Absolute Great Teacher
653 Sun Mo Changed My Life
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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653 Sun Mo Changed My Life


Liu Tong stared at Zhang Wei. His fists that were as large as a bowl were clenched tightly. But after that, he relaxed his grip.

“If I was still that Liu Tong from the past, even if I didn’t fight with him, I would surely be so embarrassed that I would flee.”

Liu Tong smiled self-mockingly.

But now...

“I’ve made a joke of myself, Teacher Zhang. I’ve indeed failed.”

After Liu Tong spoke, he turned and left. As for the self-mocking look on his face, it vanished and turned into one of calmness.

(I’m not afraid of embarrassment, but I cannot lose face for the sake of Sun Mo who admired me.)

(What does fighting here count for?)

If he really wanted to get back some face, it would be best if he went to the Central Province Academy and learned from Sun Mo. It wouldn’t be too late for him to come back here and smack the faces of his doubters when he became successful in his career

Naturally, Liu Tong didn’t really care about smacking faces. Currently, he only wanted to follow Sun Mo to learn more things from him.

“His smile seems so casual and confident!”

A colleague at the side felt bewildered.

“He has most probably gone mad?”

“Yeah, he’s already 40 years old but hasn’t even gotten his second star yet. What future would he have?”

A certain colleague spoke, and the atmosphere immediately turned cold.

Actually, all of them were roughly the same. If they were truly capable, who would be willing to work in a small place like the Fang Mountain Academy? They were mocking Liu Tong because they were younger than him and would have more opportunities in comparison. Also, they weren’t as short and ugly as him.

Zhang Wei didn’t speak, staring at Liu Tong’s back. He didn’t know why, but he felt that this fellow had changed.

Why did Zhang Wei find Liu Tong unpleasant to the eye?

Because Liu Tong was too hardworking!

(Everyone is idling away, but you have to work so hard and cultivate so assiduously every day. If people compare us, wouldn’t we be considered extremely lazy?)

This was especially so after he had heard that the headmaster admired Liu Tong and had the intention of giving him the position of a head teacher. Zhang Wei grew even more unhappy then.

(You ugly ghost, why the hell are you so lucky?)

After Zhang Wei learned of the difficulty of this year’s 2-star great teacher examination, he knew Liu Tong would have to resign and scram. But he didn’t expect that when he met Liu Tong again, Liu Tong’s entire heart state seemed to have improved to the next level.

How should he put it?

It was like after seeing a vast ocean with surging waves, Liu Tong could no longer be bothered by the fish in this small pool.

(Did he transform into a brand new person after obtaining guidance from a certain great teacher during the examination?)

(No! It can’t be!)

(He is so ugly and poor. Who would admire him?)


“Headmaster, I’ve returned!”

Liu Tong knocked and opened the door to the headmaster office. He looked at the white-haired old man sitting behind the seat and respectfully bowed.

Headmaster Wang lifted his head. After he surveyed Liu Tong, he silently sighed. “It’s good that you have returned. In the future, just continue to work hard and be a good role model to the students!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Tong shed silent tears.

It was Headmaster Wang who had given him an opportunity to work when he was seeking employment. It was also Headmaster Wang who had shown tolerance for him multiple times, not feeling disgusted because he was too short and ugly.

And just like now, although he had failed his examination and Headmaster Wang could already tell this, Headmaster Wang didn’t say any word of blame. It was clear Headmaster Wang was planning to push the matter of the bet down to protect him.

“Headmaster Wang, I...I...”

Liu Tong felt unbearable and wanted to say that he had failed. However, Headmaster Wang interrupted him.

“What about you? That bet was just made under a moment of anger. Don’t take it seriously. I’ll speak with Zhang Wei about it!”

Headmaster Wang stood up. He gestured for Liu Tong to sit and poured a cup of water for him. “As for you, you don’t have to think too much. We are all men, who among us wouldn’t have a few moments of boasting?”

“If you feel very ashamed, just put in more effort to nurture and guide the students!”

Liu Tong lowered his head and spoke with a tone of low self-esteem, “B...but I’m only a 1-star!”


Headmaster Wang heavily slammed his cup onto the table. He frowned. “So what if you are a 1-star? Who didn’t start from being a 1-star great teacher?”

“Moreover, even if you remain a 1-star forever, it’s already enough to educate people!”

Headmaster Wang took up the water flask and started to water the bonsai on the window sill. “In this world, are there more geniuses or more ordinary people?”

“Ordinary people!”

Liu Tong drank his tea. (For example, I’m an ordinary person.)

If Sun Mo heard this, he would immediately correct Liu Tong. (You are not. Your potential value is extremely high, but you were merely held back by your ugly looks.)

“Right, all great teachers want to teach geniuses and even if they wouldn’t find one, they would still prefer good students of higher intelligence, right? In that case, what about the normal students? What about students who are below average?”

Headmaster Wang asked.

Liu Tong fell silent. This question was too cruel because he was one of those who wasn’t able to find a personal teacher. In the end, he had to depend on his hard work to become a great teacher.

“All the great teachers nowadays want to teach a sword hero or a saber saint. But I feel that helping ordinary students find the areas they are proficient in is something all great teachers should do. In fact, we should teach them a skill that they can use to make their living. I believe that this is also the responsibility of us, great teachers.

“There are distinctions between great teachers in terms of their ranks, but in general, there’s no one superior nor inferior one!”

Headmaster Wang turned his head and looked straight at Liu Tong.

“A 1-star and a secondary saint...both are nurturing students into talents. Liu Tong, don’t be unduly humble and undervalue yourself.”

Headmaster Wang’s voice wasn’t loud and it was very calm. However, Priceless Advice activated. Golden light flowed from his body and shone into the distance.

All of a sudden, Liu Tong seemed to have understood something. At the same time, he also recalled the words Sun Mo had said to him before.

So, Teacher Sun’s heart state had already reached the same level as the headmaster?


Favorable impression points from Liu Tong +500. Respect (2,120/10,000).

“Do your job well. Even if you cannot obtain the title of a 2-star great teacher, you still have the quality of one. Don’t be too conflicted regarding this.”

Headmaster Wang encouraged.


Liu Tong felt embarrassed. The headmaster was treating him so kindly, would it make him seem a little too emotionless and ungrateful if he wanted to leave?


Headmaster Wang was puzzled. “Just say it straight if you have something to say!”

However, in his heart, Headmaster Wang silently mused. (Please don’t tell me you need my help finding a wife, I truly have no solutions for that. What if you became [1] Wu Dalang?)

“I...I’m going to the Central Province Academy!”

Liu Tong braced himself and spoke.

“Oh, to seek employment there?”

Headmaster Wang was surprised. When he analyzed things from Liu Tong’s tone and words, it was clear that he was going there hoping for a job. (Sigh, daring to make such a decision after failing the examination? Did he get provoked?)


Liu Tong shook his head.


Headmaster Wang drank his tea.

“I have gotten the job. I will be going there to hold a teaching position!”

After Liu Tong spoke, Headmaster Wang choked on his tea as he started to cough violently.

Cough! Cough!

(What did you say? Can you repeat yourself?)

Headmaster Wang was dumbstruck.

“Teacher Sun, oh, he is Sun Mo, that God Hands. He headhunted me to teach at the Central Province Academy!”

After Liu Tong spoke, he lowered his head and felt guilty in his heart, not daring to look at this Headmaster Wang who had nurtured him for so many years.

“Haha, I’ve aged so my ears are not working well!”

Headmaster Wang laughed. “You are saying that you are going to be a great teacher at the Central Province Academy and not joining their logistics department or work as a blacksmith?”


Liu Tong nodded.

“And Sun Mo is the one who personally headhunted you?”

Headmaster Wang was curious.

Liu Tong continued nodding.


Headmaster Wang felt embarrassed. He consoled Liu Tong for so long and in the end, Liu Tong had a better place to head to. Wasn’t he just worrying blindly?

Wait a minute.

“When Sun Mo headhunted you, did he do so before or after you failed the exam?”

Although Liu Tong was ugly, he was still someone from his school. The headmaster naturally would show concern for him.

“After I failed!”

Liu Tong smiled. “Headmaster, I know you are worried that Sun Mo is pranking me. This won’t happen. He invited me in front of thousands of spectators when we were on the stage during the great teachers battle.”

“In addition, is there any need to lie to someone like me?”

Headmaster Wang fell silent. After that, he involuntarily laughed, and his laughter grew louder and louder.


Awesome! Super awesome!

“I’ve always said that my judgment isn’t bad. Now that is proven. I truly didn’t judge wrongly in the past.”

Headmaster Wang looked at Liu Tong.

Back then he had accepted Liu Tong because he felt that this fellow had the possibility of accomplishing something great in the future. But after tens of years, Liu Tong’s improvement was so slow to the point where he started to doubt his judgment.

Now, Sun Mo had proved that his judgment wasn’t wrong.

“Liu Tong, I’m useless and have delayed your talents. I hope you will be able to join Sun Mo’s great teacher circle. Work hard.”

Headmaster Wang encouraged.

“Headmaster is too serious!”

Liu Tong mumbled.

“Sun Mo of Jinling? One tiny clue reveals the general trend. It seems that this person truly does live up to his reputation!”

Headmaster Wang praised.


Favorable impression points from Headmaster Wang +300. Friendly (350/1,000).

“Liu Tong, when you have time in the future, please introduce me to Sun Mo, so we can share a few drinks and enjoy a chat!”

Headmaster Wang wanted to invite Sun Mo for a drink.


The news of Liu Tong’s return soon spread to the entire school.

What were his colleagues’ views on Liu Tong?

To them, Liu Tong was a reticent and ugly man, but his heart wasn’t bad. Every time someone needed help, he would definitely do his best to help them.

Other than this, everyone felt a sense of superiority toward Liu Tong.

Actually, all of them were average at best, but when they looked at Liu Tong who was a 1-star great teacher at 40 and didn’t have a wife, they felt that he was more miserable than them. Hence, they would feel happier because at the very least, they were stronger than him.

With regard to the bet between Zhang Wei and Liu Tong, the vast majority of people didn’t care about it. In fact, over ten teachers wanted to treat Liu Tong to a good meal to cheer him up and to rid him of the bad luck of flunking the examination.

However, all of a sudden, the news circulated out.

Liu Tong was going to work in the Central Province Academy, and it was Sun Mo who personally headhunted him.

In the past, no one would know Sun Mo’s name. But now, if someone dared to say that, there was no need for them to make a living in the great teacher world anymore.

The God Hands headhunted Liu Tong?

The meaning behind this was significant!


th of June, Morning!

At the gate of the Fang Mountain Academy, several teachers were already waiting here. This was because they found out that today was the day Liu Tong would leave.

According to his habit, he would surely come and bid farewell to Headmaster Wang first before he left the school.

“Is the matter of Liu Tong being headhunted true?”

“If it was you, would you recruit someone who failed? Would you recruit a middle-aged man who merely reached the third level of the divine force realm when he is 40?”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Wei immediately added fuel to the fire. “That’s right! Do you guys feel that Sun Mo would be so stupid?”

Everyone was in deep thoughts.

“So, Liu Tong must have found an excuse to leave here with dignity.”

Zhang Wei felt that he had discovered a blind spot.

Not long later, Headmaster Wang and Liu Tong came. In fact, he was helping Liu Tong to carry his luggage personally.

“Ah, everyone came!”

Headmaster Wang laughed. “Teacher Liu, it seems that your social connections are very good!”

Zhang Pan’s lips twitched. Most probably, many of these people gathered here to see his teacher make a fool out of himself.

“Headmaster, we heard that Teacher Liu is going to teach at the Central Province Academy?”

Zhang Wei finally asked the question that had been digging at him in his heart.


The surrounding air instantly turned silent.


Headmaster Wang stroked his beard and spoke in a gratified tone, “My Fang Mountain Academy would have a great teacher that was headhunted away. Moreover, the headhunter is none other than the new rising superstar, Sun Mo of Jinling. It’s an honor, truly an honor!”

The entire scene fell to dead silence. Headmaster Wang wouldn’t lie for Liu Tong, right? In that case, the rumor must be real?

For a time, everyone was filled with mixed emotions.

“Why is Liu Tong so goddamn lucky?”

“If I knew about this in advance, I would have participated in the examination too to get acquainted with Sun Mo. Maybe, I might gain his appreciation.”

“What aspect of Liu Tong did Sun Mo look favorably upon?”

The minds of the teachers here were filled with chaotic thoughts.

This was especially so for Zhang Wei. Jealousy caused his countenance to contort. His face was so twisted to the point where he looked like a mud monster.

“The time is no longer early. Teacher Liu, you should set out earlier!”

Headmaster Wang then continued. “Everyone, let us wish that his undertaking will succeed and he can go far. Teacher Liu, I pray for a smooth journey for you!”

“Teacher Liu, may you have a smooth journey!”

In the midst of cheering, Zhang Wei suddenly roared.

“Liu Tong, on what basis were you so lucky?”

Zhang Wei was unconvinced. This defeat was too ludicrous.

“On the basis of my ugly looks!”

Liu Tong chortled. He boarded the carriage and looked at the gazes of his ex-colleagues that were filled with jealousy. All the grievances and sullenness he had felt throughout so many years vanished into nothingness at this moment.

At this instant, Liu Tong’s thoughts were clear.

“Teacher Sun, thank you for changing my life!”

Liu Tong clenched his fist. “I will do all I can and give my utmost efforts to the Central Province Academy. I will definitely not disappoint you!”


Favorable impression points from Liu Tong +1,000. Respect (3,120/10,000).

“Liu Tong can now soar as high as the sky is and swim as vast as the sea is. Everyone, you all should seriously start thinking about your own futures!”

After Headmaster Wang finished speaking, he left with his hands clasped behind his back.

A golden light emanated from him and illuminated the surroundings.

That was Priceless Advice.

As a headmaster, he didn’t only have the responsibility of guiding students. He also had to guide these great teachers. (When you guys don’t know which path to take or no longer want to walk down the path you have chosen, I as the headmaster, will have to spur you all on.)

At the academy’s gate, the group of teachers sank into contemplation.


After many days, Sun Mo once again stood at the entrance gate of the Central Province Academy.

Because today was the first day of the student recruitment meet, there were many young girls and boys here at the school. Upon looking at their naive and innocent faces, Sun Mo also felt that this world had become more adorable.

“I wonder if we would have a new junior martial brother or sister?”

“What you should be thinking about is how many extra sets of problems we would have.”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. Given her teacher’s current fame, if he didn’t care about the quality and was only concerned with the quantity, he would definitely be able to recruit several students.

“We are finally home. Let’s disperse, I’ll go make my report to Headmaster An first.”

Sun Mo still remembered the mission the system gave him. He was preparing to poke his nose around the campus to check out the new students.

[1] Wu Dalang is a character in the novel (Water Margin) whose wife cheats on him because he is too short and ugly.

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