Absolute Great Teacher
660 Great Teacher Duel, Courtesan Puppe
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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660 Great Teacher Duel, Courtesan Puppe

Chapter t


“Mission issued. Please help the Central Province Academy win against the Myriad Daos Academy’s great teacher group. The more effort you put in, the greater the reward you’ll receive.”

It was a beautiful morning with birds chirping and flowers smelling nicely. The air was refreshing.

However, Sun Mo was woken up by the system’s notification.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo frowned and got up from his bed.

After leaving the villa, he saw lush green plants. Sun Mo couldn’t help but stretch out his body, feeling exhilarated.

The greatest advantage this world had would probably be the environment. There was no pollution at all, and even the girls were completely natural. One didn’t need to be worried that they had encountered a cosmetic surgery monster.

Sun Mo ran to the canteen as a form of training.

In the past, there’d be a lot of people here, mostly students who woke up early. But today, there were only two to three little kittens.

“Uncle, give me a bowl of beancurd, two vegetable buns, and a dish of pickled radish.”

Sun Mo ordered his meal.

“Teacher Sun, why are you still in the mood to eat? Something big has happened!”

Two great teachers passed by anxiously. When they saw Sun Mo, they greeted him.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo took his food, picked up a bun, and took a bite out of it.

“Cao Xian personally led his group to challenge us to a duel.”

After Teacher Zhang said that, he added one more line for fear that Sun Mo didn’t know how serious the situation was. “They are the Myriad Daos Academy’s most elite great teacher group.”


Sun Mo searched for a seat.

“Hmmm? Teacher Sun, don’t you feel anxious?”

Teacher Zhang was surprised. In his opinion, Sun Mo was An Xinhui’s fiancé and half of this school belonged to him. If the school were to collapse, the ones who suffered the greatest losses were definitely Sun Mo and An Xinhui.

“Stay calm. It won’t be too late even if we go after having breakfast.”

Sun Mo felt a little curious, but it was harmful to the gastric to not have breakfast. (Hold on, I’m a cultivator now. I wouldn’t get gastric issues even if I don’t eat breakfast, right?)

The two great teachers exchanged a glance then cupped their hands and bowed, their faces filled with admiration.

“Teacher Sun really can hold things in and show the demeanor of a great general. We really can’t compare to you!”

After saying that, the two great teachers walked toward the counter.

“Give me a bowl of soya milk. Add more salt!”

“I want five buns! The ones with wintermelon meat fillings!”


Sun Mo was speechless. (You guys should try to persuade me further. I’ll go along with you to check things out then.)

Left with no choice, Sun Mo could only have his meal.

However, it was also quite interesting to eat with his colleagues.

En, it’d be even better if they were female colleagues.

In the time they had their meal, Sun Mo also found out about the importance of the great teachers group battle. When two schools had contradictions or a conflict of interest, then the most direct way to resolve things would be the great teachers group battle.

This time around, Cao Xian was also driven to a corner.

In the past, the Myriad Daos Academy’s level was very high, steadily above the Central Province Academy. This was his greatest backing when recruiting students.

But this year, both schools were of the same grade and Sun Mo also came in first place in two successive examinations. The Central Province Academy also had a glorious history of being ranked amongst the Nine Greats. Therefore, this year, the Central Province Academy had attracted almost 80% of the new students from Jinling.

Looking at how empty his school was, Cao Xian couldn’t sit back any longer. He led their school’s most amazing great teachers to challenge them.

Of course, the risk of doing so was very great. If they were to lose, they’d never be able to turn the tables around anymore.

Sun Mo and the two teachers finished their breakfast and then headed to the square in front of the teaching building. By then, the place was already crowded with people and it was hard to squeeze through them.

These were all students who were here to watch the excitement.

Sun Mo was still wondering about how to get in when Teacher Zhang spoke up.

“Students, please make way. Don’t hold Teacher Sun up from participating in the great teachers group battle!”

Teacher Zhang intentionally spoke with additional emphasis placed on the words ‘Sun Mo’.

As expected, upon hearing the mention of ‘Sun Mo’, the students all turned their heads in unison, assessing Sun Mo while also taking two steps back, making a path for him.

“Good morning, Teacher Sun!”

“Hello, Teacher Sun!”

“Teacher Sun is so handsome!”

The students lowered their heads and greeted him.

“Teacher Sun, let’s go!”

Teacher Zhang let Sun Mo take the lead. “The name ‘Sun Mo’ is really good to use.”


Sun Mo felt helpless. He hadn’t wanted to make such a great commotion.

There was an empty piece of land in the center of the square. Right now, two groups were in a confrontation against each other.

One group had close to 50 people with Cao Xian in the lead. The other side was led by An Xinhui and Wang Su. There were over 50 great teachers behind them.

Sun Mo hadn’t had much contact with these people before, but he knew that this group was the Central Province Academy’s pillars.

The summer sun was very bright, but the atmosphere was exceptionally stiff. Everyone’s expression was also very solemn.

At the arrival of Sun Mo, the colleagues greeted him, and the people from the Myriad Daos Academy also looked over.

“That is God Hands Sun Mo?”

“He’s so young!”

“He’s just a young child. Don’t panic. I’ll take care of him later on!”

These great teachers all assessed Sun Mo with judgmental gazes because the weakest of them were at least 3-star, so they naturally had this right.

An Xinhui’s expression was solemn and she felt tremendous pressure. She nodded at Sun Mo as a form of greeting and then focused on the task at hand.

This time around, the strongest great teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy had come. If An Xinhui and the others couldn’t win, then the reputation they had accumulated over the past one or more years would be destroyed.

“What’s the situation now?”

Sun Mo saw Gu Xiuxun squeezing her way over and asked her in a soft voice.

“The first round is a competition in the art of engineering. The one participating is Teacher Mao and his opponent is Liang Jumu. he is a 3-star great teacher in his 30s and has quite a good achievement in the art of engineering.”

Gu Xiuxun explained the situation to him.

The topic in the great teachers group battle wasn’t restricted. Both parties could challenge the other side in a certain area.

Of course, in most cases, the side being challenged wouldn’t refuse the challenger. It was because if they were to refuse, people might mock them for being incapable.

“Do you think that we can win?”

Sun Mo frowned.

Mao Yi was a 3-star great teacher with only one personal disciple. Other than giving lessons, he’d usually spend his days locked up in his laboratory, making all sorts of mechanical beasts.

Sun Mo knew him. It was because the mechanical beasts he made could often be seen running around the school.

“It’s tough.”

Gu Xiuxun wasn’t trying to boost the opponent’s morale and belittle their own side. Since Cao Xian had come to challenge them, the representative they sent out would definitely be the elites.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared in the air, flying past at an extremely fast speed. It circled around in the air above the square for three rounds before descending.

It was a burgundy-colored horse that was about half a meter long and one foot tall. It stepped on the ground, releasing clanking sounds.

“Flying horse?”

The students gasped.

As the time used in creating it was shorter, Mao Yi hadn’t given the wooden flying horse any external decorations. Therefore, rough traces of its connecting parts could be seen.

Mao Yi came back and cupped his hands at An Xinhui.

This art of engineering wouldn’t be imparted to other people easily. Therefore, a room would be arranged for the mechanists to guard their secret.

The students from the Central Province Academy revealed a relaxed expression because crafting flying-typed mechanical beasts was considered an extremely high-level skill.

Mao Yi snapped his fingers, and the flying horse immediately flapped its wings and flew up, circling in the air.

This was a demonstration.

“According to the rules, after I’ve completed my mechanical beast, if your mechanist can’t do it within half an hour, it’d be considered your loss. However, I’ll allow you to continue your creation.”

Mao Yi smiled, speaking in a charitable tone. He sounded very confident.

“No need!”

A slightly hoarse voice rang out and a one-foot-tall figure leaped with a swoosh, stepping on other people’s shoulders and passing through the crowd before landing in the square.


Everyone gasped.

This was a one-foot-tall puppet that was made in the shape of a courtesan. Its makeup was beautifully done, and it was wearing a red dress. It then wielded a longsword and created a whirlwind with a dance.

Sun Mo instantly frowned. They were going to lose!

From just the appearance, this courtesan puppet looked very exquisite, like a miniature version of an actual person and was very beautiful. Moreover, its movements were too agile, spinning and jumping, dancing around lightly without any choppiness.

Mao Yi’s countenance changed.

“You’re astonished from just this? The amazing thing has yet to come!”

Liang Jumu’s lips twitched when he looked at everyone’s expression. He then raised his hands and clapped out loud.

The courtesan puppet that had bright red color painted on its lips was instantly activated.

“Putting the thumb and middle finger together, raising the other three, matters of the secular world slipping through one’s fingers like water.

“On the three-feet red stage, all the events in the world will be covered by the show, disseminated by the people.

“Singing softly of how when the parting is long. Grief would turn into numbness, no longer being grief. Under the illumination of the fire light, I appear even more beautiful, then eventually turning into ashes.

“Hoping you to remember me. We’ve spent the most beautiful phase of life together.” [1]

A clear and spiritual voice entered everyone’s ears.


Sun Mo instantly cursed in his heart. He wasn’t the only one. Even other people were staring at the courtesan puppet, their eyes almost popping out.

This voice was too wonderful. Adding on the puppet’s nimble movements, if it wasn’t only one-foot-tall, people would really think that this was an actual opera actress.

After the song was finished and the dance was completed, the entire square fell silent.

The greatest height of the art of engineering was to have whatever was created looked like the actual thing. It could be said that even though Mao Yi’s wooden horse could fly, he had lost.

“For mechanical puppets, didn’t we have to compare their strength? Let’s continue!”

Cao Xian smiled proudly after seeing An Xinhui’s troubled expression, and he urged on.

“Please go ahead!”

Liang Jumu put on an inviting gesture, then his courtesan puppet also bowed slightly.

“F*ck your mother! Have I been holding it in for too long? To think that I’m finding a puppet beautiful and elegant?”

Sun Mo felt upset.

To speak the truth, if it wasn’t because the situation wasn’t suitable, he’d want to ask Liang Jumu if it was for sale.

This figurine was very useful!

Mao Yi was also someone with a strong pride, and he snapped his fingers.

The flying horse immediately galloped and charged toward the courtesan puppet furiously. Before it arrived before the courtesan puppet, it suddenly opened its mouth and spurted out seven arrows that looked like thin needles.


Cold gasps rang out. No one had expected that the flying horse had such a mechanism to it.

They then looked toward the courtesan puppet. It didn’t dodge but flicked its longsword up, spinning its body. Its red dress fluttered like a blooming peony flower, looking very eye-catching.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The longsword slashed out furiously, sending the arrows flying away.


The flying horse galloped on and stomped down violently!

The courtesan puppet swung its sword once again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As a result, silver light erupted and then the flying horse shattered. Amidst crashing sounds, it fell to the ground.

The countenances of the Central Province Academy’s teachers and students instantly turned grim.

“Thank you for the match! Thank you for the match!”

Liang Jumu swung his right sleeve and put his right arm behind his back. He then looked toward An Xinhui’s group. “Are there any other mechanists who’d like to have a spar?”

No one replied.

“Haha, this feels so good!”

Cao Xian was very happy. This was the feeling that he wanted. His gaze darted toward those potential new students and noticed that they really showed disappointed expressions toward the Central Province Academy.

It was a pity that Sun Mo wasn’t a mechanist. Otherwise, if they could defeat him, they’d be able to harm his reputation. (But it’s fine. I have prepared a great gift for you.)

[1] An extract of a song with a name that can be translated as “The Puppet Show”.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》