Absolute Great Teacher
663 Achievement Accomplished, Jinling“s First Spirit Rune Grandmaster!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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663 Achievement Accomplished, Jinling“s First Spirit Rune Grandmaster!

Chapter 663: Achievement Accomplished, Jinling’s First Spirit Rune Grandmaster!

“Teacher Fan, your opponent should be me!”

From the Central Province Academy’s side, an old granny stepped forth.

Her name was He Yuanjin. Although she was just a 3-star great teacher, her proficiency in the field of spirit runes was extremely high. It wouldn’t be going overboard to say that she was the best in the Central Province Academy now. However, in Fan Wenbin’s opinion, this old granny was still weak.

“The likes of you?”

Fan Wenbin threw a glance at He Yuanjin, not caring about her at all. As long as his opponent wasn’t that Grandmaster Zhang Tong, he’d be able to crush any number of people by himself.


He Yuanjin wore an unfriendly expression, bearing with the anger. She knew that she had to establish her standing through challenging Fan Wenbin.

This was reality. You could only prove that you were the best after defeating the current champion.

“What’s the topic?”

Sun Mo didn’t mind.

“Someone from Central Province, go buy a few turtles back!”

Fan Wenbin instructed. To ensure fairness, he’d let the people from the Central Province Academy prepare such ‘materials’ themselves.

“Where’s Teacher Zhang? Have we not managed to ask him over yet?”

An Xinhui frowned and then turned to instruct her assistant. “Go and make a request again!”

“Don’t waste the effort.”

Wang Su advised. Zhang Tong was a 6-star great teacher, the most amazing person in Jinling in the study of spirit runes. Although he was also a teacher from the Central Province Academy, ever since the old headmaster failed in his attempt to strive to become a saint, Zhang Tong stopped coming to the school to teach.

Why was that the case?

Other people weren’t worthy of his respect!

His original intention was to get the old headmaster to resolve some difficulties he had encountered in his cultivation.

“We still need to give it a try!”

An Xinhui bit her red lips.

Fan Wenbin’s level was only below Zhang Tong. From how He Yuanjin wanted to challenge him to establish her reputation, it was clear how high a status he enjoyed.

Sun Mo was strong, but he wasn’t strong enough to win against an old monster like him.

There was a shop selling aquatic products on the street right outside the school. Thus, in less than ten minutes, someone came back with a basket of turtles.

“I have studied spirit runes for several decades more than you guys. If we were to compete in analyzing spirit runes or reconstruct them, then I’d be bullying you. So, we’ll compete in the fundamentals.”

As Fan Wenbin said this, he picked up a turtle from the basket and drew two spirit runes on the turtle’s back. “You can draw whatever spirit runes you like. We’ll then judge based on who can complete the spirit runes the fastest as well as their grades.”

After hearing Fan Wenbin’s words, some students felt a little disappointed. “It’s so simple? That’s so boring!”

“Simple? We’re talking about drawing spirit runes on a living creature! That’s very difficult!”

A student who majored in the study of spirit runes immediately explained.

Why was it that drawing spirit runes required special rune paper and ink?

It was to ensure the construction of a spirit rune.

Take the human body for example. The chances of failure would be extremely high if one were to draw a spirit rune onto the skin.

Why was that the case?

It was because there were energy channels under the skin. They were like additional channels that would cause spirit qi to gush out from the spirit runes’ lines and thereby failing to form a complete closed circle.

Then would it mean that the chances of the spirit runes succeeding would be higher if one were to choose a part without energy channels?

There was no problem with it. However, the spirit runes that were drawn out in this manner wouldn’t have a high grade. A true grandmaster would be able to turn the energy channels into a part of the spirit runes. Not only would this ensure ample spirit qi, but the circulation would also become smoother and more natural.

It was even harder to draw spirit runes on a turtle shell.

It wasn’t as fine as skin where one could easily sense the distribution of energy channels. However, it wasn’t a rock either that could be drawn easily. After all, although turtle shells had few energy channels, they still existed.

Fan Wenbin’s topic did have a certain level of difficulty.

He Yuanjin’s expression instantly turned solemn.

“Come and pick your turtles.”

Fan Wenbin showed the flair of a great teacher, allowing the two juniors to take their pick first.

“Teacher Fan, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

He Yuanjin didn’t stand on ceremony, reaching her hand out to pick the largest one of them all.

“Hehe, no wonder you dare to challenge me!”

Fan Wenbin’s brows raised. This He Yuanjin really did have some capabilities.

The larger the turtle, the thicker their energy channels. It’d naturally be easier to draw spirit runes on them. Moreover, with the thick energy channels, there’d be ample spirit qi. The complete product would thus be of an even higher grade.

“Teacher Sun, pick a big one!”

He Yuanjin reminded in a soft voice.

However, Sun Mo didn’t move. He assessed Fan Wenbin with an urge to laugh. “Teacher Fan, are you sure you want to compete in this?”

“Why? Is Teacher Sun scared?”

Cao Xian smiled faintly.

“No, I just want to say that if we compete in this, you guys are sure to lose.”

Sun Mo felt helpless.

Fan Wenbin’s expression didn’t change and he urged Sun Mo, “Teacher Sun, you can boast after you’ve won. Please pick your turtle.”

This junior was too arrogant. He must teach him a lesson.

Sun Mo shrugged and picked out the smallest turtle that was only the size of his palm.

At the sight of this scene, Fan Wenbin shook his head, instantly losing interest in him. It was because he was sure to win. The competition had already started from the point of picking turtles.

“Spirit runes drawing, start!”

Zhou Long lit an incense and then said, “Since everyone’s time is tight, we can’t possibly continue to wait until you guys are done drawing. Let’s just set a time limit. The competition will end after the incense finished burning.”

Zhou Long was very smart. The reason he said this was to bet that Fan Wenbin wouldn’t be able to complete the drawing of spirit runes within the time limit. They’d be able to come to a draw then.

Zhou Long didn’t think that Sun Mo would be able to win.

Hearing this, Fan Wenbin threw a glance at Zhou Long in disdain. It was really impossible to speak to a person who had limited experience. Fan Wenbin then started to observe the turtle in his hand.

At this moment, Zhou Long gasped in surprise.

“Ahh, Teacher Sun, you...Teacher Sun”

Zhou Long was shocked when he saw Sun Mo go straight to drawing on the shell. (Aren’t you going to take some time to observe it? Look at Fan Wenbin and He Yuanjin. Both of them are first planning before taking action!)

“Teacher Zhou, stay calm. It’s just drawing a set of spirit runes.”

Sun Mo felt helpless. (Your cry gave me a shock that my hand almost trembled!)

“Haha, Headmaster Cao, we’re sure to win this round!”

Fu Hong smiled proudly.

However, Cao Xian didn’t feel as positive. “I heard that Sun Mo is able to draw Spirit-Gathering Runes on plant leaves.”

“Plants and animals aren’t the same. Didn’t you see that even Zhou Long didn’t dare to attempt it? Moreover, Sun Mo is doing it so quickly. He’s sure to lose.”

Fu Hong explained.

“Eldest Martial Sister, what do you think?”

Lu Zhiruo felt a little worried.

“We’re sure to win!”

Li Ziqi felt that Fan Wenbin was really a good guy, taking the initiative to become a stepping stone for her teacher. “After this battle, Teacher will become Jinling’s number one spirit rune grandmaster.”

Her teacher’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands wasn’t just effective to humans but to animals as well. Therefore, it was easier to draw spirit runes on a turtle shell than on plants.

To tell the truth, Sun Mo had it even easier because he had Divine Sight. He activated it outright, and all of the energy channels on the turtle’s back were revealed to him.

Sun Mo started off with a Spirit-Gathering Rune, something that he excelled in the most. Followed by a Dragon Ball Spirit Rune? Become a Master Roshi [1]?

Forget it, he should just change it to a Black Tortoise Spirit Rune!

(Little Turtle, there’s an affinity between us for you to be chosen by me. After the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune is engraved onto you, you won’t ever need to fear predators for your lifetime.)

Five minutes later, the Spirit-Gathering Rune was completed.


Spirit qi gathered over, forming a tornado-shaped spiral that channeled into the turtle shell.

The right hand of Fan Wenbin, who was focusing on drawing spirit runes, shook and he looked toward Sun Mo. If it wasn’t because he had been through a lot of great situations, the spirit rune would have been ruined from this.

The spectators also looked over, their gazes filled with astonishment.

This spiral represented that Sun Mo had completed a spirit rune. Moreover, the grade wasn’t low either.

“Is he so strong?”

Fan Wenbin took a deep breath. “Calm down! Calm down! The spirit runes I’m drawing will be of a higher grade than his. Stay calm. I can win this!”

Fan Wenbin calmed his heart down.

After getting experience from drawing the Spirit-Gathering Rune, Sun Mo became even more familiar when proceeding with the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune. This spirit rune was of the ancestor-level.

It was just that the Lightning Protection Rune could be used for both attack and defense that Sun Mo rarely drew this.

Therefore, three minutes later.


Spirit qi seethed and another tornado appeared.


Fan Wenbin was completely stunned as he looked at Sun Mo. If it wasn’t in consideration of maintaining his noble disposition, he’d have smashed the turtle in his hand to the ground and then broken his brush.

“F*ck your mom! Is this Sun Mo possessed by a spirit rune ancestor?”

Fan Wenbin’s countenance was grim.

Cao Xian’s countenance was also very grim. At the very least, they had lost in terms of speed.

“Teacher Fan, I told you. You guys are sure to lose if we were to compete in this.”

Sun Mo felt helpless.

“Haha, Teacher Sun is really amazing! I really have to admit my defeat!”

He Yuanjin took a look at the turtle in her hand. She had only completely half of her first spirit rune. Hence, she decided to give up.

It was really a case of the youngsters surpassing their predecessors!

He Yuanjin sighed.

“Teacher Fan, do you still want to continue?”

Zhou Long held back his laughter and asked.

Fan Wenbin’s lips twitched. Only one-third of the incense was burned. According to the rules, he could continue with the match, but he couldn’t afford to lose face.

“It’s fine. Teacher Fan, please continue! I’ll wait!”

Sun Mo chuckled.

With this, Fan Wenbin couldn’t take it anymore. He smashed the brush to the floor. “Teacher Sun, please present your spirit runes!”

Sun Mo smiled and flicked the turtle shell.


The Spirit-Gathering Rune was activated and the surrounding spirit qi immediately gushed over.

“What dense spirit qi!”

The students gasped.

Cao Xian’s countenance was extremely grim. If even these newbies could sense the spirit qi, it meant that Sun Mo’s Spirit-Gathering Rune was of an extremely high level.

“My god, it’s at least level 6 or higher!”

Fu Hong was astonished.

“No one will think you are a mute even if you don’t speak!”

Cao Xian reproached.

“Second one!”

After Sun Mo said that, he flicked the turtle shell again, channeling in spirit qi to activate the spirit rune.


Spirit qi seethed, forming a huge turtle shell that protected the turtle.

“It’s the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune!”

Someone who knew their stuff shouted.

“Teacher Fan, do you want to try slashing at it?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Let me do it!”

Of course, Fan Wenbin would be too embarrassed to do it, but He Yuanjin wanted to try it out. Therefore, she drew her sword and slashed it into the air.


The sharp sword qi gushed out, shooting toward the turtle shell.


The turtle shell didn’t budge.

“It’s so tough!”

He Yuanjin was astonished. “This is at least a level 6 spirit rune!”


The spectators immediately let out surprised gasps.

Fan Wenbin’s countenance was extremely grim. With his judgment, he naturally knew of the level of Sun Mo’s spirit runes. Therefore, he felt upset, displeased, and irritated.

He even felt a hint of envy.

He had worked hard for several decades before he managed to reach his current level. But Sun Mo was already of a comparable level as him?

(Have I spent all these years living like a dog? I can’t accept this!)

Fan Wenbin’s goal had always been Zhang Tong. He had always wanted to become Jinling’s number one spirit rune grandmaster, but now, he had lost to Sun Mo even before he managed to defeat Zhang Tong.

“This round is considered our victory, right?”

Lu Zhiruo asked.

“Hey, hey, you don’t hit a person in their face. Are you trying to drive that old man to his grave by saying this?”

Li Ziqi was speechless. But this old guy wouldn’t create trouble because he was unconvinced, would he?

[1] Reference from Dragon Ball.

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