Absolute Great Teacher
658 Teaching and Dispelling Doubts, Great Teacher“s Responsibility!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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658 Teaching and Dispelling Doubts, Great Teacher“s Responsibility!

Chapter 658: Teaching and Dispelling Doubts, Great Teacher’s Responsibility!

“That can’t do. My future teacher might not be the most amazing, but they must be the most special. I must observe him further for now!”

Qin Yaoguang decided to observe Sun Mo for a little longer. Anyway, there were a few more days before the student recruitment meet ended. She was in no hurry.


“Oh right, I recruited a teacher when I was in Westmountain City. The person’s age is a little old and his star-level is a little low.”

Sun Mo handed the menu to An Xinhui. He knew that Liu Tong’s potential was very high, but other people didn’t know that.

Therefore, before Liu Tong achieved any results, he’d have to withstand a lot of doubt and pressure.

“There’s no need to tell me about these things. You’re the vice-headmaster and have the authority to recruit teachers.”

An Xinhui didn’t take the menu from him. “I’ll just eat anything.”

She never had high requirements for food. It was fine as long as her hunger could be satiated.

“You admire that teacher a lot?”

An Xinhui frowned slightly. “Is he someone you’d want in your great teacher circle?”


Sun Mo was stunned. He had never considered this thing before.

“Why is it that great teachers like Yue Rongbo have such high value? It’s because they possess a great teacher circle belonging to themselves. During recruitment, they’d join forces and try to fight for the best possible benefits.”

An Xinhui explained.

“I haven’t thought of that before!”

Sun Mo said honestly.

“I actually want to invite you to join my great teacher circle, but I’d be too selfish if I were to do that. After all, your talent is sufficient for you to become the leader of a circle.”

An Xinhui smiled. She looked at Sun Mo with a hint of well-concealed admiration. “When you go to the Darkness Continent to train in the future, the battle results would be even greater if you were to bring your great teacher circle with you. Therefore, you should plan for your career path in advance!”

This was a pointer from a senior to a junior.


After the meal, Sun Mo went around the school for an entire afternoon.

There were many students and there were over ten that Sun Mo took a liking to. However, he was in no hurry to recruit them. There wouldn’t be any disadvantages to observe them longer.

In the evening, Sun Mo returned to the villa.

“Master, congratulations on returning in triumph!”

Dong He had been waiting by the door for a very long time. When she saw Sun Mo, she immediately dropped to her knees to greet him.

At this moment, Dong He felt very agitated and even her voice was trembling. She was so excited that she was breaking out in sweat.

Having risen by two stars consecutively in a year, always coming out in first place to top it off, her master had gotten 6th place in the Great Teachers Hero Rankings at the young age of 21! He’d definitely enjoy an extremely high status in the great teacher world!

As his first maid, her status would naturally rise as well.


Favorable impression points from Dong He +1,000. Respect (3,100/10,000).

“Teacher, congratulations on coming out in first place again, ascending to the Great Teachers Hero Rankings!”

Qi Shengjia also knelt down. He wasn’t good with words and didn’t know how to say nice things. Therefore, he just made nine kowtows.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +5,000. Reverence (27,500/100,000).

“Get up!”

Sun Mo looked toward the honest guy, feeling very satisfied. As expected of his greatest ‘point contributor’, his production rate was magnificent.


Qi Shengjia looked agitated but also embarrassed and unsettled. After all, his aptitude was so bad, yet he could still get Teacher’s guidance. It was really his greatest fortune.

From now on, Sun Mo’s glory would just increase more and more. If he were to bring him embarrassment, what should he do?

(That can’t do. I must work even harder.)

Dong He led the way and entered the villa. She then immediately went to prepare tea.

“How nice would it be if I can lay on Master’s bed and become his concubine.”

Dong He started to have yearnings for the future. She then thought of Xia He and was instantly filled with a sense of superiority. (It’ll definitely be the greatest regret of your life that you didn’t stay behind back then.)

“How’s the progress of your cultivation recently? Did you encounter any difficulties?”

Sun Mo asked.

Hearing this, Qi Shengjia instantly felt extremely grateful. Sun Mo had been through such a tiring journey, yet he was still thinking of him. He really treated him very well.

Even though Qi Shengjia had a strong urge to get Sun Mo to help resolve his queries, he still said, “Teacher, you should get some rest first.”

“Just ask.”

Sun Mo smiled, but very soon, he felt like crying. It was because Qi Shengjia’s problems were too mediocre.

Even Lu Zhiruo, who was the most stupid amongst his six personal disciples, wouldn’t ask such questions.

The papaya girl’s progress in cultivating the Dharma Skyshock Fist was very slow, but she had no problem understanding it.

Sun Mo could only be patient and explain everything repeatedly. What about using Soul Imprint to hit his understanding into the honest guy’s brain?

Sorry, the honest guy couldn’t understand them. What he needed was for Sun Mo to repeatedly break things down for him.

Thankfully, Li Ziqi came after dinner.

“I’ll leave him to you!”

Sun Mo suddenly discovered a great solution. By letting the little sunny egg explain things to the honest guy, it could both temper Li Ziqi’s ability to teach and also let Qi Shengjia understand things. Moreover, he could also slack.

It was killing three birds with one stone.


Ying Baiwu and the others came as well. After greeting Sun Mo, they entered the Wind King Hall and continued cultivating.

Although they had achieved great results in the personal disciples battle, Ying Baiwu and the other two weren’t proud at all. They continued to put in hard work.

Jiang Leng, especially, after his spirit runes had recovered fully, wanted to make up for all the lost time in the past few years.


In the divine hall, spirit qi light spots were floating like fireflies.

Sun Mo entered a side hall and sat down cross-legged. He then took out a Divine Force Fruit and swallowed it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spirit qi contained in the nature fruit rapidly released, filling up Sun Mo’s body. He tried his best to digest them.

As Sun Mo already had the experience, he stepped into the fifth level of the divine force realm safely.

It only took him 20 minutes.

“Congratulations, Teacher!”

The students who heard the commotion had rushed over a long time ago to guard him. Now that they saw Sun Mo finished leveling up, all of them offered their congratulations.


Sun Mo assessed Li Ziqi and then looked at Qi Shengjia. If he had enough nature fruit, wouldn’t he be able to make them stronger at a faster rate?

All medicine had hints of pill toxin. There were quite a lot of disadvantages to be using alchemical pills to level up.

Of course, peerless-grade saint-tier alchemical pills would almost leave no toxin in one’s body after taking it. However, even a saint wouldn’t be so extravagant as to let their own children eat something like this in the blood-ignition realm.

Similarly, the nature fruit didn’t have any disadvantages. They were just too expensive and not widely affordable.

“Where should I get these fruits from?”

Sun Mo instantly thought of the Greenhaze Forest’s map that he had. How good would it be if he had a rare darkness botanical garden?

After her martial juniors left, Li Ziqi knelt down.

“Teacher, pardon your student for speaking too much. If you keep relying on nature fruits to level up, it’ll probably affect you when you’re trying to advance to the legendary realm.”

The little sunny egg said.

The process of leveling up was also a type of experience. However, Sun Mo had it too easy by relying on nature fruits, causing him to not experience anything.

“I know!”

If Sun Mo only had one or two nature fruits, he’d definitely use them carefully. However, he’d be able to buy more as long as he had favorable impression points.

He had already thought things out. In the future, he’d rely on nature fruits to level up.


(This was being opportunistic?)

(Please, what difference are you from a fool if you don’t take the shortcut that’s present in front of you?)

Anyone knew that 100-year ginseng from Paektu Mountain was good stuff, being able to allow one to hang onto life even when they were on the verge of death. Why was it that many people didn’t eat them?

One reason was because they didn’t have money. Another reason was because they couldn’t buy them even if they had enough money to do so!

Think about it, why was it that the richer people were, the longer they lived? Almost all of them would live past 100 years old. Because they took care of their bodies and ate nutritional products that ordinary people might not have heard about before.

Of course, Sun Mo had also considered the possibility that he might not be able to buy nature fruits even if he had favorable impression points in the future. What would he do then?

He should hasten on artificially planting darkness plants that produced nature fruits.

“My planting technique is at the mid-tier!”

Sun Mo turned his head and saw that the other students had gone off to cultivate, with only Li Ziqi following behind him, keeping her head lowered. He asked, “Ziqi, what is power?”

“Being strong?”

Li Ziqi thought about it.

“What else?”

Looking at the little sunny egg feeling down, Sun Mo knew why she was acting like this. It was because as the eldest martial sister, she was unable to bring glory to her teacher in the personal disciple battle. Therefore, she had been feeling inferior and reproachful recently.

“A type of ruling power?”

Li Ziqi fell silent and thought about it before saying, “Something that anyone would crave for!”

“Excellent answer!”

After Sun Mo praised her, he then asked, “Then what is the strongest power?”

Li Ziqi frowned. Wasn’t this question too generic? Therefore, she tried to reply, “The legendary realm? Saints should be considered too!”

Out of these two, one was powerful in terms of realm, the other one was powerful in terms of thoughts!

“As expected of the disciple that I admire the most. Your reply is too good that I have nothing to say about it.”

Sun Mo broke into a bitter smile.


Li Ziqi dragged out her last note, looking embarrassed. “I’m going to ignore you if you continue this!”

The little sunny egg was both elated yet embarrassed hearing such praises.

“Your reply can be concluded in there being two types of power. The first is martial power, the other is intellectual power. When one has exceptional wisdom, it can become an extremely great force.”

Li Ziqi fell silent and sank into her thoughts.

“Nothing is perfect and no one is flawless. In this world, no one can be talented in all aspects, so there’s no need for you to feel inferior over your shortcomings. Instead, you should let your strengths grow.”

Sun Mo gave her a pointer.

Priceless Advice erupted once again.

A golden light halo radiated through Li Ziqi, making her thoughts even clearer than before. She had the feeling as if things had cleared up.

“Your wisdom is your advantage. How should you make use of it to increase your battle prowess then?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Spirit rune technique?”

Li Ziqi instantly thought of various attacking spirit runes.

“These are just wisdom that brings you one notch higher than others. If you wish to become strong, invincibly so, then it must be wisdom that is even more amazing. It’s not just in terms of academic knowledge but also in battle tactics.”

Sun Mo didn’t give Li Ziqi an answer but had guided her to think things through.


Li Ziqi frowned and couldn’t help but look in the 10 o’clock direction.

“That’s right. The answer is over there!”

Sun Mo felt very consoled. The little sunny egg was really intelligent.

“But that’s impossible to achieve!”

Li Ziqi shook her head.

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