Absolute Great Teacher
654 Sun Mo Has Returned!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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654 Sun Mo Has Returned!


On a long bench at the wide avenue, a few young girls who got tired from touring the school were sitting here to rest.

Lunch time had arrived. A young girl that could score 9 out of 10 points took out a small parcel. Inside the parcel, there was a food box.

“Why do you bring your own stuff here to eat? Didn’t you get the meal coupon when you entered the campus?”

A girl with a melon face reminded her kindly.

The Central Province Academy this year had expanded their budget due to a surplus in their financial situation after Sun Mo became the logistics department head.

Although they couldn’t be considered truly wealthy, they were able to afford a sumptuous lunch to new prospective students who entered their campus. There was no problem with this at all.

This was also one of the reasons why Cao Xian was unhappy. This was because the Myriad Daos Academy wasn’t able to afford this. In that case, his academy was suppressed right at the start from the first impression.

When the kids came to tour, a school gave them free lunch while the other school didn’t give them anything. This would already cause them to favor the Central Province Academy somewhat psychologically.

“An Xinhui is truly a wastrel!”

Cao Xian was helpless and could only feel envious that An Xinhui had an impressive fiance. The two medicinal packets that he contributed allowed them both to fill their coffers.

“Oh, this is a snack!”

The 9/10 points girl smiled sweetly. She then took a sweet cake from Daoji Bakery. After tossing it into her mouth, she passed the food box to the other girl. “Want to taste it?”


Melonface was stunned. This food box was three layers high and was filled with cakes and pastries to the brim. It was so full that it seemed like the shape of the box was about to warp.

The quantity of food in it was so much that Melonface wouldn’t even be able to finish it even if she took two days. Yet, all these were merely her snacks?

“Eat some, the cakes and pastries from Daoji are really good!”

The girl waved her hands at the other girls to come over to eat. “You girls don’t have to stand on ceremony with me!”

The snacking girl was relatively cheerful. This was especially so because of the perpetual smile on her lips, it was very infectious. Not long later, the young girls who came from different places all crowded over and got acquainted with her.

“I heard the most famous great teacher here is Sun Mo. He is a 2-time champion and the students under him directly reign supreme in the student battle!”

“I also heard a 5-star great teacher took him as a personal teacher in public!”

“This is fake, right? Do you think a 5-star great teacher wouldn’t want their face?”

The girls chattered.

“What is your name?”

Melonface felt that this snacking girl had a very good personality and wanted to befriend her.


Just when the snacking girl wanted to reply, a greeting filled with vigor interrupted her.

“Teacher Sun, good afternoon!”

As the greeting rang out, the silence on the avenue was broken.

Melonface stood on her toes and saw a handsome young man walking over. The students on the two sides of the avenue instantly stood up and bowed to greet him.

“Who is this? Why is he so famous!”

A young girl’s lips twitched. Even a 4-star great teacher that walked past wouldn’t attract such a huge commotion!

“Speak cautiously!”

Melonface reminded in a low voice. “You guys must observe carefully. When these students bowed, they did so with a heart filled with worship. They weren’t forced to do so.”

As Melonface said this, everyone saw that after some of these students greeted the young man, they had looks of excitement on their faces and impatiently went over to his side.

One couldn’t say that they were simps, but these students definitely wanted to make this teacher remember their faces.

“Teacher, good afternoon!”

“Hello, Teacher Sun!”

“Teacher, congratulations on getting another first place!”

When they looked at Sun Mo’s dazzling results, they couldn’t help being convinced.

Full marks for two written exams!

Public lectures were full to the brim and everyone was bowed away.

Champion in the great teachers battle!

His students hogged the top three spots in the student battle!

From the viewpoints of the students, Sun Mo had basically never gone to take the exam. He had gone there to break the records.

Actually, Liu Mubai was the most miserable one. The teachers and students of Central Province Academy all knew that his target was to get 3 stars in a single year. Indeed, he had managed to accomplish ? of it, and his ranking also wasn’t bad. If this was in past years, he would definitely be heavily advertised by the school.

But this year, all the glorious halos were seized by Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, please accept me as your student!”

A thudding sound rang out as a student rushed toward Sun Mo and knelt down. After speaking, he felt his chance wasn’t great and that he wasn’t sincere enough. Hence, he added another sentence, “If you don’t accept me, I won’t get up.”


The surroundings fell into silence as their gazes landed on Sun Mo.

After seeing this student kneeling on the ground, Sun Mo’s brows started to furrow slightly as he berated lightly, “Get up!”


A golden halo seemed to erupt forth with Sun Mo at the center, illuminating the surroundings.

The kneeling male student felt as though he was a wild goose whose neck was grabbed by a large hand. He was directly forced to stand up and had no strength to resist.


The neck of this student turned red. He felt so embarrassed that he wanted nothing more than to burrow himself into a hole in the ground.

He clearly stated that if Sun Mo didn’t accept him, he wouldn’t get up. However, his face was smacked at the next instant. He wanted to kneel again, but he basically wasn’t able to do so.

“It’s Profound Words!”

Melonface explained to the girls she just got acquainted with. “This is a very powerful great teacher halo. The words spoken by the great teacher would be like a golden rule, and it would forcibly make students execute them with no conditions.

“This is a comparatively rarer great teacher halo only high-ranking great teachers would grasp.”

The snacking girl glanced at Melonface and felt a little curious. “You seem to know quite a lot?”

“My mother is a great teacher!”

Melonface explained.


“What do you wish to learn?”

Sun Mo asked.

Jiang Guang instantly focused his attention. (This must be a test, right? I have to gain Teacher Sun’s appreciation.)

“I wish to learn powerful sword arts and become a knight-errant, upholding justice and becoming a chivalrous man!”

Jiang Guang stared straight at Sun Mo boldly.

“And then?”

Sun Mo asked.

“And then?”

Jiang Guang had a dumbstruck look on his face. (Beating baddies, destroying evil tyrants, saving beauties, performing acts of kindness...aren’t that all?)

“You should go home and study the classics of Hundred Schools of Thought for half a year before you come to find a personal teacher!”

Sun Mo could tell that this fellow was a person who acted on impulse with just a glance.


Jiang Guang’s expression fell and turned bitter.

“Studying is the easiest thing. If you cannot even do this well, you don’t even need to think about becoming a knight-errant!”

Sun Mo berated, “You only see knight-errants upholding virtue and condemning evil, but you have never seen them being made into human meat buns by evil inns, right? Knight-errants who were incapable all died in random corners of the world.”


After Sun Mo said this, several people laughed.

“Also, as for you guys, 12 years old is an important node of your life. Regardless of whether you guys have the cognition or not, you all should go and think properly about what you want and what sort of person you want to be in the future.”

Sun Mo looked at these kids as he sincerely spoke.

Actually, having lived their lives following the instructions of their parents, many students wouldn’t know anything at this age.

Sun Mo wanted to make the students think and let them understand what they wanted as early as possible.

They shouldn’t feel that alchemy could make money or was fun and immediately rushed into studying it because of these reasons. In the end, if they lost interest after a few years, it would be too much of a pity to waste so much time.

“The Central Province Academy welcomes you, but we hope that you are able to find a path that suits you, allowing you to become the best version of you.”

Sun Mo’s words were spoken from the depths of his heart. Regardless of taking a personal teacher or choosing a school, the one suitable to them would then be the best.

Sunlight streamed through the thick green leaves of the trees and cascaded on Sun Mo, cloaking him in a layer of golden light that caused him to exude a sense of holiness.

The golden motes of light were like fireflies, drifting about in the avenue.

For a time, the entire place fell silent. Only the sounds of cicada creaking and birds crying could be heard in the area.

“It’s Priceless Advice!”

The snacking girl stretched out her index finger and touched a mote of light.


The mote of light entered her body, causing her spirits to stir.

Melonface mumbled, “Well spoken!”

An instant later, a commotion was created.

The young man left, but the people in the avenue didn’t fall silent. In fact, they became even noisier.

“That must be Sun Mo, right? He’s so handsome!”

“I love his gaze. It’s so mature and farsighted. Isn’t this an example to all great teachers? I’ve decided! I’m going to join the Central Province Academy!”

“As expected, Teacher Sun is the number one teacher in the Central Province Academy!”

Many young girls discussed, so excited that they were incapable of speech.

“Aiya, it’s a pity that we forgot to record that scene earlier.”

Melonface felt very regretful. After that, she turned her head and saw that the snacking girl had packed her food box and walked far away. Hence, she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. “Hey, what’s your name?”

“Qin Yaoguang!”

The snack girl spoke. After that, she took out a sugar-coated haw from her bag and started to bite a piece of it off with her little white teeth. (Hmm, sweet and sour, it’s delicious!)

“I decided to join the Central Province Academy and take Sun Mo as my personal teacher. What about you?”

Melonface asked again, but Qin Yaoguang had already vanished into the end of the avenue.

Sun Mo, who entered the office, suddenly felt a headache. He didn’t expect the students to be so passionate. Honestly speaking, bending and bowing was a little too solemn and ceremonious.

On what basis did he deserve this?


Congratulations on obtaining favorable impression points from the freshmen. Total: +3,120 points.”

“Teacher Sun?”

Jin Mujie’s office door was open and when she saw him passing by, she called out to him.

“Teacher Jin!”

Sun Mo smiled. It had been many days since they had last met, and Jin Mujie was as beautiful as usual. However, there seemed to be a hint of worry at the center of her brow.

“Congratulations on your promotion and success.”

After Jin Mujie spoke, she took out a little box and passed it to Sun Mo. “This is a small congratulatory gift!”

“I’ve made Teacher Jin spend money!”

Sun Mo modestly declined.

“You better not let me spend again when the end of the year comes.”

Jin Mujie joked. She then continued in a somewhat self-mocking manner. “Getting 3 stars in one year...if you can achieve that, where should all of us put our faces?”

Honestly speaking, Jin Mujie felt very great pressure. In the past, she would prepare for the great teacher examination normally and wouldn’t feel rushed to do so. In any case, she was still young and was not in a hurry. But now, Sun Mo was catching up to her!

If she didn’t work hard, Sun Mo would be of the same rank as her in half a year.

Jin Mujie was also someone with pride. She would absolutely not permit such a thing to happen. Hence, she had to work harder.

Liu Mubai walked out of the headmaster office and coincidentally saw Sun Mo and Jin Mujie chatting in the corridor. His vision involuntarily slid to the gift box in Sun Mo’s hands.

After that, his countenance turned somewhat unsightly.

This was because he didn’t receive any gift from Jin Mujie.

Translator note: In the past, the author never mentioned Yao Guang’s surname. It was just mentioned in this chapter that her surname is Qin, hence from now on, Yao Guang will be translated as Yaoguang/Qin Yaoguang.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》