Absolute Great Teacher
662 Golden Sentences “Sun“, Let“s Put Away that Remarkable Power, Alright?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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662 Golden Sentences “Sun“, Let“s Put Away that Remarkable Power, Alright?

Chapter 662: Golden Sentences ‘Sun’, Let’s Put Away that Remarkable Power, Alright?

“Headmaster Cao, this round is your loss!”

As Li Ziqi placed down the brush, Zhou Long couldn’t wait to speak up before Fu Hong checked it. “Genius, she’s really a genius! To be able to resolve the spirit runes at such a young age... Her future is boundless!”

The students from the Central Province Academy didn’t cheer but looked toward Fu Hong. After all, he would be the one to determine if it was correct.

Fu Hong got near to the desk and lowered his head to check out the rune paper. His brows couldn’t help but rise. The flow of the spirit rune was graceful yet orderly.

Not only was it accurate, but it also had a hint of beauty to it.

It was like how a student from the arts faculty was learning how to draw people. Some people could do it accurately, allowing others to tell what they were drawing. However, the minor few not only could draw accurately but could also add a hint of beauty.

A grandmaster was also someone like this. They could turn a simple drawing into a piece of art that even ordinary people could appreciate.

“How old are you?”

Fu Hong couldn’t help but ask.

“How is it? Are you convinced?”

Zhou Long laughed out loud proudly. “She’s Sun Mo’s student. She’s only 14 years old this year.”

Gu Xiuxun threw a baffled look at Zhou Long. (Why are you being so proud? She’s not your personal disciple!)

“She’s truly a genius!”

Fu Hong nodded but then smiled. “It’s a pity that she didn’t complete this spirit rune!”

Hearing this, Zhou Long felt displeased. “Not finished?”

As Zhou Long said this, he picked up the rune paper and activated it.


A faint blue light glowed, encompassing Zhou Long’s body.


Surprised gasps rang out.

“The spirit rune that Ziqi drew has been activated, but you’re telling me that it hasn’t been completed?”

Zhou Long sneered. “Headmaster Cao, can you not bring just any Tom, Dick, or Harry when you come to challenge us? Are you looking down on us or looking down on yourself?”

Everyone broke into a commotion, looking toward Fu Hong doubtfully. This was how simple a spirit runes competition was. As long as the spirit rune could be activated, it would mean that it was a success.

Fu Hong didn’t pay Zhou Long any heed but looked toward Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, you can’t be saying that it’s completed as well, would you?”

“Teacher Zhou, it’s true that this spirit rune isn’t complete.”

Sun Mo spoke up.


Zhou Long was stunned while Fu Hong furrowed his brows deeply. If Sun Mo insisted that Li Ziqi had succeeded, then he could bring out the actual completed spirit rune to give Sun Mo a slap in the face. However, Sun Mo agreed with him instead...

(No, that can’t be. He only took a look, so how could he possibly complete this spirit rune? Fu Hong, don’t go scaring yourself.)

Fu Hong raised his chin slightly. At a time like this, he should just put on an unfathomable disposition.

“The effect of this spirit rune is to calm one’s spirit, suppressing seething vital energy and blood. Ziqi, I’m very satisfied that you can complete it within 15 minutes.”

Sun Mo looked toward the little sunny egg and praised her.

Why did he let Li Ziqi take on the challenge?

Firstly, it was to give her a chance to gain experience. Secondly, it was to uphold her reputation, letting people know that his eldest disciple wasn’t bad either.

Although she couldn’t fight, she had an extremely good brain.

As Li Ziqi couldn’t participate in the personal disciples battle to fight for her teacher’s glory, she had been very reproachful.

Many students in the crowd revealed astonished expressions.

Usually, one would only be able to find out the effect of the spirit runes after they had used them. But Sun Mo knew of it from just a look?

Moreover, judging from Zhou Long and Fu Hong’s expressions, Sun Mo had gotten it right.

“Ziqi, lay out some paper!”

Sun Mo walked toward the desk and picked up the brush with his right hand, using his left hand to hold back his wide sleeves. After the little sunny egg lay out the rune paper, he started drawing.

Fu Hong couldn’t stay calm anymore and walked over. He only took a glance when he let out a sigh in his heart.

This spirit rune was really beautifully drawn.

A commotion broke out in the surroundings. The students didn’t dare to move, but the great teachers didn’t have such reservations. All of them walked over to crowd around Sun Mo.

Three minutes later.


Spirit qi seethed and came gushing over, channeling into the spirit rune.

“It’s a spirit qi tornado!”

A student exclaimed.

The appearance of this phenomenon not only showed that Sun Mo’s drawing was a success but also that the quality of the spirit rune was extremely high.

“This drawing actually contains two spirit runes. The main effects would be frenzy, which would raise one’s battle prowess. However, under this situation, one’s emotions would usually become irate, and their blood would seethe. Hence, there is a need to add on a calming effect.”

As Sun Mo explained, he activated the complete spirit rune on Fu Hong.


Fu Hong’s muscles swelled up at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye, causing his teacher attire to bulge up. Green veins and blood vessels could be seen bulging up from his exposed skin, looking like earthworms.

After a momentary silence, the Central Province Academy’s students immediately started to cheer.

“The don is forever the don!”

“Teacher Sun is so amazing in the study of spirit runes?”

“It’s a loss! It’s a loss! Why didn’t I attend Teacher Sun’s spirit runes lesson in the past? I feel that I’ve lost one million taels!”

The students chattered away, especially those who majored in spirit runes. They were extremely regretful.

The Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers group fell silent.

Cao Xian turned and stared at Fu Hong.

“This... this...”

Fu Hong stuttered, his face wearing a ‘shit’ expression. It was because as a spirit rune master, he understood better than others how terrifying Sun Mo was.

This was really unbelievable!

When he said that he didn’t need two hours, he wasn’t trying to act cool. He was really cool!

“So that 15 minutes is saying that Ziqi needs 15 minutes to complete the spirit rune!”

Zhou Long was suddenly struck with a realization. He then felt curious. “Teacher Sun, you couldn’t have solved this spirit rune after one glance, could you?”

The other people also looked toward Sun Mo.

“No, I thought about it while Ziqi was solving it!”

Sun Mo shrugged, looking at Fu Hong with a bit of pity.

Sun Mo was still unable to do this before the 2-star examination. However, after experiencing the tempering from Bai Wenzhang’s five-fusion spirit rune, this spirit rune was nothing.

This was a two-fusion spirit rune, one at the very elementary level.

As long as one grasped the pattern, it would be very easy to solve it.

Sun Mo said very calmly, but everyone drew in a cold gasp upon hearing this, looking at him in great astonishment.

What a terrifying memory!

Everyone had seen that Sun Mo only took a glance before passing the spirit rune to Li Ziqi. This meant that he had it memorized at that point.

Of course, in comparison to having memorized it, what was even more terrifying was that he had run through various trials in his mind and then completed this spirit rune.

“I’m in admiration!”

Zhou Long cupped his fists together. “Teacher Sun, please do give me your guidance if you have time later on.”

“Teacher Zhou, you’re too kind!”

Sun Mo returned the greeting then looked toward Fu Hong. “This spirit rune isn’t really that complicated. Its difficulty is in the train of thoughts.”

“Look at Teacher Zhou, he had completed the first set of it in just 15 minutes. You’re just trying to trick us into falling for your trap by challenging us with it.

“This great teacher, it’s better to do things in a down-to-earth manner.”

After Sun Mo said this, golden light lit up on his body. Priceless Advice had erupted!

“Haha, Teacher Sun is too kind with your praise!”

Zhou Long laughed out loud. Look at how good Sun Mo was with his words. He had even complimented him while talking. His impression of Sun Mo suddenly soared.

After all, he had made a mistake. With this, his reputation was salvaged by quite a bit.

“F*ck, it has such a wide scope?”

It was still fine for the Central Province Academy’s great teachers, but the Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers had never seen Sun Mo erupting Priceless Advice before. When they saw the entire square permeated by light spots, they were a little shocked.

Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice was currently at the grandmaster-level. Not only did it have a wide area, but the effect could also be sustained for up to three days.

After a momentary silence, thundering applause rang out.

An Xinhui also clapped agitatedly.

Although Liang Jumu had won the first round, to speak the truth, something like the courtesan puppet was considered a bit of a trickery. For this round, not only had Sun Mo won in a manner that made the other side speechless, but he even preached at Fu Hong with the dignity of a great teacher from a high perspective.

Their differences were immediately revealed.

Fu Hong’s lips twitched. He was a 2-star great teacher after all, so how could he possibly stand being preached like a junior? However, Fu Hong had no choice but to bow. Otherwise, he’d just get himself the reputation of being proud and arrogant.

“I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

Fu Hong bowed and greeted.

There was no helping it. If one were to lose in a great teachers group battle and the other party had erupted Priceless Advice, then they would be sincerely giving the loser guidance. The losing party must express their thanks with the attitude of a student.

This was the rule in the great teacher world. If Fu Hong didn’t do it, his reputation would be ruined.

“What happened to the agreed easy win?”

Cao Xian was so upset that he felt like spurting out blood. If he knew that they’d lose so horribly, he wouldn’t have brought Fu Hong here. Not only had they lost face, but there was also the thing about Sun Mo.

How was he so amazing?

Even Priceless Advice had erupted! This was the most horrible kind of mockery.

“Hehe, I knew it!”

Gu Xiuxun was used to this. Would Sun Mo still be called Golden Sentences ‘Sun’ if he didn’t erupt Priceless Advices?

“Don’t clap, everyone just sit down, this is just the basics!”

Lu Zhiruo took a bite of watermelon proudly. It tasted very sweet. after seeing Li Ziqi coming back, she passed her a slice. “Have some melon!”

“No need!”

Li Ziqi’s heart was filled with gratitude for Sun Mo because she understood his objective. He was giving her a chance to display her talent.

(Teacher is really gentle!)

“Headmaster Cao, what other guidance do you have for us?”

Sun Mo asked.


“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 11,289 favorable impression points. Please keep up the good work.”

Hearing the notification, Sun Mo felt very happy inside. As there were many potential new students around, as long as he performed well, he’d be able to roll in with favorable impression points.

“Teacher Sun, take a rest!”

An Xinhui quickly spoke up, wanting to get Sun Mo to quit while he was ahead. He was now the signboard of the Central Province Academy and mustn’t have any stains on his reputation.

“Headmaster An, you’re being oversensitive.”

Wang Su shook his head. Having an ace like Sun Mo, they should use him more. The one who should be worried was Cao Xian. How stubborn must he be to keep going up against Sun Mo?

Cao Xian suppressed his upset feelings, then turned his head and called out, “Teacher Fan, we’ll be troubling you.”

A white-haired old man stood out from the group. “Teacher Sun, I’m Fan Wenbin and I specialize in the study of spirit runes. I’d like to have a spar with you!”

An Xinhui instantly threw an aggrieved glare at Wang Su. Fan Wenbin was a 5-star great teacher, a grandmaster-level spirit rune master. With regard to this field, he was the best in the Myriad Daos Academy.

“Alright, Headmaster Cao is really stubborn!”

Wang Su also felt helpless. This guy was out to destroy Sun Mo’s reputation. To think that he even brought out a trump card like Fan Wenbin.

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