Absolute Great Teacher
652 From Now Onwards, I’m the Most Handsome Guy in This Academy!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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652 From Now Onwards, I’m the Most Handsome Guy in This Academy!

Chapter 652: From Now Onwards, I’m the Most Handsome Guy in This Academy!

In the blink of an eye, Cao Xian tossed away this unrealistic thought.

Because this young man was truly too handsome.

Such a person basically wasn’t suitable for swindling because his face was too easily remembered. He could at most swindle once and had to quit forever. If not, he should just wait to be apprehended.

Naturally, swindling women would be an exception.

“However, he doesn’t need to swindle women at all since he is so handsome. Most probably, it is those women who would take the initiative to jump inside his bed.”

Upon thinking of this, Cao Xian grew depressed again.

Speaking of looks, the Myriad Daos Academy truly was not a match for the Central Province Academy.

Although everyone said Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai were the twin jade annulus of Jinling, in reality, Liu Mubai’s fame was greater. There was no solution to this as his looks were better.

Who told Fang Wuji to have such a broad chin that naturally repelled female fans?

One Liu Mubai already caused Cao Xian to feel very annoyed. In the end, another Sun Mo appeared, Sun Mo was so incredibly handsome that it couldn’t be put into words.

If it was only good looks, it was one thing as no one would like someone worthless despite an attractive exterior. However, this fellow was overflowing with talent and suppressed both Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai within a couple of months.

When an out-of-towner spoke about the new stars of Jinling, only a few would mention the term ‘twin jade annulus of Jinling’. Now, everyone was talking about Sun Mo.

The fame of God Hands was already known to everyone.

“Where can I find a great teacher with a celebrity face that doesn’t lose out to Sun Mo?”

Cao Xian sighed. All of a sudden, inspiration struck him as his head furiously turned over. He stared at that young man. Wasn’t this his answer?

(That’s right!)

(He must be here seeking employment!)

Cao Xian’s heart suddenly heated up. In the past, there had been situations like this. When a great teacher came to seek employment, they would take the initiative to wear the teacher robes of the school they wanted to be employed in to increase the success rate of being hired as it could show their sincerity.

It was like some soccer players. After they scored, they would kiss the team insignia before their chest to indicate their loyalty.

“Haha, seems like the great name of my Myriad Daos Academy is still pretty useful!”

Cao Xian thought that this young man came here because of the academy’s reputation. In that case, he also couldn’t lose face. Hence, he retracted his depressed feelings and put on an imposing face...

(No, an imposing face might scare him away. I should wear a gentle smile to display my amiability!)

Cao Xian placed his hands behind his back and walked toward the school’s gate.

The handsome young man thanked his carriage driver and took his luggage from the carriage. After that, he then began to walk into the campus.


“Headmaster, good afternoon!”

The students passing by all lowered their heads and bowed when they saw Cao Xian, greeting him.


Cao Xian was originally feeling like returning the greetings in a reserved manner, but after he saw the handsome young man carrying his luggage, he frowned. Why did this seem so familiar?

It looked like Fang Wuji’s luggage.

(Oh right, it must be Fang Wuji who recruited this great teacher.)

Recently, because of the student recruitment meet and being worried about how to suppress the Central Province Academy, Cao Xian was so busy that he was slightly balding. He didn’t pay any attention to Fang Wuji’s situation and only had the time to check his ranking at the very end.

Fang Wuji lived up to his expectation and got quite a good ranking. How good would it be if Sun Mo didn’t exist to serve as a comparison?!

The hearing of the handsome young man was very good. After he heard the students greet the headmaster, he turned his head and immediately saw Cao Xian. After that, his lips curled into a smile.

“Headmaster, good afternoon!”

(Wow, this smile. Even I can feel my heart being moved, so there’s no need to mention the female students. Hehe, An Xinhui...just wait and see. You have Sun Mo on your side, but I have Mr. Celebrity Face on mine.)

Cao Xian was like someone who got three Queens when playing cards. His confidence instantly surged. (The only thing to figure out is this guy’s strength, but speaking of which, since he’s someone Wuji recommended, this celebrity face shouldn’t be too weak, right?)

Many thoughts flashed through his mind. Cao Xian smiled radiantly. “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. You are...?”


Fang Wuji started. After that, he came to a realization. It seemed that his headmaster couldn’t recognize him after Sun Mo did the facial surgery for him. For a time, he felt a little awkward and embarrassed, not knowing what he should say.

(Eh? Could you have done something that let Wuji down? If not, why would you have such an expression?)

Cao Xian felt a little panicked. After all, Fang Wuji was a junior he regarded highly. Hence, he continued to ask. “Where is Wuji? Didn’t he return with you?”

Cao Xian turned his head and discovered that the carriage had already left.

“I...I’m him!”

Fang Wuji braced himself and answered.

“Who are you?”

Cao Xian frowned and suspiciously surveyed this young man. (Could it be... this fellow has something wrong with his brain? His words don’t match at all.)


Fang Wuji’s face turned red from blushing. After all, he felt that doing facial surgery was something immoral because it involved changing his feature.

If Sun Mo were to learn of Fang Wuji’s thoughts, he would definitely roll on the ground laughing.

(Even some 50+ years old aunties have undergone facial surgery to get more people to support their live streams. No one should feel bad about it!)

“What about you?”

Cao Xian actually disliked great teachers who stammered like this very much.

“I’m Wuji!”

Fang Wuji was worried he didn’t express himself clearly, hence, he added another sentence. “Fang Wuji!”


Cao Xian was dumbfounded. “Who did you say you are?”

“Fang Wuji!”

After Fang Wuji finished speaking, he saw Cao Xian lifting his hand.

“Are you so bored that your balls ache? Coming here to prank this daddy, do you believe that this daddy will beat you up to the point where you become Fang Wuji?”

Cao Xian directly spat a mouthful of saliva on Fang Wuji.

(Do you think I’m blind? Fang Wuji is so ugly that I can even recognize him after he turned into ashes.)


Fang Wuji was speechless as he mentally mused. ‘Am I so ugly in your heart? What do you mean by beating me to the point where I become Fang Wuji?’

The great teachers and students passing by saw Cao Xian quarreling with someone at the school gate, and they immediately crowded over.

“Headmaster, I’m really Fang Wuji.”

Fang Wuji wanted to cry, but no tears were coming out.

“Do you have a chin so big that you can stuff an entire bun into it?”

Cao Xian flicked his sleeves and looked at this young man. “Just speak, why did you come to my Myriad Daos Academy?”


Fang Wuji really felt like crying. (Do you think the buns steamed by the aunties in the canteen are small in size? Why do you have to mention my chin?)

When he saw many people crowding around, he had no other solution left. He brandished his sword and displayed the Unbounded Swordplay.

This was Fang Wuji’s ultimate skill, and it was impossible to fake it.


Cao Xian was instantly dumbfounded and his eyes almost fell out of his head. He recognized these moves but this face... Cao Xian’s vision slid downward.

(Actually, other than the face, his figure and demeanor are the exact same as Fang Wuji’s.)

(However, how can this be possible?)

“When we were at the Westmountain Academy, Teacher Sun did facial surgery for me using his God Hands.”

Fang Wuji explained.

“What?” Cao Xian dug his ears. “Can you repeat yourself again?”

“Teacher Sun helped me and did facial surgery on me!”

This time around, Cao Xian directly placed his hands on Fang Wuji’s face as he touched and patted it.

“Headmaster, you just dug your ears!”

Fang Wuji smiled bitterly.

“Don’t move!”

Cao Xian used some force and kept touching Fang Wuji’s face, tugging at all sorts of places. This was definitely not a disguise, but it was simply unbelievable. “You have truly become handsome?”

“I didn’t dare to look at myself in the mirror for a week because I’m afraid my looks would change back.”

Fang Wuji honestly spoke. This face made him feel painful and happy at the same time.

Painful because the face he was familiar with for over twenty years was gone. Happy because in just a week, he had received over twenty love letters.

Even when having a meal in a restaurant, the serving girl would smile at him. She would ask him at least ten times whether he wanted her to pour tea for him or if he needed warm towels.


Cao Xian was very disappointed.

The three queens disappeared. (Tell me how can I win against An Xinhui now? You said Fang Wuji became handsome and we have a chance now?)


(How did he become handsome?)

(It’s all because of Sun Mo’s God Hands. If he used his God Hands to do facial surgery for all the young teachers of the Central Province Academy, creating a bunch of celebrity faces, what the flip should I do?)


Upon thinking of this possibility, Cao Xian instantly became extremely anxious. Handsome males and beautiful females, if that became reality, how was his Myriad Daos Academy supposed to fight?

Regardless of whether people wanted to admit it or not, loving beauty was human nature. If the two teachers had the same level of capabilities, students would definitely be more willing to choose the good-looking one.

Let’s put it this way, who wouldn’t like to work in a company filled with handsome guys and beauties?

“Sun Mo, I really feel like cutting your hands away!”

Cao Xian howled in grief.


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +500. Respect (2,510/10,000).


Fang Wuji glanced at the surroundings and felt very embarrassed. “Can you lower your volume?”

(Although I know you are unhappy with Sun Mo, there’s no need for you to say it out loud in public, right?)

“So what even if I curse out loud? Do you want to bully an honest guy like me?”

Cao Xian was truly almost angered to death. (I know you have God Hands, but you can’t play the game this way!)

There was no need to mention that it was in the nature of women to love beauty.

If the female great teachers in his school were to learn of Fang Wuji’s experience, Cao Xian believed that at least half of the female teachers in his school would go to the Central Province Academy to look for Sun Mo.

If An Xinhui used ‘facial surgery’ as a tool to poach his people over...

(Eh...no, no! I don’t dare to continue thinking down this path!)

After that, a deep feeling of admiration rose in Cao Xian’s heart for the old headmaster.

The old headmaster was truly far-sighted and actually set this marriage engagement for An Xinhui in advance. This decision directly caused the declining Central Province Academy to be revived from desperate straits.

How cunning!

Truly a wily old fox!

Cao Xian suddenly stumbled. Earlier, he was still hesitating whether he should muster large forces to stir up trouble for the Central Province Academy as it wouldn’t be befitting of his social status. But now, he couldn’t just wait and be defeated.

If this continued, the Myriad Daos Academy would be beaten to death.


Fang Wuji hurriedly rushed forward to help Cao Xian.

“No need. Just help me summon my great teacher group!”

Cao Xian pushed Fang Wuji away.

“Ah? Summon your great teacher group? What do you want to do?”

Fang Wuji was badly shocked. Even the teachers and students in the surroundings were shocked when they heard this.

Usually, only a major incident would cause an entire great teacher group to move out.

“Is it the great teacher circle of Teacher Yue?”

Fang Wuji asked.

“Nope, they are teachers from my circle!”

After Cao Xian spoke, the school gate was filled with the sounds of whispers. (My heavens. Headmaster, who do you want to screw up?)

The great teacher group of the headmaster was the core combat strength of the Myriad Daos Academy!

If he wanted to do it, he would do it in an open and above-board manner!

The headmaster and Fang Wuji left, but the teachers and students were still in shock.

“Who is that teacher? He is so handsome!”

A newcomer didn’t know.

“He’s Teacher Fang Wuji!”

“Do you think I’m blind? That gigantic chin of Teacher Fang is something unique in Jinling!”

The lips of a new student who just joined the school twitched.

“Let’s make a bet. If he is Fang Wuji, you have to treat me to meals for an entire month!”

“Sure, let’s make it three months!”

The newbie was very confident.

“Aiya, I want to join the bet too!”

“No, he might not be able to afford my food for a single month if you join in!”

The newbie rejected.

“No, you have misunderstood. I want to bet that the person earlier was Teacher Fang. I will bet half-a-year worth of food expenses!”

As that person spoke, he actually started to take money out of his pocket as though he was deeply afraid that this newbie might reject it.


The newbie was stunned.

“Count me in!”

“Me too!”

“I want to bet a year worth of food expenses!”

Everyone was speechless. (Wanting to fleece a sheep of its wool so cleanly when he just joined? All of your mental states must have problems!)

After seeing these people making so much noise, the new student felt cold sweat dotting his forehead. (F***! Could it be that he is really Teacher Fang?)

(But where’s your gigantic chin?)

After returning to school for two days, Fang Wuji experienced a huge change. No matter where he went, he would be the most dazzling focal point of everyone.

It was still okay for the guys. But those girls would always turn their heads to look at him. Sometimes, when Fang Wuji had walked very far away, he would still discover the girls looking at him whenever he turned his head.

Also, the number of love letters he received had already broken through the threshold of 50 letters. Moreover, the trend was an explosively surging one, causing Fang Wuji to panic.

(What should I do?)

(No, I better ask Teacher Sun for help. He definitely has experience in this area!)

However, no matter how the end result was, Fang Wuji knew that his life had completely changed due to Sun Mo’s blessings.


Favorable impression points from Fang Wuji +1,000. Respect (3,190/10,000).


Liu Tong didn’t follow Sun Mo to the Central Province Academy right away. He wanted to return home first and resign. He would then bid farewell to his parents and report to the Central Province Academy.

After the student battle ended and Sun Mo obtained the title of a 2-star great teacher, Liu Tong left immediately after sending his congratulations.

He was already burning with impatience toward the prospect of heading to the Central Province Academy to work. Over there, he felt that he would be able to improve a lot with Sun Mo’s help.

Moreover, the student recruitment meet was happening recently and Liu Tong didn’t want to miss that. What if he managed to recruit a student?

He didn’t want to let Sun Mo’s expectations down.

A true gentleman would sacrifice his life for a friend that understood him.

The Fang Mountain Academy was located in Wilmar City and was famous because of the fang-like mountain in the surroundings.

Although it sounded impressive, the locals knew that the mountain couldn’t be considered a majestic and famous landscape.

The Fang Mountain Academy wasn’t large and only had about 3,000 people, including the students and teachers. The headmaster had had the ambition to fight in order to become a famous school, but after failing a few times, he gave up and became a salted fish. Even the teachers in this school were just idling their time away.

There were great teachers in this school, but the majority of them were 1 and 2 stars, only a few of them were 3 stars, but they were old men who were about to die. They only came to work here because it was their hometown, and they wanted to retire here.

After Liu Tong got down from the carriage and saw the plaque of the Fang Mountain Academy, he couldn’t help but feel a myriad of emotions suffusing his heart.

“My youth...!”

Liu Tong walked over and touched the plaque. He wanted to remember every word here. After all, a large amount of his time had been spent in this school.

“Wow, Teacher Liu you have returned? Congratulations on obtaining the 2-star great teacher title!”

A teasing voice rang out.

Liu Tong turned and saw Zhang Wei carrying a bag of fruits. He was standing with a few colleagues not far away, and they were all looking at him.

“What do you mean by this?”

Zhang Pan’s face flushed red. He knew that Zhang Wei had always thought of his teacher as a sore sight. Also, he had made a bet with Liu Tong that if Liu Tong failed to become a 2-star great teacher, he would have to quit his job. Liu Tong accepted it after a lot of provocation from Zhang Wei. Hence, Zhang Wei’s words were mocking Liu Tong.

“What’s going on Teacher Liu? After becoming a 2-star great teacher, even your student’s guts grew to the extent where he dares to berate me?”

Zhang Wei ridiculed.

Actually, he had been observing Liu Tong. When he saw Liu Tong’s expression dimming, he knew that this fellow must have failed the 2-star examination.

(How happy!)

(I’m going to the Full Moon Inn tonight and order something sumptuous!)

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