Absolute Great Teacher
664 To Think That Teacher Knows Alchemy As Well?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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664 To Think That Teacher Knows Alchemy As Well?


Li Ziqi had still underestimated the mentality of a 5-star great teacher. Fan Wenbin was unable to accept this outcome, but in a great teachers group battle, a loss was a loss. If he were to look for an excuse and get another match, he’d lose both physically and mentally.

“Teacher Sun, you’re a notch more skillful than me. I am in admiration toward you!”

After Fan Wenbin said that, he cupped his hands toward Cao Xian and left. He had no face to stay behind anymore.

Cao Xian’s countenance looked quite grim. In his perspective. This should have been a sure-win match that could also work to beat Sun Mo down. It was a win-win situation. However, the tables had turned around.

“F*ck it!”

Cao Xian turned his head and looked at his great teachers group. Some of his teachers had also taken up the study of spirit runes, but their standards...

Forget it. They might be able to deal with ordinary people, but against Sun Mo?

They’d just be giving him free wins.

Even Fu Hong also turned his head away when Cao Xian’s gaze turned in his direction. He had no choice. He really couldn’t win against Sun Mo.

It’d just be even more embarrassing if this continued.

Sun Mo wasn’t forceful. He retreated back to the group.


An Xinhui praised him softly, secretly tugging Sun Mo’s finger uncontrollably.

Sun Mo had dealt an overwhelming blow toward his opponents. He had won against 5-star and 3-star great teachers. This battle result was definitely astonishing.

Wang Su also nodded in approval.


“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 15,909 favorable impression points. Please keep up the good work.”

Sun Mo’s expression was calm as if he had done something insignificant. However, he was actually feeling extremely happy inside. If this continued for a few more days, he’d be able to pay off all the points he owed.

Helian Beifang stood in the crowd, scratching his head while looking stunned. What happened just now?

He didn’t understand it at all.

He wanted to find someone to explain things to him, but judging from their expressions, they clearly regarded him with disdain. Therefore, he didn’t dare to ask.

Qin Yaoguang took out a bag of pearflower candies from her pocket, eating them as she watched the show.

“Headmaster Cao, what should we compete in next? Feel free to come at us!”

An Xinhui had a strong boost in confidence.

Cao Xian inhaled deeply to calm his irritated feelings. He then spoke out loudly, “Since ancient times, alchemy, weaponsmithing, and spirit runes are the three most popular subjects. Our Myriad Daos Academy isn’t talented and is willing to ask for your school’s guidance in alchemy.”

As Cao Xian’s last note ended, a slightly bald middle-aged man stood out.

“He is Jiao Wenxue, a 4-star great teacher. He is one of the three great alchemists in the Myriad Daos Academy and is at the grandmaster-level.”

Gu Xiuxun explained in a soft voice.

(The natives in the nine provinces are all cultivators, yet they still turn bald?)

Sun Mo was stunned, feeling a little worried about his middle-aged life. There was a saying how men had two greatest fears—unable to get up and balding.

Once they balded, even if they had 100 points looks, the points would drop all the way down to zero.

Other than young female scammers on Wechat, which other young lady would be willing to care about you?

“Who will compete against me in alchemical pill identification?”

Jiao Wenxue asked, his gaze arrogant, assuming an air of superiority as he assessed the great teachers group behind An Xinhui.

Putting aside the fact that he was a grandmaster-level alchemist, his job alone was enough to give him a lot of pride.

Although jobs should be equal, the ones that could earn the most money and enjoy the highest social status would always receive a lot of jealousy and hateful gazes.

This was how it was for alchemists.

Before Sun Mo came, the previous owner of his body also learned alchemy. It could be said that if one threw out a brick and hit ten great teachers consecutively, nine of them would be alchemists, and the remaining one would be planning to learn it.

Look at how many students had become agitated, trying to squeeze to the front. Even if they couldn’t learn anything, it wouldn’t be bad to accumulate some experience.

No one moved. After all, Jiao Wenxue’s reputation was quite big and awe-inspiring.

“Teacher Dai, I’ll have to trouble you for this.”

An Xinhui called out.


A middle-aged lady walked out. Her name was Dai Shuling and she was a 4-star great teacher who majored in alchemy. “Teacher Jiao, please come with me to the alchemy room!”

In alchemical pill identification, one person would perform alchemy while the other observed, analyzing their methods and then explaining the advantages as well as disadvantages. To put it simply, it was a test of how familiar an alchemist was with the process of alchemy and medicinal herbs.

“There’s no need. I’ve learned an alchemy technique that can allow me to perform alchemy without an alchemy room.”

Jiao Wenxue said this and took out a bronze cauldron that was the size of a pumpkin from his wide sleeves. “Please check the medicinal herbs!”

Dai Shuling swung her right hand, sending out an invisible force. The bronze cauldron’s lid floated up, revealing the multiple medicinal herbs inside.

“There are no problems!”

Dai Shuling’s countenance was solemn. She had no idea what trick Jiao Wenxue was going to pull.

“I’ll be starting then.”

After Jiao Wenxue said that, he started mumbling away. A few minutes later, many water droplets the size of rice appeared in the air, growing to the size of grapes at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.


Jiao Wenxue let out a low bellow.

Splash! Splash!

The water spheres gathered together, integrating to form a big ball. Then, as Jiao Wenxue pointed out with his right hand, they were channeled into the bronze cauldron.


Jiao Wenxue propped up the cauldron with one hand, keeping the other hand at the side and performing all sorts of actions. Occasionally, there’d be spheres that were condensed from spirit qi shooting into the bronze cauldron.

Everyone was watching at full concentration.

Sun Mo didn’t cultivate alchemy. Therefore, he activated his Divine Sight to analyze it. Otherwise, without these data, he wouldn’t be able to understand what was happening.

Dai Shuling’s countenance turned increasingly solemn.

It was because she couldn’t understand it.

30 minutes later, Jiao Wenxue suddenly slapped the bronze cauldron.


The lid flicked straight upward, with white steam gushing out in all directions. Jiao Wenxue bent his finger and flicked at the cauldron.


Amidst the crisp ringing sound, a white alchemical pill the size of a walnut jumped out and he grabbed it in his hand.


The lid landed and closed the cauldron.

“Please give me your amendments!”

Jiao Wenxue handed the alchemical pill to Dai Shuling.

A sweet scent scattered out in the air, making those who smelled it become refreshed and invigorated.

Dai Shuling didn’t receive it. Her expression had become extremely grim. After a round of hesitation, he lowered her head and cupped her fists together. “I’m ashamed to say that I don’t recognize this alchemy technique and cannot perform alchemical pill identification.”


A commotion broke out.

The students from the Central Province Academy, especially, became very anxious. Dai Shuling was ranked third in the school in alchemy. If it was something that even she didn’t understand, how could they win?

Cao Xian broke into a smile. They had clinched the victory.

“It’s really full of trickeries!”

Tantai Yutang said in disdain.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Lu Zhiruo was perplexed.

“His alchemy technique is on the rarer side. I don’t know which crook or cranny he had found it from.”

Tantai Yutang majored in medicine and naturally couldn’t stay away from alchemical pills. Therefore, he did dabble in alchemy as well.

There were many types of alchemy techniques, but over so many years, less than ten types were more commonly used.

Why was that the case?

It was because they were the most efficient and had the highest cost-performance ratio, capable of conserving materials and time. Moreover, mastering it wouldn’t be difficult.

“But this is allowed for alchemical pill identification. Teacher Dai only has her shallow experience to blame for not recognizing it.”

Li Ziqi let out a sigh.

Gaining more knowledge and experience was also an ability.

“Other people can also participate in the alchemical pill identification!”

Jiao Wenxue looked toward the others.

He wasn’t intentionally provoking or making things difficult, but he really wanted to know if anyone had seen this alchemy technique before. After all, he was the one who had uncovered it, and he had no idea if there were any disadvantages in using it.

No one replied.

“Haha, then this round is considered our win.”

Cao Xian was very happy. Excellent, it was 2v1 now. Just as he was about to start the fourth round, someone spoke up.

“Hold on!”

Sun Mo took a step forward.

“Oh? What guidance does Teacher Sun have?”

Jiao Wenxue asked with an amicable attitude because even if Sun Mo wasn’t an alchemist, he was a spirit rune grandmaster. At his level, no matter what subject he majored in, he deserved respect.

“Oh? Teacher Sun has dabbled in alchemy as well?”

Cao Xian threw a glance at An Xinhui and the others, feeling assured. It was because they also seemed stunned by Sun Mo’s interference.

This meant that they were unaware that Sun Mo knew alchemy.

“Has the Softwater Tribe not died out yet?”

Sun Mo asked.

Other people didn’t know what Sun Mo was talking about, but Jiao Wenxue’s body shook and he wore an expression of disbelief.

“You’ve been to the Softwater Tribe before?”

Jiao Wenxue asked. He had found this alchemy technique by chance in a tribe deep in the mountains when he was training in the Darkness Continent.

“No, I’ve only read about it in a book. I heard that the men are very beautiful, and the women are even more so!”

These things were what Sun Mo had seen through Divine Sight.

“That’s right! Even their guys would make one’s heart throb!”

Recalling his experience, Jiao Wenxue couldn’t help but shudder a little. Back then, he almost couldn’t hold back when facing a guy.

“F*ck! He can’t really know about it, right?”

Cao Xian felt a little anxious. (Jiao Wenxue, what the hell are you chatting about? Quickly post the question and put him down!)

“Commonly used alchemy techniques would use fire to refine pills with high temperature. However, this alchemy technique does the opposite, refining pills through flowing water. Hence, it is also called the Softwater Technique.”

Sun Mo introduced, “It uses the impact from flowing water to remove the impurities and unnecessary content from the medicinal herbs. Using flowing water as the medium, it integrates the components of various medicinal herbs, eventually forming alchemical pills.”

“The better the quality of the water, the greater the quality of the alchemical pills.”

Jiao Wenxue nodded. “That’s right.”

“The essence of the Softwater Technique is in slowness, using the flowing water to form a circulation, with 1,008 forming one cycle. Therefore, although Teacher Jiao’s alchemical pill has been formed, it is a failed product from the perspective of the Softwater Technique.”

Sun Mo looked toward Jiao Wenxue.

“Of course, this alchemy technique takes up too much time and Teacher Jiao might be worried that the rest of the people might be too anxious from the waiting, thus he had intentionally done it this way.”

“So the crux of the Softwater Technique is in slowness!”

Jiao Wenxue was struck by a realization. It was no wonder that he’d either fail or have a low success rate in forming alchemical pills.

So this was the problem.

“Teacher Jiao!”

Cao Xian spoke up to remind him. (Why the hell do you look like you’ve received guidance that resolved the doubt in your heart? Are you scared that other people wouldn’t know that Sun Mo has answered it correctly? Can’t you pretend to be a little more composed?)

It was no wonder that Cao Xian was feeling anxious. It was because by the looks of it, it seemed that they were going to lose again.

However, Jiao Wenxue paid Cao Xian no heed. He cupped his hands toward Sun Mo, his gaze filled with anticipation. “Are there any other pointers you’d like to give, Teacher Sun?”

“So Teacher knows alchemy as well? Why don’t I know that?”

Lu Zhiruo was too astonished that she forgot to eat her melon.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》