Absolute Great Teacher
655 Student Recruitment Mee
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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655 Student Recruitment Mee

Chapter t

“Teacher Liu!”

Jin Mujie greeted, not feeling embarrassed at all.

The relationship between her and Liu Mubai was a simple one – that of colleagues. If they encountered each other, they would merely exchange greetings. There were no other social interactions between them.

However, it was different for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was the fiance of one of her best friends, she didn’t feel it would be too over the board even if she addressed him as brother-in-law. Moreover, Jin Mujie truly admired Sun Mo and also treated him as a good friend.

Naturally, Jin Mujie also had prepared gifts for the other teachers who had gone to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination, regardless of their results.

Other than Sun Mo’s gift, the gifts of the others were bought by her servants after she instructed them.

After all, Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher and was usually very busy. Also, she had a high status. It already wasn’t bad considering that she had expressed her good will by buying the gifts.

Liu Mubai knew that his own mentality wasn’t correct, but he wasn’t able to endure his unhappiness.

He felt that his looks were handsome and his talent wasn’t bad either. Now, he had also managed to get 2-star in a single year., Even if Jin Mujie didn’t want to fawn on him, she could at least praise him a little, right?

In the end, she didn’t do anything like this.

Bluntly speaking, Liu Mubai was simply egotistical, feeling that he was very impressive and Jin Mujie should give him face. However, because reality was not the same as his expectation, jealousy appeared in his heart.

Actually, in the Central Province Academy, quite a few female teachers and students had bought presents for Liu Mubai. But speaking of beauty, all of them couldn’t compare to Jin Mujie.

“I heard you accepted a 5-star great teacher as a personal student? What was going on? Quickly tell me everything!”

As Jin Mujie spoke, she pulled Sun Mo into the office and closed the door.

Liu Mubai’s expression turned even more unsightly. He felt as though the door was slammed into his nose.

“Am I so lacking in an existential sense?”

Liu Mubai felt depressed. (Just wait and see, I still have a chance.)

(It’s not going to be so easy to get 3 stars in a year. Maybe, Sun Mo might screw things up.)


“Sit, sit, sit!”

Jin Mujie pressed Sun Mo down on his shoulders, getting him to sit on a sofa. After that, she personally went to brew tea and even brought two trays of snacks over.

“You really don’t treat me as an outsider?”

Sun Mo bitterly smiled in his heart. He actually felt a little uncomfortable with Jin Mujie’s intimacy.

Truthfully speaking, this was the preferential treatment won by his handsome looks and overwhelming talent.

It was very normal for women to like strong experts.


After the two of them finished chatting, when Sun Mo was personally escorted out by Jin Mujie, he had already obtained 5,000 favorable impression points.

“How about having a meal together if you are free tonight?”

Jin Mujie took the initiative to issue an invitation.

“Let’s wait after the student recruitment meet ends, alright?”

Sun Mo was helpless.

“Alright, I’ll book the inn. What dishes would you like to eat?”

Jin Mujie was pondering whether she should call An Xinhui along. (Forget it, An Xinhui and Sun Mo wouldn’t lack chances to have meals together in the future. It’s best that she leaves this time to me.)

During the dinner, she could hint to Sun Mo about using beautification techniques and facial surgery on her.


Boom! Boom!

The sound of knocking rang out.


Sun Mo pushed the door open upon hearing this.

The sun from the afternoon streamed through the windows, cascading on An Xinhui’s body.

This young woman forcibly raised a school up and balanced the burden on her shoulders. She was working hard, bending over her desk for the sake of several tens of thousands of students and their futures.

Although there was a hint of fatigue and haggardness in the center of her brows, her mental state was extremely good.

After all, this fatigue came from seeing the school’s situation improving every day. It was fatigue from a happy source.

The brush in her hand drifted across the paper, emitting a rustling sound. This sound was also like a green foxtail brushing across Sun Mo’s heart, creating ripples.

There was an instant when Sun Mo thought of his past. After growing tired from playing games, he would lie on his bed and fantasize about the appearance of his future girlfriend.

She would be wearing an elegant work attire and was hard-working in her career. Occasionally, she would take some time off her busy schedule to call him and grumble about how tough her work was.

He didn’t mind if she wasn’t pretty, but she had to be gentle.

However, as he thought until here, the doorbell from the delivery boy would ring and break him out of his fantasy.

(Wake up! A single dog isn’t worthy to have love!)

An Xinhui didn’t say anything. Her brows were still furrowed, but after she inclined her head and saw that it was Sun Mo, a look of joy flashed across her face. She then slowly stood up.


The floor and the chair emitted an ear-piercing sound due to the friction.

An Xinhui suddenly stopped after she walked two steps. (Aiya, I’m so anxious. Would this make him feel that I’m not reserved?)

(Also, my face and hair. I didn’t seriously take care of them!)

An Xinhui felt a little depressed. She just allowed Sun Mo to see the worst side of her.

“Headmaster, I’ve returned to report back after a long absence!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Why are you still addressing me as headmaster?”

An Xinhui frowned and glared at Sun Mo. This term of address was like treating her as an outsider.

“Sis Xinhui!”

It was unknown why, but the smile at the corner of Sun Mo’s lips was more natural compared to earlier.

An Xinhui walked in front of Sun Mo and surveyed him. She had wanted to act like how she did when they were both young, patting his head. But she suddenly realized that he had grown so tall.

“Little Momo, once again you made me see you in a new light!”

An Xinhui smiled like the blooming of a hundred flowers, even brighter and more dazzling than the sun. “Congratulations on your promotion to a 2-star great teacher. Also...”

An Xinhui spread her arms and hugged Sun Mo.

“Welcome home!”


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +10,000. Reverence (28,400/100,000).

An Xinhui’s embrace wasn’t tight, but Sun Mo could feel her agitation and her intention. The words ‘welcome home’ wasn’t simply something a headmaster would say to a teacher who just came back from a journey.

“You have the smell of rouge on your body!”

An Xinhui suddenly spoke.


Sun Mo had a stunned look on his face. Wasn’t the topic and mood changed too suddenly?

“You have the smell of rouge on your body!”

An Xinhui stared at Sun Mo’s eyes. After she saw Sun Mo’s forehead dotting with cold sweat, she then broke into a smile. “I was just teasing you. Anyway, tell me about all of your glorious experiences during the exam.”


Sun Mo suddenly thought of a question. The great teachers of the nine provinces were relatively powerful. Although not all of them were famous detectives, it would be easy for the females to catch mistresses of their other half, right?

An Xinhui was at ease because the smell from Sun Mo was from her good sister, Jin Mujie. Most probably, Sun Mo had just met her earlier, and this was why her smell lingered on him.

Jin Mujie was one of her best buddies, so there was no need for her to worry.

“You haven’t eaten yet, right?”

Sun Mo looked at An Xinhui’s appearance and guessed that she hadn’t eaten anything. “Let’s go, let us chat while we eat!”


An Xinhui tidied her office up and followed Sun Mo to the canteen. But very soon later, she started to feel conflicted.

Be it because of her private or public relationship with Sun Mo, as the headmaster and his fiance, she ought to prepare a celebratory feast for him, right?

As a woman with no experience in love, An Xinhui was truly at a loss. But soon after, she placed her attention on the students in the campus.

“Thank you!”

An Xinhui sincerely thanked him.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo was perplexed.

“If there’s no you, the Central Province Academy might have fallen out of the ‘D’ grade and become delisted, losing the qualifications to be a famous school.”

An Xinhui sighed ruefully.

The number of people who came for the tour this year was the most in five years. All of this was Sun Mo’s credit.

“If this continues, we can start preparing various test topics at the Central Province Academy’s student recruitment meet and start selectively choosing students.”

An Xinhui was looking forward to such a day very much.

The higher the grade of a famous school, the higher the barriers of entry would be. Some needed money, some needed authority, and the other needed talent. In any case, if people wanted to join the school despite the barriers of entry, it meant that the school had the value that was worth the price.

Thinking of the immense pressure she was under, she felt that it was truly worth it to make Sun Mo a vice headmaster!

Honestly speaking, out of all the famous schools in the Nine Provinces, their Central Province Academy had the youngest headmaster and vice headmaster.

“Test topics?”

Sun Mo was startled.

In the modern era, Sun Mo’s greatest goal was to teach students and allow them to excel to the point where they could join Tsinghua or Peking University. It would be good enough if he could become the head of the first-years, or second-years, or third-years before his retirement, and that would be his peak.

After all, he originated from a village and had no social connections nor background. It would be as tough as ascending to the heavens if he wanted to become a vice headmaster.

Hence, even though he had become a vice headmaster here, honestly speaking, for the sake of self-preservation, he hadn’t thought of the meaning this position embodied.

“Yeah. At that time, we have to come out with questions together to filter out those students with high potential. We can then nurture them into someone who can make something out of themselves.”

An Xinhui was filled with anticipation for the future. “We will definitely lead the school back into the ranks of the Nine Greats.”

“Why not become the number one in the Nine Provinces?”

Sun Mo teased.


“New mission issued...”

“Shut up!”

Sun Mo roared in his heart. (Why don’t you just kill me? Number one in the Nine Provinces? What a joke! Do you know how terrifying the strength of such a school was?)

“Please do not interrupt the system from giving out a mission. If there’s a next time, there will be a heavy punishment!”

The system warned in a cold voice.

“New mission issued: Within two years, please obtain a huge achievement that’s equal to your status as a vice headmaster. The better your results, the better your rewards would be.”


Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. He then couldn’t help but feel angry. The system was too ‘evil’ at times and had bad taste for pranks.

“Earlier, did you assume that I would make you lead the Central Province Academy to become the number one academy in the Nine Provinces? Please, what’s the difference between that and asking you to kill a god?”

The system sneered.

“I’m tired, you should quickly go and rest!”

Sun Mo impatiently waved his hands at the system. After that, he glanced at An Xinhui and asked, “Oh right, how’s the situation of the school recently?”

“It’s improving every day!”

An Xinhui smiled. “I have never felt so proud and satisfied before. Headmaster Cao must be balding during this period.”


Sun Mo frowned. The Daybreak Starlord had said that the Central Province Academy was going to encounter a huge crisis within two months. He had no idea if those were just frightening words to scare him or the truth.

On the first floor of the canteen, although lunch hour had passed, because too many people came to tour the school, the area was still bustling with activity.

Sun Mo felt a little headache. He was most afraid of noisy environments.

“Do you want to go out for a meal?”

An Xinhui actually didn’t mind it. She grew up here. The canteen was no different than her house’s kitchen.

“It’s fine, I might as well take the chance to select a student!”

Sun Mo headed forward.

“Aiya, sorry. Please make way, please make way!”

A girl carrying a large bowl of soup moved quickly, wanting to find a seat. The noodles in the bowl swished around. The soup was fragrant and was dotted with spring onions. It looked delicious.

Sun Mo was currently looking at a tall and sturdy male student, gauging his potential. In the end, he felt a person slamming into his back.

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