind was gusting today?

Zheng Qingfang chortled but didn’t say anything.

After several moves later, Zheng Qingfang’s defeat was clear. He had no way to overturn the situation.

“Old Man Zheng, I’m sorry then!”

Qi Mu`en laughed complacently.


Zhang Qingfang didn’t even look at the chessboard and chose to resign directly. After that, he lifted his teacup and admired the lotuses on the lake as he drank a mouthful of tea.

(What does he want to do?)

Qi Mu`en didn’t know and didn’t dare to ask.

He then frowned and drank his tea slowly. (Could this old man want me to donate money again? However, his current home was indeed overly luxuriously renovated.)

All of a sudden, Zheng Qingfang slapped his thigh and laughed. “Haha, how delighted, how delighted!”

Qi Mu`en almost fell from his chair due to fright.

“Prince Consort, it has been a good chat today. I will bid my farewell!”

Zheng Qingfang stood up.

“Old Zheng, I heard a few counties in the east suffered from less rainfall this year, leading to droughts. I, Qi Mu`en, don’t have much ability and can only donate 1 million taels of silver as disaster relief.”

Qi Mu`en took the initiative to speak. He was worried if this old man took the initiative, he would ask for a huge chunk of money.


Zhang Qingfang started. However, he was also an old fox. His mind spun and he instantly knew Qi Mu`en’s intention. Hence, he started laughing.

“Oh you...”

When Zheng Qingfang was the premier, the thing he loved to do the most was to ‘force’ these people with connections to the royal clan to donate money. After all, a lot of their earnings came from unscrupulous exploitation of the people.

But today, Zheng Qingfang didn’t come here for this matter.

“Prince Consort, you are worrying too much. Even if I want to dig out money, I will find that rascal Li Zixing!”

Zheng Qingfang placated.


Qi Mu`en silently mused that he would be a fool if he trusted Zheng Qingfang. (You are a very bad old man.)

How would it be so easy to get Li Zixing’s money? (You have already ‘killed’ him over ten times.)

“Sun Mo is returning”

After Zhang Qingfang spoke, he bade farewell and left.


“Sun Mo? The 2-star great teacher examination has ended?”

Qi Mu`en frowned and went into his study.

During this half a month, he grew in love with fishing, hence, he didn’t pay much attention to Sun Mo’s matters. After all, Li Ziqi wasn’t his daughter.

On the table, there were many letters, and half of them were news about Sun Mo’s matters when he was in Westmountain City.

This was something Qi Mu`en had instructed people to do. After all, his wife would also be keen to know more about Sun Mo.

He casually opened a few letters and after reading them, Qi Mu`en’s expression turned into one of shock.

(It can’t be right?)

Full marks for the written examination, full marks for on-the-spot public teaching, getting the top rank again in the Great Teachers Battle?

He continued reading.

(All three of Sun Mo’s personal students actually got into the top three in the student battle?)

(Is there a need to be so powerful?)

Qi Mu`en’s first thought was that the slave he had sent to do this was bribed by Li Ziqi. If not, how could an individual have such a stellar performance?

This was too extraordinary.

He continued reading. Sun Mo crushed Bai Shuang from the Skyraise Academy. (My heavens, Bai Shuang is a genius spirit controller ranked #11 in the Great Teachers Hero Rankings!)

(What did Sun Mo rely on? His painting skills?)

(Maybe if they were competing in painting, Sun Mo might be able to win!)

However, the great teacher examination didn’t have a segment that tested one on painting skills!

Qi Mu`en opened more letters. The more he read, the more surreal he felt, but logic told him that his slave wouldn’t dare to lie to him. Moreover, if all these were real, he would be able to find out easily by performing a casual check.

Hence, the slaves of the Prince Consort Mansion went out full force and came back with various news two hours later.

This was especially so for the Central Province Academy. They were heavily advertising the fact that Sun Mo had obtained two champion titles – in the 1-star and 2-star great teacher examination.

“That Sun Mo is actually so strong that it sounds ridiculous!”

Qi Mu`en was shocked. After that, he grew enlightened. No wonder Zheng Qingfang came for a visit. It was clearly for this. Zheng Qingfang wanted to tell him that there was no problem with Li Ziqi’s choice.


Favorable impression points from Qi Mu`en +300. Friendly (612/1,000).

“Hehe, my one million taels!”

Li Ziqi bitterly smiled but after that, he felt somewhat gratified and impressed. (Seems like our little princess has chosen an extremely good teacher this time around.)


Zheng Qingfang returned home and felt a little bored. He was preparing to read [Journey to the West] again to relieve his boredom, but after he entered his study, he saw Xia He silently sobbing on a chair. Her eyes were red and as swollen as a large peach.

Cough! Cough!

The butler following Zheng Qingfang coughed twice.

“Ah? Old Master!”

Xia He hurriedly bowed.

“What’s the matter?”

Zheng Qingfang saw a bunch of letters in Xia He’s hands and he already guessed the reason.

“This slave ought to die, I’m homesick!”

Xia He explained.

“Xia He, I gave you a chance but you didn’t know how to grab it!”

Zheng Qingfang shook his head.

After hearing this, Xia He couldn’t control herself anymore and directly cried.

She didn’t expect that Sun Mo had become a rising superstar in the great teacher world.

He was also a two-time champion in the great teacher examinations!

No matter how stupid Xia He was, she knew how heavy this title was. Sun Mo’s future was definitely boundless.

Upon thinking of this, the regret in Xia He’s heart transformed into a venomous snake that bit her to death. (Why didn’t I choose the same choice as Dong He and remain behind as his maid?)

As she thought of Dong He, Xia He started to feel jealousy. She had always believed that her ability and disposition of mind were a hair above Dong He’s. But what was the use of this?

Dong He’s judgment was better than hers!

As the first maid to follow Sun Mo, Dong He would accompany him in his growth. Even using her foot to think, Xia He could understand what position Dong He would have in Sun Mo’s home in the future.

“Do you feel regret now?”

Zheng Qingfang sat down, “In the future, you will have many things to feel regretful about. At the end of this year, Sun Mo will challenge the feat of rising three stars in a single year. If he also becomes the champion of the 3-star great teacher examination, he would be the number one genius among the younger generation.”

Xia He didn’t speak, but in her heart, a hint of vengeance appeared. She suddenly wanted to see Sun Mo failing. It would be best if he got psychologically impacted so badly that he decided to quit as a great teacher.

(Otherwise, if you are living so well, how can I be happy?)


Zheng Qingfang sat in his garden and drank tea. He held a copy of [Journey to the West] in his hands and felt happier the more he thought about it. This copy was in Sun Mo’s handwriting.

When Sun Mo became a secondary saint, how much would this copy be worth?

He had no idea!

In any case, even if his descendants squandered away his wealth, they would be able to raise enough capital to stage a comeback just by selling the manuscript in his hands.

“My judgment is still as sharp as ever!”

Zheng Qingfang praised himself. When he thought about the fact that he had Sun Mo’s famous painting, he couldn’t help but hum a little tune. Beautiful! Life was extremely beautiful!


West Alley Area, Prince Manor, guest lounge.

“How’s the situation with the student recruitment meet this year?”

Li Zixing asked.

“Still okay!”

Cao Xian’s voice sounded a little dispirited.

“Why do I hear that the supply of students decreases by ? compared to last year?”


Cao Xian fell silent. (What can I do? I also feel very depressed.)

An Xinhui was too cunning. She only started to organize the student recruitment meet after Sun Mo became a two-time champion, and she directly pulled the supply of students away.

“If I knew about this in advance, I would have pushed forward our student recruitment meet.”

Cao Xian mumbled. After that, he felt even more depressed. (I actually grew terrified?) One must know that in the past, the Myriad Daos Academy would deliberately arrange their schedules to clash against the Central Province Academy, and they would also intentionally hold their student recruitment meet at the same time.

Who would have thought that things would be so dire this time around!?

“I need an explanation!”

Li Zixing was already impatient. As the supply of students became lesser, wouldn’t his plan have to be shelved?

“They have Sun Mo!”

Cao Xian’s lips twitched.


Li Zixing frowned.

“They have Sun Mo!”

This was the first time Cao Xian raised his voice. “Speaking of the grade of school, the Central Province Academy is the same as us. Speaking of foundation, they have the darkness illusion dojo. When I first lay my eyes on that, I felt like snatching it and relocating it into our own campus.

“As for using great teachers to attract students? Wuji also managed to achieve the feat of rising two stars in a year and his ranking isn’t low either. But facing off against a two-time champion who is also ranked #6 in the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, how can we compete?”

As he spoke until the end, even Cao Xian felt like crying.


It was so difficult to be the headmaster!


Li Zixing was so angry that his chest heaved intensely. He then slammed his teacup onto the ground.

The Central Province Academy was clearly about to die. At that time, the Myriad Daos Academy would swallow it whole, and it would become the number one academy in the entire Jinling. But now, because of Sun Mo, the Central Province Academy had actually revived!

“Sun Mo always spoils my plans!”

Li Zixing gritted his teeth. Right now, he was thinking of silently assassinating Sun Mo, but this wasn’t easy to handle.

Sun Mo’s current fame was too great, hence, Li Zixing had to pay a very high price before the greedy assassins would accept the mission. Moreover, the assassins wouldn’t be able to guarantee that they would be able to complete the job perfectly.

Sun Mo was the champion in the Great Teachers Battle. This indicated that he was a good fighter. Also, he had the titles of God Hands and a spirit rune grandmaster.

Maybe the assassin he hired would immediately turn on him and sell him out for more money. After all, Sun Mo had the God Hands.

For a matter like assassination, either one didn’t do it or if they did, they must make sure to do it perfectly with no leaks at all. If not, his reputation would surely be destroyed.

In the lounge, the atmosphere fell into an awkward silence.

“I’ll return first. According to my calculations, it’s about time for Wuji to return. I hope he will be able to give me some good news!”

Cao Xian stood up.

“I don’t care. In any case, if the Myriad Daos Academy fails to suppress the Central Province Academy this year, my investment will be reduced by half!”

Li Zixing’s gaze turned malevolent.

“How can this be possible?”

Cao Xian turned pale. 90% of the Myriad Daos Academy’s funding came from Li Zixing. Without Li Zixing, he wouldn’t even be able to pay his staff’s salary.

“Why not?”

Li Zixing’s tone turned ice-cold. “If you cannot do it, it would mean you cannot make it. Headmaster Cao, this is your final chance.”

Li Zixing placed an exceptionally heavy emphasis on the word ‘headmaster’. (If you fail to suppress the Central Province Academy, you are fired.)

Cao Xian’s mood turned increasingly worse.

He returned to the Myriad Daos Academy in his horse carriage and got down at the school gate. He wanted to take a little walk to calm himself down, but at this moment, an impossibly handsome young man entered his vision.

“Who is this? Why is he wearing the teacher robes of my Myriad Daos Academy?”

Cao Xian frowned. Was this guy planning to use the identity of a teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy to swindle people?

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