Absolute Great Teacher
656 Yaoguang? That’s a Constellation in the Sky!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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656 Yaoguang? That’s a Constellation in the Sky!

Chapter 656: Yaoguang? That’s a Constellation in the Sky!


Sun Mo staggered. Moreover, he felt as though a bowl of hot soup or something was flowing down his back. It was so scalding that he subconsciously put his hand at his back and straightened his clothes.


The bowl shattered.

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui was shocked and stretched out her hands to pull at his shirt. “Quickly undress!”

“Boohoohoo. Teacher, I’m sorry!”

The young girl apologized.

“Are you alright?”

Sun Mo turned and saw the girl that was responsible for the ‘accident’.

Her figure wasn’t tall. She was slightly shorter and plumper than Lu Zhiruo.

Out of Sun Mo’s three female personal students, Ying Baiwu was the tallest, followed by Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo. But their body frames were roughly similar and belonged to those slender and elegant types.

They would definitely look good in period costumes.

As for the young girl before his eyes, she was a little mellow and full in terms of her figure. Although she wasn’t fat, she was quite adorable in a way, resembling a little raccoon. This was especially so when she blinked her eyes. It would cause people to feel a favorable impression toward her.

“I didn’t do so intentionally!”

The girl clarified again.

“I know!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Don’t be bothered by such a matter. Also, your hand is red from the scalding.”

The girl lowered her head and saw that because her right hand had attempted to catch the bowl, her index and middle finger were red due to the soup in the bowl overturning and scalding her.

“Let me help you to inspect it!”

Sun Mo stretched out his hands.


The young girl stretched out her right hand in a natural and unrestrained manner.

“Sun Mo?”

Yet, An Xinhui was frowning and felt some heartache. Sun Mo’s robes were still wet and hot from the spillage. Could this girl not see this?

Moreover, although the girl cried earlier, there was no hint of tear stains on her face. Clearly, she was pretending to cry.

“I have thick skin!”

Sun Mo persuaded. “Also, it’s inelegant to undress in the canteen!”

“Alright, wait a while for me then!”

An Xinhui had no solution and could only leave hurriedly to find a new set of teacher robes.

Because of the commotion here, the students in the surroundings glanced over and discovered Sun Mo. After that, they immediately stood up and greeted him.

“Everyone, be seated and have your meal. Everything is fine now.”

Sun Mo reassured everyone.

“Your status seems to be quite high here?”

The young girl asked.

Sun Mo smiled and evaded the topic. “You are here for a tour, right? What is your impression of this school?”

“Mn, life is pretty relaxed here.”

The young girl thought a little and before Sun Mo could say anything more, she continued speaking. “I can see that the students are living carefreely with no worries and should be very happy. However, students in the other schools are always going about life with a worried frown. So, could it be that the studying pressure in the Central Province Academy isn’t great and there’s very little homework?”


Sun Mo merely asked the question casually, not expecting the girl to actually give her reply. However, it was quite interesting to hear her perspective. He then prompted her, “And then?”

“Does your school lack high-ranking great teachers? Are there 4-star and 5-star serving as the core foundation?”

The girl wasn’t afraid of asking so directly at all. Although she knew Sun Mo should also be a school leader, she still wasn’t bothered that she was asking such a question that might anger him.

“Why do you ask this?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“If there are, your school should be frantically promoting them to everyone and not advertising about Teacher Sun, Teacher Gu, and Teacher Liu!”

The girl grinned. “How’s my analysis?”

“Not bad!”

Sun Mo didn’t deny it.

“Wow, you actually admitted it. Are you not afraid that I would join other schools because your school doesn’t have many high-ranking great teachers?”

The young girl was surprised.

“Although there are many great teachers in the world, only the one suitable for you can be considered the best one.”

Sun Mo felt that this girl was very interesting. After being in the Nine Provinces for such a long time, the girls he saw all belonged to those great clans and wouldn’t talk easily to outsiders, let alone a male.

However, this young girl was natural and unrestrained in her speech, and she really loved smiling. Just a gentle curl of her lips would cause her adorable dimples to be revealed. It was like her face was full of honey and caused people to involuntarily want to take a few more glances at her.

“In that case, how do I know which great teacher is suitable for me?”

The lips of the girl twitched with some resentment. “I can’t possibly depend on chance, right? I’m already 13 years old and cannot afford to wait too long.”


Sun Mo was unable to restrain a smile.

(Your words contain helplessness as though you are forced to follow through with a marriage engagement that you are unwilling to accept!)

Sun Mo couldn’t help but pat the girl on her head. After finishing the action, he suddenly realized that his actions were rude. Hence, he quickly apologized.


Sun Mo felt a little embarrassed. He was too used to patting the heads of Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo. But as a teacher, there was actually no problem for him to dote on students.

“Alright, I’ll forgive you.”

The brows of the girl which was tightly furrowed slowly relaxed as she revealed a smiling face again. “However, in the future, you are not allowed to touch my head or I will bite you.”

“In the future? Do you mean you will join the school?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“But I can’t find anyone I want to be my personal teacher here!”

The lips of the girl twitched. After that, her eyes brightened. “Why don’t I take you on as my personal teacher?”

“Are you not afraid I won’t be able to teach you well?”

Sun Mo’s expression gradually turned solemn. After all, he didn’t feel disgusted when he heard the words of this girl.

“That’s true. In that case, I have to consider more then!’

Her stomach suddenly grumbled as she cried, “Aiya, my noodles!”

The spillage had been cleared away by a cleaner.

“Use the meal voucher, you can eat whatever you want.”

Sun Mo reminded.

“I know!”

The girl surveyed Sun Mo, “Although there are various problems with this school, the canteen is excellent. I like it.”

It was naturally good.

After Sun Mo became the department head of the logistics department, the first thing he did was to draw up a new system for the canteen, changing things to the standard of the university canteen of his past world.

Throwing rubbish at a set time after meals, placing the cutlery properly, cleaning the rubbish on the ground immediately...

Also, all the chefs had to guarantee that they were clean. Their attire must be neat and tidy. Moreover, the school would give them free body checkups every three months.

There was no need to mention the kitchen implements. There was definitely not a hint of grease and filth on them.

As a teacher, Sun Mo knew too well about the importance of hygiene in a canteen. Hence, under his request, the canteen of the Central Province Academy was very clean and highly efficient in terms of operations.

In the past when the students had their meals, they would use their own bowls and chopsticks. Hence, when lunch time came, a bunch of people would be waiting to wash their bowls at the washing areas. But now, such a situation no longer occurred.

The amount of time saved also allowed the students to read a few more books.

And what Sun Mo paid was the salary for over ten washers.

Sun Mo was able to afford this little sum of money. Besides, the dishwashers he employed were middle-aged women from poor families that weren’t skilled enough to work other jobs. In a way, it could be considered helping them supplement their family income.

And because of this virtuous act, the Central Province Academy’s reputation was boosted in the surrounding streets. Some orphans and widows even set up a longevity tablet for Sun Mo.

If it wasn’t for the Sun Mo giving them a job, the poor widows could only bring their kids or bedridden mother to commit suicide.

Even the Jinling Governor personally sent over a plaque that had words of praise on it.

“I’m hungry, I’ll go and have a meal first.”

After the girl rushed out for over ten meters, she suddenly halted and turned her head back to smile sweetly at Sun Mo. “My name is Qin Yaoguang!”

“My Qin is the Qin from the five crops of rich and fertile lands. As for Yaoguang, it represents a constellation in the sky!”

After speaking, the young girl was like a swallow arcing across the waters of a lake, vanishing quickly.

Sun Mo felt that this girl was filled with youthful vitality and dynamism, but why did he feel something off? Coincidentally, An Xinhui brought over a change of clothes for him, and Sun Mo stopped thinking about it.

He went to the toilet and changed his clothes. After that, he headed to the third floor with An Xinhui.


(As expected of Jinling, it is a bustling and flourishing place of Jiangnan. The buns of a school canteen are actually at such a high standard. If a masterchef was cooking it, how delicious would that be?)

(However, the buns are too small, and it isn’t satisfactory to just eat one of them!)

Helian Beifang gulped down the last bun with two bites and patted his stomach. After hesitating for a while, he still decided to order one more basket.

As this youth stood up and walked toward the buns area, the people in the surroundings all glanced over.

“It can’t be, right? He still wants to eat?”

Although the meal voucher allowed them to eat for free, wasn’t eating like this a little way too shameless?

“He is a barbarian from the barbaric tribes of the plains. The amount of food they can eat is very large, it is very normal. I heard that an ordinary warrior could even eat an entire goat for a meal!”

A student mumbled.

The Central Province was split into two parts. ? of the area was in the north while ? was in Jiangnan. To the north of the Central Province was Jing Province. In ancient times, this place was known as the Central Plains and was the land soldiers fought to conquer. The whole conquest even had the name of ‘hunting deer in the Central Plains’.

And to the further north of the Jing Province, there were large patches of grasslands. Over there, green grasses were everywhere and the land was filled with oxen and goats. Many large and small tribes stayed there.

In the very past, those tribes didn’t have civilization or a writing system. They were still devouring raw meat and fowl. Hence, that place was known as the Barbarian Province.

Many barbarians from the north could be seen moving to the south, Jing Province, to sell ox leather and sheepskin, but barbarians were rarely seen in Jinling. After all, the distance between Jinling and the Barbarian Province was too vast.

In this era, if one had to travel so far, the expenses would definitely be very expensive.

Helian Beifang was a classic barbarian youth. He had a tall body, but because of malnutrition, he was extremely skinny although he looked athletic. This was especially so for his copper skin that was tanned from being too much in the sun. He was offensively conspicuous.

Even if a sturdy and muscular dude like Xuanyuan Po was to stand in front of him, they could be called a charming and elegant prince.

His lower body was covered in pants made of sheepskin, and his shoes were made from ox leather. However, there was already a hole in it and a patch could be seen on it to mend it. The needlework was actually pretty good.

His coat was made of sheepskin but because the weather was too hot, the chest area was wide open. However, he didn’t remove it completely. A curved blade could also be seen at his waist area.

The blade sheath made of ox leather had been polished so much that it shone brightly. Also, bloodstains that had long since congealed could be seen on it. It was unknown whether the blood was from humans or beasts.

Oh right, there was also a dagger inserted inside the shoe he wore on his left leg.

“Uncle, give me another basket of buns!”

Helian Beifang wanted to squeeze out a smile. After all, people were giving him food for free. But given his personality, he was truly not used to smiling.

The burly uncle who was chatting with Auntie Wang at the side couldn’t help but frown when he heard this.

“I heard your daughter is getting engaged? How much did you ask for the betrothal gift?”

Yu Mao pretended he didn’t hear as he gossiped with Auntie Wang.

“Uncle, give me a basket of buns!”

Helian Beifang didn’t understand what was a subtle rejection, hence, he spoke again. After all, the buns were delicious and he might not have the chance to eat them in the future. This was why he wanted to make sure he was full now.

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