Absolute Great Teacher
661 My Surname Is Hua and My Name Is Manyue. I Give You My Greetings!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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661 My Surname Is Hua and My Name Is Manyue. I Give You My Greetings!


An Xinhui turned and looked toward a middle-aged great teacher, but the other party shook his head.

If no one answered the challenge, it would mean that Liang Jumu’s courtesan puppet had dealt the Central Province Academy a crushing defeat.

This was how simple and straightforward a great teachers group battle was. If you are strong, you are strong.

The students were young and all of them had a strong yearning to enter a strong academy to study. Therefore, the Central Province Academy’s performance would influence their choices.

Mao Yi’s countenance was very pale. He wanted to battle again, but to speak the truth, he didn’t have the confidence to win.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and admired the courtesan puppet. There might come a day when he obtained a skill book on the art of engineering and then become a mechanist.

However, after looking at this, Sun Mo’s brows instantly furrowed.

The courtesan puppet was extremely skilled and could even compare to an actual person. The only pity was that it was made from ordinary wood. Its sturdiness was worrying.

The most crucial point of it was the combination of the art of engineering and the spiritual control technique. Rather than calling it a mechanical puppet, one might as well say that it was a vessel for a soul.

Note: The soul comes from a courtesan.

Sun Mo looked toward Liang Jumu. This young man was very handsome and had status. He had what it took to get a courtesan to fall head over heels for him.

As a grandmaster-level spirit controller, Sun Mo knew that some dark secret arts could remove the soul of a person from their bodies, channeling them into another place.

However, as this was too inhumane, secret arts like these were basically classified as forbidden arts.

“Aren’t there any other people in your esteemed school who would like to have a spar? Then this round will be considered Teacher Liang’s win!”

Cao Xian asked in a loud, clear voice.

“Hold on! I have something to say!”

Sun Mo spoke up.


Everyone’s gaze looked over.

“Why? Is Teacher Sun a mechanist as well?”

Liang Jumu felt curious.

“Sun Mo, don’t act on impulse!”

An Xinhui tried to persuade him in a soft voice. Sun Mo’s God Hands, study of spirit runes, and art of spiritual control were all very amazing. These clearly required time for learning.

This meant that even if he knew the art of engineering, his level was probably not that high and he might have just dabbled lightly in it. If that was the case, he’d just be seeking his own humiliation if he were to make a move now.

Sun Mo gestured for An Xinhui to calm down and then looked toward Liang Jumu. “I’m not a mechanist. I’d just like to say that the combination of the art of engineering and the spiritual control technique has produced exceptional results. But isn’t doing so a little inhumane?”


A commotion broke out. After all, what Sun Mo said was too explosive. His choice of the word ‘inhumane’ was shocking.

He didn’t hold back at all.

“Sun Mo, what do you mean by that? Are you a sore loser?”

As the headmaster, Cao Xian immediately stood up and reproached Sun Mo. He must defend his school’s great teacher.

To speak the truth, Cao Xian viewed Sun Mo in high regard. If it wasn’t because he was left with no choice, he wouldn’t want to fall out completely with Sun Mo.

Liang Jumu looked at Sun Mo in surprise. To think that this guy had understood the profoundness of the courtesan puppet?

“Teacher Sun, what’s going on?”

Mao Yi asked.

“Regardless of how vivid the mechanical puppet is, it isn’t human after all. But don’t you think that this courtesan puppet looks too much like a human?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Teacher Sun, even though its actions are very nimble, it’s still within the range of a puppet.”

Mao Yi spoke up for Liang Jumu.

“No, I’m referring to its voice!”

Sun Mo shook his head.

“Huh? Isn’t that played out from the recording of a voice-retention stone?”

Someone was surprised.

“No, that was sung live!”

After Sun Mo said that, everyone gasped and cold shivers ran down their spines. Even though it was a hot summer day, their backs felt very cold.

Great teachers at Wang Su’s level were frowning. They stared at Liang Jumu unkindly.

As great teachers, they should be role models for students. If they were to take the wrong path, everyone would condemn them.

“Teacher Sun was it? My surname is Hua and my name is Manyue. I give you my greetings!”

The courtesan puppet suddenly spoke up, giving everyone a fright.

“I was sold off by my father at a young age. After passing through many places and eventually becoming a top courtesan, I fell in love at first sight with Lord Liang. However, I’m frail and sickly. Yet, I’m unable to accept that I can’t spend my life with Lord Liang. Therefore, I pleaded Lord Liang to make me into a puppet, keeping me by his side.”

The courtesan puppet moved lightly on its feet and walked up to Sun Mo. After saying that, she even bowed gracefully.

The entire square was completely quiet and everyone’s eyes were wide-open. They looked at this mechanical puppet with astonishment.

“This... this... is actually a real person?”

The students, especially, felt as if all of their perspectives of the world had been turned over.

Some female great teachers with rich emotions instantly had tears welling up their eyes when they heard Hua Manyue’s mournful voice. This was definitely a pitiful love story.

Liang Jumu cupped his hands together, wearing a griefing expression, not making any rebuttal.

There wasn’t a need for him to make any rebuttal either. Hua Manyue, as the person involved, didn’t mind this arrangement. Therefore, Sun Mo no longer had the stand of being the support for justice.

“Teacher Sun, don’t say any further. The combination of the art of engineering and spiritual control technique is also a profound technique. It’s a lot better than my flying horse.”

Mao Yi let out a sigh. “This round is my loss.”

“Alright, let’s begin the second round!”

Cao Xian interjected. “Teacher Liang, you can step down.”

Although Hua Manyue had defended him, it was still taboo to input a human soul into a puppet.

Sun Mo pursed his lips. This was the first time he had encountered something like this. Thus, he was unable to tell if the courtesan puppet willingly had this done to her or if she had spoken these words under Liang Jumu’s influence.

After all, spiritual beasts were quite a strange subject.

“This Sun Mo is well-deserving of his reputation!”

The Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers assessed Sun Mo, feeling a little surprised. The fact that he could see through Liang Jumu’s secret showed that he was experienced and knowledgeable.

Therefore, Sun Mo received over 100 favorable impression points, with all of them contributed by great teachers.

“Since Teacher Sun has stepped out, why not compete in the study of spirit runes for the second round?”

Cao Xian couldn’t wait to beat Sun Mo down. With that, An Xinhui wouldn’t be able to use his reputation as coming in first place in two star-level examinations to recruit students. After all, people would be disappointed in a loser.

“You guys were the ones to decide on the content of the first round. Shouldn’t we be the one to decide the topic for the second round?”

If it was any other time, An Xinhui wouldn’t mind. But in this situation, she didn’t wish for any accident to happen. They must protect Sun Mo’s reputation.

“Why? Is Teacher Sun scared?”

A young man who was close to 30 years old walked out. “I’m Fu Hong, a 2-star great teacher. I’ve heard that Teacher Sun had gotten full marks in the spirit runes examination and would like to ask for your guidance.”

What else could An Xinhui do with them saying this?

“Sun Mo, do him in!”

Gu Xiuxun cheered him up. She had seen Sun Mo giving those geniuses from famous schools crushing defeats. Therefore, there was no need to fear this Fu Hong.

“I don’t dare to give you guidance. Let’s just have an exchange!”

Sun Mo knew how to speak with courtesy too.

“I have a piece of beast skin here that was dug out from darkness ruins. There are fragmented spirit runes diagrams on it. I would like to request for Teacher Sun to complete it!”

As Fu Hong said this, he opened up a box and took out a piece of animal skin that had burned marks on it, handing it to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo received it.

Hearing this, a middle-aged man from the Central Province Academy also stepped out and went up to stand next to Sun Mo. He was called Zhou Long and was a 3-star great teacher who majored in the study of spirit runes.

“Teacher Zhou can join in!”

Fu Hong smiled, wearing an expression as if he was confident in coming out victorious.

“I won’t interfere!”

Zhou Long explained. The reason why he came out was only because he was interested in such fragmented spirit runes. It wasn’t because he wanted to participate in the battle. Otherwise, they’d be bullying the other party.

“Hehe, feel free to interfere. If you can win, then it’s considered my loss!”

Fu Hong sneered.

Zhou Long’s countenance instantly turned grim. (Are you looking down on me?)

“I didn’t want to set a time limit, but given how there are so many people watching, we can’t possibly continue to wait endlessly. How about we give Teacher Sun two hours to patch it up?”

Cao Xian suggested.

“That’s too long! 15 minutes will do!”

Sun Mo shook his head.

“Teacher Sun, don’t be rash!”

Wang Su tried to persuade him. A win or a loss at any other time wouldn’t matter, but under this situation, once a great teacher was to lose, it’d be a stain to their name for life.


Sun Mo nodded, then turned back and shouted, “Ziqi, come over here. I’ll leave this to you.”


Li Ziqi received the beast skin with both hands.

“Sun Mo, what do you mean by this?”

Fu Hong frowned and asked. (What do you mean by letting a student come out in a battle between great teachers?)

Even Zhou Long also looked at Sun Mo in surprise. However, he then went on to concentrate on the spirit runes since this was a rare opportunity.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to give a reply.

“Wow, Teacher Sun is so careless!”

Yaoguang sat on a tree and looked over. How awkward would it be if he were to lose?

Helian Beifang squeezed his way through the crowd, causing the surrounding students to feel very displeased. (Do you know that you’re very smelly?)

Cao Xian’s original intention was to have another round of competition while waiting for Sun Mo to resolve the spirit runes. After all, they couldn’t possibly keep everyone waiting, right?

However, since Sun Mo mentioned 15 minutes, there was no helping it.

A bronze incense cauldron was placed on the table and three incense were lit up.

The summer wind brushed by. It was a little dry and hot.

“Teacher, do you want some melon?”

Lu Zhiruo handed him a piece of watermelon. As she had run out of the school to buy it, she felt so hot that she was breaking out in perspiration from the trip there and back.

“No need!”

Sun Mo threw a glance at the incense. One-third of it was gone.

“It’s fine. You guys can continue. Since I said that I’ll give you guys two hours, then let’s just make it two hours.”

Cao Xian was very magnanimous.

“No need.”

Li Ziqi handed the beast skin to Zhou Long.


Zhou Long was a little stunned. What was this?

“Let’s start!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Writing materials were already prepared by the side. Hearing that, Li Ziqi stood by the desk, picked up the brush, and started drawing.

Cao Xian frowned and looked toward Fu Hong.

“If she can patch up that spirit runes, I’ll twist my head off and let you kick it like a ball!”

Fu Hong’s lips twitched.

Li Ziqi drew the spirit rune.

Zhou Long didn’t hold back and walked over, lowering his head to take a look. Two minutes later, he couldn’t help but cry out, “F*ck your mom!”

As a great teacher, cursing wasn’t befitting of their status. However, Zhou Long couldn’t hold back. It was because this girl had drawn it completely correctly.

In that instant, Zhou Long’s gaze when looking at Li Ziqi was filled with greed.

(How nice would it be if she’s my personal disciple? Then there’d be someone to inherit my knowledge. Damn that Sun Mo! I’m so envious of him!)

“Teacher Fu...”

Cao Xian’s tone turned solemn. He didn’t know Li Ziqi’s standards, but he knew that Zhou Long was very amazing. If it was someone he admired so much, wouldn’t that mean...

“Headmaster, don’t worry. We’re sure to win this round!”

Fu Hong was very confident. Zhou Long? (He’s just a 3-star! Just a farthing!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》